Jack Doherty of Lakeland/Panas hopes to earn all-America honors for a second straight season. (Photo by Ray Gallagher)

There’s a smattering of games on tap for today, folks, but nothing I would consider describing with our special term “mega matchup.”

And with rain (and potentially lots of it) on the way any way, what better time than to pose the question.

Especially as we near the midway point of the regular season.

The selections won’t be made until June. But let’s get an idea now who is going to be picked.

Let’s hear everybody’s all-Americans.

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If it’s easier, you can throw out USILA AAs by region — Hudson Valley, Connecticut and Long Island — or just throw out names in general. Anything goes.

So fire away.

Here’s a rundown of last year’s selections, which will also give you an idea as to the number of players picked per region. (Colleges listed are those players committed to at the time of their selections.)

Connecticut (15)
C.J. Costabile, New Fairfield (Sr., D, Duke)
Matt White Ridgefield (Jr., A)
Paul Findlay, Fairfield Prep (Sr., A, Loyola)
Mike Ryan, Darien (Sr., A,  Williams)
Sean Macey, New Fairfield (Sr., A,  Quinnipiac)
Jim Dunster, Greenwich (Sr., M, North Carolina)
Rob Rotanz, Fairfield Prep (Sr., M, Duke)
Griffin Meehan, Simsbury (Sr., M, Keene State)
Spenser Parnell, Fairfield Prep (Sr., M, Syracuse)
Colin Delaney, Darien (Sr., M,  Dartmouth)
Sean Leblanc, Simsbury (Sr., D, Quinnipiac)
Jonathan Meyers, Greenwich (Sr., D, Princeton)
John Cunningham, Fairfield Prep (Sr., D, Princeton)
Tim Clinton, Darien (Sr., D, Bryant)
Jameson Love, Darien (Sr., G, Bryant)

Hudson Valley (9)
Jack Doherty, Lakeland (Jr., A)
Tyler Granelli, John Jay (Sr., A,  Cortland State)
Joe Marasco Somers (Jr., A)
Chris Bocklet, John Jay (Sr., A,  Virginia)
Kevin Drew, John Jay (Sr., M, Syracuse)
Kevin Gordon, Rye (Sr., M, Colgate)
Rocky Bonitatibus, Yorktown (Sr., M, Albany)
John Ranagan, Yorktown  (Jr., M)
Zach Badalucco Brewster (Sr., D, Syracuse/Transferred to Marist)

Nassau (10)
Keenan Ochwat, Farmingdale (Sr., D, Ohio State)
Jeff Cohen, Syosset (Sr., A,  Harvard)
Mike DeNapoli, Lynbrook (Sr., M, Hofstra)
Nick O’Reilly, South Side (Jr., A)
Paul Pate, Manhasset (Sr., D, Harvard)
Connor English, Manhasset (Jr., A)
Will Manning, Garden City (Sr., D)
Max Weisenberg, Long Beach (Sr., M)
Alex DelBalso, Cold Spring Harbor (Sr., M, Dartmouth)
Gavin Crisafulli, Garden City (Sr., D, Johns Hopkins)

Suffolk (8)
Zach Pall, Ward Melville (Sr., M)
Steve Rastivo, Ward Melville (Sr., G, Penn State)
Nick Galasso, West Islip (So., A)
John Connelly, Half Hollow Hills West (Sr., A)
Daniel DiMaria, Half Hollow Hills West (Sr., D, Harvard)
Thomas Palasek, Rocky Point (Sr., A, Johns Hopkins)
Justin Annunziato, Rocky Point (Sr., D, Syracuse)
John DeChiaro, Comsewogue (Sr., A, Dartmouth)

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460 Responses to “Everybody's all-Americans: Let's hear your thoughts”

  1. Laximus says:

    Great idea Joe.

