longoSomers junior goaltender Chris Longo.
(Photo by Jim Stout/MaxPreps.com)

This is Lew Janavey’s first go-round as a head varsity coach.

But prior to his arrival at Somers this season, he made a name for his self after serving for years as an assistant coach for Lakeland and then Lakeland/Panas under Frank Vitolo and Tim Weir.

Tonight, Janavey takes his Somers team to Panas where it will face Lakeland/Panas in a 7 p..m. game. (Note: It had originally been scheduled for 7:30 p.m.)

Also under the lights, John Jay and Mahopac will meet at 7 p.m. in Cross River in another key clash of sectional title contenders.

There are some big ones on Long Island, too.

Ward Melville, coming off a huge upset of previously unbeaten West Islip, faces Sachem North (9-3) at 4:30 p.m. at Ward Melville.

Oceanside, which is off to an 8-4 start, visits 2008 Class A state finalist Syosset at 4:30 p.m.

In Fairfield, Darien visits New Canaan in a 4 p.m. contest at Dunning Stadium in New Canaan.


Lakeland/Panas 11, Somers 10

John Jay 9, Mahopac 7

Ward Melville 8, Sachem North 4

Syosett 9, Oceanside 5

Darien 12, New Canaan 4

Score updates

Darien vs New Canaan

Darien leads New Canaan 7-1 at halftime.

Darien beats New Canaan 12-3

Somers vs. Lakeland/Panas

UPDATE 1: It’s 3-3 after one. Somers jumped out to a 2-0 lead on goals by Dylan Haas and Rob Lombardi.  Will Fallo has two goals for L/P. John Hittman has won five of seven faceoffs. Andy O’Mara is on JoJo Marasco.

UPDATE 2: It’s 5-5 at halftime. Cole Partenza gave Somers a 5-4 lead with 6:57 left in second, but L/P’s Chris Monteferrante tied things up with 1:33 left.

Of note: O’Mara, the same guy who put the clamps on Iona Prep’s Trizano, has held Marasco to zero points. Eddie Schurr has limited Jack Doherty to 1 goal. Hittman has a slight edge over Pfiffner on faceoffs.

UPDATE 3: Somers leads 7-6 after three. Marasco snapped a 5-5 tie early in the quarter. Greg Petre then made it 7-5. Shawn Honovich scored for LP just before the quarter ended

Somers is minus Matt Deiana, who is out with a foot injury.

UPDATE 4: Rob Caffery and John Fitzpatrick score back to back for L/P. The Rebels now lead 9-7 with six minutes to go.

UPDATE 5: Get your popcorn ready! Haas and Marasco score back to back. Its tied at 9 with two minutes to go.

UPDATE 6: We are heading to OT tied at 9.

UPDATE 7: Jo-Jo wins it for Somers 40 seconds into OT.

FINAL: Somers 10, L/P 9

Be sure to check back for score updates and post info on any games you attend.

Section 1, Long Island, NYC & Connecticut scores:

Bay Shore 13, East Islip 10
Bronxville 10, Hendrick Hudson 6
Haldane 14, North Salem 11
Irvington 6, Tappan Zee 5 (2 OT)
John Jay-Cross River 14, Mahopac 4
Lindenhurst 15, Copiague 7
Long Beach 11, Division-Levittown 10
Middle Country 7, Half Hollow Hills East 6 (3 OT)
Monsignor Farrell 15, Xaverian 5
Nanuet 13, Wappingers Falls CSD 10
Patchogue-Medford 11, North Babylon 8
Pleasantville 15, Ossining 3
Riverhead 14, Brentwood 5
Roslyn 13, Wheatley 7
Smithtown East 10, Northport 5
Somers 10, Lakeland/Panas 9 (OT)
St Anthony’s 17, Kellenberg 7
Walt Whitman 12, Sachem East 8
Ward Melville 6, Sachem North 5
William Floyd 11, Longwood 2
Yorktown 15, Fox Lane 4

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84 Responses to “Thursday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. James says:

    Somers 11, Lakeland/Panas 9
    John Jay 12, Mahopac 6
    Ward Melville 11, Sachem North 3
    Syosset 10, Oceanside 8
    New Canaan 7, Darien 6 (upset special)

  2. Family Matters says:

    Coach Lou’s son Lil Jo-Jo is on the junior Rebels squad. How did that go at the dinner table last night. Reminds me of the old days with Merrill Turnbull playing MSA,and Mahopac HS vs the Dean Jimmy T’s Cornhuskers.
    Coach Lou and the Tuskers will not be able to handle the Rebel Offense in the Panther Den at Panas.
    Turn and Rake all night for Chris LOngo!!

