They’re next-door neighbors — and best friends.

Kevin Interlicchio and John Ranagan also happen to be two of the best boys lacrosse players in the nation.

After this season ends, the Yorktown stars will be reunited at Johns Hopkins for the 2011 season. (Interlicchio is now a junior, Ranagan is a senior.)

We caught up with Kevin and John on Monday for a wide-ranging discussion. We talked about how they both reached their decisions to commit to Hopkins as well as the biggest influences on their careers and their reflections on the past, including last year’s loss to Syosset in the state semifinals. We even talked about “The Crop,” Yorktown’s renowned student cheering section.

Hope you enjoy our half-hour conversation.

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26 Responses to “Video: Neighbors' road to Hopkins”

  1. BigBadBear says:

    I will be happily watching two of Section 1’s finest next year at Homewood..

    Can Ranagan be the next Rabil? JHU all of a sudden becoming way more of an offensive team, where will KI fit in? Will be fun to watch

    As an aside, I think if Petro thinks a pole is good, just might want to take his word for it (re: Pickel)

    CROP, give me a call, will introduce you to the Nest

    And ‘Cuse…was that you on Saturday with those funky shorts?

  2. TownOn3 says:

    Joe, Great job with the interview, very interesting!!!!

    Two classy, great kids representing not only their program but section 1.

  3. GreenWhite says:

    Sick interview. I already watched it twice. It was better than anything I’ve seen on TV even.

  4. HV Lax says:

    Wonderful job Kevin, John and Joe. Joe you asked really interesting questions and got them to really open up.

  5. Murphs says:

    That was so funny how John said he got 2 missed calls from Kevin while he was in the shower the day Kevin committed to Hopkins then finally jumped out of the shower when he called him again. LOL!

  6. syracuse says:

    Only one word comes to mind.


    Makes me want to quit my night job as pizza delivery boy/hand model.

    Tremendous job, Joe.

  7. GreenWhite says:

    That’s amazing how John was out of the shower and at KI’s house seconds after he told him committed to Hop. I can’t believe it. That’s like the most amazing thing for two neighbors to be getting rides to the best program or one of the best in the country.

  8. slacrosse says:


    Great interview!! Two great kids. The whole Town team and program is super respected by every one at Rye !!

  9. THE CROP says:

    of course The Crop getting a shoutout…it’s a good thing too…Kevin said it best when he said “Ciccotto would be bashing us in school” if they hadn’t.

    see you at Darien

  10. swinglax says:

    Great job! Fun to see the guys settle at chat with you the way they chat with us here in Yorktown. Great guys, great family, great Ytown family and great program. Boy, its great to be a Y’Towner.

  11. Cradler says:

    Yeah it was really cool doing it in the living room and all. They were real relaxed and comfortable. I felt like I was sitting in the room listening.

  12. Syracuse says:


    I may need to take you up on your offer to join The CROP. I’ve worn out my street cred with the Town folks. I can be a gopher, maybe can park your cars for you? Anything to join the club.

  13. THE CROP says:

    well cuse it seems at yorktown home games the concession stands just aren’t in service…we could use a hotdog guy (Walk around like at yankee stadium except these aren’t $5.50), or maybe someone someone grillin over an open fire on the side of the bleachers that could be helpful at halftime, and profitable.

    or along with game updates maybe you or i should give crop updates

    “Ranagan runs over some kid, The Crop erupts…1-0 town”
    “KI scores, Crop reiterates that this defense cant stop him..4-0 town”
    “Theres a beach volleyball in The Crop, a freshmen hits it off the bleachers, he is now not allowed back into the crop and must clean up the garbage after the game, poor kid..all this while Ty Schuldt rips a G…5-0 town”
    “Defender checks Tcase on the head, gets penalty…Crop tells him he cant do that”
    “Player gives The Crop the finger, The Crop is now looking for blood…Kev with his 8th of the game…11-0 town”
    “Brunelle waves at The Crop, everyone loves it…game over..13-0 town..Crop chants to drive home safely”

    i think i overdid that a little bit, but I’m just brain storming.

  14. Syracuse says:

    And all this will happen Saturday vs. Darien?

  15. THE CROP says:

    woah.. im bold but not that bold.. ytown wins 9-5 in a close game with great weather. i was just throwing out examples…i can also only hope theres enough kids to chant there, you know you can always count me in for being there…

  16. town89 says:

    You certainly are going to get 2 fantastic kids down at HomeWood (but they’re ours still!!!!) haha..Go Town!!

  17. Puleeeze pass the ball says:

    nice interview…but we beg you…PULEEEZE PASS THE BALL
    thank you!

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  21. justcurious says:

    did brunelle wave to the Crop after his score against Darien? In any evenent go Town

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  25. Husked Corn says:

    Great job with this interview Joe!

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