keoughRye defenseman Donald Keough
and John Jay midfielder Mike Daniello.

(Photo by Jim Stout/

The matchups are hardly surprising. But the games themselves could be.

We’re talking about the Section 1 playoffs.

With live threads now (see below) on the finals in Connecticut and Long Island, it’s time to launch our final prediction fest — for the three title games in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess lax.

Four-time champ Rye and Put Valley will be meeting yet again in Class C. Though Put Valley won the regular season and is the top seed, Rye has been red-hot of late.

In Class B, former Lakeland and Lakeland/Panas assistant Lew Janavey, in his first year as a varsity head coach, brings his Somers team back to the final for the first time since 2007 as the Tuskers face John Jay, which is guided by one of Janavey’s former players at Lakeland — Nick Savastano. Call it “Red Rage vs. Purple Reign.” (John Jay has won four straight Class B titles.)

In Class A, Lakeland/Panas coach Jim Lindsay knows all about sectional showdowns against Yorktown. He scored four goals for Lakeland/Panas in a 7-4 win over Yorktown in the 1997 Class  A final — one of just two years in the last 30 the ‘Huskers did not win a sectional  title.

But enough from me. Let’s run down the schedule for Thursday, and let’s hear all your predictions and analysis of these matchups.

Before we get to that, though, a quick programming note. The all-America selection meeting for Hudson Valley teams is tonight. So don’t forget to check back here this evening to find out who the nine honorees are.

Section 1 finals: Thursday, at White Plains High School

Class C

No. 1 Putnam Valley vs. No. 2 Rye, 3:30 p.m.

Class A

No. 1 Yorktown vs. No. 2 Lakeland/Panas, 5:30 p.m.

Class B

No. 1 Somers vs. No. 3 John Jay, 8 p.m.

State playoffs

Quarterfinals (Section 1 vs. Section 2/9): Tuesday, June 9 (at University at Albany or Middletown High School)
Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

Long Island championships (Section 8 vs. Section 11): Tuesday, June 9 (at Stony Brook)
Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

Downstate semifinals (Section 1/2/9 vs. Section 8/11): Thursday, June 11 (at Middletown High School) Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

Finals: Saturday, June 13: (at Paetec Park in Rochester)
Class C – 11 a.m., Class A – 1:30 p.m. Class B – 4 p.m.

• State playoff bracket

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59 Responses to “Title time: Let’s hear your Section 1 picks”

  1. NotJoeLombardi says:

    Ok Heres all the info :

    Put Valley-12

    Yorktown- 14

    John Jay- 13
    Somers- 12

    Coaches of the Year :

    A- Jim Lindsay- Despite the lack of depth, and other intriguing factors in the title game.
    B- Lew Janavey- First Year, Lots of pressure, tough situation to walk into, got football guys back that helped with depth, and solved goalie drama to the point that Longo is turning out to be one of the better juniors.
    C- Brian Dooley. Not as much talent as in the past, overcame injuries, fought past inconsistency.

  2. BigBadBear says:

    Some miscellaneous comments:

    NotJoe: Like all your picks, but I think Somers pulls it out by the same score

    Finally, is it just me, or has the offense gotten out ahead of the defense in general? Article on laxpower says 5 out of the 6 NCAA divisions show scoring up year over year. No disrespect intended to the many fine goalies in Section 1, but the goalie play I have watched, while solid, lacks the “shutdown, I can carry the team kind of kid” that can make a huge difference in the playoffs.

  3. HV Lax says:

    Coach of year – Mark Armogida, White Plains. For what he had to work with compared to other programs in power league he did an amazing job. Runner-up is Drew Werney at Irvington.


    Yorktown 14, LP 7

    JJ 10, Somers 9

    PV 6, Rye 5

  4. PurpleReigns says:

    The SAVster, Nicky Savistano, is obvi the coach of year- 13 sophomores no real stars and a 5th straight sectional title!!!