    For HV –

    Ranagan, Yorktown
    Interlicchio, Yorktown
    Stewart, JJ
    Pickel, JJ
    Marasco, Somers
    Pfiffner, Somers
    Keough, Rye
    Perrelle, Mahopac
    Katchis, Greeley

  2. JUST A GUESS says:

    Ranagan Yorktown
    Interlicchio Yorktown
    Perrelle Pac
    Steward JJ
    Marssco BigRed
    Haggerty CSouth
    Katchis Greely
    Doherty LP

    Those are AA

  3. WarriorNation says:

    Won’t pick all 13 here in Connecticut, but what does everyone think of this group:

    Matt White (obviously)
    Matt Baker
    Brendan Walsh

    Corey Caputo
    Tyler Foley
    Ryan Mulligan
    Matt Gorski

    Kyle Feeney
    Jared Horowitz

    Pete McMahon
    Joe LaSala

  4. Jericho says:

    Fun idea Joe. Here goes (not including privates bc they have separate AA team)…

    From Nassau …

    Connor English, Set
    Jeff Molinari, Set
    Will Fuller, GC
    Reid Rosello, GC
    Jeff Froccaro, Port
    Tom Keith, Syosset
    Eddie Loftus, Syosset
    Eric Schneider, Pequa

    Nicky Galasso, WI (DUH!)
    Andrew Hodgson, WI
    Ian Braddish, WI
    Pat Day, Melville
    Cody Ferraro, Melville
    Jared Bowe, East Hamp
    Matt Palasek, RP

  5. GreenWhite says:

    From Town:

    Mike B.

    From LP:


    From Pac:


    From Somers:


  6. LAX 17 says:

    Hudson Valley

  7. LIGuy says:

    Good list Jericho but add Dominique Alexander from Baldwin on there.

  8. PurpleReigns says:

    If JJ gets one for the thumb as they should cuz the Somers game was a fluke, they will get five. They outshot Somers by a 3 to 1 margin so they will beat them by 4-6 goals atleast when they play again.





  9. JUST A GUESS says:

    Hey Joe

    I don’t think you will but it would great to here your picks even if you
    put up 10 names

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just a Guess –

    Let me just say this for now, and I’ll be sure to add more thoughts as we go along. Most AAs selected are, as a rule, seniors who are bound for Division I programs. That’s just the way it’s always been.

    Also, it is extremely rare for a player to receive AA as a sophomore and/or junior and not receive it again the following season.

    So using that criteria as a guide, you will find that many of the potential AAs can be marked down already — subject to change, of course.

    The names thrown out so far have been interesting. Keep ’em coming, gang.

  11. Not Joe Lombardi says:

    Here it is, dont look anywhere else:

    Mike B
    L Haggerty
    T Perrelle
    J Marasco
    W Stewart
    J Fennessy
    K Interlicchio

  12. JUST A GUESS says:

    not joe lombardi

    those are as close as you can probably get

  13. Laxtime says:

    This is a great list. Haggerty definately belongs. Honestly he’s better all around than Mike B. If Luke played for Town he wouldve been AA last year.

    BUT .. ur defnately NOT Joe because you left out Doherty. Like he said AAs who get it as a junior almost always get it as seniors. Jack has played great and LP is 5-0 so yeh he’ll definitaley get it.

    SO .. who would you take off Not Joe to make room for Jack? Otherwise your list is right on the money.

  14. lo jombardi says:

    Marasco, Somers: Under-Armour All American lock, 2x HV AA lock

    Ranagan, Town: possible Under Armour AA, 2x HV AA lock

    Doherty, L/P: He got the nod as a junior, then got the Empire snub. Maybe that’s why he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder this season, and why other teams need to watch out.

    Interlicchio, Town: can’t argue with the numbers

    Stewart, Jay: Jay gets one spot this year and you’d think Stewart would be the likely candidate. He draws the opponents top defender and until this shoulder injury, has been Jays most lethal shooter. These highly touted sophs will have to wait until next year.

    Fennessey, Town: best defender on the Section’s best defense, nuff said.

    Santangelo, Rye: As long as the Garnets keep winning Section titles, they’ll keep getting an AA spot. It might go to Keough, but the team seems to jump on Santangelo’s shoulders when they need a G, and offensive stats jump out more than shut down defense does

    Bonitatibus, Town: Haggerty might be better, but fair or not, goalies have to win ball games, and it aint gonna happen for Haggerty. Bonitatibus is a force out of the cage and he plays for the most high profile team in the region

    Brandofino, Pac probably gets one…might be Perrelle, Brando just seems more dangerous. It’ll be interesting to see who the Pac coaches push for at the AA meeting

  15. Lax 4 says:

    Hudson valley
    Ranagan Town
    KI Town
    Mike B Town
    Perrelle Pac
    Brandofino Pac
    Dougherty LP
    Marasco Somers
    Stewart JJ
    Keough Rye

  16. JUST A GUESS says:

    lo jombardi

    haggerty is definitly better, not might be,and maybe we should fair and pick the best player NOT who has a better defense please.

