John Ranagan will never forget the feeling.

No matter how hard he may try.

It was two years ago and Ranagan and the Yorktown ‘Huskers had just suffered a crushing 10-9 loss at Lakeland/Panas. It ended a string of 12 straight Yorktown wins in the Charlie Murphy Cup game.

“I wanted to make sure I never felt that way again,” said Ranagan.

Tonight, Ranagan made sure of it. He had five goals and one assist as the ‘Huskers held on for an 11-8 win over the visiting Rebels before a crowd estimated at more than 2,000.

• For video highlights of the Lakeland/Panas-Yorktown game, click here.

In many ways, this game followed what has become a familiar script.

Yorktown jumps out to an early lead, appears on the brink of putting its foot on the Rebels’ throat — and then — somehow, someway, the Rebels come storming back.

Tonight, Yorktown raced out to 3-0 and 4-1 leads. But back came the Rebels, pulling within 4-3 after the first quarter. After the ‘Huskers outscored LP 3-0 in the second quarter to go ahead 7-3 at the half, they seemed on their way to pulling away.

But LP coach Jim Lindsay didn’t think so.

“This game isn’t over by any means,” he told me at halftime.

With Yorktown up 10-6 with just over eight minutes to go, it appeared it may be. But then just about the last thing you would want to have happen in that situation did for Yorktown. The ‘Huskers received two bench penalties. Within minutes it was a two-goal game. Ranagan then scored a key insurance goal with time winding down. He finished with five goals and an assist. Kevin Interlicchio had four goals.

Another player every bit as vital to the victory was Yorktown senior defenseman John Fennessy. The Towson-bound Fennessy, who earlier this week was among 44 seniors selected to play in the June 27 Under Armour all-America game (along with Ranagan and Somers’ Joe Marasco), limited Binghamton-bound all-America attackman Jack Doherty of the Rebels to two assists. Shawn Honovich and James Bugeya each had two goals for the Rebels.

Yorktown coach Dave Marr later received his second bench penalty, resulting in his automatic ejection. This means he will have to sit out an automatic one-game suspension on Tuesday at Bronxville. It was the third time in the last three years Marr has been ejected from a game and the second time in the Murphy Cup.

This year’s Cup nearly wound up being a 10-9 game for what would have been the third year in a row. Last year, after that narrow regular-season win, Yorktown went on to roll past the Rebels 17-5 in the sectional final.

This season, there once again appears to be a very good chance they will be seeing each other again for the sectional championship.

Cup on Cablevision

You can catch Cablevision’s broadcast of the Murphy Cup in Yorktown, Peekskill and Ossining Cablevision systems on Channel 118 at 6 p.m. Sunday and 8 p.m. on Monday. You can also catch it on video on demand.

During the game, we talk to Hofstra junior Tom Interlicchio, the former ‘Husker all-American, who was on hand to see his brother in action for the first time this season. You can also catch the little visit I paid to “The Crop” midway through the second quarter.

Murphy Cup results
Here’s a year-by-year look at results from the annual Charlie Murphy Cup game:
1990: 7-6 Yorktown
1991: 9-8 Yorktown
1992: 9-3 Yorktown
1993: 12-9 Yorktown
1994: 10-6 Lakeland/Panas
1995: 9-5 Yorktown
1996: 14-6 Yorktown
1997: 6-5 Yorktown
1998: 10-9 Yorktown
1999: 5-4 Yorktown
2000: 10-3 Yorktown
2001: 16-4 Yorktown
2002: 11-3 Yorktown
2003: 16-11 Yorktown
2004: 9-3 Yorktown
2005: 12-9 Yorktown
2006: 18-9 Yorktown
2007: 10-9 Lakeland/Panas
2008: 10-9 Yorktown
2009: 11-8 Yorktown
Total: Yorktown 18, Lakeland/Panas 2

Somers holds on to beat Iona Prep

Last year, the Iona Prep Gaels picked up groundbreakinng wins over Lakeland/Panas and Somers.

This year, they were in position to do just that once again.

However, Iona Prep wound up losing to both teams by one goal after today’s 13-12 setback to visiting Somers. (The Gaels fell to Lakeland/Panas 10-9 earlier this season.)

