gorskiTop: Can junior defenseman John Bello, first-year coach Lew Janavey and the Somers Tuskers show some “Red Rage” (the team’s rally cheer) by advancing to thesectional finals for the first time since 2007? Above: Matt Gorski and Darien face rival Wilton in the FCIAC semifinals.
(Photos by Ryan Rabidou/LaxLessons.com, top, and Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com/ above)

By the end of the day Friday, our final-round matchups will be set everywhere but Class A in Suffolk.

It’s semifinal-round time throughout the region.

Among the storylines to keep an eye on:

• Can Wilton, which snapped Yorktown’s nine-game regular-season win streak last week, spring another upset against four-time state champ Darien in the FCIAC semis today?

• Can first-year coach Lew Janavey and his Somers Tuskers show some “Red Rage” (the team’s rally cheer) by advancing to the sectional finals for the first time since 2007 by beating 2008 sectional semifinalist Brewster?

• Can Lakeland/Panas and Yorktown advance to meet in the final for the third straight year?

• Can four-time Class B sectional champ John Jay shake off its No. 3 seed and win at Greeley to return to the finals yet again?

• Can the top two seeds, Comsewogue and Shoreham-Wading River, win to set up an intriguing Class B final in Suffolk next week?

Here’s the lineup, including some semis that were played yesterday.

Be sure to check back for score updates and weigh in with info/scores on the games you attend.

Section 1 (Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess) playoffs

Friday, Games at 4:30 p.m. (unless indicated)

Class A

Yorktown 21, North Rockland 5
Lakeland/Panas 9, Mahopac 6

Class B

Somers 11, Brewsteer 3
John Jay 16, Greeley 6

Class C

Putnam Valley 17, Byram Hills 3
Rye 10, Bronxville 6


Class A



Baldwin 7, Farmingdale 6

Friday at Hofstra

Hicksville 6, Syosset 5

Class B



Garden City 9, Plainedge 4

Friday at Hofstra

Lynbrook 10, South Side 8

Class C


Thursday, at Hofstra

Manhasset 14, Friends 6

Friday, at Hofstra

Cold Spring Harbor 9, Seaford 8, 2OT

Section 11 (Suffolk) playoffs

Class A



No. 5 Connetquot at No. 1 West Islip, 11 a.m.
No. 3 Whitman at No. 2 Ward Melville, 11 a.m.

Class B



Smithtown West 9, Comsewogue 1
Sayville 9, Shoreham-Wading River 8

Class C


Glenn 7,  Bayport-Blue Point 6
No. 1 Mount Sinai, bye




Fairfield Prep 14, Guilford 6

Cheshire 15, Amity 12



At Bunnell

Newtown 15, New Milford 14
No. 1 New Fairfield winner vs. No. 5 Weston, 7 p.m.

Note: The FCIAC finals, scheduled for today at Brien McMahon, have been postponed till Saturday. Wilton plays Darien at 3 p.m. and Ridgefield plays New Canaan immediately after.

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116 Responses to “Sectional/conference semifinal scores and highlights”

  1. James says:

    Joe –

    A heads up: FCIAC just moved the semifinals to tomorrow. Wilton-Darien at 5 and Ridgefield-NC at 7. I’m sure that they are disseminating this information to the teams now.

  2. Lax Novice says:

    Good job, James, thanks for the info. That makes a lot of sense on their part.

  3. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks, James. Your info is indeed correct. I received word via e-mail a short time before his comment.

    The other games throughout the region are still on as of now. We, of course, will be posting immediate updates if that changes.

  4. max says:

    Greeley fans forgot that stewart did not even play the first time around he had a shoulder injury for that game.

  5. Greeley Parent says:

    Nothing regarding the first game matters now. This is the playoffs. It’s a new season. We beat Fix Lane 15-2 in the regular season and (hen 5-3 on Wednesday. See my point?

  6. PurpleReigns says:

    P-Reigns sure does see your point Greeley Rent. So basically your saying you guys are in BIG trouble today. P-Reigns agrees!

  7. Injun Joe says:

    Brewster in the Upset
    Janavey is a clown! Who would vote for him





    Put Valley-10

  8. Observer says:

    Oh God, “P Reigns” just what we don’t need – another juvenile poster referring to himself in the third person. Who started this nonsense?

  9. Laximus says:

    Injun –
    If you really think Brewster is going to beat Somers tell us why. If it’s because you don’t like Lou Janavey your opinion holds no weight.

  10. Injun Joe says:

    Brew! defense is playing the best they have all year. B Donelan is a beast!
    Young attack will drop a bunch on red rage.
    Tired of all the publicity Janavey and the Tuskers get for NO reason!