    Somers – 8

  3. Iceman says:

    I agree with Family Matters. The rebels will take this one by two goals, 11 – 9 Rebels.

    I also think that Mahopac will be able to lock down the JJ offense. Pac 9 – JJ 7

  4. Lax Novice says:

    Just went to the dartboard to prognosticate the following –

    Darien 12 – New Canaan 8; can’t discount the rivalry that makes this game relatively close, not to mention the wet weather.

    Somers 10 – L/P; a toss-up for me, I’ll go with Joe Marasco in a close finish.

    Ma-HO-pac 8, John Jay 6; my wife is from Mahopac.

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just got word Saturday’s Yorktown-Chaminade game has been moved to 2 p.m. start— from 1 p.m.

    Taz – Thanks for the link. I actually got the info a few moments ago as well and will post it.

  6. LoveTownLax says:

    Joe – I was right! I think you owe me a cup ‘a joe, now!!… jk, LTL would never welsh on a bet! see you Saturday.

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    LTL – You most certainly were. Thanks for the initial head’s up.

    So Joe still gets his cup a joe? Thank you!

  8. NotJoeLombardi says:

    Think the Rebels take the Coach Lou Cup
    Big Jo-Jo not happy. Lil Jo-Jo Janavey Smiling!

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just got word the Somers at Lakeland/Panas game will be a 7 p.m. start tonight — not 7:30.

    You may be NotJL, but your pick is very similar to mine. I went with 11-10 Rebels.

  10. chill says:

    Somers 10 Lakeland 6 somers has to much talent for the lakeland d to handle

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    The latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse national power rankings have just been released, gang.

    With all the upsets, there was some movement.

    Of note, West Islip fell from No. 1 to No. 6 after losing to Ward Melville. Yorktown moved up to No. 9 from No. 12.

    Here’s the link:


  12. Tyluv says:

    Pac 10 JJ 8

  13. Goldberg says:

    Somers Defense is Struggling. Gonna be a early exit for the Tuskers.


  14. Ride the Wave says:

    Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye Ridgefield – LOL!

  15. IslandLaxpert says:

    Wow SWR really nosedived out of the rankings even more than Ridgefield.

  16. syracuse says:

    I, too, like Somers tonight and John Jay.

    Somers 13, L/P 11
    John Jay 9, Mahopac 6
    Ward Melville 9, Sachem North 7
    Syosset 11, Oceanside 7
    Darien 8, New Canaan 5

  17. All the Right Moves says:

    JoeL, why do you always pick against the Tuskers. Coach Lew and the Boys ride back into Dodge for the homecoming and take care of business.

    Somers 12
    L/P 9

  18. Joe Lombardi says:

    Now hold on. Check last Thursday’s “Top 5/Predictions/Score updates” thread. I picked Somers to beat Rye 10-7.

    I don’t think you can fault me for picking the Tuskers to lose to Ridgefield and Yorktown can you?

    Anyway, tonight’s game is pretty much a tossup. I have seen both teams multiple times and it really is tough to call.

  19. IndianChief45 says:

    Dear Joe,
    Before I go any further I want to say I truly respect all that you do and your wonderful coverage. But I must say you truly dropped the ball by not picking Mahopac tonight vs. John Jay. You will see Joe … it will be men vs. boys!

  20. Uh oh IndianChief45 calling out the all mighty Joe Lombardi… You two should make it a little more interesting and put a steak dinner on the line!

  21. Joe Lombardi says:

    My goodness. The Somers and Mahopac fans have been riding me unrelentlessly today.

  22. re:lax says:

    I like the Pac by 2-3. Call it 9-6

  23. LAX says:

    Who cares about predictions I’m excited for the actual games.

    But I must admit it is slightly amusing seeing fans argue, just adds to the hype. Two excellent matchups tonight.

  24. Are you sure says:


    Somers game at Lakeland or Panas? Paper says Lakeland, you say at Panas

  25. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just a reminder, folks, to check back here for score updates and be sure to post any info of your own.