  17. LAX 1972 says:


  18. Neutral Fan says:

    We don’t know what the deal is with Will Stewart’s injury. Joe reported the earliest he could be back is next week. That’s a big chunk of games to miss in a season already cut short by 2 reg season games.

    If he gets AA it would mean JJ would get at least 2. Obviously Jameson Pickel, one of the top juniors in the nation and a Hopkins recruit has to be one of the top 9 players in the Hudson Valley. I know the Sav’s always nominate seniors first and that’s all well and good but in this case Pickel has to be a lock.

  19. LAX ME UP says:

    Pickel not in class of Fennesey ,Brunelle and Fox and it will be hard for them as defenseman to make it with the talent offensively that has been named. Stewart a much mor popular choice

  20. keo says:

    The names are pretty consistant i think every body is close

    1 Marasco
    2 Ranagan
    3 Keough
    4 Perelle
    5 Haggerty
    6 Interlicchio
    7 Doherty
    8 Fennessey


  21. dee-up says:

    Folks here some news and this is for Joe as well. Look at the stats of this kid Fitzgerald playing for Putnam Valley. If he continues at this rate you guys better take one of the names off the above list and insert his. If we are all being legit and his numbers keep going against the upper teams, then someone on that list has to move over for the new kid on the block!
    Gimmie only 3 spots for town 1 for JJ 2 for pac 1 for Greeley (Katchis) 1 for Somers and the Kicker 1 for Putnam Valley i left out the names , they sholud be obvious

  22. Taz says:

    Jericho Says:

    April 20th, 2009 at 9:52 am

    From Nassau …

    Connor English, Set
    Jeff Molinari, Set
    Will Fuller, GC
    Reid Rosello, GC
    Jeff Froccaro, Port
    Tom Keith, Syosset
    Eddie Loftus, Syosset
    Eric Schneider, Pequa

    Nicky Galasso, WI (DUH!)
    Andrew Hodgson, WI
    Ian Braddish, WI
    Pat Day, Melville
    Cody Ferraro, Melville
    Jared Bowe, East Hamp
    Matt Palasek, RP

    English and Froccaro are locks.
    I think Duvnjak gets it before Molinari if Manhasset gets 2 again.
    Alexander from Baldwin is a lock.
    Not sure GC gets 2 if any. Hard to have an offensive player when you average 5 goals per game.
    O’Reilly pretty certain since he had it last year.
    Again, not sure Syosset gets 2 with the season they are having.
    CSH? Kennedy/Moynihan?

    For Suffolk, Murphy from Floyd is a definite.

  23. Laxfan says:

    How can Pickel not be considered in that group of elite defensive players when the kid is going to Hopkins and plays for one of the top 3 teams in the section. I agree that it will be hard for Stewart to be considered in that group when he is out for a significant time period. I believe town will end up getting 3 or 4 players for AA if they sweep the section as expected unless the JJ young guns continue to grow over the season as they’ve shown the last couple of weeks. In the past also AA sections have been picked based on how teams finished with the top two teams making up 5 or 6 of the top selections. That being said this years selections will most likely be made up of 4 maybe 5 teams in the area.

  24. LAX 1234 says:

    Pac has to have 2 all americans in Brando and Perrelle because they are Mahopac as is Doherty in LP and JoJo in Somers, KI and Ranangan and Mike B in Town. JJ to me is Stewart .Pickel if no Stewart.

  25. slacrosse says:

    Brandofno (if Pac gets 2)

    In the running this yr but def next yr, Junior Cole McCormack (Rye) , an ESG player who to date is averaging 77% success in face-offs as well as a key contributor at OM.

    He’s a very strong Top D1 candidate

  26. lovethegame says:

    any suggestions on Long Island Catholic AA ?