  11. Poplax says:

    Inun Joe must be from Lakeland! Very Bitter.

  12. PacMan says:

    We’ve had a lot of distractions this year and this week but we have our eyes on the prize. Here’s a sneak peek at a final score you will all be seeing here around 6:30 …
    Pac 10, LP 7

  13. InsideLacrosse says:

    PacMan –

    If you are correct, then congratulations will be in order. If you are wrong, please don’t leave the blog for a week again!!!

  14. LacrosseInsider says:

    Greeley parent – Similar to the comment by Laximus, if you really think that Greeley is going to beat JJ then tell us how it will happen. Not only is it true that Will Stewart did not play the first game, it is also true that this JJ team is much, much better right now then when they played Greeley earlier in the season. Throw in the fact that they have a point to prove by getting the #3 seed behind HC and you are very much in trouble. JJ won by 9 the first time around, this one could be much more like 16 – 2.

  15. Laxtime says:

    Wow Greeley fans are really confident. Look at this they say the John Jay rematch is a wish come true! Be careful what you wish for …


  16. LI Lax says:

    today’s picks

    Town 15, NR 3
    L/P 9, Pac 6

    Somers 13, Brewster 7
    JJ 16, Greeley 4

    Wogue 10, Smithtown West 9
    SWR 7, Sayville 5

    Lynbrook 6, SS 5
    Syosset 8, Hicksville 7
    CSH 7, Seaford 4

  17. Tree Man says:

    LI your Sec 1 scores are almost identical to the irst time those teams played. Looking for consitency!!

  18. THEGilmanfan says:

    today’s picks

    Town 14, NR 5
    L/P 10, Pac 7

    Somers 14, Brewster 6
    JJ 16, Greeley 4

    Wogue 12, Smithtown West 9
    SWR 8, Sayville 6

    SS 8, Lynbrook 6
    Hicksville 10, Syosset 8
    CSH 10, Seaford 5

  19. syracuse says:

    Hey guys,

    Some predictions:

    Lakeland/Panas 12, Mahopac 6
    Yorktown 14, North Rockland 4
    John Jay 13, Greeley 5
    Somers 14, Brewster 7

    Comeswogue 9, Smithtown West 6
    Shoreham-WR 9, Sayville 8

    Lynbrook 8, South Side 4
    Syosset 11, Hicksville 9
    CSH 10, Seaford 6

    FCIAC Saturday

    Ridgefield 10, New Canaan 5
    Darien 10, Wilton 6

  20. BigBadBear says:

    not looking good for B’ville, 3-1 Rye, mid first. Rye controlling the ball, B’ville’s poles need to slide quicker, and a little too anxious on offense

  21. Old Rugger says:

    LP 10 Pac 7
    Town 16 NR 4
    JJ 15 HG 3
    Somers 15 Brewster 6
    PV 12 Byram 10
    Rye 8 Bville 6
    I see the section one C games as the better games

    Wogue 8 SW 7
    SWR 8 Sayville 7 (OT)
    Lbrook 8 SS 7
    Syo 10 Hvill 8
    CSH 11 Seaford 5
    R field 12 New Canaan 6
    Darien 12 Wilton 5 (only because of returning players)

  22. Laxerdude says:

    Bronxville is playing Rye very tough. Its 6-3 Rye late in the 2nd qtr

  23. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks, Laxerdude.

    Folks, be sure to post updates on any games you’re at as well.

  24. rye-bxville says:

    rye beats bronxville– 10-6 final. Rye led by 3 or 4 goals through most of game.

  25. THEGilmanfan says:

    Smithtown West 5
    Comsewogue 0


  26. LAXIT says:

    hey laxerdude
    how did satangelo play

  27. kurt says:

    any scores yet available for JJ-HG and the Brew-Somers games?

  28. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 3 – 1 with 2 mins left in 1st

  29. Joe Lombardi says:

    John Jay leads Greeley 3-1 after one quarter. Drew Beck snaped a 1-1 tie with 4:58 to go in the first quarter. Jordan Fried had tied it at 1-1 for Greeley.

  30. LAX says:

    Thanks Joe and LacrosseInsider, keep em coming.

  31. LAX says:

    L/P 5 Mahopac 4

  32. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 5 – 1 (helping joe out he is busy talking!)

  33. THEGilmanfan says:

    Smithtown West 8
    Comsewogue 1

    End of three. I asked my source if he was sure West was playing ‘Wogue…he replied that he was quite sure because the game is at Wogue. Then, I asked if he was sure it was the varsity…he is, he saw Pannell score a goal.

