Just one team has beaten Yorktown this season: Ward Melville.

Today, the Patriots hope they can also deal another powerhouse its first loss when it visits West Islip, the No. 1-ranked team all season in the LaxLessons.com Top 25 regional rankings.

That 4:30 p.m. game headlines today’s slate.

There’s another big showdown in Long Island as CHSAA rivals Chaminade and St. Anthony’s meet for Round 2 at 4:30 p.m. at St. Anthony’s.

In Westchester, Section 1, four-time Class C sectional champ Rye visits Lakeland/Panas and upstart Irvington, which has jumped out to a surprising 7-0 start under first-year coach Drew Werney, plays at John F. Kennedy at 4:30 p.m

Fairfield has a couple of interesting contests. St. Joseph meets host New Canaan at Dunning Stadiumin a 7 p.m. contest.


West Islip 12, Ward Melville 7

St. Anthony’s 10, Chaminade 8

Lakeland/Panas 8, Rye 6

Irvington 8, Kennedy 5

New Canaan 7, St. Joseph 5

Score updates:

Final scores

Ward Melville 8, West Islip 7, OT

St. Anthony’s 13, Chaminade 7

Darien 19, Brien McMahon 2

Syosset 15, Massapequa 4

Copiague 15, Brentwood 9

Hicksville 6, Farmingdale 5, OT

West Babylon 5, Half Hollows Hills East 2

John Jay 10, White Plains 6

Somers 17, Scarsdale 6

Rye 14, Lakeland/Panas 13, OT

Hen Hud 12, North Rockland 6

Suffern 6, Byram Hills 5

Put Valley 16, Clarkstown South 8

Don’t forget to post your picks and comments.

Reach Joe Lombardi at joe@laxlessons.com.

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90 Responses to “Tuesday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. Foward says:

    Putnam plays south joe. Putnam- alot south- not alot…lol

  2. hogwarts says:

    byram vs suffen

  3. LAX 17 says:

    Pac vs Greely Joe

  4. dee-up says:

    Greeley & Pac nice showdown

  5. BIG GAME LAX says:

    really big game today in south huntington joe. st anthony’s/chaminade.
    i think st ants is playing great, they pull this one out 10-6

  6. slacrosse says:

    Rye at LP now at 5:30

    Should be a great game with both teams playing pretty well now, coming off good performances.

    I’ll take Rye 7-5.

  7. slacrosse says:

    Rye at LP at 5:30 today–should be a great game.

  8. catholic showdown says:

    Joe, huge game in South Huntington today. St Anthony’s/Chaminade. I think the Friars are playing great as of late and they pull this one out 10-6. Whats your opinion on this Joe ?

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Catholic showdown, indeed. Round 2 for St. A’s and Chaminade. Chaminade won the first meeting 9-7 on April 2, outscoring St. A’s 4-0 in the third quarter. Matt Gillan had two goals and two assists. These teams are both in the Top 10 in our Top 25 regional rankings — the latest poll will be released at high noon today.

    What does everyone think? I posted my pick in the main body of the post.

    In a nutshell, I feel like St. A’s has to win this one after losing to what many regarded as a somewhat rebuilding Chaminade team in Round 1. I think the Friars will — if they get possession and win faceoffs. Their offense is unstoppable when that happens.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Some other good ones in Section 1:

    • Rye-LP will be real interesting. Rye had the big win last week over Somers. I think LP has been more consistent this season though. LP 8-6. (It is a 5:30 start at Panas.)

    • ‘Pac at Greeley is another good one. I like the Indians 11-7.

    • Clarkstown South at Put Valley. Can anyone stop the Tigers? PV 12-5.

    • North Rockland at Hen Hud. The Sailors have had their moments this season. Can they be a sleeper in the sectionals? Hen Hud 8-4.

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Also, our friends at Byram Hills politely asked I also mentioned the Bobcats’ 4:30 p.m. game at Suffern.

