We’re closing in on “Showdown Saturday,” gang.

But there are plenty of big games between now and then. Including today.

• In Section 1, traditional rivals Yorktown and Mahopac collide at 6 p.m. at Mahopac.

• Hen Hud, which upset Rye last week, hosts four-time Class B sectional champion John Jay at 5 p.m.

• Somers plays at 2008 Class B sectional finalist Brewster at 4:30 p.m.

• In Long Island, Northport hopes to shake off a loss to Manhasset with a game against Floyd at 4:30 p.m.

Elsewhere on Long Island, West Babylon visits West Islip at 4:30 p.m. and St. Anthony’s host Kellenberg at 4:15 p.m.

• In Fairfield, rivals Greenwich and Brunswick meet at 6 p.m. at Brunswick.

Let’s get right to the Top 5 predictions, folks.

Yorktown 12, Mahopac 5

John Jay 9, Hen Hud 5

Somers 10, Brewster 5

Floyd 9, Northport 6

Greenwich 8, Brunswick 7

Be sure to check back here for score updates.

Score updates

• The Somers-Brewster game has been postponed because of unplayable field conditions at Brewster. They are looking to make it up May 19.

John Jay-Hen Hud updates

John Jay holds a 7-0 lead at the half.

Final: John Jay 10-2

Yorktown-Mahopac updates

Update 1: Yorktown leads 3-0 after one quarter.

Update 2: Yorktown 4, Mahopac 0 at the half. Town has dominated possession, but Pac is hanging in there.

Update 3: Yorktown 5, Mahopac 0 in 3rd. Yorktown defense isn’t giving Perrelle or Brando a sniff. Mahopac goalie has been outstanding.

Update 4: Relentless Yorktown ride leads to steal and goal by Ethan Fox. It’s 6-0.

Update 7: Ranagan scores unassisted off iso from behind the cage. It’s 7-0. Timeout Mahopac.

Update 8: Yorktown leads 7-0 after three.

Update 9: Again, a relentless ride leads to a turnover and Ranagan scores off a long run. It’s 8-0.

Update 10: Porcelli from Interlicchio. It’s 9-0.

Update 11: Brandofino scores for ‘Pac. It’s 9-1.

Final: Yorktown 10, Mahopac 1

Section 1, Long Island, NYC & Connecticut scores:

Brunswick 10, Greenwich 3

St. Joseph-Trumbull 14, Fairfield-Ludlowe 5
Bay Shore 18, Longwood 4
East Islip 13, Lindenhurst 12
Harrison 7, Arlington 5
John Jay 10, Hendrick Hudson 2
Malverne 12, St Dominic 5
New Hyde Park 7, Bellmore JFK 5
Plainedge 13, Floral Park 2
South Side 13, Glen Cove 8
St Mary’s 12, Great Neck North 7
Ward Melville 14, Patchogue-Medford 6
West Islip 14, West Babylon 0
William Floyd 13, Northport 9

Score of note:

Niskayuna 6, Shenendehowa 2

Also, FYI, folks:
Sectional playoffs
Opening round:
May 21 (at higher seeds)
May 27 (at higher seeds)
Semifinals: May 29 (at higher seeds)
June 4 (at White Plains High School — The order of game is: Class C, followed by Class A, then Class B)

State playoffs
June 9 (at Albany and Hofstra)
Semifinals: June 11 (at Middletown High School)
Finals: June 13: (at Paetec Park in Rochester)

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36 Responses to “Tueday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updatess”

  1. james says:

    Bold pick, Joe. Greenwich is easily a five or six goal ‘dog against Brunswick. I’d love to see them win, but that’s a stretch.

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    James –

    I agree, conventional wisdom has Brunswick as the favorite. And though 3-0, Greenwich has not exactly overwhelmed the opposition so far. But this is a game the Cardinals are always up for. They rallied to win 9-6 last season, though the game was at Greenwich. I agree though, most would probably go with Brunswick 11-7 or 11-6 — something like that. We shall see.

    Please be sure to weigh in with your thoughts/analysis of the game.

  3. GreenWhite says:

    Town 16, Pac 5 (running clock in 2nd quarter)

    Hen Hud 10, JJ 9, DOUBLE OT (Sailors pull another suprise after beating Rye in the game of the day)

    Somers 8, Brew Crew 6
    (Overconfident Somers is slowed down on grass by nasty Brewster D)

  4. lacrosse says:

    id hardly call the brewster defense nasty, south beat them

  5. Joe Lombardi says:

    In case you missed this in the main body of the post, gang.

