Section 1 finals

at White Plains High School

Class A

Yorktown 11, Lakeland/Panas 10 (OT)

Class B

Somers 14, John Jay 9

Class C

Putnam Valley 10, Rye 7

Section 8 (Nassau) finals

at Hofstra University, Hempstead

Class A

Hicksville 7, Baldwin 6

Class B

Garden City 11, Lynbrook 4

Class C

Manhasset 7, Cold Spring Harbor 5

Section 11 (Suffolk) finals

at Stony Brook University

Class A

West Islip 9, Ward Melville 5

Class B

Sayville 11, Smithtown West 9

Class C

Mount Sinai 11, Glenn 8

State playoffs

Quarterfinals (Section 1 vs. Section 2/9): June 9 (at University at Albany

Class C – 3:30 p.m.

Schulerville vs. Putnam Valley

Class A – 5:30 p.m.

Guilderland vs. Yorktown

Class B – 8 p.m.

Niskayuna vs. Somers

Long Island championships (Section 8 vs. Section 11): June 9 (at Stony Brook)

Section 8 vs. Section 11 at Stony Brook University

Class C – 3:30 p.m.

Manhasset (Section 8)  vs. Mount Sinai (Section 11)

Class A – 5:30 p.m.

Hicksville (Section 8 ) vs. West Islip (Section 11)

Class B – 8:30 p.m.

Garden City (Section 8 )  vs. Sayville (Section 11)

Downstate semifinals (Section 1/2/9 vs. Section 8/11): June 11 (at Middletown High School) Class C – 3:30 p.m., Class A – 5:30 p.m. Class B – 8 p.m.

Finals: June 13: (at Paetec Park in Rochester)
Class C – 11 a.m., Class A – 1:30 p.m. Class B – 4 p.m.

• State playoff bracket

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119 Responses to “Section 1, 8, 11 championship results”

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  4. randy says:

    What about the suffolk schedule?

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  6. Lax 4 says:

    Any ideas on 1-4 Section A 1 Ytown
    2 L/P
    3 ?
    4 ?

  7. Top Corner says:

    It’ll probably be 1)Ytown (2)L/P (3) WP (4)Pac

  8. pacfan says:

    Its gonna be really interesting for the 3,4,5 seeds. WP,Suffern and Pac all beat each other.

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  10. […] • Section 1, Section 8 playoff schedules […]

  11. Lax 17 says:


  12. BigBadBear says:

    PV seeded first, and the bye, Rye gets second but no bye…

    Garnet fans, you happy with that?

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  14. Joe Lombardi says:

    Be sure to check the main body of this post for the just released Section 1 playoff pairings and be sure to weigh in with your thoughts.

  15. BigBadBear says:


    I think you mean B’cliff, not Byram Hills/Ardsley winner playing PV

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    You will note John Jay is a No. 3 seed. John Jay coach Nick Savastano told me he was told it’s because for the first time all games vs. teams in the state count toward the seeding. Savastano said he and the Indians are looking into it.

  17. Joe Lombardi says:

    Bear –

    Right you are. I made the fix.

  18. Jaybird says:

    This is disgraceful about John Jay’s seeding. After all they have done to advance the reputation of HV lax. I thought the whole idea with power rankings in the first place is to reward teams for playing tough competition. What a joke.

  19. PurpleReigns says:

    I wouldn’t wanna be Greeley right now. If they thought a 20-11 whopping was bad just wait till next Friday!!!

  20. RyeGuy says:

    Yeah I’m glad we get an extra game in to keep us sharp. Poor Putnam Valley.

  21. PatriotNation says:

    Joe –

    Thanks for putting up the Suffolk Class A pairings. Looking forward to seeing Class B and Class C when they’re finalized tomorrow.

  22. syracuse says:

    Are Jay fans seriously worried about their seeding? C’mon. Gimme a break. You are the top seed or No. 2. We all know that. The only thing that potentially stinks here is maybe Jay having to face Somers in the semifinals. Someone could get picked off before then. One never knows.

  23. SirLaxalot says:

    Careful what you wish for RyeGuy. This means you you will play #3 Bronxville in semis and they’ve been on a tear.

