The Hudson Valley all-America meeting just ended a few moments ago  — and we have our nine all-Americans.

Here’s the list:

John Fennessy, Yorktown, defense (Towson), sr.

Ethan Fox, Yorktown, defense (Marist), sr.

Luke Haggerty, Clarkstown South, goalie (Bridgton Prep), sr.

Kevin Interlicchio, Yorktown, attack (Hopkins), jr.

JoJo Marasco, Somers, attack (Syracuse), sr.

Tyler Perrelle, Mahopac, attack (Binghamton), sr.

John Ranagan, Yorktown, midfield (Hopkins), sr.

Will Stewart, John Jay, midfield (Williams), sr.

Jimmy van de Veerdonk, Putnam Valley, midfield (Oneonta State), sr.

We’ll be providing more insights and thoughts and in the comments portion of this thread, so be sure to weigh in with your thoughts as well.

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86 Responses to “Here are your 2009 Hudson Valley all-Americans”

  1. Laximus says:

    Thanks for getting these up Joe. My understanding is the meeting is still going on. Very impressive. I have a son involved and this is how he found out. Luckily it was good news.

  2. LAX says:

    Good list, a little surprised Keough and Doherty didn’t make it but this list is still stacked.

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    It is a bit surprising that no one from Rye or Lakeland/Panas was selected. The coaches certainly went a bit “outside the box” in some of the selections, and I think that’s good.

    One player who wasn’t prominently mentioned in all the speculation leading to this announcement we just brought you folks was Jimmy van de Veerdonk, a senior midfielder for Put Valley headed to Oneonta State. I remember after quite a few comments were made without his name on our AA thread I even expressed surprise when his name took a while to come up.

    Let’s hear your thoughts and be sure to re-read the AA thread to come what happened to what was predicted.

  4. Syracuse says:

    To me, Fox is the most surprising selection, though he is a very good player. Yorktown getting 4 seems a bit much. I, too, am very surprised Doherty and Keough were snubbed. And the van der Veerdonk selection just goes to show you never know.

  5. THE CROP says:

    i heard that in the meeting, the crop made a strong push for atleast honorable mention.

    congrats to all

  6. RyeGuy says:

    WAAA!!! Keough holds Jo Jo scoreless one on one for 59 minutes 50 seconds and doesn’t get it and no one from Rye?? This will make Thursday even sweeter when we wax PV for our 5th title in a row. That’s what matters.

  7. LAX says:

    It’s well balanced though: 3 attackmen, 3 middies, 2 defenders, 1 goalie

  8. Joe Lombardi says:

    When you take everything into account — stick skills, field vision, knowledge of the game — I think Ethan Fox is pound for pound the best all-around defenseman in Section 1.

    Also of note, Jimmy V. is Put Valley’s first AA since Steve Amman in ’04.

    Luke Haggerty is Clarkstown South’s first AA since Zach Widbin, also in ’04.

  9. Syracuse says:


    But you also think Fennessey is the best pure defenseman, no?

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    This score just in — SCC championship game:

    Fairfield Prep 10, Cheshire 6

    Syracuse –
    Fennessy is the most dominant defenseman in the section and maybe the area. If I had to put one defenseman on someone to lock him down, it would be him. But John did not start playing the game till he was a freshman in HS. That’s why Ethan gets an edge in areas like stick skills, field vision, etc.

  11. PV Lax says:

    Jimmy V. had 5 goals vs. Keough when we beat Rye so that probably swung it in his favor over Keough so relax Rye Guy. What’s fair is fair.

  12. Observer says:

    Joe –

    Thanks for including the positions, classes and colleges. That info is very helpful in reviewing the winners.

    Congrats to all of this year’s winners.

  13. GreenWhite says:

    Joe great assessment of Fox. If he were 3-4 inches taller he’d be playing at Hopkins or Syracuse.

