Just received word via e-mail that today’s scheduled FCIAC semfinal doubleheader featuring Ridgefield vs. New Canaan and Wilton vs. Darien has been postponed till tomorrow.

The games, which were scheduled for 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. today Brien McMahon, will now be played tomorrow. The schedule is as follows: Darien vs. Wilton, 3 p.m. and Ridgefield vs. New Canaan at 5:15 p.m.

Check back for any further updates as well as score updates on the other semifinal games being played today throughout the region.

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12 Responses to “FCIAC semis postponed till tomorrow”

  1. syracuse says:

    UPDATE: Ridgefield assistant Don Connolly just told me that the game times have been changed again — 3 p.m. for Wilton-Darien and 5:15 p.m. for Ridgefield-New Canaan — on Saturday.

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just to clear up any confusion, the latest change was necessitated by Wilton’s program.

    So to confirm. The FCIAC semifinals scheduled for today at Brien McMahon will be played Saturday at the following times:

    Darien vs. Wilton, 3 p.m.

    Ridgefield vs. New Canaan, 5:15 p.m.

  3. WarriorNation says:

    Thanks Joe. That works better for me.

  4. franklyscarlett says:

    Apparently Ridgefield’s Sr. prom is tonight and Wilton’s Sr. prom is tomorrow night. That is why Ridgefield was originally scheuled for first game tonight and now Wilton is first game tomorrow. Not optimal from Colsey’s standpoint considering 13 Seniors prom’ing night before semi’s.

  5. franklyscarlett says:


    Everytime you post, you embarass yourself and disrespect your program. If in fact you are from Ridgefield. I’m beginning to think you are a poser from another town.

  6. Old Rugger says:

    Keeler Tav r u related to Purple Reigns?

  7. SirLaxalot says:

    Guys – Keeler Tav is attention starved quite obviously. So ignore him and he will go away. I’m sorry though. I think Purple Reigns is pretty clever and funny — most of the time at least. Keeler Tav is not.

  8. Lax Novice says:

    Unfortunately the likes of Keeler are incapable of being anything other than what they are, a rabblerouser spouting nonsense in some alternative fantasy land. But that’s ok, it doesn’t harm anyone, as long as we remember what Frankly points out, that this isn’t representative of most of the team’s loyal supporters. If I lived closer, I’d consider popping into the famous Ridgefield landmark with the cannonball in the wall and letting the manager know that there’s a nitwit besmirching their good name on at least this web site and you’re boycotting the place for good. Maybe they won’t care, but at least they’ll know.

    By the way, Darien’s prom was two weeks ago today. That’s what a proud traditional power does, pay attention to the small details, lol.

  9. Laxcat says:

    Joe lets hear your FCIAC predictions….

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Here you go, Laxcat.

    Ridgefield 11, New Canaan 4

    Darien 9, Wilton 6

  11. re:lax says:

    Novice and Frankly-

    Living in the real world as opposed to “spouting nonsense in a fantasy land” are we?

    Please guys, it would appear that every other posters’ comments and predictions have had at least as much merit, if not more so, as your own have to date. You just do not want to admit that the locus of talent has changed as much as it has. The field has pretty much dominated as others have said…check the records if you dispute that. That is not “rabblerousing” it is simply the pure fact of the matter as of today, right now, etc.

    Until they lose, they are the best team in the state, if not the region, I think. What have you got to prove otherwise?

    Old school is simply that, OLD school. Things may change going forward, but I think probably not. If they do I will admit that they have changed from what I thought was the dominant team in the region…if not, will you join the “fantasy land” or simply go into continued denial? Just asking…

  12. James says:


    Novice and Frankly were questioning Keeler, who is battling a handful of Mahopac fans for the “board lunatic” label. Not sure why you would dispute their characterization.

    Ridgefield’s VARSITY had enough trouble with New Canaan, a young – and very talented team – on the cusp of a league title in the next few years. I’ve had as much fun as anyone seeing the Tigers turn the corner, but this is a program with, what, one win against NC in program history?

    Confidence is earned. Arrogance is never acceptable. Keeler contributes nothing to discussion, and makes the Ridgefield fan base look bad in the process.

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