Somers managed to beat the Gaels even though star attackman JoJo Marasco was held without a goal for the first time since who knows when. (Credit the defense of Chris Jackson for that.)

But Marasco, who has 181 career varsity goals, took what the defense gave him and had a season-high six assists. Junior attackman Greg Petre, who has quietly emerged as one of the premier players in the section, equaled a career-high with six goals. Petre has as hard and accurate shot as you’ll find anywhere. Teammate Kieran Donohue scored three goals. Colin Tullgren  had two goals and one assist.

Myles Gillespie and Nick Trizano each had five goals for the Gaels.

Somers junior goaltender Chris Longo, who has come up big against quality opponents this season (with two of his best games vs. Yorktown and John Jay), did so again today, making 23 saves.

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59 Responses to “Murphy Cup stays with 'Huskers; Somers settles score vs. Iona Prep”

  1. town fan says:

    the yorktown coaches should be embarrased and ashamed with themselves. they should be teaching our kids how to win with class. the word selfish comes to mind, they (the coaches) have to realize that our kids watch them and learn how to deal and react to adversity.

    Marr needs to be repremanded!

  2. lax45 says:

    Town fan,
    You are a joke! You dont understand what is expected at Yorktown bc u havent been through the system….Dave Marr protects his kids!!! and when refs are blowing calls left and right and putting his players in harms way, well then i would certainly like to have a coach that is sticking up for me…Dave Marr knows and understands the game better then anyone out there…Marr makes boys into men after they have gone through the system and oh yea, he wins lots and lots of lacrosse games.. 😉

  3. SirLaxalot says:

    I think you both make valid points but Lax45 we can debate whether he should be reprimanded by the AD or even get a further suspension by the school board, but there’s no doubt it is a bad example. And getting flagged when you’re up four eith eight minutes to go is also just plain dumb. It just is.

  4. RedGray says:

    Wow 181 career goals for Jojo. That’s sick. I agree Petre is definately becoming a star.

  5. Frankie says:

    I couldn’t get to the Murph Cup and will wait to comment till watching it on TV tonight.

  6. GreenWhite says:

    I was at the game and am gonna watch it again on TV to see Joe Lombardi climb up into THE CROP after they started chanting his name – lol.

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    GreenWhite –

    Had to show some love for the Crop. We also gave equal time to “The Nest” supporting the Rebels later in the game.

    Also, gang, today is Selection Sunday for the NCAA tournament. Seeds and bids will be announced at 9 p.m. on ESPNU. We will post them here shortly after they are unveiled.

  8. THE CROP says:

    joe lombardi pays the crop an overdue visit…although he couldnt get up to the rowdiest kids (cream of the crop you might say) he still came up to the crop, it was pretty hard to get up or down through the crop last night. I dont know who was more excited the crop starting the loud joe lombardi or joe himself pointing back to us.

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Ha Crop I was trying to tell you guys I was going to come up there. That’s why I was pointing. I wish I could have made it into the cream of the crop but I guess the logistics of getting the field-level camera in there with me were a bit of a problem.

    I have to say I have never seen the Crop out in such full force as last night. It was pretty impressive.

  10. syracuse says:


    I would love to get your opinions on this because I think it’s somewhat troubling. Again, I don’t know all the facts here, but some of this is so obvious I think it warrants discussion.

    From my perspective it’s just a matter of time before Yorktown’s bench behavior costs the team a game.

    Sure, Yorktown captured the Murphy Cup for the 18th time in 20 tries. But I wonder if the celebration after the final whistle was more motivated this time around by the fact that it escaped near disaster over the fact that it once again made legendary Mr. Murph proud.

    There’s just no need for bench penalties when you lead by four goals in the fourth quarter, especially when the calls against could easily have been avoided.

    The Yorktown bench has this stigma attached to it wherever it goes: If it doesn’t get the calls from the men in the stripes it behaves very badly. And sooner or later even Yorktown’s own supporters — whether they are fans, parents or just people who like to watch good teams play — are going to turn a deaf ear to it.

    I understand that the majority of the time six sets of eyes probably see the truth over one on any section of the field. We know that the majority of the time officiating is a thankless job and that they are wrong in a big spot as much as they are right — from a certain perspective.