  14. lax watch says:

    first off jimmv v didnt have 5 vs keough he had it on a sophmore long pole so get ur facts straight.. and it keoguh guards him this time we will see what happens

  15. PV Lax says:

    Good I hope Keough has some grudge plays out of his mind and holds Jimmy to like 2-2. That way Dillon can drop 4 or 5 g’s and Ryan 3 or 4’s g’s on Rye just like last time when we lit them up for 15 goals.

  16. Just asking says:

    How far did Jimmy Van … get in ESG tryouts last year? Santangelo was a starter at attack.

  17. Red Crosse says:

    Very surprising Doherty didn’t get it as a senior and I really thought Keough was a lock. Maybe the fact Rye’s D wasn’t as good as it’s been last few years hurt but still. Can’t wait to hear slacrosse’s reaction to this Rye snub. :-0

  18. LAX says:

    I was thinking either Keough or Santangelo, maybe the fact that PV beat Rye gave Jimmy V. the edge? But Keough and Santangelo were starters on the ESG team who are playing very well so surprising indeed.

  19. Raw Deal says:

    Maybe the key here is losing to White Plains. Both Put Valley and Mahopac did and they each got an AA!

  20. randy says:

    What about mike b? Thought he was going to get it over perelle or jimmy v? Oh well what does it all mean anyway? Good luck to all on thursday!

  21. Just Responding says:

    Just Asking,

    How far did KI get in ESG tryouts or what about Doherty. They are clearly separate entities and I don’t think anyone is arguing KI’s selection.

  22. Syracuse says:

    Interlicchio was an alternate on last year’s HV ESG team. There was debate galore over that one.

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  24. lax attack jack says:

    Are there All American honorable mentions?

  25. lax watch says:

    Congrats to all 9 players

  26. Garnet's Rumble says:

    Hats off to all the AA kids and proud parents. But in the end it’s all about the TEAM. DK, RS and their Rye Lacrosse Band of Brothers will use this snub as a powerful tool to bring home the 5th sectional title to Rye. As the shirt say’s “I am not bigger than the team” it works for Rye. You can have the AA title, we’ll take the Section
    Go Rye, Strive for 5!

  27. Joe Lombardi says:

    Jack –

    No HMs. Just the nine selections.

  28. Syracuse says:

    Keough snub surprises me a bit. Santangelo would have been a great story. Not that either one of them have anything to hang their heads over this season. They’ve more than represented their section with class and ability.

  29. Sect1Lax says:

    I was just thinking. Imagine LP — with no AAs — beats Yorktown, with 4 AAs. What will that say??? Very interesting dynamic there. I’m sure there will be plenty of motivation for them as Rye will have plenty of extra motivation vs. PV.

  30. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to all the AA kids. All top players who have had strong seasons.

    As a loyal Rye fan was very surprised and disappointed no one from the team was seen deserving of selection.

    Taking NOTHING away from JVD’s selection which includes due credit for him in more then the Rye game, facts are that Keough did not guard him.

    Again all the best to the selected and good luck to all in the play-offs.

  31. slacrosse says:

    I’ll just say that in my opinion Keough is without a doubt at least the equal of any long pole in Section1.

    He’s doing a PG yr at Westminster and guarantee he’ll show up as a recruit on a MAJOR D1 team.

  32. slacrosse says:

    Garnet’s Rumble,

    Good post. Thursday’s game is not at all about Rye or Keough and Santangelo vs. Jimmy VDD. Its the Rye TEAM vs the PV TEAM. As said above no one player at Rye is bigger then the team which has led to great success on a state level in many Rye sports.

    Let EVERY Rye player make their ABSOLUTE VERY BEST CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM and good things will happen.

  33. Yolax says:

    Congrats to all our HUDSON VALLEY 2009 ALL-AMERICANS best of luck all very well deserving,enjoy!!

  34. John FANagan says:

    congrats to all.. see everybody at white plains on thursday

  35. John FANagan says:

    joe just so you know, if ytown brings home a state title, the ccrop shirt is coming your way… guaranteed

  36. 2010 AA says:

    Anyone else wanna throw out some VERY early 2010 AA picks?