    This is a good opportunity for the Bobcats to beat a Class A team. They certainly are capable. Just as Hen Hud may be a sleeper in Class B, could Byram be a sleeper in Class C?

  12. Dante's Inferno says:

    St. Anthony’s will get a little payback today in the form of an 11-6 win.

  13. LIGuy says:

    West Islip has been impressive but Ward Melville will be prepared and ready. I’ll say 10-6 WI.

  14. GreenWhite says:

    Wonder if Town can beat Bronxville today without Marr?? LOL

  15. LoveTownLax says:

    interesting Joe, I was thinking Greeley over Pac….. if I’m wrong, LTL will bring coffee for your next visit to ‘Town. Agree on L/P over Rye. but should be good game.

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Sounds good to me, LTL. I’ll tell you how I take it depending on what happens.

    Greeley could definitely win. I just think Mahopac’s been playing with more confidence of late. The Perrelle/Brandofino twosome will be difficult for the Quakers to contain.

    Lots of tossups today — and there will be more Thursday when Mahopac plays JJ and Somers plays LP.

  17. slacrosse says:


    Get serious.

    The real question is whether Town could beat Chaminade, WI, (or some other elite team) in a very close game IF Marr were ejected?

  18. slacrosse says:

    Greeley over Pac 10-8
    Byrum hills wins and is a team to be reckoned with in Class C
    Rye over LP 7-5
    Town over Bville 15-3
    Cham over SA 10-7

  19. Section1 Fan says:


    A real serious question, How many coaches and assistants are allowed on the sidelines for a team? If you look at Yorktown and JJ each regularly have 6 or 7 out there prancing the sidelines always jawwing at the officials .

    I don’t blame the officials for tossing Marr.

  20. LoveTownLax says:

    Section1 Fan – prancing? jawwing? wow, I guess it’s not because they want to give back for all the years the coaches before them did…. and their presence and dedication is certainly not a reason why the teams you mentioned are successful. What team do you cheer for? Better yet, why don’t you go and help them instead of being green for ‘Town and Jay?

  21. slacrosse says:

    Rye/LP at Walter Panas HS-5:30

  22. franklyscarlett says:

    I was just thinking about the same question Section1 Fan. I neglected to post it because I have no desire or place in joining the Marr behavior debate. Does anyone know the rules pertaining to non-player sideline participation? Could a team have 10 assistant coaches on the sidelines?

  23. LoveTownLax says:

    okay Joe – I was just goin’ with what I saw, I know I don’t see nearly as many games as you do! I wonder, Katchis matches up with B or P today?

  24. Blax says:

    Yorktown at Bronxville today, possible upset?

  25. THE CROP says:

    snowing near the equator today, possible?

  26. Lax Novice says:

    Yorktown would have a tough time beating West Islip if they let Coach Marr and his assistants referee.

    Here’s what I don’t get (among many things). Yorktown has been Sec. 1’s preeminent HS lacrosse team for at least 25 years, so you would think that their coaching staff would be very familiar with most of the people in the lacrosse community, especially those who work and oversee officiating in the lower Hudson Valley. It has to be a relatively small group, similar to other scholastic sports, where the same (usually, the best) guys work the big games for years. So how could the head coach of Sec. 1’s top team be so at odds with referees to get himself thrown out of games? I’ve only seen them play Darien, and sure it was loud, obnoxiously so, but not unlike what you see from football coaches from time-to-time. I would have thought that was because it was Conn. refs working the game, but from what people have said here it seems to be simply the way the coach is. Most coaches are control freaks to some extent, and some are screamers when something upsets them. Everyone knows officials do their very best to minimize errors, just like all of us humans. The officials I know (in other sports) are usually tolerant about calls pertaining to the game, but they have their limits and if it gets personal, then the coach is properly run. So I really don’t understand how Coach Marr gets himself tossed unless he’s getting personal with the official, and you’d think he should know enough of those guys well enough personally not to cross that line. To suggest otherwise is to say the man gets so out of control that the emotion overtakes his common sense, which is the opposite of one of the main lessons which athletics is intended to teach.