    But I read all the time about how Yorktown never gets a call in a big spot.

    And I wonder why that is?

    While we know the notion of the officials colluding against Town is preposterous, I have to figure that when in doubt flags are going to fly against the Huskers rather than for them because it seems all the bench does is complain on not just one call, but seemingly every call that goes against them.

    When you constantly berate officials over seemingly everything — most especially minor offenses — you may think you are flexing your muscles over your particular knowledge of the rulebook, but all you’re really doing is alienating yourself against one group that you want more than any other on your side — or at least calling things down the middle — during any given 48 minutes.

    You give talented Lakeland/Panas chance after chance on man-up, of course a team like that is going to make a one-sided game that much closer. Why continue to foster an already well-established reputation as complainers? It’s just pointless and it takes away from the kids on the field who are trying desperately to win a key game.

    It simply has to stop. The message it sends to everyone, including moldable young minds, is just as bad as the potential it has to destroy the outcomes of games that Huskers really need to win. Imagine for a second if Yorktown is in the state semifinals against West Islip and is tied late and someone on the sideline mouths off giving Nicky Galasso a chance to win the game on man-up.

    Then imagine what happens if he or one of his teammates score.

    Again, I’m just throwing this out there. It seems like an issue worth discussing. I know many will say the Town coaching staff is just defending its players. In light of the Syosset debacle last year in which many would agree the officiating was so bad it left a bad taste in Yorktown supporters’ mouths, I can understand how Coach Marr and others might be highly sensitive to making sure calls are made correctly.

    But Marr getting kicked out of the last two Murphy Cups and the disaster at Ward Melville last year makes me wonder if we’re all missing something here.


  11. Cradler says:

    We can debate whether the conduct should be permitted and when it occurs if the coaches should be reprimanded. There are strong arguments both ways.

    Here’s the thing, though. If nothing else Dave Marr and his coaches have become the boys who cried wolf. When you argue over each and every borderline call — and boisterously so much of the time — when there is an occasion when you are actually justified, it gets overlooked.

    The officiating vs Syosset was awful and probably did cost Town the game. But when I told a friend that night who wasn’t there his response was “That was just Marr being Marr.” See what I mean?

  12. syracuse says:


    I see where you are going with this. But what if “Marr just being Marr” at some point costs Yorktown a big game? Would everyone just chalk it up to his nature then? Or would they demand it stop now that his team bore the brunt? I guess my question is, when is enough enough? When does it cross that line?

  13. Crossroads says:

    This is crazy. What is it now three ejections in two years? That doesn’t even include the sectional final vs Mahopac a few years ago when he chased the official off the field after winning the game and should have been suspended from the first state playoff game.

    The Yorktown AD needs to put in writing a code of conduct and give him an official warning that if it happens again, he’s fired. This is not minor league hockey. It’s high school athletics. I’m stunned this has been allowed to continue like this.

  14. Cradler says:

    Syracuse I think you missed my point. My friend meant oh that was just Marr being Marr and the officials couldn’t have been that bad. Well, they were that bad, but he gave it no credence because Marr argues every offside call. My point was when you argue everything you no credibility when you do have a legitimate gripe.

  15. system says:

    Yorktown has 106 wins and 32 losses, in Dave Marrs career as Yorktown’s Head Coach (not to mention a state title)…I think he’s doing something right pal 😉

    Yes, he does get a little crazy sometimes but thats bc he cares so much for the kids and the program…you’ve had to gone through the system at Ytown to understand it…

  16. Jaybird says:

    My understanding is that Marr’s winning percentage is actually well below other Town coaches in history. Besides, since winning the state title his first year, what have they done? Lost to Nisky in state quarters. Lost to Syosset in semis last year. Lost to John Jay twice in the same season. Barely beat LP to win the title two years ago.

    But this isn’t about wins and losses. Even if Marr won five straight state titles. You don’t get suspended from three games in three years. Period. That would never happen at John Jay. Why does Town allow this?

  17. THE CROP says:

    yea joe, we would have come down but there was way to many kids in the way..there will be more chances…..I’ve scouted out the field for the state finals in looks real nice, looks like the crop can take it over. But, I guess we should take it a game at a time, nothing wrong with thinking ahead though.