  34. LAX says:

    Very surprising, but don’t forget SW is coming off a big win at Rocky Point. I’m glad you like the site THEGilmanfan congrats on the championship

  35. lacrosse says:

    lacrosse insider thanks for the updates but who is scoring for jay?

  36. kurt says:

    the JJ game, how much left in 2nd qtr? WHo’s scoring for Jay?

    thanks for the updates!

  37. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 7 – 2 (helping joe out he is busy talking!)

  38. lax watch says:

    lax it Santangelo 3g 3 a and a bunch of ground balls in 10-6 Rye win

  39. GA Lax says:

    has that JJ game reached half time yet?

  40. Joe Lombardi says:

    John Jay leads 8-2 at halftime. Mike Daniello has three goals.

  41. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 8-2 at the half. Masterson has a couple, Beck, Daniello, I think walters and Morris as well, very balanced.

  42. Joe Lombardi says:

    Insider –
    Thanks man. Yeah I was. Haha. I’m on my way to Somers now so it’s your ball now. Thanks! BTW – I was mostly listening (to Pete Ruff from News12 and Greeley AD Steve Young + lol)

  43. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 11 – 4 with 6 mins left in 3rd

  44. Joe Lombardi says:

    Colin Tullgren and JoJo Marasco score back-to-back. Somers lead 4-2 1:48 into the second quarter. Timeout Brewster.

  45. Zac says:

    updates: 4th qtr score yet in the Jay game?

  46. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 14-5 with 7 mins left

  47. lacrosse says:

    who is scoring for jay

  48. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 15-6 with 4 mins left jay has pulled starters

  49. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Rye 10, Bronxville 6

  50. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers leads Brewster 6-3 at the half. After Mike Moran pulled Brewster within 5-3, Petre answered for Somers.

  51. Tom says:

    what was the final score for the JJ game? thanks

  52. LacrosseInsider says:

    Final JJ 16 HG 6

  53. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: John Jay 16, Greeley 6

  54. lacrosse says:

    do we have stats on scorers for jay

  55. Indian J says:

    Stop complaining and play the game.

  56. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown leads North Rockland 12-1 in the second quarter.

  57. Rick says:

    Heard Pac and LP were tied 2-2 at HT but I’m not there.

  58. Joe Lombardi says:

    Marasco and Pat Hashmall score to give Somers an 8-3 lead midway through the third quarter.

  59. Rick says:

    My mistake. LP was up 5-4 at half. It was 2-2 after one. Anyone have a final?

  60. Joe Lombardi says:

    Petre scores an impressive behind-the-back goal with 34 seconds left in the third. Somers has pulled away to take a 9-3 lead.

  61. Joe Lombardi says:

    Colin Tullgren scores his third goal off a Marasco feed. Somers leads 11-3 with 7:20 to go in the game.

  62. LAX says:

    I know L/P was leading 9-5 with only a few minutes left in the game

  63. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yorktown leads 17-2 at the half over North Rockland.

  64. LAX says:

    Now that’s some Yorktown firepower…

  65. syracuse says:

    Something tells me they are motivated …

  66. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Somers 11, Brewster 3

    Somers will play JJ in the Section 1 Class B title game Thursday at 8 p.m. at White Plains High School.

  67. lacrosse says:

    joe do u have any stats for the jay game

  68. Joe Lombardi says:

    Ytown leads 19-3 after three. Ranagan has six goals in his last game at Murphy Field. KI also has six. Both have been pulled to start the fourth.

  69. syracuse says:

    Final scores:

    Iona Prep 13, Canisius 7
    John Glenn – Elwood 7, Bayport-Blue Point 6
    Niskayuna 17, Albany Academy 1
    Smithtown West 9, Comsewogue 1

  70. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Yorktown 21, North Rockland 5

    The ‘Huskers advance to the Class A final on Thursday at 5:30 p.m.at White Plains.

  71. HV Lax says:

    Joe just an amazing job with the updates. It’s like you were at all the games at once. I don’t know what we’d ever do without you.

  72. Inside source says:

    jay wins big, something like 16-3

  73. solidD says:

    upset: No. 3 JJ over No. 2 Greeley 16-6

  74. Indian J says:

    Seriously. Chappaqua’s new nickname is upset city.

  75. Laxerdude says:

    John Jay won 16-6. Joe posted the final like 2 hours ago.

  76. Jaybird says:

    Well, well. Greeley fans sure got their “wish” – haha. You gotta check this:


  77. Joe Lombardi says:

    For info on today’s Iona Prep-Canisius Catholic state semifinal game, check the comments portion of this thread:


  78. Joe Lombardi says:

    Today’s stat leaders

    Class A

    Yorktown 21, North Rockland 5

    Y — Kevin Interlicchio, John Ranagan each scored six goals.