  27. former sec 1 ref says:

    In response to comments 20 & 21 It could be handle one of two ways
    1. Keep coaches in the coaches box witch is 6 yds wide by 25 yds long
    2. Enforce rule 2 sec 3 art 1,2,3 Only the head coach can communicate with the officials;
    The coach shall act in a courteous manner; Coaches shall assist officials in keeping the game
    under control at all times….with standards of proper conduct
    And check to see if the coaches are registered with school district not some parent or former player

  28. Syracuse says:

    Let’s not let all the Marr talk corrupt this post as well. We went into it in ad nauseum in the Murphy Cup postgame post. I now regret even bringing it up (well, not really).

    CROP … I wasn’t thinking snow at the equator, but I think you summed it up best.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get many of these games in today, due to the weather.

  29. Syracuse says:

    Lax Novice,

    I’ll do you one better. Right now, I think Yorktown would have a tough time beating West Islip if they let Marr and his band of former All-section and whatnot players-turned-assistants actually PLAY.

  30. 00000 says:

    It doesnt matter which one katchis is on, he has done a great job all year shutting down teams key players like interlichio, dougherty, jo jo…but greeley has 3 other great poles that could all take brando or tyler….those two like to score off of one on one game and that is greeley forte because of the talent they have with their poles…i say greeley gets back on a role again after a win today

  31. slacrosse says:


    Agree on Katches and Litwak as well (although ladder’s aggressiveness sometimes gets him into penalty situations-not good for him or team)

  32. Lax Novice says:


    Hadn’t thought it would be that one-sided, but you’d know much more than I regarding that potential outcome. And I will say no more about the coach/official dynamic over there by the Sprain Brook Pkwy, other than it takes some doing to get yourself tossed from a game you’re winning. I liked what the former ref had to say on the matter, which is now officially closed.

  33. Joe Lombardi says:

    Hey gang. I have just the thing for a rainy day. Or, in this case, rainy week.

    You can get caught up on the recent photo galleries from MaxPreps.com taken at boys and girls games throughout the Section 1/Fairfield/Long Island region the last few weeks. Just click on the “Photo gallery” link at the top of this page to access it, or the link below. There’s lots of real good stuff. Enjoy.


  34. PurpleReigns says:

    Didn’t even know there was a gallery available for the Corning East game. Thanks Joe. You da man!

  35. WarriorLax says:

    Nice photos from Wilton vs New Canaan as well. Thanks, Joe.

  36. PacMan says:

    JJ is playing White Plains. LOL. I guess the Sav’s will take a win any way they can get it.

  37. THE CROP says:

    Ward Melville over West Islip in OT

  38. THE CROP says:


  39. IndianChief45 says:

    Yes and John Jay only won 10-6 if you can believe that. Wjere is my friend Ripo. Come out come out wherever you are!

  40. Townie says:

    That’s awesome. Guess Galasso and the boys aren’t so unbeatable after all. What was the Town-Bronxville score?

  41. GreenWhite says:

    Town 17, Bronxville 5

  42. hopkins says:

    what is the score of the town game and ward melville beat west islip are u kidding me

  43. lacrosse says:

    any stats on the JJ game

  44. Pacman says:

    Pac 9, Greeley 8

    Next victim: John Jay on Thursday

  45. lax - ref says:

    There is no limit as to the number of assistant coaches. Only one designated Head Coach, though.

  46. Pac Fan says:

    Pac over Greeley 9-8. Perrelle went 3 and 2 while Brando had 4 g’s. Bernabo had 1 and 2 also. Good game but Pac attack too much for the Greeley D. Mahopac’s Goalie had 20 saves. Pac has won 5 straight.

