santangeloRob Santangelo and Rye are hoping to win
a fifth straight Class C sectional title.

(Photo by Jim Stout/

Much is made of the annual Charlie Murphy Cup between Yorktown and Lakeland/Panas.

But the ‘Huskers also play another Cup game that honors of the program’s other founding father.

Tonight at 7 p.m. at Wilton, Yorktown and the host Warriors meet in the annual Jim Turnbull Cup game.

There are some other big games today in Fairfield.

In another night game, Ridgefield plays at New Canaan, also at 7 p.m.

Though the Nassau regular season has ended, Suffolk has a full slate of games today, highlighted by Sayville’s 6 p.m. game at Mount Sinai and Shoreham-Wading River’s 4:30 p.m. game at Glenn.

In a Putnam vs. Rockland battle, North Rockland, coming off an upset win over Putnam Valley, hosts 2008 Class B sectional finalist Brewster at 4:30 p.m.


Yorktown 11, Wilton 7

Ridgefield 12, New Canaan 5

Sayville 8, Mount Sinai 6

Shoreham-Wading River 10, Glenn 8

Brewster 9, North Rockland 8

Score updates

Yorktown 8, Wilton 6

Ridgefield 8, New Canaan 4

Darien 17, Stamford 0

North Rockland 7, Brewster 3

Huntington 9, Rocky Point 8

Shoreham-Wading River 15, Glenn 3

Sayville 6, Mount Sinai 1

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55 Responses to “Tuesday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. WarriorNation says:

    Don’t laugh but I think Wilton-Town will be a 1-2 goal game either way tonight. Town will be overconfident and Wilton has been playing really really well.

  2. Young Warrior says:

    I hope you are right – couple of thoughts:

    1. Does Wilton box and one KI like John Jay did last week – that seeemed to work okay.
    2. Wilton’s face-off guys have to buckle the chinstraps and man-up vs Ranagan (what a beast). He must have scored 3 goals straight off draws vs JJ.
    3. Sounds obvious, but with as many scorers as ‘Town has, Fuller must come up big in goal.
    4. Wilton’s big losses have shown defensive weaknesses in transition (Ridgefield and St Ant) – they will get blown out if this happens tonight.
    5. Yorktown fans, upset over seating at the JJ game, will be happy to know Wilton has plenty of seating for them on the visitors side tonight 🙂

  3. franklyscarlett says:

    I think NC – RF game will also be close for similar reasons as those mentioned by WarriorNation. Whitten will have his guys fired up for this game. Wish I could make the game.

  4. lax10598 says:

    I don’t expect Town to come in overconfident. If that was the case, they would not have had a 2 hour practice at 7:30 on Sunday morning. The win at JJ was closer than it should have been. Give credit to JJ, they played a great game. But, Town needs to play a solid game, as they prepare for Sectional playoffs next week

  5. syracuse says:

    I fully expect Wilton to lay it all out there today. The Warriors have been one of this season’s better stories. Nobody expected much from them but coach Wiseman has righted the ship somewhat. I don’t think Wilton will beat Ridgefield or Darien in FCIACs but I do believe they will give Yorktown all it can handle today.

    The game is at Wilton, don’t forget, and anybody who has ever played there, especially at night, knows it’s a hostile environment and one of the best lax venues anywhere in our region.

    If Yorktown does not play like its capable, Wilton can win this game.

    But I think Yorktown is starting to peek. I like ‘Town, 10-7.

  6. syracuse says:

    I can see Jim Turnbull now sharpening his ruler … if Town loses there would be a plane ride and sore rear ends in the Town tonight.

  7. TownLax says:

    Since when did Section 1 decide to count on all games in state as part of seeding process? If they did why didn’t they tell the coaches?

  8. Young Warrior says:

    Joe – thoughts on this game tonight?

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a real good game. Wilton won eight games in a row before losing to St. Anthony’s. Yorktown obviously would like a big win before the playoffs. Should be a fun game. I think Yorktown’s offense will be tough much tough in the end and I’m picking an 11-7 Yorktown win.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Darien 17, Stamford 0

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just touched down here in Wilton, gang. We’re about five minutes away from the start of tonight’s Turnbull Cup game vs. Yorktown. Stay tuned for live scoring updates.

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    Tom Casey scores off a Kevin Interlicchio feed 1:12 into the game. Yorktown leads 1-0.

  13. Young Warrior says:

    1-1 end first
    Good wilton D on ranagan thus far

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    Matt Dunn scored off a feed from Michael Serpa with one second left in the first quarter. Wilton goalie James Fuller has made five saves. It’s tied 1-1 after one.