    One month from today, the Section 1 playoffs start.

    Here’s a rundown of the dates/sites through the state championship:

    Sectional playoffs

    Opening round: May 21 (at higher seeds)
    Quarterfinals: May 27 (at higher seeds)
    Semifinals: May 29 (at higher seeds)
    Finals: June 4 (at White Plains High School)

    State playoffs

    Quarterfinals: June 9 (at Albany and Hofstra)
    Semifinals: June 11 (at Middletown High School)
    Finals: June 13: (at Paetec Park in Rochester)

  6. syracuse says:

    If you’re a Section 1 team, it’s never a good day to play Yorktown.

    Today is an especially bad one considering what the Huskers are coming off of.

    Town over Mahopac, 17-8

    Jay over Hen Hud, 17-8

    Somers over Brewster 17-8

    Yankees over A’s 17-8

  7. LoveTownLax says:

    cuse – I love your predictions but…. I think the last one might be A’s over Yanks 17-8. But then again, who cares? That one baseball game could take as long as the trifecta out at Giants Stadium 2 weeks ago…and be FAR less exciting…!

  8. syracuse says:

    Especially if Wang pitches. I don’t want to see him again for a while!

  9. LoveTownLax says:

    exactly…. who’s assigned to ‘Town/Pac – you or J Lo?

  10. THE CROP says:

    yorktown gets back to work…14-6 town

  11. LAX says:

    Joe you meant to say JJ not Rye in the above post against Hen Hud.

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    CROP –

    Rumor has it that “The Crop” came up in our interview with Kevin Interlicchio and John Ranagan. Be sure to check it out tomorrow.

    LAX –
    Thanks for catching that typo.

    Also, gang. Just got word the Somers-Brewster game has been postponed. Posted info in a possible makeup date in the main body of this post.

  13. GreenLax says:

    Joe that’s awesome. Can’t wait to watch the vid interview.

  14. Observer says:

    Thanks for posting the sectional and state schedules, Joe.

  15. top corner says:

    I dont think Mahopac’s defense gets the credit it deserves..it has been more consistent than the offense has. I think Mahopac will keep it much closer than the predictions above.


  16. LacrosseInsider says:

    JJ up 7 to 0 at half

  17. LacrosseInsider says:

    Jay up 9 to 1 end 3.

  18. top corner says:

    Yorktown leads 3-0 after the 1st

  19. PurpleReigns says:

    Yeh boys!!! Thx for the updates Insider

  20. LacrosseInsider says:

    Final Jay 10 HH 2

  21. Syracuse says:


    I’m trying my best to update site with Yorktown-Mahopac scores in the body copy of this post. Just bear with me … Yorktown up 4-0 at half.

  22. Syracuse says:

    Final: Yorktown 10, Mahopac 1. Town puts on defensive clinic against a good offensive club. Hopefully Joe will get some info later tonight.

  23. top corner says:

    Yorktown defense was great on perrelle and brando, forced easy shots for mike b. Mahopac’s defense really impressed me i would say 8 out of 10 goals for town were in transition off turnovers so they need to correct that. For anyone who said Johnny Mcguigan isn’t the real deal watch this video he is great goalie big saves all over the place. I think this will be a solid game if they happen to meet in the playoffs.

  24. LAX says:

    Any stats for the JJ game?

  25. freelaxer says:

    Somers v Brewster

    Greenwhich v Brunswick

  26. syracuse says:

    The Somers-Brewster game has been postponed because of unplayable field conditions at Brewster. They are looking to make it up May 19.

  27. Syracuse says:

    Final: Brunswick 10, Greenwich 3

  28. THE CROP says:

    PHENOM D by the yorktown crew, thats what we are really capable of..Ranagan is guaranteed to run over someone while he has the ball every single game. i gave him that superlative earlier in the season.

    pac’s goalie made some nice saves.

    the crop got the middle finger today.

    pretty eventful night

  29. syracuse says:


    I just put up a ton of scores for your viewing pleasure inside the body of this post. CROP, bro, tell me something good. You took the show on the road to the evil confines of the Pac?