    As for Marr last night, it seemed in that situation, he was just looking out for his players

  18. Joe Lombardi says:

    Crop –

    We were actually thinking about starting out the game with me in the cream of the Crop, that would have allowed the camera to be in position up in the stands before moving down to the field level. We could have used one of the four stationary cameras I guess but it won’t have had the same feel. There will definitely be more chances.

  19. syracuse says:


    I understand far more than you know 🙂 I would expect someone from within the current family to take exception and I welcome that. No one is questioning Dave Marr the Xs and Os coach. He’s definitely doing something right. I just think he could be doing more right by toning it down a bit.


    I didn’t miss your point. I’m expanding on it. If they are indeed the team that cried wolf, even when they are 100 percent correct, if their cries of injustice are met with deaf ears because of their reputation as complainers, why bother taking the complaints to such a degree? I mean, you can make your point to the officials professionally and then move on. Keeping at it as boisterously as they do can only end badly … as it has.

  20. Laxittome says:

    Town situation with refs is compounded by fact Town has six assistant coaches. I’m not exaggerating. LP has one. I don’t know how many of them work the refs but I do know one of them got flagged last night.

  21. TOWNfan says:

    joe when and what channel will the murph cup be on ?

  22. slacrosse says:


    So its OK for him to get thrown out on numbers of occasions “because he cares so much about the kids and the program? More then Sav/JJ?, more then Dooley/Rye!!, etc, etc. NO WAY he cares more then many other top coaches who control themselves and dont put their kids at a disadvantage.

    Listen all Town supporters. You all know that NO ONE argues he’s not a great coach, cares for the program and kids but you fans should stop cutting him slack on this particular point.

  23. Joe Lombardi says:

    TOWNfan –

    You can catch Cablevision’s broadcast of the Murphy Cup in Yorktown, Peekskill and Ossining Cablevision systems on Channel 118 at 6 p.m. today and 8 p.m. on Monday. You can also catch it on video on demand.

  24. system says:

    Why do u care so much? Yes, the guy has gotten thrown out of 2 or 3 games, you guys need to get a life and stop blowing this out of proportion…
    Yorktown still wins games, remember?

  25. murphs55 says:

    Guys, get a life!!!! yes Marr has gotten thrown out of a few games, but its not like Yorktown lax program is effected by it!!! There a top ten team in the COUNTRY, have an extremely impressive record thus far and oh yea have about almost their entire starting line-up going D1 !!! I think the guy is doing something right!!!

    Stop blowing things out of proportion bc your jealous you never got to wear a green and white jersey!!!!! 😉

  26. Cards Lax says:

    You’re an idiot… He’s the worst coach to come through Town and has the stats to show for it. He won the states with somebody elses team and is a huge cry baby and everyone in the tri state area know it.

    He should get canned, it’s a joke the Town AD hasn’t done anything about it.

  27. murphs55 says:

    hahahahaha Cards Lax,
    Its ppl like you that make it extremely entertaining to come on this website and read your garbage…You obviously know NOTHING about lacrosse…His stats show it? hmmm, well my friend, he has been the head coach since 2003 and already has over 100 wins and 30 losses…..6 section titles, 1 state title, state semi appearances..has graduated NUMEROUS amount of All Americans and has sent NUMEROUS amount of players D1…He once again has Yorktown completely dominating not just section one but New York State, (again), and has lead Yorktown in finally cracking the national top ten rankings…I would have to say I would want the guy on my side huh? For a guy that still holds records at Johns Hopkins and is regarded as one of the best attackmen to ever play at Yorktown and Hopkins, I would think I would want him leading my team into the NYS playoffs, (he might know a thing or two…)

  28. system says:

    well said….

  29. LaxWatcher says:

    This is not about wins and losses. Though you don’t mention Town lost a Murphy Cup for just the second time in 20 years under Marr and lost to Hen Hud and Greeley for the first time ever. Or that they made just one state title game. And finished a regular season with a losing record for the first time in 30 years.

    But this isn’t about wins and losses.

    System, you are completely missing the point.

    It’s about having respect for the game and those involved in it and setting an example for young impressionable men.

