NCAA tournament action gets under way on Saturday.

So we thought it might be interesting if members of our staff threw out their picks for Division I.

Be sure to check them out and weigh in with your own for Division I, II or III — or all three divisions.

Saturday games (and staff predictions)

Noon: Brown (12-3) at No. 8 Johns Hopkins (9-4)
Joe: Hopkins 8-5
Syracuse: Hopkins 8-7
Jordan: Hopkins 13-11
Ryan: Hopkins 12- 8
Don: Brown 9-8 OT

2:30 p.m.: UMBC (12-3) at No. 6 North Carolina (11 -5)
Joe: UNC 10-7
Syracuse: UNC 13-5
Jordan: UMBC 12-11
Ryan: UMBC 11-10 OT
Don: UNC 12-7

5 p.m.: Hofstra (11-3) at No. 5 Cornell (10-3)
Joe: Hofstra 9-8 OT
Syracuse: Cornell 10-8
Jordan: Hofstra 10-9 OT
Ryan: Cornell 11- 9
Don: Cornell 11-8

7:30 p.m.: Navy (11-4) at No. 3 Duke (13-3)
Joe: Duke 12-4
Syracuse: Duke 13-4
Jordan: Duke 15-8
Ryan: Duke 11- 7
Don: Duke 14-4

Sunday games

Noon: Maryland (9-6) at No. 7 Notre Dame (15-0)
Joe: Maryland 12-11
Syracuse: Notre Dame 11-10
Jordan: Notre Dame 9-8
Ryan: Notre Dame 14-10
Don: Maryland 12-7

2:30 p.m.: Villanova (11-5) at No. 1 Virginia (13-2)
Joe: UVa 13-9
Syracuse: Virginia 16-8
Jordan: UVA 14-6
Ryan: UVA 15-5
Don: UVa 15-6

5 p.m.: UMass (9-5) at No. 4 Princeton (12-2)
Joe: UMass 8-6
Syracuse: Princeton 11-5
Jordan: Princeton 10-8
Ryan: Princeton 12-7
Don: Princeton 12-6

7:30 p.m.: Siena (12-5) at No. 2 Syracuse (12-2)
Joe: Syracuse 14-3
Syracuse: Syracuse 11-4
Jordan: Syracuse 15-3
Ryan: Syracuse 13- 6
Don: Syracuse 12-3

Be sure to weigh in with your own predictions and comments.

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4 Responses to “Let's hear your NCAA tournament picks”

  1. John FANagan says:

    Hofstra wins it all… rockin the green and white down there on the island

    most ytown recruits gets you the big ol’ W

  2. John FANagan says:

    by far the most compelling matchup is hofstra vs cornell

  3. Admiral says:

    Presby takes it ALLLLLL!!!!!!!

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