    Picks for finals …

    LP 11, Town 8
    JJ 14, Somers 7
    PV 8, Rye 7, 4 OT’s

  5. PV Lax says:

    Coach of Year … Brian Kuczma

    Finals …

    Yorktown 12,LP 8
    JJay 9, Somers 8
    PV 13, Rye 9

  6. syracuse says:

    Coach of the Year … Mark Armogida, White Plains (runner-up Nike Sav, John Jay)

    Finals …

    Yorktown 13, L/P 5
    John Jay 16, Somers 14
    Rye 9, PV 6

  7. Broadway Joe says:

    Coach of the year is Coach Drew at Irvington…

    Final predictions

    Yorktown 10,Lakeland 8
    John Jay 11, Somers 8
    Rye 9, Put Valley 7

    Good luck to all teams and all players being nominated for AA. Looking forward to reading who the LUCKY NINE are here tonight.

  8. LI Lax says:

    Why not, I’ll take a stab at this

    Town 11, L/P 10
    JJ 14, Somers 13
    Rye 9, PV 7

  9. SirLaxalot says:

    AA’s: Ranagan, JoJo, KI, Haggs, Keough, Fenn, Stewart, Doherty, Petre.

    Coach of the Year: Drew Werney or Sav

    Finals: YT 10, LP 7
    JJ 11, SOM 10
    RYE 8, PV G

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Interesting picks on everything so far, gang.

    Just want to jump in on one point. I’d be shocked if Somers-John Jay got into the teens. Both teams’ defenses have been playing real well of late and Somers and John Jay each have two of the top junior goalies in the region. (A group that would have to include Mahopac standout Johnny McGuigan,)

    Somers goalie Chris Longo held JJ to seven goals and made 27 saves in the teams’ first meeting and Fletcher Franklin for John Jay has really come on strong since taking over starting duties midway through the season. (He doesn’t seem to get enough credit for some reason for the Indians’ imporved play and second-half resurgence.)

    Also, Somers has allowed just one team to get in the teens in scoring (Ridgefield, when the Tigers were riding high at midseason) and just two others to even get in double figures.

    John Jay has allowed six or less goals in six of its last eight.

  11. Red Rage says:

    Very true J-Lo. Somers D is relentless and Longo is THE WALL.

  12. RyeGuy says:

    Rye 10, PV 6
    Town 12, LP 5
    Somers 9, JJ 6

  13. LAX says:

    When I think of JJ’s improved play I definitely give Fletcher credit he’s played awesome it’s good that he’s coming back next year. And he earned the starting spot over someone who was on varsity last year even though he was on JV.

  14. BvilleLax says:

    Town 15, LP 7
    Somers 8, JJ 6
    PV 12, Rye 7

    Joe will you post the All Section and AA’s tonight? I know the meetings are tonight.

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    BvilleLax –

    Yes on the AA selections. All-section probably not. Though the all-section team will be selected tonight, in years past, it has taken a few days for the coaches to then input the names and type them all up.

  16. THE CROP says:

    Rye 11- 7
    Somers 9-6

    Town 13-5

  17. HV Lax says:

    Just heard on News12 that former Pville and Ridgefield coach and ESG assistant Greg Cavaluzzi was arrested in an internet sex sting.

    Searched around the web and found this …

  18. Syracuse says:

    Yes, I will have more information for you on this tonight. For now, in fairness to all involved, don’t speculate.

  19. Syracuse says:

    As promised, information on the arrest of Gregg Cavaluzzi:

  20. slacrosse says:

    Hey IF he’s found to be guilty let him serve a fair punishment but also get him some HELP with the drugs and other issues he has.

    When he’s finished doing his just time and is rehabilitated give him a second chance to do something positive with his life.

  21. Yolax says:

    Very well said and I agree

  22. Beach Lax says:

    Y 11, LP 9

    SOM 10, JJ 9

    PV 8, RYE 6

  23. Lefty Crank says:

    I’ll give it a shot……..
    Yorktown 12 LP 5
    JJ 9 Somers 7
    Rye 8 PV 5

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  26. Laxin says:

    A – Town 13, LP 6 …Just like last year Murph Cup rematch won’t be close.

    B – JJ 14, Somers … JJ is peaking, has better coaching and more depth. Somers is too undisciplined and takes too many dumb penalties. Jo-jo will be shut down.