    Interlicchio- Yorktown
    Brandofino- Mahopac
    McGuigan- Mahopac
    Pickel- John Jay
    Daniello- John Jay
    Petre- Somers

    Just some names..

  37. John FANagan says:

    Bold, but Ty Schuldt from Yorktown.

    Okie Bernabo from Mahopac.

    Joey Porcelli from Yorktown… and mos tlikely all the ones you named.

    Who will be the goalie out of the bunch?

  38. somers boys says:

    Forrest Walter JJ
    Jay Pickel JJ
    Mike Daniello JJ

  39. Joe Lombardi says:

    John FANagan –

    Very nice. But why just if Yorktown brings home a state title? But just to reciprocate, I will say if that happens, we will outfit the entire Crop with LaxLessons T-shirts.

    2010 AA –

    Good thought. I like the way you immediately look ahead after one big event passes. (I’ve been accused of that too on more than one occasion.)

    This list looks good. Let’s not forget, other than Kevin Interlicchio, the only other current junior in Section 1 (not including CHSAA) who has committed to a major D-I program is Erik Pfiffner of Somers. So he’d be high on this list, along with Rye’s Cole McCormack and Jack O’Callaghan. (I noted CHSAA because Iona Prep junior Pete DeSalvo has committed to Fairfield.)

    I’d also include Ryan Fitzgerald of Putnam Valley for sure, as well as Forrest Walter of John Jay and Ty Schuldt of Yorktown.

    These are just guys that come to mind off the top of my head – don’t mean to slight anyone, so please throw out more names.

  40. Pac Fan says:

    Johnny McSavin/McGuigan. Kids a beast in the net.

  41. slacrosse says:

    2010 AA

    Cole McCormack (Sr) and Jack O’Callaghan (Jr) of Rye.

  42. Red Rage says:

    2010 AAs from Somers … (We should get 2-3 from this list)

    1. Petre
    2. Pfiff
    3. Eddie Schurr
    4. John Bello
    5. Colin Tullgren
    6. Chris Longo
    7. Cole Partenza

  43. sec1 says:

    Joe you are right on the money with Ethan Fox he is all that you said, just a Great all around player. A few surprise’s for AA, I am sure 3 to 4 other’s could have been included, I am sure L/P and Rye are the big ones without any.. Doherty being one but his game has kind of stalled, I wonder where Rye would be without McCormick? not sure they would be playing on thursday, McCormick is the best F/O man in Sec1 if not downstate..

  44. Old Coach says:


    when will you have the all section/all league selections?

    Jay’s site has their honorees up:

    All American

    Will Stewart

    All Section / All League

    Harrison Silver
    Ian Deruiter
    Geoff Stearns
    Jameson pickel
    Mike Daniello HM
    Forrest Walter HM

  45. Joe Lombardi says:

    Old Coach –

    Though the all-section team was selected tonight, in years past, it has taken a few days for the coaches to then input the names and type them all up. I checked on the status this morning and that process has not yet started, so I can’t give a definitive date. All I can tell you is when I have them, you’ll have them.

  46. LAXIT says:

    Hey joe

    are you going to get the AA together for interviews

  47. june says:

    Hey when are you going to post the HM list – I noticed that JJ HM list left out a few good names. ??

  48. max says:

    you need to get all league to get honorable mention all section. The number was cut down this year by Athletic Directors

  49. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXIT –

    I like that idea. Maybe we can work that out.

    June –

    See comments 45 and 48 for answers to both questions.

  50. Beach Lax says:

    2010 AA’s

    Interliccio, Town
    McCormack, Rye
    Petre, Somers
    Pfiffner, Somers
    Daniello, JJ
    Walter, JJ
    Fitzgerald, PV
    McGuigan, Pac
    Brandofino, Pac

    Those will definately be the 9.

