Ridgefield 7, Darien 6 (OT)



Fairfield Prep 10, Cheshire 6



Newtown 9, New Fairfield 8

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79 Responses to “FCIAC, SCC, SWC playoff schedules”

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  6. Admiral says:


    6-ST JOES

    QUARTERS- 1 V 8, 2 V 7, 3 V 6, 4 V 5




  7. CT Laxnut says:

    If Wilton hadn’t lost to McMahon I think alot of people would pick them over Darien in the semis. I look at it differently. I think the McMahon loss will be good for Wilton and help them get fired up for the playoffs. The Yorktown win gives the confidence to win a game like that.

  8. Keeler Tav says:

    Yo Darien better not punk out and loose to Wilton. Ridgefield wants Darien to prove that the fact it was a 1 goal game last time was such a fluke. We will beat em like we should have last time … RIDGEFIELD 13, DARIEN 6

  9. Ram Tough says:

    New Canaan didn’t want to show their hand vs. Ridgefield but still played them tough. They will be unveiling some things Colsey and Co. will have no answers for so we could be looking at a Wilton vs. New Canaan final or Darien vs. New Canaan.

  10. UncleLax says:

    New Canaan should probably worry about Greenwich first…then they can worry about Ridgefield…whatever they are unveiling, I sure hope it includes scoring more goals…scoring 4 simply won’t get it done…

  11. Rams Lax says:

    Joe…. You’re a lifesaver. I couldn’t find the SCC bracket anywhere. I know you have seen our Cheshire team a few times this season. What do you think our playoff chances are? Thanks and keep up the fine work.

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    Rams Lax –

    Glad to help out with the SCC brackets.

    Fairfield Prep, though the favorite, is beatable, as evidenced by an 11-9 loss last week to Simsbury.

    Cheshire does have a good amount of talent, led by attackman Todd Heritage. He’s actually one of 19 juniors on the team.

    I project Cheshire will face Amity in the semis. Having seen both squads, I give Amity a slight edge.

  13. max says:

    This is Greeley’s home and away record. they are not that good at home. They are a fast team and do better on turf. the seed could actually hurt them.

    Home Record: 3 – 4
    Away Record: 6 – 3

  14. Quaker Nation says:

    Very interesting info. Makes sense. Greeley was blown out by Somers and JJ at home but nearly upset Yorktown on the Town turf. Our D plays better on turf also. I still think our new schemes will totally baffle JJ.

  15. max says:

    first get by fox lanes new scheme.

  16. Quaker Nation says:

    Fox Lane new scheme – Lol. Yeh I’m real worried there brah.

  17. max says:

    coach vasano has a new backer zone that he is running and with goalie we have will shut them down. Greeley 5 fox lane 7

  18. NyGuy says:

    Cool. It will be good to see another upset besides Nyack beating Somers. Considering how Nyack owns Somers from football, not sure how big an upset that is but Somers is still a 1 seed, so …

  19. Admiral says:

    So, Back to CT…..let’s try to focus on the FCIAC and SCC here. FCIAC will be very interesting this year. Anyone’s to win or lose. Wilton, got bit by McMahon and Darien will meet them out of the gate, can they take the Blue Wave as well? Greenwich and NC will be a dog fight. I give NC a slight edge, they do need to find some offense, but they have a good defense led by Campbell. In the SCC, I think that Amity, Cheshire and Guilford have a good chance of taking it from Prep. Prep is really having some trouble finding any kind of consistency.

  20. County Line says:

    Prep was playing very well before the loss Joe alluded to – Simsbury. I think that will help them refocus. They will win the SCC with ease.

    McMahon snuck up on A Wilton team overconfident after beating Yorktown. No way they beat Darien. Darien will beat Ridgefield by 2-3 goals in the final.

    There’s a reason Prep and Darien are who they are. They get it done in the postseason Even in so-called “down” years.

  21. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just updated the main body of this post with Wednesday’s FCIAC quarterfinal starting times — hot off the presses:

    No. 7 McMahon at No. 2 Darien, 4 p.m.