  47. Pac Greeley says:

    Pac beats Greeley 9-8.
    45 seconds left katches dishes it to #23 on Greeley and he has one on one with goalie…just misses high. Great game for both teams. Pac capitalized on man-up and Greeley missed to many opportunities.

  48. OldTimer says:

    Pac Fan and Pacman

    Switch goalies and Greeley wins comfortably – Pac’s goalie was the difference in the 4th Qtr.

    Both teams had trouble passing and catching, Mahopac repeatedly threw the ball away passing across the field while the Greeley shooters repeatedly had trouble catching the feeds from behind the goal.

    No reason with a man up and a goal lead, Pac shouldn’t have been able to hold the ball in the offensive end for the final 45 seconds.

    Wouldn’t go counting your chickens just yet re: Jay.

  49. TuskerTown says:

    Somers 17, Scarsdale 6

  50. LAX says:

    “JJ is playing White Plains. LOL. I guess the Sav’s will take a win any way they can get it.”

    Pacman, do you even realize that Mahopac plays White Plains as well? Or do you just like to criticize JJ? I’ve been hearing you criticize JJ’s schedule, are you kidding me? The savs schedule the hardest in-section and out-of-section teams. White Plains if having a very good year, coming off a win at North Rockland and really close losses to BH, Greeley, and Suffern, they probably wanted to see how they’d fare up against elite teams like JJ and Mahopac this year.

    With that being said, Mahopac’s schedule has some good teams but it’s a joke compared to JJ’s. You gotta stop with these comments man, you really are starting to seem dillusional saying things like “Sav’s will take a win any way they can get it” or that JJ is a joke because they’ve had no wins against elite teams, unlike Mahopac, which is completely untrue. In general Mahopac has actually been doing worse against common opponents, and you can’t argue with that after they squeaked past Greeley today.

  51. Joe Lombardi says:

    Somers’ Greg Petre appears to be stuck on the number 6. The junior attackman equaled a career-high with six goals for the second straight game. Hey Greg, think you can ever hit seven for a change? Just kidding, of course. That’s pretty impressive. He’s actually scored six g’s in three games this season.

    You can get more score updates by scrolling up to the main body of this post.

    For more on Ward Melville’s 8-7 overtime win over West Islip, check this link:


  52. Jaybird says:

    JJ stats: Stewart 3-1, Daniello 2-2, B. Morris 2-0

  53. Joe Lombardi says:

    How about this one, gang. Suffern outlasted Byram Hills 6-5 in triple overtime.

    It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of anyone at the game, including you Byram Hills fans who checked in with us here this morning.

  54. ripo says:

    White plains was a league game. the score was 10-3 with 3 minutes left and the savs were classy and emptied the bench.

  55. ripo says:

    Remember jj put 20 in on greeley and they dont have the mighty perelle and brandifino.

  56. […] • For a rundown of today’s scores and highlights, click here. […]

  57. slacrosse says:

    Rye wins 14-13 in OT!

    Great game as I thought it would be.

    Rye controlled the 1st half leading 8-3. Maybe the best 2 quarters in a row that Rye has had all season. But the 3rd Q was all LP probably having possession for at least 9 minutes, scoring 4-5 unanswered goals with Rye I think scoring just as the quarter ended. In this Q Rye had at least 4-5 penalties with LP capitalizing on at least 2 of these man-up situations. The rest of the game was fairly even with both teams trading goals. Dougherty started scoring in the 3rd Q, Hittman gave McCormack his toughest this season at FO and #21, “5 feet nothing tall” played a great game again (same in the Jay game) winning some key possessions for LP.

    For Rye, Santangelo (OT goal), Foristel, Wood, Davis, J. O’Callaghan and McCormack were all key on O. McCormack won 19 of 29 face-offs inc. I believe the FO to start the OT period.

    Hats off to both teams who left nothing on the field in this game.