    Bottom line – if every coach in the section behaved like him there would be no Section One lacrosse. No official would agree to work every game under such harassment and abusive conditions.

  30. john says:

    Guys some of you have it right and others are so blinded by the fact you are part of the program thats its nuts. A coach is first a molder of men and women and is there to teach them the game and to teach them about life and how they are related. If a coach acts out players see that and think it is ok to do the same. Yorktown has already had some of the best officials in the area listed as non preferred. This is something every team is allowed to do if they have a problem with a certain official. The problem with yorktown is the coaches act out and they have non preferred some of the better officials. Each school may classify 3 officials as non preferred. Well once you non prefer some of the better officials what are you left with. An official who might be a little less experienced not a weaker official just one who is not as experienced and then the coaches seem to feel they can get away with arguing with these other officials. All this shows the player sis that if you don`t like something you try to change it and keep complaining until you get your way. This sets a great example for the players and students and also thos ekids who are in youth programs and looking up to the older kids on the high school teams. The program obviously is a good one as far as wins and losses etc as far as teaching players and younger impressionable kids the way of the game and how to act as good sportman I think the Town program is sorely lacking.

  31. Cards Lax says:

    I was comparing Marr to forner Town guys. He is nothing and has done nothing comapred to the previous guys.

    If he really cared about anybody but himself he would shut his mouth and not argue every call.

    Who’s to say that refs don’t go into games against Town with just a little pebble in the back of their mind that they themselves don’t even realize? We’re all human…

  32. ripo says:

    Somers guys are all football guys who are getting worn down for football next year. I hear Diena is hurt and they have a lot of guys banged up. They will miss a lot of 7 on 7 football we should roll over then in the fall in football.

  33. RedGray says:

    Ripo your last sentence makes no sense. Speak English.

  34. LoveTownLax says:

    For all of you blasting Coach Marr for the tough season ‘Town had 2 years ago -or “jaybird” – “losing to JJ twice,” or “only” making the state quarter-finals or semi-finals in various years, or your nasty comments, “Laxwatcher” & “Cards Lax” etc. etc., are you kidding me? Every year different BOYS come and go, they all work hard to be successful, and Coach Marr (AND his terrific staff of assistant coaches – tough if you think it is too many, “Laxittome”..why does poor L/P only have one, wawa…?) dedicate countless hours to make them the best they can be. ‘Town can’t always be the #1, but always strive to be… and when they aren’t, everyone LOVES to jump on the critical bandwagon. That is absurd. What team ALWAYS wins? You don’t think the boys on the 2007 team wanted to have that record, do you? We here in ‘Town (players, parents, The Crop) don’t really care if our boys play up to your standards or not. You are all just using this situation as a whipping post for what you perceive to be all of ‘Towns past transgressions. (And, remember, it has only been the past decade that ‘Town has had much REAL competition here in Section One, much more to deal with than past coaches have had…. – yes, & I do think it’s terrific that so many teams have great programs now)

    I get your points about the bench penalties, but whether or not you feel Coach Marr was wrong for complaining about the call on Saturday (& ‘Town should have had possession, the overriding ref was wrong..) this free-for-all about how he coaches, the successes and few failures the BOYS have had since 2003, are really over the top. But then again, when you’ve been on top for such a long time, EVERYONE else loves to see you fail, and enjoys throwing the stones, right bloggers? What do you think Joe Lombardi? ‘Cuse? (some bloggers are just like the media – they love to tear down those who are successful.)

  35. TownLax says:

    LoveTownLax –
    I’m honestly disappointed. I thought you could come up with something — anything — better than that because frankly that was a real reach although I respect your blind passion for the green and white. But instead of providing any legitimate reason (not that there is any obviously) for Coach Marr once again behaving like a child and setting a poor example for impressionable teenagers, you talk about how people want to bring someone successful down. Talk about trying to skirt the issue. This never would have come up had he not once again lost his composure and represented the program poorly. Take off the blinders. Don’t kill the messenger. Marr is at fault. No one else. It’s time all of us Town fans — and you — accept this and take responsibility. Someone has to act like adults.