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  52. dude says:

    2010 AA’s

    KI, Town
    brando, pac
    Petre, somers
    Tullgren, somers
    Pfiffner, somers
    fitz, Pv
    Daniello maybe, jj

  53. max says:

    petre was not even put up this year

  54. Laxtime says:

    Besides KI what juniors got nominated?

  55. Laximus says:

    I realize juniors hardly ever get it but Petre is clearly one of the nine best players in the section. Wonder what reason Janafee could have possibly had for not nominating him if what max writes is true.

  56. Sect1Lax says:

    I agree completely on Petre. I’d put him #2 behind KI among junior attackmen in the section.

  57. HV Lax says:

    I heard Interliccio was the only Junior nominated.

  58. Jaybird says:

    2010 AA locks …

    Pickel JJ
    Petre S
    McCormack R
    Fitzgerald PV
    Pfiffner S

    I would say Daniello and Walter but apparently the Sav’s buy into this never nominate non seniors nonsense. I mean they didn’t even put up KDrew as a junior and then he goes and gets 3 vs Huntington and is No 12 senior in the nation.

    Hey Savs and all coaches – JUst nominate the best players please regardless of class!

  59. Laxerdude says:

    Amen bro. They really got caught up in the whole senior thing resulting in an embarrasing pick or two but w/e …

  60. Wasabi says:

    Hey Jaybird,
    Do the names Bocklet and Bohlander sound familiar to you? Both AA’s in their junior year…Get your facts straight son

  61. Old Coach says:


    Drew’s Junior year, Jay had:

    Bohlander was POY and 2nd time AA (so he was AA as junior)
    Bocklett was AA as a junior

    (so obviously the Sav’s never nominate juniors)

    Plus Stockel and Douglas

    Exactly how many AA’s did you want Jay to have?

  62. towny says:

    congratulations to all the selections but i have to say that i am very disappointed with the comittee. Mike B plays for a team that actually WINS, and without him it wouldn’t be possible. Putting up the numbers he had this year and playing and winning against some of the best high school teams and players in the nation…isn’t that what being an all-american is all about. With all due respect to haggerty, who has he played against that is of any real caliber? Sorry to say it but section 1 is pretty weak this year and who has he played beside that? The leadership that mike provides, the goals he saves, the offense he creates using his clearing ability, and the fact his team wins are the reasons at why i and many others are upset that he was not chosen.

  63. LAX says:

    2010 AAs I think:
    Mccormick (Rye)
    Interlicchio (Ytown)
    Pickel (JJ)
    Daniello (JJ)
    Walter (JJ)
    Brandofino (Pac)
    Petre (Somers)
    Pfiffner (Somers)
    Fitzgerald (PV)

  64. LAX says:

    Towny didn’t Haggerty have 33 saves against JJ? He also did well on empires last year.

  65. 2010 AA says:

    Haha what can i say Joe..never to early to hear some chatter…

    I thought Phiffner was a senior i would deffinatly put him up there. Im sure one of the younger guys will step up and make a name for themselves next year,

    McGuigan has to be considered the best goalie coming into next season he really stepped up his game i think he’ll be an excellent canidate next year. Also, a think a Darkhorse is gunna be Chase Thompson he is a very talented middie for Pac.

  66. Indian J says:

    Easy there Jaybird. No way any of the sophs are All-Americans this year. As for the Savs and their philosophy, it is sound. You have to be truly remarkable and dominant to be a junior AA ( never mind a sophomore). This is why Chris Bocklet and Ryder Bohlander both got it as juniors. Both were nominated appropriately by the Savs.

  67. YOLAX says:

    the only ones that are disapointed are the people from ytown and i can promise you that half of them are not disapointed or surprised haggerty is such a better goalie and that why he recieved it
    they just picked the best one

  68. abc says:

    I’m from town and not disappointed at all…they weren’t gonna get 5 AA’s and I wouldn’t in a million years put him above any of the players that got it.