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    Back-to-back goals by Ranagan and Ty Schuldt followed by Dunn’s second goal. Ytown leads 3-2 midway through the second quarter.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Senior middie Kyle Sullivan scores from 15 yards out on a blast on the dead run with 3:44 left in the second quarter. It’s tied at 3-3, gang. Do we have an upset developing? Stay tuned.

  17. Joe Lombardii says:

    Senior attackman Pete McMahon scores off an outlet from goalie Scott Fuller with 30 seconds left in the second quarter. Wilton takes its first lead at 4-3.

  18. town says:

    Hows mikey playin

  19. Joe Lombardii says:

    Junior attackman Joe Reardon scores off a feed from McMahon in the closing seconds. Wilton leads 5-3 at the half.

    This game reminds me of Ridgefield-Darien game last week in which Darien led 4-3 at the half. Wilton has a great game plan under first-year coach John 1iseman and Wilton goalie Scott Fuller has made five saves in each quarter. Yorktown players are visibly frustrated. Should be a real interesting second half.

  20. Joe Lombardii says:

    Ridgefield holds a slim 3-2 lead over New Canaan with two minutes left in the second quarter Stay tuned for further updates.

  21. Joe Lombardii says:

    Ridgefield leads 4-2 at halftime.

  22. Joe Lombardii says:

    Sophomore midfielder Connor Melillo scores midway through the third. Wilton is really taking it to Yorktown and now leads 6-3.

  23. LAX says:

    Is Wilton’s defense really that good?

  24. Joe Lombardii says:

    Goals by Ethan Fox and Ranagan pull Ytown within 6-5 after three quarters.

  25. Joe Lombardii says:

    Yorktown ties it at 6-6 1:37 into the fourth on a blast by Ranagan.

  26. TGF says:

    Let’s go HUSKERS!!!

  27. Joe Lombardii says:

    Ridgefield is pulling away and now leads 6-2 in the second half.

  28. Joe Lombardii says:

    The Bryant-bound McMahon scores with 8:07 left in regulation to give the Warriors a 7-6 lead.

  29. Wave says:

    Wilton’s defense is good, not great. They have a lot of size and that will help them match up with KI and Casey down low. Further than that i’d guess solid gameplanning by Wilton and a strong game in the cage by fuller has allowed them to limit Town’s offense.

  30. Joe Lombardii says:

    Sullivan scores from McMahon. Wilton leads 8-6 with 4:08 to go.

  31. LAX says:

    seems like it’s working on KI

  32. LAX says:

    Ranagan needs to carry Town now if they want to win this one. Faceoffs are vital.

  33. Joe Lombardii says:

    Sticks are flying and Wilton wins 8-6. Almost as soon as the game ended, Warriors coach John Wiseman walked over to tell me he thinks his team belongs in the Top 25. Can’t argue. Wilton goalie James Fuller was just incredible, making 25 saves. Mike Bonitatibus had eight saves for Yorktown.

  34. town says:

    wow…what went wrong

  35. LAX says:

    KI got completely shut down?

  36. syracuse says:

    No more talk of West Islip or Ward Melville please. I repeat: The Guilderland game will be no walk in the park for this Yorktown team.

    Credit Wilton for executing an incredible game plan and to Fuller for being superhuman when his team needed it most.

  37. singo says:

    Where is the crop now??????????? This might drop town our of the national rankings.

  38. Young Warrior says:

    James Fuller was the difference. No fast break for Town. Ranagan was very good…hardly knew KI was there….LaSala for wilton totally shut him down.
    Ranagan won two-thirds of faceoffs but they couldn’t break.

  39. slaxxer says:

    Any ridgefield nc updates?

  40. slaxxer says:

    Thanks. Fciacs going to be very interesting. Anything can happen with wilton getting some confidence.

  41. LacrosseInsider says:

    Wow – somebody give some insight…did Town overlook Wilton? Is Wilton that good?? Congrats to Wilton for beating a very good Yorktown team. Let’s hope Marr and crew get the train rolling for states…I really want to see Town up in Rochester next month!

  42. Tasker says:

    I’m impressed by the younger O’Callahan from Rye…he’s been very impressive of late scoring some game winners and really showing a lot of maturity for a soph…anyone know any more about him?