  26. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers plays Lakeland/Panas at 7 p.m.at Panas High School as it says in the first paragraph of this post. Hope that clears up any confusion.

  27. Joe Lombardi says:

    Score update: Darien leads New Canaan 7-1 at halftime.

  28. Joe Lombardi says:

    Darien leads NC 10-1 after three quarters.

  29. Joe Lombardi says:

    Final: Darien 12, New Canaan 3

  30. de says:

    Any score on the greely game?

  31. Syracuse says:


    I will be putting Somers-L/P updates in body opy of this post. So please check back. Game set to start any minute. Joe is at the game.

  32. SWLAX says:

    Bronxville 10, Hen Hud 6, final

  33. Billy says:

    Darien is back!!!! Romped New Canaan. NC got nothing going. Darien D all over the ball and pushing out. NC has great speed, but never got to use it. Foley shadowed by Campbell (very nice pole) and Darien had at least 7 or 8 players score.

  34. G says:

    My prediction for Greeley (although im sure the game is over by now)

    Greeley – 11
    CTS – 2

  35. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 8 to 3 3rd just started

  36. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 10 to 3, 7 mins left in 3rd. Walter is dominating FOs for Jay

  37. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 11 to 3, 5 mins left in 3rd. Walter is dominating FOs for Jay

  38. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 12 to 3, 3 mins left in 3rd. Walter is dominating FOs for Jay

  39. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers and LP are tied 5-5 late in the second quarter. We’ll have an update in the main body of the post at the half.

  40. lacrosse says:

    goals for Jay?

  41. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 14 to 3 Stewart has a bunch 6 min left

  42. Syracuse says:

    If this doesn’t humble the Mahopac faithful, nothing ever will.

  43. Greely says:

    Not the best game for the quakers today. Played south today. getting too many penaltys and making the goalie look good. Had trouble in the ground game as well. Only up by 1 going into the 4th. Then we played like i know we can puting in 4 and makeing the score 10-6.

  44. Syracuse says:

    Somers up 7-6 after 3. Details in body copy of this post … Anyone got a Yorktown score?

  45. Town says:

    Was told it was 15-4

  46. Indian J says:

    Did we really put that kind of punishment on? Did I wake up in 07? Somebody give me the final.

  47. Town says:

    greely should deff be beating a team like south more than 10-6 is they want to be taken seriosly in the section.

  48. LAX says:

    Seems like JJ needed to get their frustration out, great game.

    Just please Mahopac fans, Pacman I believe it was you who said JJ was “a joke.” Just don’t say those things, especially about JJ, as it seems that White Plains, a team you were laughing at, put up a better effort than Mahopac.

    Who does Pac have? They’re a great team but most of their offense comes from Perelle and Yorktown-native Brandofino. JJ goals are very well-balanced, maybe that’s why Mahopac is having trouble stopping them? In the preseason I thought Pac had the best attack in the section, maybe they were overhyped while JJ was only said to be having a rebuilding year.

    Heard Suffern beat Rye by a goal, again Rye with the inconsistency? I think both Rye and JJ have been inconsistent this year, but we all know they’re 2 of the best in the section and have great potential.

  49. lacrosse says:

    anyone know who scored for jay

  50. Final Score? says:

    And the final score, thanks for the updates LI

  51. LacrosseInsider says:

    Final Jay 14 Pac 4, jay is peaking at the right time. Where is Pacman??!

  52. Syracuse says:

    L/P-Somers tied at 9 heading into OT

  53. lax says:

    …and Jojo scores

  54. Syracuse says:

    Marasco wins it for Somers 40 seconds into OT. Final: Somers 10, L/P 9 … Joe will be back later with a recap.

  55. alloutlax says:

    JJ- 14

    7-3 1st half
    7-1 2nd half

    Pac fan and Indianchief45 come out come out where ever you are.

  56. top corner says:


    Surprised by the lop sided score in Jay vs Pac. Doesnt surprise me to see Jay win though, i must admit the inconsistencies as you said before are all over the section. Its nice to see. Playoffs are going to be a real treat i really think Class B is up for grabs. Pac will put up a fight to get into the title game up in A.

