ohaganMichael O’Hagan is one of five Division I-bound player on Iona Prep.
(Photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com)

It’s Metro tournament semifinal time, gang, as Rye Country Day visits Iona Prep at 4:30 p.m. today.

Iona Prep downed Poly Prep 15-5 in the quarterfinals behind Drexel-bound Nicky Trizano’s five goals and four assists. RCDS beat Hackley 14-9 in its quarterfinal game as J.P. Garry, who is headed for Dartmouth, had five goals and three assists.

All told, there will be seven Division I-bound players involved in today’s game. In addition to Trizano and Garry, there are Iona Prep’s Michael O’Hagan (Marist), Gus Guido (Hartford), Myles Gillespie (Holy Cross) and Pete DeSalvo (Fairfield) and Rye Country Day’s Cody Levine (Dartmouth).

Fieldston and Fordham Prep meet in the other semifinal.

In Section 1, Somers plays Brewster in a rematch of a sectional semifinal game last year won by Brewster.

In Long Island action, West Islip (15-1) plays at Northport (7-8) at 4 p.m., and  Ward Melville (13-3) visits East Islip (11-4) at 4:30 p.m.

In Fairfield, Trinity Catholic plays at New Canaan at 5 p.m.


Iona Prep 11, RCDS 9

Somers 10, Brewster 5

West Islip 13, Northport 4

Ward Melville 8, East Islip 6

New Canaan 6, Trinity Catholic 3

Final scores

Westchester, Section 1 and Long Island scores

Iona Prep 13, Rye Country Day 6

Somers 13, Brewster 7

North Rockland 13, Put Valley 12

Ardsley 11, Hastings 9

Rye 9, Greeley 7

Lakeland/Panas 15, Scarsdale 4

Mamaroneck 16, Haldane 4

North Salem 13, Harrison 7

White Plains 17, Brookfield 8

Ward Melville 10, East Islip 5

West Islip 12, Northport 3

West Babylon 10, Floyd 9

Fairfield scores

Barlow 9, Weston 7

New Canaan 14, Trinity Catholic 0

Newtown 16, Immaculate Danbury 4

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30 Responses to “Monday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. Rock County says:

    North Rockland over PV?
    your thoughts

  2. john says:

    Both teams seems to be struggling lately so I would consider it a toss up game.

  3. dee-up says:

    Rock , your best bet is strike while these guys are down( 3 L’s). If you let them score first or they put up a few you may be in some trouble. Hate to say it but my feeling is PV.

  4. PrivateLaxer says:

    Any insights on the other side of the Metro bracket? The Fieldston/Fordham Prep semifinal should be interesting as well. Prep has played Iona tougher every time they have met, and could make things more interesting than one would assume if they played in the final.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    PrivateLaxer –

    I think Fordham Prep should take it. Fieldston is a good team though. It lost a close one to RCDS and split with Hackley.

    I just think with goaltender Chris Moffa and Colgate-bound midfielder Connor Brown, Fordham has two of the top players at their positions in the region.

  6. Lax 4 says:

    Any opinions on Class A seedings?

  7. Observer says:

    Class A: Yorktown vs. LP was close somewhat in Murphy Cup. Rematch in final won’t be just like last year. Yorktown wins 13-6.

    In Suffolk, same thing. West Islip lost to Ward Melville in regular season. In rematch they win 11-5.

    Nassau – Farmingdale wins.

  8. Lax 4 says:

    Seedings 1,2,3,4 ?

  9. casual observer says:

    which game you heading to today? i hear your “replacement” from lax to the max will be at prep/RCDS. any chance of some heated action on the sideline from you two? maybe we could set up a boxing ring on the hill and you two could go at it. a great game followed by a great fight. I got my money on J-lo beating MD in a no contest . hahah but seriously what are your plans for today?

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    I will be at Iona, CO. Should be quite a media event. Jim Stout, Eastern U.S. media manager for CBS MaxPreps.com, will be there as well. Maybe even News12 or MSG — It was good seeing them at both Ridgefield-Darien and JJ-Yorktown last week.

    Boxing ring? Haha. Hopefully Mike will see this comment as well so we can get a chuckle out of it later – and be sure to come over and say hi.