  36. sec1 says:

    On Coach Marr lets look at this yr, I have been to every Town game this yr and this is the most laid back Dave has been in yrs until the Murphy Cup. Now we can talk about lots of things here, I would like to talk about the Refs, when you miss a call or blow a call it happens, and all Coaches will bitch thats ok. But I will tell you what is not ok when they dont know the rules, Exp1 on the call that started it the ref who made the call cant? He has the backline not the sideline. Exp 2 the sideline ref made the call which was Town ball, he called the back line ref over to tell him of his call then somehow the call was changed by something the backline ref said who was closer to the play but was trailing behind the players and did not have the line of sight that the sideline ref had, who made the call, eventhough the back line ref made the fist call he cant! Exp 3 when they changed the call and the bench Coaches complained it was that the call could not made by the backline ref unless the sideline ref did not see it, then to compound it they did not know the penalty rule, which was one player down not two, and of course that added to the hard feelings. Also compounding things was the other backline ref who was not part of the discussion with the first two refs comes over and throws the first flag which then the other refs throw theirs. Now to the last flag #13 on Town was knocked down from behind right in front of the ref who did not miss the call he just did not call it, and that made Coach Marr get the last flag, one to protect his player and I am sure from the penalty’s from before. In my opinion he should have handled that call alittle different but who knows what was said rabbit ears and all.. Daves a great Coach and person, find something else to talk about he will serve his suspenion. As for the amount of Coaches the problem is you dont get it,

  37. LoveTownLax says:

    Town Lax – I don’t believe I made one excuse for what happened Saturday. I just don’t agree that every single transgression, or the fact that ‘Town has lost 30 games since 2003 has ANYTHING to do with this bench penalty issue. And the fact that BOYS didn’t play at a certain level every single year since then. You really think all those “out of left field comments” were appropriate? I was talking about the TEAMS, not the coaches. I don’t have blind passion at all -you missed ALL my points entirely. It is I who is disappointed with you. Whatever.

  38. LoveTownLax says:

    Hey Joe – where did my post go?

    just in case it doesn’t “re-appear” I basically stated that CLEARLY Town Lax missed my points entirely, & that I am disappointed with Town Lax. No excuses for the bench penalties, but I was referring to all the posts about the TEAM results since 2003 and most of the blogger comments had NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. I am not blind to anything. But Town Lax, you do sound awfully bitter – what’s your real beef?

    (oh, & Town Lax – I accept responsibilty for my behavior – but sorry, I can’t for anyone elses – including yours. There’s nothing in my earlier post that is irresponsible- ie. not adult – I was, more than anything, supporting our boys with my comments, as I always do)

  39. Sweet Lou Janavey says:

    I think most of you are missing the point. Coaches like, Dave, LewJ, Jimmy L, Dooleys who are mauled on these blogs for everything all have one thing in common. THEY CARE! What gets them worked up is these kids work all year long hours a day to get themselves to the next level. Then on any given day in big games with the field covered with athletic college bound kids, a ref who by experience, and attitude DOES NOT BELONG on those games makes ridiculous calls. Then when questioned take it out on the coaches, and teams. I saw this in the Somers -Town game, Murphy Cup game, Somers – Ridgefield, and L/P -Greeley Games. Section 1, Boces, coaches, AD’s Joe Lombardi, SOMEONE has to start realizing the big contests and get the refs who belong on those games assigned. This is also the case when hosting out of region opponenets. We should have the best there too as to not embarass section1, . Love to hear others thoughts ??
    Don’t mistake PASSION for the kids, for whining, and Bit—g.

  40. fan says:

    Cards Lax… Lets not compare Marr’s stats with those coaches before him…until he’s been at that position for 15-30 years like the previous coaches. Don’t forget it was those coaches that hand picked him for this job many years before he got it..

  41. slacrosse says:


    See above. Cuse has spoken (May 3, 11:49AM) on this topic. He raised the issue to start with.

  42. syracuse says:

    Really interesting stuff guys.

    LoveTownLax posed a very good question, one that should also be discussed.

    He basically said since Yorktown is the program it has been it’s easy to take shots at them. Everyone hates a winner.