  27. IslandLaxpert says:

    For Island Catholics, here are a few names:


    John Urbank
    John Hannon
    Matt Gillan

    St. A’s:

    Tommy Schreiber
    Will Manny
    Ryan Fumai
    Michael Kean

  28. Goalie place says:

    Joe what do you think should happen with the goalie situation in section1. On one side mike b leads the power house town far in playoffs, but on the other we all know haggerty could do the same if he was in the same spot. Im curios to see who they choose or if they mabey choose them both.

  29. Doid23 says:

    I don’t see Town getting 4, I don’t see Pac getting 2, and I only see Jay and Somers getting 1. I don’t think they’ll pick two goalies, and I think Haggerty will get the nod. Three locks, so we’re really talking about 6 slots. Again, it’s mid-April, and a lot of games to be played. I’m going off of last year, and what I’ve heard this year, so can’t really defend any of my picks on what I’ve seen this year.

    3 – Town: KI (Lock), Ranagan (Lock), Fennessy
    1 – Somers: Marasco (Lock)
    1 – L/P: Doherty
    1 – Jay: Stewart; if he sits out more than a week or struggles on his return, Pickel
    1- South: Haggerty
    1- Pac: Perrelle
    1- Greeley: Katchis. This spot will go down to the wire, with a lot depending upon how teams finish up, who shines, etc. As of now I have Katchis, but if Greeley’s D continues to give up goals like C. Wang, then obviously he’ll have no chance. Keough and others are waiting in the the wings. If a team like Jay get’s hot and plays Town tough and wins B, then they could also sneak a second pick in.

  30. Joe Lombardi says:

    Goalie place –

    Two goalies have gotten AA in the same season before from Hudson Valley. In ’06, Mike Novosel (Somers) and Connor Sweeney (JJ) both made it.

  31. slacrosse says:

    Goalie place,

    Let’s say Mike B and Hag ARE tied in ability. Vote goes to Mikey as he has faced far tougher teams then Hag. Hear you but Hag NOT on Town–frustrating but nonetheless not relevant, soft argument.


    Town gets 4 with Mikey B.

    You may have a point with Katches in terms of HG giving up more big margin wins. Yes on your Stewart point.

    Pickel is interesting. He’s barely made anyone’s list even with the Hopkins label. Prob a much better shot for next yr.

  32. LAX says:

    Town will probably get 3 or 4. JJ should get 1 being probably a top 3 team in the section. I hope Stewart comes back soon though, he has to be considered one of the best middies in the section, probably 2nd behind Ranagan, and was a starter on the ESG team last year and played well from what I heard. There will probably also be a goalie, probably Mike B or Haggerty. Longo has also played really well this season, was awesome at JJ in a win even though JJ outshot them by a wide margin, don’t think he’s as prominent as Mike B or Haggerty though.
    I’m saying:

    Marasco (Somers) – lock for UA AA.
    Ranagan (Town)
    Doherty (L/P)
    Keough (Rye)
    Interlicchio (Yorktown)
    Stewart (JJ)
    Perelle (pac)
    Bonitatibus (Town) (I think it’s a toss up between him and Haggerty but Town is a much better team so that’s probably a factor)
    Fenessy (Town)

    Other solid candidates: Katchis (Greeley), Haggerty (Clarkstown South), Pickel (JJ), Daniello (JJ) Brandofino (Pac), Santangelo (Rye), McCormick (Rye), Fitzgerald (PV), Pfiffner (Somers), Petre (Somers), O’mara (LP), Warner (Suffern)

  33. Wasabi says:

    To: Just a Guess

    I’m not sure who’s the better goalie between Haggerty and Bonitatibus. They have different strengths and weaknesses and who’s better is up for debate. You seem to favor Haggerty, others say Boniatatibus. The argument could rage on forever. I have to agree with Lo Jombardi’s point however, that Bonitatibus has to considered the favorite because of the team he plays for. I seriously doubt that the best nine kids will be selected when it’s all said and done, it’s about who wins games. What does it really matter if you play amazing and lose. It’s like the MVP debate, when guys have huge numbers for losing teams, they don’t get the MVP over guys who produce on winning teams. Plus, the coaches who win have so much more clout in these meetings than the coaches from mediocore programs. You win a lot of games, your voice counts in those meetings. You lose, and you have to beg and plead. Is it fair to a kid like Haggerty, probably not, but it is what it is. His brother was an All American caliber player too, and didn’t get selected. Why, b/c Clarkstown South can’t win big games, period. I’m not sure, and somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t even think the Widbin kid from the early 2000’s C. South squad got All American and he was an absolute stud.

