Now that we’re more than halfway there (through the regular season that is), it appears things are started to maybe come in to shape.

For the first time all season, the top six spots in the Top 25 regional rankings remained unchanged from the previous week.

But there was plenty of movement elsewhere. Be sure to share your thoughts.

1. West Islip: Junior star Nicky Galasso has already racked up 52 points. (Last week: No. 1)

2. Chaminade: Flyers should be riding high into upcoming showdown against Yorktown. (Last week: No. 2)

3. Manhasset: Indians riding high after impressive Woodstick Classic win over Garden City in which outcome was never in doubt. (Last week: No. 3)

4. Yorktown: After beating Darien for first time in five years, ‘Huskers look to improve to 18-2 all-time in Charlie Murphy Cup series against Lakeland/Panas. (Last week: No. 4)

5. Ridgefield: Tigers looked as good as advertised in a 17-9 win at Somers. Biggest remaining games include Lawrenceville (N.J.), Greenwich and, oh yeah, Darien. (Last week: No. 5)

6. St. Anthony’s: Princeton-bound Thomas Schreiber had three goals in a 12-5 win over John Jay. (Last week: No. 6)

7. Cold Spring Harbor: An 8-4 win over Seaford improved Seahawks’ record to 11-1. (Last week: No. 9)

7. Shoreham-Wading River: Still unbeaten, but coming off a surprisingly close 12-11 overtime win over East Hampton/Bridgehampton. (Last week: No. 14)

8. Garden City: Look for Will Fuller and company to bounce back from Woodstick Classic setback to Manhasset. (Last week: No. 8 )

9. Rocky Point: RP takes 8-0 record into today’s showdown vs. SWR. (Last week: No. 11)

10. Lynbrook: Coming off a 9-8 win over Hewlett.  (Last week: No. 14)

11. Comsewogue:.After falling to SWR, ‘Wogue beat Harborfields and Huntington back-to-back. (Last week: No. 12)

12. Ward Melville: Patriots fell 5-4 to Smithtown East. (Last week: No. 10)

13. Darien: When was the last time the Blue Wave was 4-3?  (Last week: No. 7)

14. Lakeland/Panas: Rebels will shoot up in these rankings if they can pick up wins vs. John Jay and Yorktown. (Last week: No. 16)

15. Brunswick: Strong start, including wins over Greenwich and Malverne Prep. (Last week: Not ranked)

16. Somers: We won’t hold a loss to powerful Ridgefield against the Tigers. Big games await against Rye and Iona Prep. (Last week: No. 16)

17. John Jay: Injury-plagued Indians hope to be healthy. They have a big week ahead, starting today with Lakeland/Panas and ending Saturday night vs. Niskayuna. (Last week: No. 16)

18. Greenwich: Cardinals bounced back from loss to rival Brunswick by beating Fairfield Prep. (Last week: No. 19)

19. Fairfield Prep: Loss to Greenwich has to be considered a mild surprise. (Last week: No. 9)

20. Hicksville: 9-0 start. (Last week: No. 23)

21. Port Washington: Looks who’s back. (Last week: Not ranked)

22. Putnam Valley: Unbeaten start highlighted by big win over four-time Class C sectional champ Rye. (Last week: Not ranked)

23. East Islip: Winners of eight of their nine games. (Last week: Not ranked)

24. Smithtown East: Big one-goal win over Ward Melville. (Last week: Not ranked)

25. Farmingdale: One-sided loss to SWR notwithstanding, it’s been a solid year for the Dalers. (Last week: Not ranked)

Dropped out: Floyd, Plainedge, Baldwin, Glenn


1. Yorktown, 2.
Lakeland/Panas, 3. Somers, 4. John Jay, 5. Putnam Valley

1. Chaminade, 2. Manhasset, 3.
Cold Spring Harbor, 4. Garden City, 5. Lynbrook

1. West Islip, 2. St. Anthony’s,
3. Rocky Point, 4. Comsewogue, 5. Ward Melville,

1. Ridgefield, 2. Darien, 3. Brunswick, 4. Greenwich, 5. Fairfield Prep

Be sure to weigh in with your comments.

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13 Responses to “ Top 25 regional rankings”

  1. LIGuy says:

    Good guys with this guys. Must have been crazy sorting things out with all the second tier LI teams beating each other up.