  57. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay cleared the bench late in the third. There was a lot pf players scoring for Jay – Stewart, Daniello, Walter, Masterson and others. D played very, very well tonight, Saturday night home against Syosset should be interesting. These kids seem to really be coming together as a team. As I stated earlier (sorry about the multiple posts, cell service is rough at JJ) Walter dominated faceoff’s, ecpecially in the 3rd when Jay scored 5 straight goals to go up 13 – 3. Jay’s tough schedule is paying dividends now….Syracuse – does Jay have a shot on Saturday??

  58. Syracuse says:

    Here’s a surprise: Suffern beats Rye. I don’t have a score but am working on it. If you know what went down, let us know!

  59. LAX says:

    JJ outscoring Pac 6-0 in the 3rd quarter? Also 4-1 in the first and 3-2 in the second? Finally a game in which JJ dominates start to finish, except in the 4th quarter with subs.

    I think Sav should be happy with his team for “playing the whole game.”

  60. LacrosseInsider says:

    I meant to say that they cleared the bench late in the 4th…time to go to bed!

  61. LAX says:

    Apparently Suffern won 9-8. Santangelo tied it with 33 seconds left on a “crazy goal” and Suffern took the lead with 21 seconds to go. Rye only 2 goals in the second half. From the other blog.

  62. LacrosseInsider says:

    I meant to say that Jay cleared the bench late in the 4th, time to go to bed!

  63. lax says:

    south vs greeley was a one goal game going into the 4th but south did not play well in the start of the 4th that is when greeley pulled away, overall south looked good today looks like they picked their game up

  64. john says:

    Suffern /Rye great game 9-8 final Rye`s Rob Santangelo scored with 32 seconds left from his knees to tie game but Suffern got ensuing faceoff and called time out set up play and they scored with 21 seconds left. Rye won faceoff but called for warding off and turned ball over Suffern ran out the clock. Second half Suffern D was unreal they shut off the crease and held rye to two goals the second being Santangelos with 32 seconds left. Long pole for Suffern steeepd up big time in second half limiting Rye shots on goal. great game for both teams and huge win for SUffern especially with Rye coming off thrre big wins in a row. Nice job by both teams .

  65. JFan says:

    Guess indianchef was right about how it was going to be a game of men vs boys today at JJ as the real indians took care of business. Jay’s young talent is coming together very nicely at the right time of the year and with Stwert looking like he’s back to where he was earlier in the year a 5th sectional title could be had this year for the real indians

  66. Fan says:

    Great all around effort by Jay. Things are coming together for the young squad. Offense was sharp and defense dominant. Stewart healthy again and flying. Masterson and Beck contributing. Stearns shuts down Brandofino – Zero points. Dunworth holds Perrelle to one goal. Pickel and DeRuiter all over ground balls. Franklin gaining confidence in the net and getting better on clears. Sophmore middies all getting better including Chen who is contributing major minutes. Silver now contributing to the offense. Yorktown and Somers are the class of the Section but John Jay is improving. Class B Sectionals will be fun to watch.

  67. […] • For a rundown of Thursday’s scores and highlights, click here. […]

  68. dee-up says:

    Win or loose its rare to read any negative comments from Rye players or fans on the blog.Nice touch Rye and No doubt you will rebound. hey JJ fans how qiuck to point out how you emptied the bench , issued a beatdown , boys and men. Learn from Rye , You guys won a game big, so all of sudden the finger pointing has stopped for the time being and all is well , all coming together. Just accept the W and be gracious. before you bash me read some of the unnesessary comments on the win from your fans. Most people realize JJ is better then they are playing and will bounce back. It’s not the end of the world to have a down year(yet still better then most). It’s a high school game. No need to add the emptied the bench comments your better then that so tell the JJ fans that don’t get it to realized it >

    Somer -LL great game .. Greeley congrats on the W , but we need to get a little tighter .Whats going on in section 1 ..unreal with all the ups * downs. Seems the field may be leveling ….And who can Stop Putnam Valley & Yorktown

  69. Doid23 says:

    I nominate Rye as the poster child for one of the craziest, most unrateable seasons in a long time. Can’t tell up from down with them, or anyone for that matter. Beat Iona Prep and lost to Hen Hud? Beat Somers AND RCDS AND Lakeland and then lose to Suffern? What the heck is going on down there? They could win Class C or lose in the first round, neither result should surprise anyone at this point.

    As to Jay, nice win, but not sure I’d say that they’ve turned the season around. I think the Syosset game will be a better indicator, since they seem to have trouble with consistency from game to game (then again, who doesn’t?), and then how they hang with Town in the finale should give a good indicator if they’re ready to match up with Somers.

