somersduolpColgate-bound Erik Pfiffner and Syracuse-bound JoJo Marasco.
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There was something in the mist tonight at Walter Panas High School.

With a thick white haze engulfing the field, tonight’s game between Somers and host Lakeland/Panas had a unique feel to it.

It’s a feeling Somers hopes to experience once again real soon.

The Tuskers rallied for a 10-9 overtime win after trailing 9-7 late in the fourth quarter.

• For a rundown of Thursday’s scores and highlights, click here.

• For video highlights of Somers vs. Lakeland/Panas, click here.

The win was especially sweet for Somers for a variety of reasons.

First, a week earlier to the day earlier, the Tuskers squandered a lead in losing to Rye 9-8 in overtime.

Second, it marked first-year Somers coach Lew Janavey’s first coaching appearance against the Rebels, where he served as an assistant from 1990 to 2004, before being relieved of his duties.

Finally, it was a physical, hard-hitting and at times chippy game in which emotions boiled over at times.

Somers won it 40 seconds into overtime when JoJo Marasco blasted home a low shot into the left corner of the net.

“Colin (Tullgren) put it there for me,” Marasco said. “Then after I took that first slide, and I just tried to put it in low.”

Trailing 9-7 late in the game, the Tuskers rallied to force overtime on goals by Dylan Haas (with 2:25 left in regulation) and Marasco (with 2:06 left), who finished with three goals and two assists.

Haas, Rob Lombardo and Greg Petre each had two goals for the Tuskers. Cole Partenza had the other goal for Somers. Chris Longo made 13 saves.

“Certain guys played selfishly down the stretch and we made some mental mistakes you just can’t make,” said Lakeland/Panas coach Jim Lindsay, who expressed his sentiments to his team in a 10-minute post-game huddle. “We gave the game away. That drives me nuts.”

Moments before Somers’ comeback, a heated exchange occurred between Marasco and Lakeland/Panas’ Owen Rice, in which Marasco fell to the ground in apparent pain after taking a slash to the stomach before the ball was dropped. The two then exchanged words while serving their ensuing penalties. Moments later, a near melee between the teams at midfield ensued. Order was restored, but emotions were at a fever pitch. (One player was called for five penalties during the course of the game.)

“There was some chippy play,” Janavey said. “We’re a physical team and they weren’t backing down.”

But Lindsay said the Rebels weren’t able to counter the Tuskers’ physical style.

“They outgroundballed us,” Lindsay said. “I don’t think we were able to match their physicality. We’re just not as physical as much as we may want to change that habit.”

Somers played without faceoff specialist Matt Deiana, who is out with a foot injury. In his place, junior Erik Pfiffner took the majority of the faceoffs and fared well against Lakeland/Panas faceoff standout John Hitmann, especially in the second half. He won the faceoffs that set up the tying and winning scores.

“That was my whole focus going into the game,” the Colgate-bound Pfiffner said. “I knew how important it was going to be and I was really focused on it.”

Will Fallo had two goals and an assist for the Rebels. Jack Doherty and Shawn Honovich also scored twice. Steven Hoch made 16 saves.

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21 Responses to “Somers rallies to beat Lakeland/Panas in OT”

  1. Laximus says:

    Sounds like a great game. Sorry I missed it. Enjoyed the story very much Joe and congrats on picking the score right!

  2. 1-800-Payback says:

    Great Game last night. Very physical and 95% good clean fun. Two differences down the stretch, in my opinion. Erik Pffiffner getting the best of Hitmann, after Hitmann owned the first three quarters.Some nice defensive changes in the second half, by Lou going in and out of zone seemed to take a little steam out of a tenacious young Rebel offense.I think the groundballs were pretty even. Both goalies played excellent. Lakeland has some real good young kids on that team ( # 16, #6,? ) And all the JO-JO’s big and little seemed very happy after the game. ( despite what an earlier post suggested )

    And Joe for the record, Lou was not relieved of his duties. He was re-instated after They realized that the Parents who made the uproar were LIEING!!!!. He then left the next year , after all with an administration who openly dislikes Lax, and puts all its efforts into Baseball who can blame him. Good Luck to Both teams down the stretch. I think we will see them both in White Plains in JUne.