  24. Old Coach says:


    Not that it matters in this case because they’ll play each other anyway, but seeding Greeley over Jay is absurd – ignoring both the league results ( Jay first, Greeley tied for second ) and the 20-11 head to head win by Jay.

    Using this logic, if Pac (tied with Greeley for second in league and 14-1 losers to Jay) were in B, they’d have also been seeded ahead of Jay pitting the section’s two best B squads in the semis, not the final. I’m sure Somers would have loved that.

    Why bother having leagues in the Power league, if the results are ignored?

  25. Observer says:

    Well said Old Coach. What’s worse is they didn’t inform anyone of this change in the rules put in for this year. It’s not only incompetence on their part but actually comical.

  26. Joe Lombardi says:

    Quick correction on what Syracuse wrote. Since JJ is seeded third it cannot meet Somers prior to the final.

  27. Joe Lombardi says:

    I agree with your points, Old Coach. The idea of seedings should be to seed the best teams in order from top to bottom. John Jay beat Greeley by nine goals. Under this system, they are being penalized for losing to St. Anthony’s, Corning East and Niskayuna. How does that make sense and how does that encourage teams from the area to play tough schedules and increase exposure for their programs and Section 1. It simply doesn’t.

  28. LacrosseInsider says:

    Who came up with this rule, is it the same group that picked the HV empire team last year?

  29. LacrosseInsider says:

    CUSE – the other thing that stinks is that Jay potentially may have to travel for the semi when they should be playing at home. Traveling to Greeley when jay won by 9 previously is a joke. The flip side is that we can silence those nasty Greeley fans on their own turf (or is that grass?)!

  30. Quaker Nation says:

    It’s grass. Waah waah. Stop your tour crying. Either way we were gonna play you guys and beat you. We have a new defencive scheme and its gonna be a completely different game.

  31. Laxtime says:

    The bottom line is John Jay earned the two seed. Can anyone argue Greeley deserves it over John Jay? Of course not. As Joe said the whole idea of seedings is to determine who the best teams are and seed them accordingly. Syracuse’s logic that John Jay fans shouldn’t be worried either way completely misses the point. I agree if this happened to Town he would be flying off the handle right now.

  32. PurpleReigns says:

    This does stink. Who cares what Cuse thinks? He thought JJ could be playing Somers in the semifinals so he’s obviously uninformed.

  33. THE CROP says:

    JJ is better then 3, should be prob 2, but who cares..good teams can preform anywhere home,away,neutral, i see john jay as a good team..theyll beat greely at greely even with a “new defencive” scheme by the quakers…either way jay needs to play somers to win section..i see no difference when they do…if they lose to somers in semis or the finals..i see no difference..for these playoffs, your either first or last.

    in the event that yorktown got a 2 seed or 3..i would scratch my head, but in the end i would be fairly certain that yorktown can take section with little competition

  34. THE CROP says:

    (i could be wrong) but it seems like the only diff from being 2 or 3, is playing greely at home or away in the quarters…JJ can beat them either way, i wouldnt be too worked up

  35. PurpleReigns says:

    CROP just to clarify as Joe said the #1 Somers plays #4 or #5 seed in semi’s not the #2 or #3 so John Jay cann’t play Somers until the final regardless if they’re a 2 or 3. Cuse got the info wrong above and Joe corrected it.

  36. syracuse says:

    Schoolhouse Road, Laxtime and others who have absolutely no clue what I’m about, hear this:

    I disagree completely with you. I don’t cry bloody murder over anything, so don’t pretend like you can read my mind or know how I think. If Yorktown got penalized for playing a tough schedule I wouldn’t care because I know they’d still wipe the floor with the opponents in the sectional tournament. You guys don’t seem to have that type of confidence. Don’t freak on me because I do.

    LacrosseInsider’s logic is much more pertinent than any I’ve read because Jay, in theory, shouldn’t have to play at Greeley since they beat Greeley, but now that overall record matters they have to. It stinks but it is what it is.

    Sure, the seeding system is a slap in the face to Jay. My question is, so what? I said as plain as day we ALL know you guys deserve a better seeding than you got. Why does it matter that you are No. 3 instead of No. 2? You already destroyed Greeley. You would beat them again, easy, so unless you are completely lacking confidence in this Jay team I don’t understand why you are so bent about this.