    No. 6 St. Joseph at No. 3 Wilton, 4 p.m.

    No. 8 Westhill at No. 1 Ridgefield, 6 p.m.

    No. 5 Greenwich at No. 4 New Canaan, 7 p.m.

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  23. Cards Lax says:

    Any upsets in these games coming up Joe?

  24. Cards Lax says:

    Any upsets on Wednesday Joe?

  25. Joe Lombardi says:

    Cards Lax –

    I have a strong feeling there will be a big upset in the FCIAC. Not sure right now if it will be the semis or finals. I don’t see any Wednesday though.

    Best game Wednesday is definitely Greenwich at New Canaan. I’m surprised everyone is writing Greenwich off. I rate this game as a toss-up and would even give the Cardinals a slight edge. I’ll say 7-5 Greenwich.

  26. Cards Lax says:

    Thanks Joe,
    Why isn’t the FCIAC all of Fairfield county? Wouldn’t this tournament be even more interesting with teams like New Fairfield and Newtown?

    Sorry for the double post before.

  27. Syracuse says:

    I think the FCIAC would be just awesome as a super conference that takes into consideration all the teams actually in Fairfield, but as of right now there are actually too many teams for every game to count in the conference standings. For example, Ridgefield had to add Wilton as one of their four non-league games, which took away from Colsey being able to secure an out-of-state game vs whomever.

    The math doesn’t work right now, but it would be great if FCIAC teams could play everyone actually in the county and then have several other non-league games. Right now there’s just so many games and far too many potential opponents. Hopefully they’ll find a way to make the FCIAC a true county conference instead of a regionalized one.

  28. laxconn says:

    What might be interesting for Fairfield County to try is put all the teams in 2 Divisions based on their final power ratings, A being the strongest 10 or 12 teams(half of however many there are) and B being the weaker division and have it play out like the English Premiership…bottom 3 or 4 of A drops down the next year and the top 3 or 4 of B moves up. It would make every game a little more interesting toward the end of the season. And teams could presumably schedule more non-league games if they wanted top

  29. Lax Novice says:

    I think there isn’t one obvious solution to the issue of too many regular season non-competetive games, not as long as schools long considered “B” schools make inroads and become “good” teams, a concept that can be defined many different ways. Obviously having teams play the same schedule in order to seed for the post-season makes more sense than what goes on today. You’d have to say that at a record of 12-4 Westhill is a good team, even though they’re likely to get thumped tomorrow evening. But that happens in every sport no matter how the schools try to organize themselves. The notion of “regulation” as in the English Premiership is intriguing, but impractical, if for no other reason than it takes the power from administrators and AD’s. It also opens up a potential for deliberate losses by misguided coaches who don’t want to move up in class, for whatever reason. Hopefully if New Fairfield can continue its success of recent years they and other schools can find a way to compete with the best.

    Speaking of which, Syracuse, your comment about Ridgefield where under the current setup they “had to add Wilton as one of their four non-league games” might not have been the best example, even though we all realize you were simply illustrating the point about the FCIAC. I’m sure Wilton had for many years opportunities to play top teams in Westchester and Long Island and elsewhere which passed because they too were having to play lackluster league and/or non-league games against Ridgefield and others. So if/when RHS becomes a year-in, year-out top flight program under the same coaches in the manner of Whitten, Benedict and Braimeier that we’ll feel more sympathy for Coach Colsey.

  30. Joe Lombardi says:

    Hey gang –

    Just got word today about a brand new camp debuting this summer in Connecticut, with sessions in East Lyme and Middlebury.

    You can find out more here:


  31. Syracuse says:

    Lax Novice,

    “Had to schedule Wilton” is not a slight against Wilton. It’s just a fact that Colsey told me had to happen.

  32. Laxcat says:


    I see NC over Greenwich 8-5 in the best game of the day. Greenwich slumped down the stretch, going 3-4 to end the season, NC plays solid D and their O is very close to getting out of the 6 -7 goal range, a young team getting better….