    C – Rye 7, PV 5: Rye has renewed sense of purpose after mysterious snub by other coaches in AA selections.

  27. Bronco Bob says:

    Having seen both Rye and PV I give PV the edge. They have more offensive weapons. Let’s not forget they scored 15 on Rye already. While no one expects that to happen they did show they are the better team. That’s probably why PV got the AA and Rye didn’t. The real AA snub is LP. LP showed it was better than Pac by beating them twice. Pac did not have a single quality win.

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  29. PurpleReigns says:

    Just a heads up the game tomorrow everyone thinks will be close WON’T be. John Jay had an amazing week of practice and has scouted Somers backwards and forwards. P-Reigns is just telling you. This game will be a blowout. I’m gonna say 14-5 JJ.

    Closest game of the day will be Town/LP. LP beats Town and there 4 AA’s by a goal in a thriller!

  30. syracuse says:

    Oh PurpleReigns you nut you …

  31. max says:

    Red Rage will beat a weak john jay team because we have way to many athletes for jj to handle. somers 11- jj 5

  32. just a fan says:

    PurpleReign- lay off whatever you took. No way JJ wins by more than 4, Town wins by at least 6 goals.Like they say, anything is possible…just not your prediction.

  33. LAX says:

    I think he’s pretty funny actually. I’m a JJ fan but to try and be unbiased I think it’ll be a 1 or 2 goal game either way. Gotta say JJ wins though. Somers won last time but I’m saying JJ wins for a few reasons:
    1. They have Stewart back. When they lost Stewart in the last game it was a huge shift in momentum and Somers went on a big run.
    2. Fletcher is in the net, and he’s doing great. The goaltending for JJ during the last Somers game wasn’t too great but Fletcher became the starter and he’s doing very well, a big reason why JJ is doing better.
    3. JJ is rolling – they won 6 out of there last 7 (only loss during that streak was a very competitive game against Yorktown). They’re coming off of a 10 goal win away game at Greeley. It’s safe to say JJ is coming together as a team and doing much better since those back-to-back 1 goal losses.
    4. Even though JJ lost last game, I thought it could’ve went either way. JJ outshot Somers by a large margin while Longo saved most. On the contrary it seemed as if most of Somers shots went in. Give credit to Somers to that but JJ better hope that Longo doesn’t have another huge day and that they can play better defense and goaltending against Somers.
    5. Neutral field instead of an away game for JJ.

    And finally, anyone have on update on Deiana for Somers? I know he was injured earlier in the season but he’s still been playing and I hear he’s getting better. Someone also said that Lombardo is out? Can anyone give details on this?

  34. IndianChief45 says:

    Red Rage! Oh God please. Who came up with such an unoriginal and immature “nickname” for Somers? Can we please stop saying that. Makes me almost want to root for John Jay. Almost — but not quite.

  35. LAX says:

    I’m going with JJ 10 Somers 8

  36. Old Rugger says:

    First game between JJ and Somers.
    JJ shot selection was poor
    Some defensive slides were slow
    Attack hardly ever rode the defense on clears
    Stewart injury as Lax says did take some of the emotion out of their sails

    Both teams defenses have improved (but JJ goalie more than Somers, he was already good)
    Somers much more physical defense.
    I just think JJ offense is clicking more and movement off the ball is much better now than in first game.

    JJ 9 Somers 8 (OT)

  37. PurpleReigns says:

    Hey CUSEY when you gonna post your picks???

  38. syracuse says:

    Yorktown 13, L/P 5
    John Jay 11, Somers 9
    Rye 9, Putnam Valley 7

  39. PurpleReigns says:

    Cusey I’m sooo confused. In comment #6 you pick JJ 16-14. Which is it? Does P-Reigns get to do two sets of picks too? BTW tell Crop I plan on chillen wit them before our game and comforting them after Town goes down!!

  40. LAX says:

    I agree I don’t think the class A title game will be close, it was the same way last year. Now that playoffs are here Yorktown is really playing hard and playing up to their full potential. I agree with cusey’s picks.

  41. PurpleReigns says:

    LOL. Cusey name is catching on unlike the lame Red Rage name ha. Love it.