  30. slacrosse says:

    Top Corner,

    Not sure how you define “solid game” (if/when they meet again) but Town will get better and better facing top comp–I think the loss margin will be in the same universe.

    Assume Town worked on O and D things that needed to be addressed coming out of the WM game

  31. THE CROP says:

    well cuse usually I’m never satisfied, i wanted more crop members there but lots of conflicts happening at 6pm. For what we had, we did our job, without even standing up. Got in the head of mahopac player so much that after a goal he turned and told us we were number 1…thats what he meant right..?! So yea we took a small but rambunkous CROP to mahopac’s wooden, extremely scary bleachers. Parents are starting to ask to sit in the CROP, your invite is still out on the table.

    oh yea the game, yorktown’s defense returned to top form, add that in with mahopac’s ability to not clear the ball efficiently, it spells trouble, even if mahopac’s goalie makes some nice saves.(Crop gave some golf claps and a tips of the cap to some saves he made)

    If you dont think a good 10 CROP members will make it to Darien on saturday, your sadly mistaken. Yorktown Wins 10-8

  32. syracuse says:

    CROP — there are away bleechers at Darien. You guys should just rent a bus and bring a grill. I think you can probably wheel that bad boy right out on the sideline …

    I can’t believe someone would give The CROP the finger. That’s just so unsportsmanlike. If you thought there were some evil-doers at Mahopac, wait until you witness the crowd at Darien. Those people take things very seriously, in a positive sort of way of course.

    As for the game, Yorktown really needs to beat Darien for its own good. My guess is the Blue Wave have yet to see an defense like Yorktown’s.

    Darien has a very good attack. Tyler Foley is tremendous. The little kid on the crease, freshman Case Matheis, is impressive.

    I think Yorktown matches up well with Darien in that Ethan Fox will probably draw Darien’s top offensive middie, John Bolton.

    Darien has no one that can matchup with Ranagan, but they have two excellent poles who can contain Interlicchio and shut down Casey.

    I like your prediction, but I think Town can win by more. If they lose this game, it will be worse than losing to Melville.

  33. LAX HV says:

    Top Corner
    If Pac can develop some middies it will be a game. Town stifled Brando and Ty with slides because they are the only scoring option.Brando continuously beat the D pole only to run into middies dropping down .Pac must get scoring from up top .Coaches have to see that.Attack cant do everything.

  34. Lax Novice says:

    I agree with the Yorktown – Darien analysis. I’d think that the Wave will run a number of people at Ranagan and scheme to disrupt the set offense. If they allow the midfielder to create a mismatch and either shoot or dish to Interlicchio, then it will be a long afternoon. I think it may come down to whether Foley and Co. will be able to match what Yorktown can produce offensively. Malverne and Manhasset managed to shut down #11 very successfully in those match-ups, so we’ll see what happens Saturday. Let’s not forget some revenge factor from last year, the Cornhuskers were embarrassed on their own field, losing by a 7 goal margin. I suspect they’ll be reminded of that over the next few days.

  35. Syracuse says:

    Manhasset did a very nice job on Foley, but he still had his opportunities and a few assists. I believe Yorktown’s close defenders are better than Manhasset’s as a whole, though Bradley Cappellini is one hell of a player. It will be interesting to see who Marr sticks on Foley.

    Yorktown will have to stop Bolton and Foley. If they do, players like Matheis will be neutralized because he and a few others on Darien cannot create their own shot.

    If I’m Town I push the play whenever possible on offense because Gorski and the other Wave poles are very good positionally.

  36. stevo says:

    Watched the Town Pac game last night. Will also be traveling to Darien Wilton tonight. Excited for this game on Sat. Town D did great job of playing team D which it excelled at near the end of the season last year and has not truly shown much of this year. Excellent slides, 2 slides etc. Offense should have had 4 or 5 more but shooting appeared to be an issue. Pac had noone to really even beat their men but Town slid anytime Brando or Perrelle neared shooting space. I expect Darien to try to control the rock and pressure the other offensive players from Town to see what they will do, ie Lieberman, Casey, Porcelli, etc. instead of letting KI and 44 beat them. Motion offense was back last night which was nice to see. Hope it remains as it is their best bet and it always gets better as the year progresses and the kids get better at the system. I expect Darien to beat up on Wilton, no disrespect, but I am feeling a 12-4 game tonight.

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