  34. Wasabi says:

    Did some fact checking, Widbin was an All American in ’04

  35. john says:

    Lax Warner plays for North Rockland not Suffern

  36. TownOn3 says:

    Yorktown Canidates for AA


    Depending on how far they go in State’s, I can see 4 MAYBE even 5 get it….should be interesting…

  37. hopkins says:

    mike b
    ethan fox

  38. just a guess says:

    To Wasabi
    As much as i hate to say it you are probably correct,(not fair but it is what it is)
    best statement i heard but I do agree with you i believe @this point haggerty
    is the better goalie just my opinion and yes I believe widbin was a AA

  39. LAX says:

    My bad, a little mental lapse. Yes he plays for NR.

  40. yopac says:

    I think its a stretch for Town to get 4 picks but as of now i say them getting those 4 are the best picks.

    Ill take..

    I would say last spot is a toss up between..
    Pickel-John Jay

  41. Taz says:

    Or we could cheat a little and wait till the Under Armour AA’s are announced shortly! 😉

  42. ripo says:

    To tell you the truth I think John Jay has no all american this year. They have a nice team but I think Stewart is a div 3 player and I think he wont get AA. Pickel will get it next year. I do think this team will be dangerous at the end of the season because they have no stars, very hard to scout them. they are all about the same and play within the system. The improvement is already showing.

  43. LAX says:

    do you know when they were announced? I know Bocklet and Drew got it last year Marasco will almost definitely get it this year possibly Ranagan.

  44. Taz says:

    Think they are officially announced in May but at least some of the names are out.

  45. LAX says:

    I think Stewart should get it this year for JJ, who I think is the 2nd best middie in the section. There’s so many great players to choose from though but I still he’ll get it, hopefully he’ll be back soon. You know it really depends on how JJ does as a team from here on out, if they win sectionals they HAVE to get an AA that’s just how it’s done.

    But you’re right ripo next year I think Pickel and Daniello have really good chances, Pickel is looking awesome so far and Daniello is strong, skilled, and great at finding the open man. He’s running the JJ offense this year and leading JJ in points, a good chance to be a 2x AA for the next 2 seasons.

  46. fan says:

    what is the under-armour AAs? who selects this and any section 1 kids going to get it?

  47. Joe Lombardi says:

    fan –

    Under Armour AA’s must be nominated. (Deadline is Wednesday.) They are then selected in May with the game in June.

    I don’t know who has been or will be nominated, so it’s hard to say who will get it. I would think seniors like Joe Marasco and John Ranagan though would be strong candidates. Last year, Chris Bocklet and Kevin Drew from John Jay played in the event.

    Here’s more info:

  48. Doid23 says:

    Pac with 2? No way.

    Town with 5? Even if they win the states, I don’t think they get 5. 4 maybe.

  49. LAX says:

    Being an Under Armour AA means your one of the top seniors in the country. Teams of UA AAs are picked for the North ans South (all seniors) and the game is played on ESPNU.

  50. sec1 says:

    I know Town gets alot of press, has anyone watched Ethan Fox play this yr he is without a doubt AA this yr. Right now he is MVP for Town!!!!!

  51. LAXX says:


    Ranagan Yorktown
    Steward John Jay
    Interlicchio Yorktown
    Perrelle, Pac
    Marasco, Somers
    Katchis Greely
    Fennesy, Yorktown
    Doherty LP
    Bonitatibus, Yorktown

  52. LaxMan says:

    Fox is the best defender for Yorktown, I believe he deserves an all american bid before john Fennessy. Ethan is a four year varsity player and has the ability to do everything and has been doing everything. There is no way Fennessy deserves all american before him.

  53. ganggreen says:

    Town goalie needs to wake up before AA talk, please

  54. AA,UA and T&A says:

    I think NotJoeLombardi has the List. Seems like he is going with past, present, future info. Good Job. maybe he left out Doherty for the reason he did not make Empires?????