  69. slacrosse says:


    Have to agree that the strength of who Mikey B had to defend against + his ability should have put him over the top. In a case of fairly equally talented goalies, SOS should apply.
    But as Town was not going to get more then 4 selections who would you have dropped off for Mikey, Fox I guess?

  70. slacrosse says:


    Thanks for answering my question posed (before I saw your post) to towny.

  71. section1lax says:

    Joe, have all americans from elsewhere around the state been selected yet? Do different sections have different meeting dates? Any LI all americans yet??

  72. LAXIT says:


    I would agree with that “all being equal” SOS should prevail but i hate to disagree things were not equal

  73. solidD says:

    without Haggarty i think CS would have about 3 wins on the season, if that.

  74. Joe Lombardi says:

    section1lax –

    The meeting dates do vary. Most regions have not yet selected AAs. We should have most in by next week.

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  76. LAXR says:

    Joe L,
    I think you should make a new thread about projected AA’s for next year. Prob would be interesting to start the debate real early. Just a thought-

  77. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXR –

    Good thought. Let’s wait till after we unveil our all-region team and player and coach of the year selections first. (Remember, gang, the inaugural all-region team will be unveiled on Monday.)

    Also, it would probably be better to wait till after the summer. I know everyday I hear from coaches and players about new colleges that have started recruiting rising seniors and rising juniors. As I’ve said in the past, the majority of AAs (by far) are Division I-bound seniors. So once we learn who those players are we’ll have a better idea.

    Having said all that, just scroll up to comment No. 36 on this thread. Someone has already posted his picks for 2010 AAs and there are several other follow-up picks by other in other comments further down. Check them out.

  78. LAXR says:

    Thanks Joe,
    I didn’t even see those posts. Good stuff. My picks-

    1. Petre (S)
    2. Schurr (S)
    3. Bello (S)
    4. Interlicchio (Ytown)
    5. Pickel (JJ)
    6. Daniello (JJ)
    7. McCormack (Rye)
    8. Fitzgerald (PV)
    9. Brandofino (Pac)

  79. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAXR –

    This looks like a good early list. You have three guys from Somers, which is definitely possible. Two other players who should be included though from Somers are Erik Pfiffner and Colin Tullgren. Pfiffner may be the best two-way middie in the section next season and, of course, has committed to Colgate. Tullgren is also an athletic middie who scored eight goals in Somers’ last three games this season. He has drawn interest from several Division I programs.

    Speaking of which, so too has Bello, including Army, Siena and Drexel. He has four of the most important attribute in any defenseman: size, athleticism, aggressiveness and communication skills.

  80. LAXR says:

    I agree Tullgren and Pfiffner are both stand out middies but the odds of Somers getting 5 picks is not possible so where is the cut off? Do you take the best tag team on defense in the section or the best combination of middies? Its offense vs. defense here. Only time will tell

  81. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yes and no. Keep in mind any middie who gets AA in my view has to be a two-way middie, playing offense and defense.
    A big factor too, as I pointed out, will be what colleges these players commit to. I expect they will all make those decisions by the fall.

    Though Eddie Schurr will not be a senior, it’s possible too he wull commit by then as most of the top juniors recruits do now. As I’ve said, I expect Mike Daniello to commit to a major D-I school by the fall. And it should be noted Schurr was the only sophomore in Section 1 named all-section.

  82. LAXIT says:

    Hey joe

    I said this before it should not matter where how and when they are going just pick the best kids Haggerty already has proven you don’t have to be going to a major d-1 school you just have to be very good and also Stewart as well and i really would not call Marist a major d-1 school(Fox) although i said this before he is my favorite player anyway I know all 3 could play mostly anywere but you do not or aleast should not have to be going to a major d-1 school to get AA just be the best

  83. jlombardi says:

    LAXIT –

    That’s absolutely true — especially with nine AA spots for the Hudson Valley, it would be impossible to have the entire AA selections comprised of players bound for major D-I schools. BUT … if you are, and have a strong season senior, you’re pretty likely to get AA.

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