    I also see McMahon giving Darien a game, not winning but keeping it close before Darien pulls away in the 4th, they have a lot of confidence after the Wilton win…


  33. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxcat –

    I don’t mean to be a contrarian, but …

    New Canaan is the trendy pick for sure. I know Greenwich has been injury plagued down the stretch and is playing on the road. Plus, the Rams have flat out been playing better overall than Greenwich. Still, I’m going with Greenwich 7-5. Call it the presence of Sweeney in goal. Call it a hunch. We’ll see.

    As for Darien-McMahon, I think the upset over Wilton has served notice to the Blue Wave to come out and play hard from the start. Jeff Brameier’s teams are also prepared come playoff time to begin with. This year, for a variety of reasons, I think they will be especially so. Darien 12, McMahon 6. I would say it will be a game in which Darien leads 4-1 or so after the first quarter and something like 7-3 at the half.

  34. Admiral says:

    Greenwich over NC in a goalie battle. The edge goes to Feeney, tried and proven as one of the best around. Defense goes to NC and midfield and attack to Greenwich. NC has no one to match up with Dunster and NC’s attack is not up to the task.
    Darien over McMahon 15-2…all depends when Brameier calls off the hounds and rests them.
    Wilton over St Joes 12-5…Wilton is for real
    R’field over Westhill 17-2…..same story as Darien.
    Congratulations to the Westhill program, be proud of this season and making the FCIACS!!! WELL DONE!! Good luck in the States.

  35. re:lax says:

    Think that you are right on with those Admiral. Best one will definitely be NC-Greenwich. Definitelty congrats to Westhill…program has come a long way in a very short period of time. Anyone know exactly how many years? I’m thinking it’s something like 3-4.

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  37. Laxcat says:

    NC 6 Greenwich 5

  38. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxcat –

    Yes indeed. We provided live scoring updates on the game on our quarterfinal thread.

    You can get all of today’s FCIAC finals at this link:


  39. Laxcat says:

    Now that the FCIAC Final 4 are set, Ridgefield & Darien are the favorites to advance, does anyone see an upset?



    Friday, May 29

    at Brien McMahon, 4 and 6:30 p.m.

    No. 4 New Canaan vs. No. 1 Ridgefield

    No. 3 Wilton vs. No. 2 Darien

  40. James says:

    Ridgefield-NC will be close. Watching NC for the first time yesterday, it’s apparent that they have the disciplined defense, pure athletes and consistent goalie play to be a great team. The Rams are very, very young, though, and I don’t think that they are capable of putting together a complete game against the Tigers. I’ll go with Ridgefield, 8-5.

    The other game could go either way. Darien has something like 20 consecutive wins against Wilton (a big deal, if you know the series history), and they seem to be peaking right now – but the Warriors have the talent to make this close. I’ll give the Blue Wave a 10-7 edge, but a vintage Fuller performance will turn this thing into a barnburner. Dysenchuk’s ability to contribute could be a major factor – the Warriors have one lockdown pole, and the Blue Wave have only one legitimate threat at attack. That changes if Dysenchuk returns to form.

  41. re:lax says:

    THE Field 10 (at least) , NC 5 (at best I think) maybe not so close as NC doesn’t have the O to stay with em.

    Darien 8 Wilton 6…this one could get interesting

  42. BlueWhite says:

    THE Field = THE U, is Michael Irvin posting on here?

  43. WarriorNation says:

    Wilton knows there are doubters who think Yorktown win was a fluke because of the McMahon loss. Then Darien goes out and crushes McMahon. So Darien is a huge favorite. I can almost guarantee this one will go down to the wire. It should be a classic.

  44. SirLaxalot says:

    Can anyone shed light on this? Why don’t Greenwich and Rye play every year? It would be a natural.

  45. PV Lax says:

    Because the Dooley’s are afraid to play good teams outside the section. Never have never will. That’s why they get killed in the state semis every year and will never make a state final in our lifetime

  46. Laxtime says:

    If who doesn’t get 10 penalties? Greeley. I’ve seen them play and they’re very unaggressive except Kachis (sp).