  55. catholicleagueAA says:

    additional catholic AA nominees are:
    Bobby Lucas M

    St. Anthony’s
    Dante Fantoni A
    Adien Bernardo G

  56. LAX HV says:


  57. Connecticut AA's says:

    Connecticut High School All-American selections are usually fairly predictable. At least they have been in the past.

    Assuming no injuries, or unforeseen variables, they’re usually Seniors (95%), and usually from the FCIAC and the SCC (75% in 2008 and over 90% in previous years), and with the exception of maybe a few cases, all were 1st Team All-Conference and All-State the previous year. It also helps if you play for one of the top 5 or 6 ranked teams in the state (probably 100% of the time). And since they don’t select by position, they could all for instance be Attackman, or Midfielders.

    That would make the best bets for the 2009 selections to be; Seniors from the FCIAC/SCC who were 1st Team All-Conference, as well as, All-State in 2008, and not coincidentally from one of the top 5 teams this Spring. That would be;

    HOROWITZ (Greenwich), WHITE (Ridgefield), ), WALSH (Ridgefield), GORSKI (Darien), BAILEY (Prep), SHANLEY (Prep), and LASALA (Wilton). That would still allow for 8 additional players, if they’re still allocated the same total number of 15. (Dysenchuck of Darien would also be listed here if not for his injury).

  58. Taz says:

    Remember LI Catholics get only 1 AA and 1 academic AA. I can’t remember an underclassman ever getting those awards.

    Under Armour AA’s: 44 kids total, 22 for the North and 22 for the South. You must be a Senior.

  59. franklyscarlett says:

    What Connecticut AA didn’t mention is that All-State selections in CT. are apportioned between areas of the state regardless of overall talent. So if the best 13 players in the state are all from the SCC, not all of the players will be recognized as all state players. Obviously all of these things are subjective anyway, but when you say well we need to have some players from the such and such an area we’re getting into quota’s and socializing a sport. Note that my complaint is about the process, not who might/ or might not have made it in the past.

  60. slacrosse says:


    yeah Fox is a very tough player and should be strongly considered.

  61. HVLax says:

    Doherty was an ESG alternate but decided not to take it. Interlicchio was also an ESG alternate. So you can’t use argument about Doherty and ESG without applying it to Interlicchio.

  62. SirLaxalot says:

    Pickel is a no brainer. He’s a top jr recruit for Hopkins. If clueless Section One coaches go with seniors and politics and slight him they will look as bad as the ESG “coaches” did when they cut Interlicchio. Oh yeh he just happens to be the #12 jr in the country. Nice job fellas.

  63. On Paper says:

    Hate to burst your bubble, Pickel is a nice player, However he is not one of Hopkins TOP recruits. The problem with the papers, and blogs is when they report someone is going somewhere, Everyone ASSUMES they are heavily recruited and recieving lots of money?? many of these players are getting nothing financially there first year at least. Theses are just some of the many assumptions people have about Lax recruiting.

  64. SirLaxalot says:

    On Paper, you’re hardly bursting my bubble. What you are doing is stating an obvious reality about scholarships and acting like you are making some sort of revelation. You’re not. However, here’s something you should know. When Petro and Hop get a commitment from a player as a junior, that player is being taken care of. Look for Pickel to be ranked as a senior in the top 25 nationally. Yeah, I think that just may make him among the top nine in Section One. But again, those clueless coaches may surprise us yet again. Just amazing.

  65. laxfever says:

    As the season progresses I see it unfolding this way:


  66. LAX says:

    On Paper,
    Pickel went to the top 205 camp over the summer and apparently dominated according to Isaac Cass. Hopkins then recruited him at 12:01 am the day he could be recruited. Pickel is a big time recruit with great athletic ability. And if you’ve seen him play, he’s been very impressive thus far.

  67. slacrosse says:

    Sir Lax/Others

    Has Pikel had any TRULY DOMINATING performances this season vs TOP players? If so fine but have not heard his name mentioned as I have for other top D??

    We know that Katches had a great game vs Town and Fox/Fennessey have had strong games vs top competition.

    But do know that if the above is not the case for Pikel he should not be chosen, even with the “hopkins” label.

  68. slacrosse says:

    How did Pikel do against English? But even here Jay was using a slow-down/stall game so not sure the Pikel/English comp is totally relevant?