    The seeds are what they are. If the committee feels Jay should be penalized because they lost a handful of games to schools that are really good but outside the section, what can you do about it except complain? Is it wrong? The committee doesn’t think so. And what they think is more important than what you think because they make the brackets, not you.

    Take Mahopac for example from past years. The Indians would be like 4-12 and yet the No. 3 seed because, after all, they played the harder schedule and what they did outside of Section 1 play shouldn’t matter. Well, now the committee thinks that’s a bad idea.

    So, again, I ask you: Why complain about it?

    White Plains handled Mahopac this year, yet there Mahopac is at No. 3 and WP at No. 5. You hear the WP people complaining? White Plains is 10-6, while Mahopac is 9-7. You could say, well ‘Pac plays the more difficult schedule, but since ‘Pac lost to every tough team they played this year why isn’t WP ahead of them? Stands to reason since Greeley got the nod over Jay for precisely that reason, WP should have received the same treatment.

    Yet, they didn’t. So, one last time, why fight City Hall on a system that 1. won’t be changed because you are upset about it and 2. clearly can’t get out of its own way?

    Just have confidence that Jay will win and move on and quit acting like you have the first clue what I’m about.

  37. syracuse says:


    Considering all the nice things I’ve said about Jay this year, you should relax a little. Anyone can misread a bracket. I haven’t had my spectacles cleaned in some time.

  38. Old Rugger says:

    Just play the Game and Crush Greeley, On grass, turf or the parking lot. No prisoners. And start the petition processes to make sure this absurdity doesn’t happen in the future where it might actuall make a difference. (Like playing Somers earlier in the playoffs)

  39. LAX says:

    This is absurd, but I don’t see how it matter that much. They’ll still probably face Greeley in the semis and Somers in the final correct?

  40. LAX says:

    Syracuse I know it may not matter at all but it’s still ridiculous, quite laughable.

  41. LacrosseInsider says:

    CUSE – I agree with everything you said. I just think that this should be fixed, if not now than going forward. Let’s face it, the entire season is to get to the sectionals and win so that you have a chance to move on. Jay and Town play a lot of great teams outside of the section so that they will be prepared to win the section and have a chance at a state title. If this new rule stays, teams like Jay and Town may think twice about their instate records and may choose to play more top teams from CT, NJ, MA and MD. There is nothing wrong with that, its just that I want to keep seeing Jay/Manhasset, Town/Ward Melville, etc. Maybe I am wrong and the coaches won’t think twice about these “in state” games, but maybe not. All I know is that the most important goal of the season is to win the section, without that you go nowhere. It may not be a real issue this year with Jay but imagine if you have 3 or 4 teams that could all win the section, then it would really matter who gets seeded where.

  42. syracuse says:


    Well said, but I disagree on one thing: I can’t imagine Yorktown or John Jay ever not playing the best schedule they can play — sectional seeding or no sectional seeding, in-state or out.

  43. syracuse says:


    It’s like the Jay folks think I have it in for them or something. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve been waxing poetic about Jay players, for the most part, a lot this season. I even picked against Somers, the team I picked in the preseason to win Class B, with Jay in the other thread and laid out my reasons why.

    I just don’t like it when people whine and complain. Just, like Old Rugger said, go out, win the game. Don’t waste vital energy and scream about slaps in the face. At the end of the day none of that matters. What matters is Jay is 1 or 1A in Class B in Section 1 and will perform as such in a very short time from now.

    I agree with you. This is completely laughable. But for anyone to bring Yorktown or the fact that I’m a Town guy into the conversation only shows to me the unbelievable inferiority complex SOME people have.

  44. nylaxer says:

    Lots of whining by JJ fans. If you are as good as you think, you’ll handle Greeley. If you lose, which could happen, tip your hats to the Greeley boys and find something else to do besides writing on lax blogs.

  45. LAX says:

    I think the only thing that this unexpected seeding is going to do is give Greeley home field in the semis. But I agree if this is how it’s going to be just go out and play that way. And I know you’re a town guy but you’ve been quite objective throughout the season which I respect, great job helping Joe with this site you seem very devoted to the game.