    Well, naturally this is 100 percent true. Everyone hates the Yankees for a reason — mostly because they always win, though in more recent years that has shifted more to getting on them because they spend so much money. But I digress …

    The bottom line is haters will always be haters. There’s nothing you can do to change a hater’s mind. He will get on you when you win, rip you to death when you lose and generally just always have something disparaging to say.

    That said, though, I do not sense any true haters in this post discussion. I think the people who have come down hard on Marr make very legitimate points. And I think it’s easy for the Town/Marr supporters to hide behind his record and basically conveniently overlook his at times over the top behavior.

    But what I must defend Marr on is how this conversation sort of segued into his success or failures as a coach considering Yorktown’s history and who Marr followed in the line of succession.

    This debate, as far as I am concerned, is not about Marr’s Xs and Os. It wasn’t designed to call out his abilities as a taskmaster, game-planner, in-game decision maker. I am of the belief he does a very good job in that regard. Of course you’re all entitled to your opinion on that.

    But I ask that we try not to stray from the original point, meaning talking about the behavior of the bench as it pertains to 1. the example it sets and 2. what a bad penalty could mean in a game, especially a big game.

  43. Joe Lombardi says:

    LTL – Your previous comment is there. It’s comment No. 37. (I like having the numbers next to them for easy identification.)

  44. reader says:

    those rules your mentioning aren’t entirely correct. refs can confer and if one saw it better the original ref can defer. which could speak to the idea the even if its subconsciously Town coaches acting like children when the should be teaching children isn’t going to help them. a lot of rules are open to interpretation. the ref is there to call the game and the coach is there to coach his kids. not set a bad example…

    and with all do respect to “syracuse” i know you touched on this but the conversation went right to winning or losing. no one can argue yorktown’s dominance and program but the conduct of coaches raises the question that the example being set is really the bigger issue!

  45. THE CROP says:

    shockingly enough the reason why yorktown got beat by hud and greely for the first time ever, and john jay acouple times, l/p once and why they’ve been to state finals only once recently could be:…….are you ready for this?…….the players on the team and the competition….i think everyone can agree in the last decade teams have been “catching up” i guess you can say in the sport of lax. Theres now teams with great players and coaches that aren’t gonna lay down when they play teams better then them on paper. No doubt, ytown is still the favorite im just saying, yorktown isnt facing jv teams. And maybe the teams in recent years just got beat by better teams in the state playoffs. As for the loses in section, yorktown obviously did not play well. You could only blame so much on the coach, some of it has to be the team itself or the opposing team.

    Joe torre got fired from NY..the next year no playoffs for yanks, why? i would say the team did not mesh well and did’nt play up to their potential.

    When the ref is making bogus calls i would want my coach to go ballistic, it shows hes looking out for me and my teammates.

  46. LoveTownLax says:

    yes, Joe, it came, and went, and came back again! Technology – friend or foe???! (& the post numbers are helpful) I know I can’t wait to see the broadcast tonight! LTL was at youth lax yesterday, couldn’t watch it then….

    slacrosse, I did read ‘Cuse’s response about the specific incident before I posted, and understand and respect his points. I was referring to the blog-fest about non-pertinent issues when I asked for his input…but thanks for pointing out that I might have missed it :o)

    & ‘Cuse – interesting you referred to LTL as “he…” :o)

  47. Joe Lombardi says:

    LTL – I was going to comment on the “he” reference by Cuse as well, but I thought I would leave that to you if you so desired.

    Anyway, sorry I missed you at the Cup. But hope you enjoy the broadcast tonight.

  48. syracuse says:

    I feel shame … as usual.

    LTL, at least I didn’t refer to you as an “it!” 🙂

  49. Joe Lombardi says:

    Crop – I like the Yankee reference. That reminds me, a friend and colleague, Mike Sabini, saw the Murphy Cup on TV and asked me, when lax season ends, if the Crop would consider sitting in the seats behind homeplate at the new Yankee Stadium. No one is buying them any way and it would be a good way to drum up interest/enthusiasm.

    Before I forget, gang. This is a bit belated, but here’s the link to the MaxPreps photo gallery from the Yorktown-Darien game:

  50. THE CROP says:

    Even The Crop isnt crazy enough to sit in the lower sections of “The House the Taxpayers Built”..although the yanks slashing prices like crazy eddy from 2500 to about 1400 dollars is hard to resist….sarcasm…the highest ticket price at citifield is $585 and even they are having trouble filling seats.