  69. slacrosse says:

    How about vs Pikels play vs Corning East?? (agian dont know-just asking)

    Not trying to pick on this one player who is very good. The standard of “elite” or dominating performance should be held up to Pikel and EVERY OTHER aspiring AA.

  70. slacrosse says:

    Connecticut AA

    How about New Fairfield’s #19, middie/FO guy going to Tufts??

  71. Taz says:

    sla – vs. Manhassset English had 2 + 2 according to Newsday. But not sure that (or perhaps any 1 on 1 matchup) is relevant because of the defense JJ often employs. I remember that English scored very early in the game by just running past him but after that JJ used a backer zone type defense. Very hard to gauge individual matchups with something like that, not only in that game but in all games they play it. Certain schemes favor certain players – Ryder Bohlander was an absolute terror in that system – so I just think it’s not as easy to look at individual matchups.

  72. lazer says:


    JoJo (somers)
    Interlicchio (town)
    Ranagan (town)

    Perelle (mahopac)
    Fox (town)
    Bonitatibus (town)
    Doherty (l/p)
    Stewart (jj)
    Keough (rye)

  73. Parent says:

    Defenseman number 34 on Horace Greeley can really play. He’s the best defender I’ve seen all year. Look for him to be on that All – American list.

  74. Defense wins championships says:

    JoJo def a lock
    Ranagan Lock is a beast
    Interlicchio great player will only get better
    Perelle will get it
    Haggerty or Bonitatibus i agree with Doid23 haggerty will get the nod
    Doherty aa last year don’t know hows he is doing ,but i sure he is doing great
    Keough Rye steps it up they will get one
    Fox Defense wins championships

    If anything this is real close

  75. slacrosse says:


    Good comment and agree.

  76. Corn says:

    I have to say Kevin and John definitely for ‘Town – Tom Casey is a good strong player – – probably leads the section in shots on goal, Ethan Fox is a good candidate also…maybe Bonitatibus, we’ll see – –

  77. freelaxer says:

    Slacrosse, get his name right before posting 3 times about him. It’s Pickel.

  78. slacrosse says:


    OK, there’s always room for bloggers that correct spelling.

    Do you have anything of substance to say on the point?

  79. slacrosse says:


    Super substantive comment and really advanced the debate! Keep em coming!!

  80. LAX HV says:

    After last night if Pac gets 1 Brando over Perrele. Perrelle non existant .Brando with the only goal but drove hard on Fennesssy got to cage .Much tougher player than Perrelle. Im a Town fan and cant see Perrelle getting AA over Brando

  81. LAX 1972 says:

    Brando over Perrele on Pac. Future star along with KI .Next year both everybodys AA easily. Brando tougher to defend as shown last night against Town . Drew Fenn our toughest Dman. Rt handed KI. but does not have the talent around him

  82. BeachLax says:

    Locks …
    Everyone else is fair game

  83. Defense wins Championships says:

    I agree with your locks except pickel def a possiability but not a lock 4 locks

  84. solidD says:

    you can’t judge Pickel on how he’s done against top guys this year, mainly because he doesn’t even guard top guys! It’s hard too judge if he’s doing good enough for an AA bid because his “backer” position doesn’t get as much recognition.

  85. Dinder says:

    To start off I say

    Both goalies make it. Haggerty is just an overall stud, he is a bit better than mike in my opionon but mike b is also very good.








    That is it right there

  86. ct says:

    if Pickel is good enough to go to hopkins he should be guarding the best not anyone else..

  87. LAX says:

    But that’s not the JJ defense. Pickel is the designated slider.

  88. freelaxer says:

    It is a tough position to figure out. AAs are

    Mike B

  89. freelaxer says:

    It is a tough position to figure out. AAs are

    Mike B

  90. laxerdude says:

    people are misinterpreting pickel’s postion. he plays backer and helps slide and double when a player gets beat. alot of his hopkins recognition was for his athleticism and his abilty to play the wing becuase hes great at picking up ground balls and using his speed. so yes he will prob b an all american next year but this year id have to go with stewart if john jay gets one.