    Lakeland/Panas 9, Mahopac 6

    LP — Will Fallo 2-0, Shawn Honovich 2-0, Chris Monteferante 1-2, Jack Doherty 1-1

    M — Tyler Perrelle 5-0

    Class B

    Final stat leaders — JJ 16, Greeley 6.

    JJ — Drew Beck 4-0, Mike Daniello 3-0, Forrest Walter 3-0, Andrew Masterson 2-4, Jake Weil 2-2

    HG — Jordan Fried 2-0

    Final stat leaders — Somers 11, Brewster 3

    S — Colin Tullgren 3-2, Greg Petre 3-1, JoJo Marasco 2-2

    Class C

    Final stat leaders — Rye 10, Bronxville 6

    R — Rob Santangelo 3-3, Matt Foristel 2-0, Cole McCormack 2-0

    B — Dan Lentz 2-2, Joe Wood 2-1, Dave McCann 22 saves

    Putnam Valley 17, Byram Hills 5

    PV — Jim van de Veerdonk 3-1, Dan O’Gorman 3-1, Bill Ries 3-0

  79. TownLax says:

    HV Lax –

    I second that praise for Joe. Incredible job with the updates today. No one does it better!

  80. syracuse says:

    Final: Cheshire 14, Amity Regional 10

  81. syracuse says:

    Final: Fairfield Prep 14, Guilford 6

  82. funtir says:

    pv 17
    byram 3

  83. syracuse says:


    Cold Spring Harbor 9, Seaford 8 (2OT)
    Hicksville 6, Syosset 5

  84. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Sayville 9, Shoreham-Wading River 8

  85. Syracuse says:

    I was just gonna post that Joe. How many people were expecting SWR-Comsewogue? Man, a Smithtown West-Sayville final flies in the face of all conventional state tournament history. That should be a heck of a game.

  86. slacrosse says:



    Other scorers for Rye inc. Wood, McReddie and I think J. O’Callaghan

    McCormack was 17-20 on face-offs and had 13 ground balls.

    Great effort by Bville and particular hats off to Bville’s goalie that made a number of great saves. Rye was peppering him for a large part of the game and he held the margin of win down.

  87. Joe Lombardi says:

    That’s Long Island lacrosse for you. Remember last year everyone had West Islip written into the downstate semi. Then along came Syosset. Teams like this emerge every year. It’s what makes LI the king of HS lax, really.

    Was every game a one-goal game today on the Island? A further testament to the depth I was talking about.

  88. Syracuse says:

    I’ve been touting the “mystery” team coming out of Class B on the Island for years. Now it’s starting to happen In A. Manhasset better get eyes in the back of its head …

  89. Pequa says:

    Syracuse, Joe is 100 percent on the mark. This happens every spring out here. None of us are the least bit suprised. Island Lax rules!

  90. Syracuse says:

    Shoreham went from the hottest team around a month ago to going home just like that. …

    Must be the ‘CUSE curse.

  91. IslandLaxpert says:

    Joe and Pequa really nailed it. It really is so true.

  92. Syracuse says:

    You give me a Connetquot-Whitman A final and I’ll give up all the nasty habits I have for good.

  93. […] • Roundup of today’s semifinals […]

  94. max says:

    Greeley where was your special defense??? you are lucky sav pulled his starters or it would have been 20 goals again. Nice game plan the same as last time. Very pathetic for having two empire players on defense. Do the greeley coaches even watch film?

    I will say this Greeley has more talent then john jay.

  95. Indian J says:

    Greely does not have more talent than John Jay. Its not to say that Greely is not talented. Greely was just not on the top level this year. JJ was in a transition year. Some view there losses to Putnam Valley and Lakeland/Panas as indicators of their capability and it is not so. Somers will have to play very well to beat them.

  96. Joe Lombardi says:


    Today’s semifinals

    Fairfield Prep 14, Guilford 6

    Cheshire 15, Amity 12

    Final will be Monday at Branford, 5 p.m.: No. 1 Fairfield Prep vs. No. 3 Cheshire

  97. Joe Lombardi says:


    Today’s semifinals

    Newtown 15, New Milford 14

    No. 1 New Fairfield vs. No. 5 Weston, 7 p.m.

    Final will be Tuesday at Pomperaug, 5 p.m.: No. 1 New Fairfield/No. 5 Weston vs. No. 2 New Milford

  98. LacrosseInsider says:

    I have to give props to Katchis of Greeley, the kid played a great game, he took the ball away from Stewart and several other Jay players several times, very impressive. Jay is looking very strong right now, I can’t see them losing next week but it WILL be a battle!