  3. ripo says:

    Where are the Mahopac fans now. JJ scrimmaged Pac back in March and it was 5-5 at half. Wow Mahopac got worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 10598 says:

    WOW, JoeL you should hire !-800, Nice report, and pretty accurate. The Fog , Coach Lou, Bowl Cup, whatever you wanna call it, was a Battle. Two teams who left it on the field. Thought Young Mr Schurr did a Real Nice job on Doherty, when he was actually on him ,Jack only had one. Honovich is some player, probably L/P’s MVP.
    And he is right Lew di not get fired. He left, on his own. Also heard the administartion at Lakeland (AD, and above ) do not give Jimmy a whole lot of support!!

  5. RedGray says:

    Yeh Tuskers way to step up with the nice cleans hits and ground balls without Deiana. Props to Pfiff, Colin Tullgren, John Bello and Dylan Haas for laying out the wood!

  6. RedGray says:

    And can’t forget my boy Robby Lombardo!

  7. Rebel Yell says:

    Somers didn’t win this game we lost it. We may as well as give it em gift wrapped.

  8. Pac Man says:

    I hear you Rebel Yell. Same for us vs. John Jay. Our bodies were there our minds weren’t.

  9. The Real Rebel Yell says:

    You Lost it, because you couldn’t take the Physical play the RED RAGE was bringing to you !!!!! Stop Making Excuses.

  10. Wasabi says:

    Hey Pac Man-

    14-4 is a demolition. Pac didn’t give this game away, they got it taken away by a better team. If it was 14-12 or 14-10 and they made some mistakes down the stretch like Lakeland/Panas, I might agree with you. Pac-Jay was a one-sided drubbing by a superior team, not a case of Mahopac giving the game away. Is Mahopac better than what they showed…Most definitely, but they got whupped by a better team last night. End of story

  11. Rebel Yell says:

    We took a dumb slashing penalty with three minutes to go up two. They scored off it. That and bad shots with the lead gave them the game.

  12. 10541 says:

    Way to go Somers, and especially nice to see Coach Lew get his. After what thos selfish parents did, this just goes to show you things happen for a reason. What comes around goes around. Nice win for a Nice guy, running a nice program. Hows that MR D??

  13. Keeler Tav says:

    Hard to believe Somers came out and played physical. When Ridgefield played Somers we pushed them around up and down the field. They really backed down and wanted no part of the rough stuff. Guess they pick their spots.

  14. PurpleReigns says:

    Same. Somer’s wasn’t that physical vs. John Jay at all. I mean we outshoot them like by a 3 to 1 margin and they just stood and watch. Can’t wait to play ’em again.

  15. 914-243 says:

    Keeler Tav

    I really wouldn’t go that far the talent at your attack vs d was at another level
    and as for as somers backing down or you pushing them around i don’t think so

  16. Jaybird says:

    I do think Somers plays physically in games when they have a size advantage. So I guess you can they pick their spots. More important Somers and John Jay games vs Pac show Jay should win the rematch with Somers very easily. Can yoiu say +ne for the thumb? Congrats Savs on mnolding this team into five time sectional champs! Bring on Nisky!

  17. DASlax says:

    Yea you could say JJ outshot somers in that game, sure. BUUUUT, the big W is what really matters. And when push came to shove somers’ goalie stepped up. And i do believe somes was in cruze control, they were up 8-4. And uh for those JJ guys lets just hope you guys dont celebrate after a goal. I think you know what might happen.

  18. LAX says:

    As of right now I’d say it’s a tossup. Stewart had 4 and 1 against Mahopac last night as well as a couple of 3 goal games since his return. If he and JJ play like they did last night then they’re the favorite.

  19. DirtyLax says:

    Somers has not backed down, or picked there spots. It was Physical vs Ridgefield, there offense just countered that. As far as John Jay ,Purple, and Jaybird must have amnesia. That game was very physical, just ask the three guys that walked off the field with ice packs on. Size advantage??? How does Mahopacs play have anything to do with Somers. IF they meet again, things will again be very close, physical. Also, its not the amount of shots but the quality.get the facts together!!!

  20. ripo says:

    A college coach said JoJo was on the wing line against the lakeland kid and gave him a butt end in the ribs and then pretended to fall down and act like he got hit. Nice Hockey move JoJo.

  21. Ripo is a Joke says:

    Everything you said is TOTALLY FALSE, he really did hit him in the stomach, and thats a fact.

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