  47. James says:

    Greenwich and Rye have both demonstrated an aversion to strong nonconference competition. I agree that it would be a natural rivalry game, a la Ridgefield-Jay. Perhaps NF-Brewster or NF-Pac, too. The rise of the non-Yorktown Section 1 powers in recent years have opened up a host of potential Section 1-FCIAC games beyond the traditional Wilton-Yorktown or Darien-Yorktown encounters.

  48. slacrosse says:

    PV Lax,

    Pretty extreme negative statement. This season Rye had 2 pre-season matches against Westminster of the strong New England Prep League and Greenwich HS and then New Fairfield. Also played North Shore from LI (not too strong this yr).

  49. Observer says:

    No offense slacrosse but you (unintentionally) illustrated PV Lax’s point.

  50. laxdaddy says:

    PV lax does not represent putnam valley lacrosse. Fans, parents players or coaches.

  51. laxdaddy says:

    I have had the pleasure of meeting the dooleys and watching them coach for the past several years. They are a class act.

  52. slacrosse says:


    No offense and acknowledge that regular season games are the point. But Dooleys “afraid”, “never will” is way off.

  53. Lax Novice says:

    If they are able to play through the weather tomorrow, let’s go with Ridgefield 11, NC 4. Look for Matt White to reprise his faceoff and other midfield duties as he did in winning the Darien game almost by himself, at least part-time. There’s no holding back now.

    In game #2, Wilton has a fighting chance, but I think they need to have a quick start and grab a lead early to make Darien worry. It says here that likely won’t happen. Darien 8, Wilton 5.

    Pray for clear skies.

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  55. re:lax says:

    Rumor has it that in addition to facing off, White will be starting at goalie. If so he will toss a shutout at NC while scoring 4 and assisting on 5 in transition from the cage after making saves. He also wins 16 of 17 fos and amazingly backs up four of his own shots. All kidding aside do not think that this will be a close one. Darien-Wilton, maybe more so. Of course the weather could be a factor here, but let’s hope not.

  56. Paper Tigers says:

    I’m not sure why the Tigers even bother bringing any of their other players, including their other D1 studs, to their games when it’s clear that White alone can do everything. They could probably even save some money by not renting a bus. But, then again doesn’t White also drive the bus?

    Do they really even need the Coaches when you think about it?

  57. Lax Novice says:

    In order for NC to have any chance they’ll have to play just as hard as they did in the regular season game and somehow be more productive offensively, I really can’t see them defending any better than they did before, they did really well against a very tough group in Ridgefield, who I think will make some adjustments, such as White creating more on isolations at the top of the box. That’s primarily why I don’t think the score will be as close as last time.

    If the FCIAC poobahs had any common sense, they’d reschedule to tomorrow and let the storms pass.

  58. UncleLax says:

    Last time Ridgefield played New Canaan, Mr. White had double doughnuts…let’s not get too crazy here…

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  62. CafeLax says:

    Any injury updates for the FCIAC finals? Saw Caputo pull up with what looked like a re-aggravation of the hamstring injury and Scott came up limping from a ground ball mele late in the fourth quarter, he tried to stay in the game, but left the field a short time later. Will these two be able to play? This is one game there should be no excuses with the outcome.
    Anxious to here more coverage of the FCIACs….

  63. Laxcat says:

    I think Darien beats Ridgefield….Joe any thoughts?

  64. UncleLax says:

    Ridgefield could be down Mirra (close defense), Scott (Attack), Morrissey (F/O man) and Mueller (Starting mid and man up player) on Tuesday night…that’s quite a disadvantage for the TIgers.

  65. Joe Lombardi says:

    Laxcat – The pendulum has certainly swung in Darien’s favor, but I’m holding off on a pick till I get more info on the injury situation for both teams.

    Don’t forget to check out our special thread inviting predictions on the FCIAC, SCC and SWC finals:


  66. UncleLax says:

    Please keep us posted with the Darien injuries Joe…I posted the current status of the Ridgefield walking wounded…

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