    Im not sure where the crop would be most effective in the new greedy(yankee) stadium..directly behind the plate?, right behind the opposing teams on deck circle?, or my favorite would be above the opposing teams bullpen..the pitcher would warm up as a man and then walk out to pitch as a boy. Papelbon would be in tears

  51. LoveTownLax says:

    Thanks Joe – would have been okay, but appreciate your discretion. & you were way too busy Saturday, Joe – Boys & Crop much more important than LTL! Funny reference to Yankee Stadium….

    no cause for shame, ‘Cuse! I think I take the reference as a compliment, actually…

  52. Joe Lombardi says:

    Crop – You described that perfectly. I actually have a sharp mental image as to how it all may play out. Good stuff.

    LTL – It definitely was a busy night and a fun one. Had to be one of the most spirited, boisterous and large crowds for a Murphy Cup in a long time.

  53. Syracuse says:

    THE CROP in the premium seats. Absolutely. You know Big Papi fears the stalks. I’d pay you, however, to ride Youkilis. That guy is some words I can’t use on this family channel.

  54. LoveTownLax says:

    Joe – great job by all on the broadcast of ‘Town/LP game! Enjoyed all the commentary, insight, information etc. Loved your visit to the Crop. well done!

  55. Joe Lombardi says:

    Thanks, LTL. The crew did a fantastic job. We had four stationary cameras and two field-level cameras as well. It really brings all the action right into your living room. I’ve done a lot of big games on Cablevision and MSG through the years, including Rye-Harrison football, and I think the finished product Saturday was as good as any I’ve done. So credit goes to the production team.

    BTW – am I the only one who thinks the Murphy Cup should be played at night every year? I said this about the JJ-Yorktown game after it was switched to a day game in ’07. I really think LP vs. Ytown and JJ vs. Ytown should always be played at night. Thoughts?

  56. LoveTownLax says:

    Absolutely Joe! All the fans agree and say so every year. Why have lights if we don’t use them, AD’s??? Not only does it add to the excitement of a big game, but also causes less conflicts with youth games, work, etc, etc… although we know it’s never a sure thing for our ‘Cuse, he’s a man in demand! :o)

  57. THE CROP says:

    yea plus its tough for The Crop to see any action during the day..yorktown stands face the sun towards the hours of 2-6 pm….oddly enough before yorktown made the turf field ( which could have been sponsored by pepsi with lockerrooms underneath and all that cool stuff with scoreboard, but ytown turned it down) the yorktown (home) stands were on the other side near the woods…where the away bleachers are today.

    why i took the time out of my day to write that i dont know, i’ve been sick the last 2 days (missing my first lax game of the year b/c of it) so i gotta pass time…BTW i got big plans for The Crop on MSG.

  58. OLD#24 says:

    I think Syracuse makes a lot of excellent points. Yorktown has long been the ” hunted” team in Section I

    Coach Marr has done an excellent job and no one is questioning his abilities or his results thus far

    I remember a similar discussion when coach Marr getting ” ejected” from the alumni game last spring.

    I live out of the area now but hope the observers saying the sideline antics have come down is a good sign.

    You need to lead by example as a coach – even when you don’t agree with the results. ” sticking up” by getting ejected or needless bench penalites is a shame

    no one mentioned Jim Turnbull – pretty sucessful coach by the way – anyone care to argue – count the times he got ejected from a contest or made a spectacle of himself.

    Sometimes the officials make good calls that go against you and vice-versa.

    Don’t mention my lack of understanding of Yorktown and the ” system” – I am a product of it and are well aware of the pressure and pride that produces such great results.

  59. Old Timer says:

    It would seem to me that the empirical evidence regarding Marr’s positive or negative impact as an example is front and center in the conduct of the ‘Town players.

    I am fairly certain if they spend much of every game whining and bitching at the refs, we’d have heard about it by now. I’ve neither seen nor heard one complaint about the way the ‘Town players carry themselves win or lose – so I’m going to assume the players keep their mouths shut and play.

    …and I would bet that’s at the direction of their coach.

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