  58. PVLax says:

    PV 16, South 8
    We lit up AA contender Luke like a Christmas tree.

  59. syracuse says:

    Final: St. Anthony’s 13, Chaminade 7 … Anyone got a Town score?

  60. sec1 says:

    Syracuse pretty funny about town coaches playing, except you put Rob Doerr on Glasso right now he gets nada, Also if we could rewind and have Doerr, Graham, Marr, Lodi and Mitch also on this team they beat WI easy…

  61. SirLaxalot says:

    Excellent report on what sounds like a great game, slacrosse.

    I think Rye beating Somers in overtime last week may have turned their season around.

  62. LoveTownLax says:

    I believe ‘Town score 17 – 5, ‘Cuse… gotta agree with sec1 – no one in HS gets through Rob Doerr……and who would want to try???

  63. sec1 says:

    Town score 17-5 9-0 after first played everyone starting in the 2nd and played mostly 3rd and 4th line on O and same on D second half no game at all. Bronxville do have a few guys who can play.

  64. LAX says:

    Wow Rye’s really on fire, I knew they had this kind of potential. It’s so hard to rank the top teams in the section now though. JJ beating Rye 13-7, L/P beating JJ in OT, Rye beating L/P in OT… Rye’s playing much better than they were to start the season though, I’ll take them over Putnam Valley in playoffs (if they continue to play this way).

  65. slacrosse says:

    In the Rye/LP game, for Rye, bunches of goals were again scored (and key assists made) by Santangelo and Foristel (not sure of exact #’s).

  66. ripo says:

    put valley getting cocky I will take Rye in the finals.

    Somers is getting cocky I will take jj in the finals

    Mahopac getting cocky I will take town in the finals

  67. IndianChief45 says:

    RIPO!!! There you are my friend. Thanks for coming out of hiding after the scare vs White Plains today. JJ over Somers, huh? Let’s see them beat a team – any team – with a winning record first!

  68. LoveTownLax says:

    Joe… this is why LTL doesn’t gamble… :o( but they were both 1-goal games… Starbucks or D&D? cream, no sugar? When is your next visit to Charlie Murphy Field?

  69. Greeley Parent says:

    As a neutral observer, this Ripo vs. Mahopac fans rivalry is quite entertaining with some good spirited barbs on both sides.

    A word of warning IndianChief and Pac fans. Having seen both Pac and John Jay, be careful what you wish for. John Jay was a much more difficult team for us to defense than Mahopac.

  70. PVparent says:

    Saying we lit up haggerty is just a false statement. Anyone else who was there today can speak up and say if it wasent for souths goalie PV could have won by 30+. Made stops like you could not believe.

    On a side note, PV is looking very strong people, should deff be taken as serios as an other team in the section.

    Go PV!

  71. YOU WISH YOU HAD HIM says:

    pvlax you didn t lite up haggerty you lite up the d he had so many stuffs
    you guys were getting frustrated i bet he had 25 to 29 and 10 of those were one on one saves and don t worry you team is senior top heavy pv will be right back were they usually are at the bottom and by the way if you win sections their is a little team on long island called MANHASSET waiting for you good luck it will be a repeat of the last time you played them embarrassing

  72. Joe Lombardi says:

    LTL – That’s pretty impressive. You called it. Either Starbuck’s or D&D — and yes, cream and no sugar. That’s real nice of you. I will be back at Murph Field on Saturday and I could definitely use a cup of coffee. I will be coming from Briarcliff Lacrosse Day in the morning and then will be at Syosset at John Jay at night. Another trifecta for me. What a week it’s shaping up to be. Last night, we had both SWR and RP lose and tonight, West Islip. Who’s next? Who knows?

  73. syracuse says:

    LTL and anyone else that ever followed Yorktown lacrosse:

    Good call on Rob Doerr. I’m sure there were several others who would shut down Galasso as well.

    But let’s not take everything I say literally in the future. I find I have to explain the meaning of the word “sarcasm” to people like Observer.