  46. THE CROP says:

    Jay fans, i’m wearing a new york giants t shirt that says

    “Talk is cheap, play the game”…start thinking about the actual games and not that you got seeded 1 spot down from what you wanted..hey and fix your away side bleachers and that muddy hill.

  47. singo says:

    I dont here anyone from jj complaining, they know that there schedule got them better and prepared for a run to the sectional finals and greeley played a week schedule so lets see which scheduled prepared them more.

  48. LacrosseInsider says:

    Last season Syracuse was definately biased towards Town. This season he has been unbiased, insightful and quite frankly I look forward to his commnets. The comments about Cuse having a different perspective if this was Town are flat out baseless.

  49. slacrosse says:


    Hey what are ya gonna do. Bring em on!

    Good luck in the playoffs!

  50. spectator says:

    If we want to talk about whining – what about the ‘Town fans whining about where they were sitting – now that’s whining!

  51. THE CROP says:

    yea you have a great point spectator..being completly disrespected by volunteer security at a lacrosse game is totally the same as being a number 3 seed instead of 2.

    ba dum cchhhhhhhhhh

  52. Parent says:


    I didn’t even realize you were a townie! No matter, I still enjoy reading your posts as they are fair, objective, analytical and, more often than not, right on the money. You also avoid any negativity towards the players (although I think you could have given the Jay defensive unit a little more credit after the town game, but I am biased). And I really do appreciate your helping Joe with the site, particularly with the updates since I haven’t been able to make it to every game.

    Seriously, most of the points that were made here are valid. The seedings should rank the best teams, and to do that they should take into account strength of schedule. That being said, all rankings are subjective and open to criticism–just ask the college football BCS folks. And it is very true that it doesn’t matter where a team is ranked; if you’re the better team, go out there and prove it. The only injustice that I see is that the seniors on a given team may lose out on one more game on their home field (which, in my opinion, Jay earned). Nevertheless, I think the sun will still come up in the east tomorrow.

  53. spectator says:

    didn’t ya just say “hey and fix your away side bleachers and that muddy hill”

    ba dum cchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  54. Old Coach says:


    It’s not this year or Jay that is the problem, it is the system. Section one should want their finals to be a showcase event and they have got to have a system that insures the best two teams on opposite sides of the draw – after that it doesn’t really matter. This system doesn’t even try.

    As far as Jay goes this year, they just have to go to Greeley and win again. If they can’t do that, they don’t belong in the final.

  55. THE CROP says:

    i dont know if you’ve catched my sarcastic tone in all my posts but that was one of them

    all im saying is jay is good enough to beat greely at home or away.

  56. Pac Fan says:

    According to people here on this blog, Pac did not beat any good teams and does not deserve the 3 seed. What is Put Valley? (beat JJCR), Greeley 9-8, Suffern 16-3. Lost to Somers by 3, Lost to LLP by 2. They beat teams that WP lost to. For example WP lost to Suffern (pac beat them 16-3). WP lost to Bronxville (pac beat them 13-8). WP lost to Horace Greeley (pac beat them 9-8). In fact WP only good wins of the year were against Pac and Put Valley. Elpain how WP deserves the 3 over Pac. If you compare there strength of schedules Pac’s is much stronger.

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  58. NotJoeLombardi says:

    Couple of items. Really do not think that this will change future scheduling. You really Think Dave Marr, Nick Sav, Jimmy L, Lew J are going to start playing all section 1 teams to change seeding. NO, those guys play those non-region games to battle test there teams and ready them for the post season no matter what lies ahead. Just so happens that in this case the grass has become a factor, if they both had the same surface I do not think we would have this much noise, even though I believe Head-to-Head should always be the deciding factor. On a positive note for our boys, Caught the MSG show last night on Jo-Jo Marasco. Jo, thank you for representing section 1 with class. Good Luck in your future. And by the way, does anyone know if ( as he has been called on this site ) Sweet Lew was a professional wrestler or something, man thought I was watching Smackdown during that interview. Joe L, as in the past I think you should start letting people know the sites, and eateries around White Plains, for June 4th. JJ has Camrons, Yorktown has Maria’s, Mahopac has the diner. Lets hear it. Will it be prime rib, or chicken parm?