  2. re:lax says:

    Nice job but Ridgefield should be ranked second. They are unstoppable and would own Yorktown, Manhasset and Chaminade. Think they beat WI as well but will wait for WI to lose before going up to number 1. Top three are the most important slots and Ytown/Chaminade will resolve who is 3rd I think.

  3. all-out-lax says:

    I think the westchester rankings are perfect. L/P’s win over Jay in OT definitely solidified the #3 spot and Jay being ranked #4.

  4. gee wiz says:

    Who does Ridge play this week? the girl scouts? Just got my cookies and SAMOAS rule! To disrespect incredible programs like Town,Set,and Cham maybe you should RELAX bozo

  5. Lax Novice says:

    The only thing unstoppable about Ridgefield is the hype. Even if the Tigers were to run the table and accomplish all of their goals as a team, they could not get to #1 in this or any similar poll because –

    – The schedule this season, as limited by Connecticut HS rules, does not approach what the teams ahead of them are playing, thus potential high quality wins over Darien, Greenwich and Lawrenceville are offset by high quality wins by WI, Yorktown, Manhasset and Chaminade. Manhasset, for example, has already beaten Darien and Garden City. Two potential wins by RHS over Darien doesn’t match that.
    – The post-season in New York is a much tougher test than Connecticut’s, in this and every year. Chances are at least one of the three public school teams is going to go deep at States, by which time Ridgefield’s season will be over, even if they win Class L.
    – As the “new kids on the block”, no matter how dominant their team is this season, they would have to completely overshadow the remaining top teams by season’s end to get a clear nod from people not beholden to Tiger Hollow. I can’t forsee a one-loss NY State champion losing out to an undefeated Connecticut team that is breaking through into the elite status program for the first time. Respect is earned, and over a long period of time.

    So Ridgefield fans will enjoy this year, pray everyone stays healthy, and look forward to settling as #2 or lower, no matter what happens.

  6. just a fan says:

    Ridgefield has beaten no one above “good”. Period.
    They are NOT on the same level as teams like Town, Set, Cham…regardless of what anyone says. A couple years from now…maybe. Not today. Stp with all the BS about them.

  7. slacrosse says:

    Continue to feel that aside from Town, no other Section 1 teams should be in top 25. Although particularly Jay has played very tough out of Sched 1 teams they’ve been beaten pretty soundly (somers played CSH which was not close). I like PV but they still need quality wins. Even if they beat J, it moves them up in Sect 1 but doesn’t qualify them for top 25 status.

    This may help them in the Sect 1 playoffs but should not put them in top 25 with other teams that play very tough scheds and have been more successful.

    STRENGTH of sched + wins vs TOP teams= top 25

    Brunswick EASILY beats LP and would beat Darien–they should be a few notches higher.

  8. Bob R says:

    you have no clue, long island teams are way better than those up-state and conn. teams. rankings are not even close, except for couple of top powerhouses

  9. re:lax says:

    cheese wiz-

    Not disrespecting anyone, simply stating that I think Ridge would beat the three of them handily. Manhasset barely got by Darien, let’s see how Ridge does against the wave. Yorktown beat Darien by 3 let’s see on May 14th. Ridge crushed Wilton handily. Again let’s see how Yorktown does against Wilton and compare results. All of these are credible ways to see how teams compare THIS YEAR and not based on ancient history you clown. Keep living in the past, it probably makes those cookies taste better as you remember good times in first grade.


    For a “novice” you have some very old fashioned views. You really think that if Ridge runs the table and WI loses in the states you would still rank them number 1? How about if they lose to Yorktown or before? Just saying that this team has looked pretty awesome and that everyone is allowing history and tradition (as opposed to current performance) to influence their opinion of the present season’s rankings.

  10. just a fan says:

    Ridgefield plays in the minor league.

  11. syracuse says:


    I’m with you dude. I think the Lawrenceville game will be Ridge’s final challenge of the regular season. I can’t see them losing to Darien. Name for me the last time a Darien team had three losses before the end of April?

  12. Dan says:

    The FCIAC as “minor league”? You know nothing about high school lacrosse.

  13. re:lax says:


    I hear you brother. Don’t think that Lawrenceville gives them much of a game. Probably an 8-9 point spread. Darien hurting in the injury department this year.

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