  43. John FANagan says:

    relax singo, yorktown just didn’t want it… i wasn’t there but thats what it seems like to me… sure we get behind our team and support them from start to finish.. to a point where it seems sometimes arrogant… but i’ll give credit to wilton, they played a hard game out there, and tonight they just wanted it more…

    town is gonna have to turn it around before sectionals.. because i agree with ‘cuse… guilderland will be no walk in the park… neither will lakeland… hopefully this win will be a reality check, because i just wanna party once they win states

  44. THE CROP says:

    wheres the crop now? here…the same place i would have been with the W….dissapointed about the loss, gotta make adjustments before the wilton for a good defensive gameplan and their obviously a very good team….although i’m not too worried about the loss, i think yorktown will play well through the sectionals and gain momentum for the quarters, semis and states… its hard to be a machine the entire year, theres gonna be bumps in the road, you just have to learn from them..

    great year for yorktown, solid record..just 2 close losses, gotta be happy with the season but…

    you can now throw out all the regular season records, everyone has a clean slate, and everything thats on paper means nothing..its playoffs

  45. Sec 1 Lax Fan says:

    Good preview ‘cuse on the closeness of the Town/Wilton game.

    Not a huge surprise as Town O is very ‘top’ heavy with KI and Ranagan having to carry the load. In watching MSG/JJ rewind on Sunday, no other Town player was able to break down their man. Box and one on KI and make Ranagan go Right with a quick slide through the body (easier said) – he did not shoot righty once during the JJ game (not that he needed to). His size and athletic ability still allow him to get great looks going left.

    Be afraid Tusker nation…team should cruise through Sec 1, but the video doesn’t lie…

  46. slacrosse says:


    Yeah Jack O’Callaghan is a 3 sport athlete ( key in football and I think plays basketball as well) and really becoming an integral part of of Rye’s O. Very skillful and aggressive. Jay’s sophs get alot of press but I think he will be one of the very best juniors in Section 1 next season. His brother Patrick, an ESG player and 3 sport athlete will be attending Middlebury and playing both football and lacrosse.

  47. Wave says:

    It seems like Pete McMahon played a very big part in the upset for Wilton on the offensive end. Just curious, was he matched up primarily against Fennesey or Fox? Or had Yorktown done a poor job scouting and covered him with someone else?

  48. THE CROP says:

    i also just saw A-rod go dead center.

    teixeira’s shot was the longest one ive seen in the house the taxpayers built

  49. pacfan says:

    keep underestimating mahopac. right now everyone is 0-0 and the regular season doesnt mean anything because adjustments will be made. Its gonna be a Mahopac-Yorktown final and we’ll see what happens

  50. LAX says:

    I have a hard time imagining pac getting past L/P at this point

  51. LacrosseInsider says:

    pacfan – with all due respect, Town is in another league….

  52. Old Coach says:

    Slacrosse are those Kevin and Meg’s kids?

  53. Doid23 says:

    Wow, didn’t see that coming. This could get interesting, although I still think Town will win the Section and beat Guilderland. Would say that they’ll stop at WI in the semis, but this seems to be a game by game season, so you never know.

    But the good news, the Yankees wake up. How’s everyone like A-Rod now? Tex should be buying him dinner every night. Scored front row seats for the Rangers – Yankees game in town next week, and didn’t cost me $10 grand to get them.

  54. Fan says:

    Fennesey covered McMahon all night and McMahon got the better of him. Bryant is getting an excellent player. KI had double digit shots, many from in tight on feeds from Ranagan but the goalie got into KI’s head and he couldn’t finish. Wilton played Yorktown pretty straight up with the exception of slides to Ranagan and the supporting cast couldn’t do anything. Let’s face it, 25 saves is hard to overcome. Wilton showed poise and made the most of their opportunity. Town just didn’t play with the emotion and tenacity that they had Friday night. Great win for Wilton.

  55. John FANagan says:

    just throwing out a stat…

    the last time town won states, they had 2 losses in the regular season…

    and on top of it all, give all the credit to the coaches that have adapted to the KI JRAN offense… they have it figured out- for now. as genius as they seem now, don’t forget that yorktown has one of the best coaching staffs around, im sure they can make some adaptations.

    but as the playoffs loom, the keys remain to be the following:
    1) who is going to step up for town?.. tcase? remlax? ty schuldt? joey “chachi” porcelli? rothberg? (i know the crop caught that one)
    2) this is where yorktown can prove the saying “offense wins games, defense wins championships.” the highly regarded and praised town defense has its chance to shine, and im sure it will not go into torpor in the limelight. sure, yorktown’s offense is good, but their defense is better… oh yeah, and dont forget about the ytown fastbreak, if they start running, game over.
    3) yorktown has some “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” to take care of… the slogan of their season… the dark feeling of the loss to syosset last year is residing in a dark cloud above the ytown huddle… if the boys don’t realize what is really at stake… and im sure they will, they’re in for some trouble. once town gets to state semis, it’s going to be the ground balls, faceoffs, and defense that are going to be the main benefactors in their run to a state title.

    KI and ranagan will get their points… the boys will come back to earth after a long week of practice… they will without a doubt be lacing up those studs extra tight

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