    GOOD LUCK to everyone in the Post season, let the best team prevail, on turf or grass.

  59. Cards Lax says:

    That was the stupidest thing said on the blogs all year… This sets an incredibly ridiculous precedent and there should be an uproar and outcry from parents, students, coaches and fans in section I regardless of where you were seeded. This will set section I back 20 years! It has nothing to do with J Syracuse, wake up!

    “Jay fans seriously worried about their seeding? C’mon. Gimme a break. You are the top seed or No. 2. We all know that. The only thing that potentially stinks here is maybe Jay having to face Somers in the semifinals. Someone could get picked off before then. One never knows.”

    The AD’s totally ruined section I lacrosse. If this new system stays in place coaches will have to be very careful about scheduling out of section games.

    Maybe more teams will be smart and come to play in CT? Greenwich, Wilton, Ridgefield and Darien are always ready to lay it down…

  60. Old Rugger says:

    JJ should schedule Ridgefield as a regular, good Lax and less gas.

  61. singo says:

    I here they will schedule Ridgefield next year, night game at JJ. JJ is going to drop Corning I hear.

  62. Wasabi says:


    I’m almost positive you didn’t “here” either of those things from a reliable source. Jay is not dropping Corning, but I do hope they start scheduling Ridgefield. Nothing beats a good cross-town rivalry, and Jay-Ridgefield has the potential to become a great one.

    The new seeding formula sets a terrible precedent. I don’t think the top dogs will ease up on their schedule regardless of the formula, but it’s still just plain stupid. The teams most affected will probably be the middle of the road teams who want to start scheduling tougher competition but have to fear the repurcussions of a loss or two. Nice job Sec 1 AD’s! Way to drop the ball on this one.

    I think Cards Lax may be right on the money with his Ct solution if this heinous formula remains in place. Start loading up with the Wiltons, NC’s, Dariens, Ridgefields and Wiltons and you get the good comp without the penalty.

  63. Wasabi says:

    said Wilton twice…meant to add in a Greenwich.

  64. Jaybird says:

    Cards Lax – Excellent points. As Joe said how do you penalize a team for playing Corning, St. A’s and Nisky? It’s an outrage. I hope we use this as motivation to crush Greeley before the Somers game.

  65. Observer says:

    I hope slingo is right and JJ does play Ridgefield. I’ve been calling for it for years and even accused the Savs of ducking them. They should drop Corning. Think about it John Jay traveled 15 hours roundtrip to lose a game that cost them a 2 seed! JJ should play Ridgefield every year at night. With this dumb new rule they should play Wilton and Darien too because they’re great programs but outside New York.

  66. CoppsHill says:

    Sure. Now john jay agrees to play Ridgefield but only at their place and the year after Ridgefield loses White and their other D1 studs. Talk about picking your spots.

  67. singo says:

    last time JJ played ridgefield it was at ridgefield. now lets see if ridgefield can keep the program going or is it a 1 hit wonder. next year jj 14 ridgefield 8

  68. Keeler Tav says:

    Hey John Jay, would you guys like some orange sauce with that duck?? LOL

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  70. spectator says:

    Not only does Ridgefield have a talented team they are actually a fun team to watch play lacrosse. There is never a boring game – they keep it exciting to watch! I would actually pay to watch them beat Yorktown!

  71. […] • Section 1, 8, 11 playoff schedules […]

  72. re:lax says:

    Why all the uproar from JJ about seeding? You only have one meaningful game against the only other viable B team in the section. After that you are going to get rolled by Nisky anyway.

  73. Old Rugger says:

    Ridgefield’s youth program is getting much stronger and deeper, I would expect them to be around for a while. I know my kids know them from youth leagues, summer travel teams, local winter leagues, clinics, etc. It’s a natural rivalry for JJ. Plus I believe the last time they played Ridgefield upset JJ (which is why they play the games).

  74. Syracuse says:

    Cards Lax,

    You’re a real meanie. You hurt my feelings. 🙂

  75. Doid23 says:

    Wow, thought Jay at #3 was a typo at first. My thoughts:

    * I think everyone agrees that this is ridiculous, and that punishing teams that play tough out of area NY competition is shortsighted. So let’s move on from there.