  42. syracuse says:

    OK, PurpleReigns, OK. I’ll split the difference with you:

    John Jay — 16 + 11 = 27 / 2 = 13.5
    Somers — 14 + 9 = 23 / 2 = 11.5

    So there’s your final score. I had Jay winning by 2 either way.

  43. PurpleReigns says:

    K. So rounding up its 14-12 then. Yo call me P-Reigns dude. I mean I call you CUSEY. Its only fair.

  44. Jaybird says:

    P-Reigns lol. Any relation to P-Diddy?

  45. syracuse says:

    I personally like “Reigns-man”

  46. Groin Pull says:

    Super Sophs:10.1
    Angry Elephants: 9.9
    Run Forrest Run. Walters is the hero.

    Hopkins Prep: Many
    Rebels without a Clue: Not that many
    Just another killing for the Children of the Corn

    Valley Boys: 10
    Pistol on Whiskey Down:
    Totally… as if.

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  48. All the Right Moves says:

    Indian Chief45, Laxin, and Purple Reigns and Syracuse

    SOOOOOO, Not too bad for a silly , nickname, non scouting undisciplined team. can you say:


    or can you also say: OUT-COACHED!!!!!!

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  50. syracuse says:

    All the Right Moves,

    I have to say I’m surprised by the margin of victory. Somers is definitely playing their best lacrosse right now — which is exactly what you want to do.

    But make no mistake, the dominant team in Section 1 for the next few years will be John Jay. So much for growing pains. They go 9-9 against a monster schedule and get to a sectional final.

    Better teams have done far worse.

  51. Laxkid says:


    THINK ABOUT IT!!! somers will still be unstoppable come next year. The Tuskers only loose JoJo dont get me wrong that is THE biggest Lose they can ever have, but up and comming starsJuniors Eric Pfiffner and Greg Petre who are also captains are 2 of the best players.

  52. Lax 17 says:

    A lot will change next year in Section 1.JJ is young and will be good ,Somers loses JoJo ,Ytown loses everybody but KI , we’ll see

  53. LAX says:

    I’m a JJ fan and JJ will be very good in the next few years but I must admit Somers will be right up there as well. Somers graduates not many players – Marasco, Haas, Lombardo, Zmuidins, but Marasco is a HUGE loss. However, Somers retains most of their starting lineup and have talented junior and sophomore classes this year. Deiana, Tullgren, Pfiffner will be an intimidating, athletic middie line. They also get Petre back and all of their defense except for Zmuidins, including Schurr who’s an up and coming stud.

    I must say I was pretty surprised last night, not so much that JJ lost, but the margin that they lost by. They just didn’t seem like the team that stepped it up so much in the second half of the year. There was a noticeable difference in athleticism, faceoffs, shot selection, and goaltending. JJ played too much defense and when they were on offense they often turned it over. But gotta hand it to Somers, they were just the better team this year. JJ JV also would’ve been undefeated in section 1 for the third year in a row if they hadn’t lost 7-8 to Somers.

    Very interesting next year. I actually think Somers, JJ, and Yorktown will all be pretty close. Moving on to JJ, they lose Stewart but I don’t think it will be that huge of a loss, not anything against Stewart just JJ had a very well-balanced offense this year that didn’t focus on superstars, they didn’t seem too troubled when he was injured. Daniello will be one of the best in the section next year no doubt, even this year he was JJ’s leader by far in points and quarterbacked the offense, super impressive last night, he can really create on his own. I don’t think there will be any seniors that will be starting at offense next year but give credit to the young talent JJ has. An already experienced group of sophomores will become juniors, some very good players will come up from JV, and apparently some talented classes coming into the high school.

    And lastly, never count Yorktown out. They have one of the best players in the nation in KI and have others seniors such as Lieberman and Porcelli coming back. Schuldt will be one of the best juniors in the section and Mabus is impressive as well. But they lose all of their defense, which will be devastating. Will kids such as Joey Bonitatibus or Stephen Burke step up?

    I think JJ will win against town next year, but I think it’ll still be a fairly close game. It may not be all JJ next year though with Somers coming back with some major talent.

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