I’ve always wanted to say that. Well, not always. I mean, how long has Twitter been around? Three years. (I don’t know. Just a guess. OK, OK, I checked it out on wikipedia.)

Any way, we have the icon to Tweet away with us on a few of our pages here at LaxLessons. But not on any of our three most popular pages: this one (cough, cough) as well as the homepage and our player profile page.

Hmmm. I wonder  why.

I have a theory. I think it’s because Jordan is just a little bit shy about this sort of thing. And LaxLessons on Twitter is all Jordan — and Ryan, too. At least I think so.

Bottom line. You guys hear from me all the time. (And Syracuse, too, for Heaven’s sake.) Now you can check in with Jordan and Ryan and see what they’re up to as well. I’m one of their followers. You can be too just by clicking here.

And, of course, by now you know about our Facebook group. At least I hope  so. If — some how, some way — you still haven’t joined in, you can take care of that right here, right now. Just click here.

Oh yeah. If you haven’t checked out the player profiles in a couple of days, there are lots of new ones. My favorite of those is John Fennessy’s. He doesn’t hold back when analyzing his game. But it’s hard to dispute anything he says if you’ve seen him in action. You can check them out at LaxLessons.com/recruit.

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8 Responses to “Are you following us on Twitter?”

  1. GreenWhite says:

    Joe, does Syracuse tweet???

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    GreenWhite – I don’t think the Worldwide Web is ready for that, my friend.

  3. Wow Joe, thanks for finally mentioning the little people behind the scenes. I mean, no respect for the fine videography skills or video editing skills…. nope all the kudos go to JOE LOMBARDI. Well lets face it he needs every ounce of praise he can muster up. haha just kidding joe joe

  4. Oh you’ve got to see what I’ve got prepared for our twitter followers! Be sure to signup for our weekly Free download giveaways.

  5. syracuse says:

    Does ‘CUSE tweet? I invented it. Well, not really, but I’ve been doing it as part of my job requirement for about a year. It actually could be very effective if done properly.

  6. syracuse says:

    And Fennessey’s profile is great. Metallica should be playing while you view it.

  7. Observer says:

    Forgot to Tivo Oprah!!! LOL! Guys I almost feeling out of my seat when I read that I was laughing so hard. Joe you shoulf replace Jay Leno.

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