    * Also, nothing’s going to be changed this year, so Jay has to deal with it. And hopefully, it doesn’t matter.

    * This is not a Jay thing, or a Town or Greeley thing, this is about the seeding committee not using any common sense. Let’s not drag this down into a team thing.

    * Now, let’s say instead of playing Ridgefield, etc., Somer’s plays Corning East, Nisky, St. A’s, ‘Set, etc., and loses them all. And Greeley becomes the #1 seed, and Somers/ Jay play in the semis. Yes, the Section winner would still have to beat all comers, but Greeley (this is not about Greeley, obviously, just using this years scenario) becomes sectional finalist. Doesn’t seem right, but that could have just as easily happened using this formula.

    * This must be fixed for next year. Everyone expects a level playing field. Having a clearly superior team seeded lower, just doesn’t feel right. Teams should be judged fairly, not by some inane system. In another scenario, you may two very similar teams that home field may make a difference between a 1 goal win and a 1 goal loss, shouldn’t a teams accomplishments during a season matter in determining who gets that home field advantage?

    * Also, has anybody ever heard of this seeding system anywhere else? Long Island? MIAA? FCIAC? Anywhere? In any sport? Basketball or baseball?

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  77. Garnet Grad says:

    Class C alert! Rye is the defending 4 time Section Champion can you say experienced. AND the Gmen have been on a 7-2 roll since April. Beating Somers, Lakeland/Panas and Greeley along the way. Those 2 loses were to PV who at the time was stepping up and a tough last second loss to Suffen. Rye has gotten it’s act together and will make sure they are ready for what ever matchup falls in the path for the 5th Section One Championship! Rye beating Croton 12-3 was a class act by the brothers Dooley. Starters were gone after 7 minutes, Rye winning 7-0. Many a player broke a sweat on the field.

    Hat’s off to Croton who played hard the entire game and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship during the game!

  78. […] Click here for next week’s quarterfinal- and semifinal-round schedules for Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau and Suffolk: […]

  79. Chill says:

    You JJ kids gotta chill out, it is what it is, can’t handle some grass?
    And you guys seem pretty cocky, just because you beat greeley 20-11 doesnt mean you will beat them like that this time, or at all. First off, you guys lost to Put Valley 13-12, Greeley beat Put valley 13-4. If that can happen, then Greeley is most definitely not out of the running.
    How bout we all keep quite and lets see what happens?

  80. Lax Novice says:


    In Connecticut for the State Championships it’s much the same, all games against public schools are counted toward seedings. New Milford will be the #1 seed in Class M for example, even though Darien and Wilton have played and beaten stronger competition, because New Milford is undefeated. That’s how it works, for now.

  81. […] • Section 1, 8, 11 playoff schedules […]

  82. re:lax says:

    Seeding in CT has been as Cards described for years. Really is not such a big deal most of the time. Yes a team with a very soft schedule will, on occassion, get a high seed that “messes up” the brackets. Usually said team gets destroyed as soon as they face better competition. Worst that happens is one of the semis winds up being the real championship game. Stop whining JJ and just go play the games. If you are as good as you think you are it really shouldn’t matter what order you play them.

  83. Indian J says:

    Most of the complaints were not even from Jay fans but from objective observers. If the worst is that the real championship happens in the semis that is a problem. This is the nature of sports and you can’t expect everything to work out perfectly- but you should only count “in section” games in a sectional tournament. Tie breakers go with head to head score, then to total W/L record, and so on. People don’t want to hear a program like JJ’s complain so they say “shut up and just play the game”. JJ will play the game don’t worry. John Jay’s performance this year was notably better than Horace Greely’s both in terms of strength of schedule, common opponents and head to head competition.

    Its Greely that should stay quiet. They won’t find a more fortunate opportunity than this.

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  85. IndianChief45 says:

    I see a renewed sense of purpose among Pac players going into the playoffs. They have learned from the ups and downs of the regular season. After we stomp Suffern I am predicting a 2 or 3 goal win over Lakeland. Then comes Yorktown and I know we are every bit as good as Wilton. Good luck boys. Let’s make the second season OUR season.