  11. SirLaxalot says:

    Class A seeds in Section 1:

    1 – Town
    2 – LP
    3 – Pac
    4 – WP

  12. Panther Pride says:

    RCD has kept getting better each week. Mark it down. We will beat IP today.

  13. BrewCrew says:

    Somers speed will be neutralized today. It helps the grass hasn’t been cut on the field for 3 weeks in preparation for this game … Lol.
    Upset of the season …
    Brewster 8, Somers 7 in OT

  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    Iona Prep leads RCDS 3-2 after one quarter. Myles Gillespie scored from Michael O’Hagan for Iona Prep to snap a 2-2 tie with 1:45 left in the period. RCDS tied it at 2-2 on an unassisted goal by J.P. Garry with 4:22 left. Nick Trizano has the other two IP goals.

  15. Joe Lombardi says:

    Haven’t heard anything updates yet RockLax, but I do.think Put Valley will win by say 4-5 goals.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Iona Prep has pulled away to take a 6-2 lead at the half. Nick Trizano has three goals. Myles Gillespie has two goals.

  17. Joe Lombardi says:

    How about this, gang? We just had the ultimate rarity in lax. First time I’ve seen it in a HS game in six years.

    RCDS junior goalie Chandler Grinnel had a nice one on one opportunity vs. IP counterpart Kevin Kaiser and cashed in with a goal off a clear. It came with 2:54 left in the third. IP now leads 9-4 after three.

  18. Joe Lombardi says:

    Nick.Trizano finished with eight goals and Iona Prep won 13-6 over RCDS.

    IP will play Fordham Prep/Fieldston winner on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at either Gaelic Park at Manhattan College or Poly Prep in the Metro final.

  19. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers’ JoJo Marasco scored his 200th career goal today as Somers beat Brewster 13-7. Marasco, who had four goals and four assists, now has 202 goals for his career.

  20. prepfan says:

    nice job by prep. but one correction, kevin kaiser, the IP goalie, scored on the msg game of the week vs don bosco earlier this year which is sort of ironic.

  21. Joe Lombardi says:

    Prepfan –

    Yes he did. It was the first goal of the game too. I talked to both Kevin and Chandler after the game and will have more later on.

    FYI – I didn’t mean to say it was the first time a goalie scored in HS in six years. I said it was the first time I personally saw a goalie score in six years. Big difference. So no correction necessary.

    BTW – the last goalie I saw do it was Ethan Vedder for Yorktown vs. Somers in 2003.

  22. singo says:

    Somers will roll over anyone in class B John Jay or Greeley have no shot at all. Somers is to athletic and fast. Cake walk to see Nisky who might give us some trouble.

  23. singo says:

    class B Seeding predictions
    1 somers
    2 JJ
    3 greeley
    4 brewster
    5 hen hud
    6 fox lane
    7 clarkstown south
    8 scarsdale

  24. PurpleReigns says:

    Singo – LOL. You’re a clown. Ask any coach and they will tell you John Jay is 4-5 goals better than Somers right now. You can’t be serious. JJ is gonna rock their world and everyone knows it. I’m thinking like 12-5. It’s gonna be that bad.

  25. Joe Lombardi says:

    Fieldston edged Fordham Prep 13-12. So Fordham Prep and Iona Prep will not meet for the fourth time for a season straight year.

    Fieldston and Iona Prep will play Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Metro championship game at either Gaelic Park at Manhattan College or Poly Prep in Brooklyn.

    Check the main body of this post for more score updates from today.

  26. slacrosse says:

    NR beat PV in OT–dont know score.

  27. Somers says:

    JJ beat south 12-3…you really think somers is only 2 goals better than south..cmon now.

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  29. The Chief of the Tribe says:

    John Jay has gotten much better since the last Somers game. Looks like Somers has dropped off. I think John Jay wins the Championship in easy fashion 13-8. Somers Coaches are not preparing there team for the stretch run like they should be. Purple Indians and the Savs turn it up!!! The Chief has Spoken!!

  30. Lax Novice says:

    How, Chief?

    (was dying to say that….)

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