  74. ripo says:

    Yea big scare from white plains 10-3 with 2:50 left in the 4th quarter. did you ever here about putting in back ups. Thanks Greeley parent finally someone speaks the truth.

  75. Somers Commons says:

    Ripo how is Somers cocky??

    Congrats to our SNIPER Greg Petre tonite. On three … YEH PEACHES!

  76. Pac Fan says:

    You didn’t play JJ in the mud bowl though. Real crappy field at Greeley.

  77. Pac Fan says:

    We will see on Thurs at JJCR. All this talk on how Brando and Perrelle would get lit up by Greeley’s D. Score board. A w is a w.

  78. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just a head’s up, gang. There are some interesting segments/features in store on the latest edition of the New Balance Lax Report on MSG Plus. It’s on tonight at 10.

  79. laxer says:

    ripo…what game were you at …the savs did not empty the bench unless you mean playing the sophs more than they should

  80. IndianChief45 says:

    Shame on you Ripo! That’s very interesting to know laxer. Thanks for setting the record straight.

    Mahopac 12, John Jay 4

  81. Dee-up says:

    you wish you had him —-why so uptight, Don’t fall for what one kid says (PVlax). It seems a PV parent saw the game a little different and gave Luke his props. Let it go. I feel your frustration, last year was a better year for your guys. Just keep on playing. Always cheer for the Section 1 team my friend: vs in the season and for in the playoffs

  82. LoveTownLax says:

    can’t speak for anyone else, ‘Cuse, but LTL was thinkin’ grain of salt when I responded… you coming Saturday? coffee?

    Joe – you got it – 1:30? and yeah, one things for sure this season… NOTHING’S for sure!!! That’s why the boys play and what makes it so much fun!

  83. PVLax says:

    Dee-up its all good. Just playin wit Luke he’s my boy and a sick goalie.

  84. casual observer says:

    any word on whats gonna happen to RCDS?

  85. john says:

    Joe I was at the Suffern BHills game 5-1 BH at half. Second half Suffern D just outstanding shut down BHills and crept back into the game. In overtimes both goalies were outstanding Finally, Kevin McNally broke thru at end of third overtime for Suffern. Suffern long poles played great all game long . Most of the early BHIlls goals were scored in close when middies failed to slide as the secondary slide.Coach McNally pulled Bergie his goalie for most of second quarter but not sure why as two of the three goals he let in were from point blank range. When Bergie came back to start second half he was on fire along with the rest of the defense. Great comeback win for Suffern after being down 5-1. Especially after getting blown off the field on Sat by Maopac the boys could have hung their heads and quit at 5-1 BH but battled back. Huge win on Senior day for the 13 seniors on the team. Big game Thursday at Rye a team who has really turned their season around in the past week

  86. OldTimer says:


    from the feed Jay was running a ton of players (20 +) in the first half. I would imagine they used more than that in the 2nd half – in any event the game is online so it is easy enough to check

    Indian Chief

    you’ve got the score backwards 🙂

  87. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    They decided to resume extra curricular activities and classes at RCDS today.

    John –

    Thanks for the info on the Suffern-Byram Hills game and congrats to the Mounties for an impressive comeback win.

    LTL –

    Looking forward to it. Game is actually 1 p.m.

  88. laxalot says:

    Laxer, Savs put in backup goalie and defense fyi, and you really got to stop about the sophomore topic, do you have a son on the team and upset that the sophs are playing more?

    Can’t wait for the Jay v Pac game, with rivalry between parents, and two pretty equal teams, should be a battle. 7: 00 JJ high school.

  89. lax watch says:

    Rye, scoring vs Lakeland, Mcreddie, Wood, J O’Ccallaghan, Briggs, Foristel 3 Santangelo 7

  90. LoveTownLax says:

    thx for correction, Joe. Have sportspak sched, said 2:00. so.. 12:30?

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