  99. max says:

    how can you say a defensman plays well when they let in 16 goals

  100. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Lynbrook 10, South Side 8

  101. LacrosseInsider says:

    max – trust me, he was the one bright spot for Greeley. One player is obviously not enough….I am a Jay fan and I will tell you he had a few very nice plays.

  102. slacrosse says:


    Congrats on Jays win.

    Not a HG fan and agree with you on Katches. He is a super long pole (as is Litwak). But he cant do it all and all 16 goals of course cant be pinned on him. When HG is getting pounded by Jay or other teams may fall off his assignment occasionally or take risks to try and plug up holes.

  103. LacrosseInsider says:

    slacrosse – congrats to you as well! Good to see Rye back in the final!

  104. Ringer says:

    For every take away check Katches makes he gets beat three to four times. The two best D-men on the field were Stearns and Pickel and it wasn’t even close. JJ defensemen play as a unit and aren’t allowed to throw checks but that is going to win you games in the long run. The Greeley poles are way too agressive and got abused all day by the JJ attack . Meanwhile, not a single goal was scored by a Greeley attackman. Also impressed with Franklin in goal today – very solid.

  105. playing for rings says:

    Cuse, I know its a little before your time but Town honored 84 tonight! Murphs! WOW

  106. lax watch says:

    ringer the box score had Leventhal scoring and he played attack due to an injury

  107. syracuse says:

    playing for rings,

    It is somewhat before my time, but I knew a lot of them as older brothers of friends. I was in the seventh grade I think when they beat Genny at Hofstra for the title. Anyway, yeah, Murph’s and there also going to be a huge house party to follow.

  108. playing for rings says:

    Only playin Cuse, i think there’s another party Sunday!

  109. syracuse says:

    I spoke to one of the guys on the team during the national title game on Monday and I said to him straight out, what was it like after you beat Genny. His answer?

    “Total and utter madness … for about a week straight.”

    And back then “total” and “utter” madness was a lot different than it is today!

  110. playing for rings says:

    A whole different world back then my man 🙂

  111. Re-LAX-N says:

    Joe…Should Yorktowm beat Lakeland on Theursday where will Town Play Sec. 2 champion “Guilderland”? Albany? or Middletown? and at what time?
    Thx….Go Town All your fans are behind you!

  112. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here you go Re-LAX-N:

    State playoffs
    Quarterfinals (Section 1 vs. Section 2/9): June 9 (at University at Albany)
    Class C – 1 p.m., Class A – 3:30 p.m. Class B – 6 p.m.

    Long Island championships (Section 8 vs. Section 11): June 9 (at Stony Brook)
    Class C – 3 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

    Downstate semifinals (Section 1/2/9 vs. Section 8/11): June 11 (at Middletown High School)

    Finals: June 13: (at Paetec Park in Rochester)

  113. Joe Lombardi says:

    FYI, gang. I learned today next year’s state championships will be at Stony Brook University, followed by Colgate University in 2011 and Middletown High School in 2012.

    Also, effective in 2011, the state semis and finals will Wednesday and Saturday, respectively (with quarterfinals the previous week). That will give teams an extra day to prepare for the state finals. They also will not have to play three games championship week.

  114. Terry Fox says:


    The NYSPHAA website shows the Class A quarterfinal game being played on June 9th at 5:30 pm. And, I believe the bracket that NYS is showing reflects that the game will be at the winner of Section 2/9 – which we all believe will be Section 2. If that is the case, then the game will be at SUNY-Albany. If Section 9 should win, the bracket makes you think that the state quarterfinals on the 9th would be at Middletown High School.

    I think the time that you show at post 113 is for the Regional Finals, on June 6th. The Regional Finals have Section 2 vs. Section 9 at SUNY-Albany at 1:00 (Class C), 3:30 (Class A) and 6:00 (Class B).

    If the state quarterfinal schedule has changed for Class A (as you note above), then the Class B and Class C times would also change. I am sure all the Section 1 parents would like to know if the game times have changed.

    Thanks for your clarification.

  115. jlombardi says:

    Hi Terry, and thanks for catching that. This should be correct:

    NYS playoffs


    Section 1 vs. Section 2/9: June 9 (at University at Albany or Middletown)
    Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

    Long Island championships (Section 8 vs. Section 11): June 9 (at Stony Brook)
    Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

    Downstate semifinals

    Section 1/2/9 vs. Section 8/11: June 11 (at Middletown High School) Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.


    June 13: (at Paetec Park in Rochester)
    Class C – 11 a.m., Class A – 1:30 p.m. Class B – 4 p.m.

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