  70. Tiger says:

    The only reason JJ fans have been talking up the win is due to the fact several mahopac supporters routinely down talked JJ and predicted an easy Pac win. If you talk trash and your team loses, its a JJ fan’s right to trash them back.

  71. 914-243 says:

    Doid 23

    Rye is a good team the inconsistency hopfully does not follow them into
    the playoffs ( I don’t think it will} it will make for a much better class c challenge as for as JJ goes i agree the Syosset game will tell loads about what direction they are headed and i hope they all stay healthy.

  72. Doid23 says:

    Exactly Tiger.

    Disappointed in the Pac fans, but not surprised. Well, I take that back. Nothing wrong with Pac fans, just a few in particular, I don’t want to lump them all together. Man up and take your medicine. Talked so much smack for so long, and then you disappear. Not that we miss you or anything.

  73. syracuse says:

    You’d think at least one Mahopac fan would come on this board today and say congrats to John Jay for their fine effort. But so far I haven’t seen anything. I could be wrong. They could be incognito.

    I guess they made their bed with this one and now have no choice but to sleep in it. Still, you’d think someone, anyone, would have something to say …

    Break down the numbers: Mahopac has four losses to its four biggest Section 1 rivals:.

    Somers 7-4
    Yorktown 10-1
    L/P 8-6
    Jay 14-4

    Considering the chirping that’s been going on, from this site’s perspective, Mahopac has to show something before the end of the season to warrant some kind of face saving. I think they have the talent to make some noise in sectionals. But I think the only way is to beat L/P in a potential rematch.

  74. Lefty Crank says:

    I watched the JJ Pac game last evening. I tip my hat to JJ, they played a great game start to finish. Having seen both teams play on numerous occasions this year I can honestly say that was probably the best complete game for JJ and one of the least impressive performances by Pac. If JJ could play that way the rest of the season they should give Somers a good run
    OK….. so now you heard from a Pac fan….some of us just a little more humble

  75. Pac Faithful says:

    If you want a Pac fan to step up i will be the one. This is coming from a former Mahopac player so i will tell it how it is. Mahopac has great fans who are very supportive and sportsmanlike. The kids coming on the blog and talking smack are probably kids on the team riding the bench wearing a jersey that has meaning to then they will ever know. When i played not a single guy would ever be on this blog or even reading the paper for that matter. I take it things have changed. I was not there but John Jay must have played a fine game, congrats to them getting a nice win during a tough season in regard to a rough schedule. I dont think Mahopac played its best game and i do think they are talented enough to beat Jay on a given night but talent only gets a team so far come game time.

    I really wish i didnt have to come check in on my old team and have to read the nonsense that Mahopac kids put up on here. They ought to be focusing on winning some games and getting ready for playoffs.

    Have a little pride in the colors you wear and understand there is no reason to talk. You go out and play to win the game, you can’t win it talking on a blog

  76. ripo says:

    Mahopac Hadeland garanteed to be in the sectional finals. Hadeland how do you feel now. Out coached by JJ running 6 10th graders starting ouch!!!

  77. Syracuse says:


    Relax a little. Haddeland, if indeed he did say what you claim, can still get to the sectional finals. The season isn’t over just because John Jay beat them.

  78. laxer says:

    ripo shut up already ure an embarrassment to john jay lacrosse

  79. Indian J says:

    Ripo does not represent us. Mahopac does have a lot of season left, who knows what they could do. Jay is not about that type of bologna. Good luck to everybody today. We have Syosset.

  80. ripo says:

    here is haddeland exact qoute

    I’m predicting we’re going to make it to the sectional finals,” Mahopac co-coach Mike Haddeland said. “We’re going to be strong offensively. I’m a little worried about the defense, but we’ll fill in as we go along.”

  81. solidD says:

    if you are a jj supporter, then just stop. You’re being obnoxious and giving jj a bad rap.

  82. Doid23 says:

    Well, Haddeland’s quote isn’t a guarantee, it’s a prediction, actually states “I’m predicting” at the start of the quote. And he wasn’t alone, a lot of other people thought that Pac had a chance to meet Town in the finals.

    And there’s a big difference between a coach having confidence in his team, and some of the trash talking (seemingly good natured) by several of the Pac fans. Not sure where all of the anger is coming from on this one

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