  86. IndianChief45 says:

    Our Pac team is primed and poised for a brand new season. Let’s bring home a state championship boys.

  87. IndianChief45 says:

    One other quick comment. Someone said Syracuse was biased for Town last year but not this year. Quite humorous. A Tiger doesn’t change its stripes my friends. Though he tries to cover it it’s obvious he hates John Jay as all Town fans do. That’s fine in fact I think it’s more than fine 😉

  88. NyGuy says:

    Talking to people the last few days, there’s going to be a huge Nyack crowd at Somers. Even a lot of people who don’t know lax are going to see Nyack upset Somers again just like football. Nyack 10, Somers 7

  89. dude says:

    uhh somers is playing nyack and there going to kill them. somers 17 nyack 3

  90. Tribal Warfare says:

    Somer’s is just a bunch of punks who think there good and they haven’t won anything in like 10 years in football or lax. They are very undisciplined. I heard they were 3 men down vs Brewster and one of their players even got kicked out of the game. Nyack owns Somer’s no matter what sport. They’re gonna score seven points though I’ll give you that just like they did in football when Somers was all hyped up for no reason just like they are now in lax and we waxed them 30-7.

    Nyack 9, Somer’s 7

  91. syracuse says:

    Indian Chief,

    Let’s not rain on ‘CUSE’s parade today. Honestly, I don’t hate JJ. I have nothing but the highest respect for that program. Do I butt heads with their fans from time to time? Sure, but it’s not because of any general dislike for Jay. Please don’t assume anything. I think I’ve been more than fair to all teams this season.

  92. Quaker Nation says:

    Wow Somers was really three men down and had a player ejected. That’s really out of control.

  93. LI Lax says:

    Town fans don’t need to hate JJ, it’s JJ fans that are obsessed with Town. Why can’t JJ fans just accept the fact that they have a good program, at this point #2 in the section, and stop mentioning Yorktown every time they talk about their program?

  94. RedGray says:

    Somers is the #2 program in the section not John Jay.

  95. slacrosse says:

    Indian Chief,

    Yes Cuse is a Town fan and doesn’t hide it but over the years he has always, if called for, been as willing to strongly criticize facets of Town’s play as he has done for all teams. Look at his recent comments expressing “caution” , warnings about Town maybe not even getting to the finals!!!

    Dont confuse his willingness to strongly state his opinions in a debate with hate on any team, etc. With the rivalry between Town and Jay and probably the most vocal and lacrosse educated fans Cuse for sure will be drawn into debate more times then not with Jay fans.

  96. Doid23 says:

    Lax Novice,

    Good point on the Connecticut state seedings, but I’m talking about sectional seedings. If NY had a seeding system for states, then it should be fair game for all games in the state. But Darien, Ridgefield, Wilton etc. don’t count state games when seeding the FCIAC tourney, just the states.

    Who allowed the Pac fans back? Haven’t heard from you two in a while. Since, hmm, let me see if I can remember. Talking’s fine, but you can’t disappear when it’s time to take you’re medicine, and expect to be able to talk smack again.

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  100. Reflax says:

    We played Somers they are not out of control, they play hard and hit you. CLEANLY! Trbal warfare must be a player who got knocked on his butt by the Tuskers?

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  102. YoYoMa says:

    I’m not sure if anyone happened to catch the Somers game but I’m pretty sure the JV squad could have beat them so i’m not sure what all the hype was about about them beating Somers the game was over in the first quarter. Somers kills Nyack 15-3. The only 3 goals coming after they took out Longo “the wall.”

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  109. ED says:

    It was interesting reading back on these as we get ready to start a new season.

  110. LI Guy says:

    It was fun rereading all these scores from last year as we get ready to go again,

  111. LI Lax says:

    Still surprised about Sayville after all these months!

  112. LI Lax says:

    Don’t sleep on Sayville for this year. They have some good athletes.

  113. Charlie says:

    HV AA locks…

    Interlicchio (unless he has really sub par stats bc teams shut him down)




    Other 5 spots TBA – Honovich has best shot among about 7-8 kids

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