  91. […] Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your thoughts (90) […]

  92. Lax 914 says:

    Here are your 2009 all americans

    jojo- one of the best in the state
    ranagan- beast
    KI- name someone who can score more
    Mike B- the competition he faces gives him the nodd over haggerty(just as good)
    thats three from town, thats all i think they will get…for now
    Stewart- complete stud, going to go on a tear when he gets back from the injury this or next week
    Keough- rye will get one, and he is a shutdown defender (exception KI)
    Brando OR Perrelle- whoever finishes the season stronger, one of them will
    Doherty- has to get it again
    Fox/Fennessey/Cole Mccormack/Pickel- tossup

  93. AA says:

    Seems like people are picking Doherty with the only stat that he got it last year. That should not be the criteria. You should earn it again?

  94. lax 10 says:

    To Jim Lindsay best comment i heard to date,YOU SHOULD EARN IT Hopefully
    they pick’em in the same fashion.

  95. 914-243 says:

    Lax 914
    I def agree ytown will get 3 but fox or fenn will get it before
    mike b the defense is just to good not to have one of them picked

  96. LAX 17 says:

    Hv AA
    Marasco Somers
    Ranagan Town
    Interlicchio Town
    Mike B Town
    Brandofino Pac
    Stewart JJ
    Keough Rye
    Perrelle Pac
    Doherty L/P

  97. lax 18 says:

    lax 17

    Your close but not their yet Only half the season has gone by and in all honesty
    3 or 4 of those guys have not played to aa caliber

  98. […] Regional Top 25 New CommentsEverybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your thoughts (97) […]

  99. Defense wins Championships says:

    lax 17

    How in the world can you not have fox or fenn on that list ??????

  100. LAX 17 says:

    Defense wins
    Ok sorry replace Keough with Fenn

  101. Defense wins Championships says:

    lax 17

    Thats a good start but as said before by lax 18 not proven yet and hes right and no way
    mpac gets 2 so your list needs work

  102. LAX 17 says:

    Then Brando over Perrelle from what Ive seen. Much tougher to cover this year against big teams.

  103. Defense wins Championships says:

    lax 17
    i agree but i am still going with my list except going with brando

  104. Laximus says:

    If Somers wins section as they easily could they should get more than just Jo-Jo. Who would be the second? Pffifner? Petre? Is there another worthy senior besides Jo-Jo?

  105. Lax Watcher says:

    Pfiffner because he’s committed to a strong DI program in ‘Gate but if he ever wants to play there he’s gonna have to play defence and not just look to score.

  106. laxerdude says:

    Interlicchio Town
    Ranagan Town
    Fox Town
    Doherty L/P
    Stewart John Jay
    Marasco Somers
    Brandofino Pac
    Keough Rye

  107. laxGuy says:

    I have played with and against haggerty for the last 3 years and if he is not givin AA I think it will be a slap in the face. I have seen the kid completly take over games and dominate. Our coach told us before the game we played them that there team might not be that great but there goalie can take over a game like its his job. Choosing mike b over hags just because of the teams he plays against is just a terrible reason.

  108. RealmenWearPURPLE says:

    I have seen hags many many times I know that he is the better goalie in this situation but I also see him getting robbed because of who he plays for. Its not fair but the town coaches will have alot of say/pull in the AA meetings when it comes time because they are winning games.

  109. […] Realistically, three is going to be a stretch. But I’m going to try. (Other than the postseason tripleheaders, this will be a first for me. So stay tuned, my friends.) • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your thoughts […]

  110. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  111. Unbiased Bystander says:

    All Americans so far:

    Interlicchio Town (JH)
    Fox Town (Marist)
    Fenn Town (Towson)
    Brunelle Town (Marist)
    Marasco Somers
    Bonitatibus (Loyola)
    Cabrielle (Wesleyan)

  112. kavtsy44 says:

    unbiased bystander…i think u forgot Ranagan by accident….

  113. laxerdude says:

    unbiased bystander…5 AA for town, 6 including ranagan??

  114. LAX says:

    Calm down, he’s obviously being sarcastic I got a laugh.

  115. Laxwatcher says:

    I think Perrelle will be very interesting to see bc Pac could finish under .500 in which case theres no way he gets it.

  116. say4411 says:

    Whats the most AA’s Yorktown ever got in one year??? 2001?

  117. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  118. unbiased bystander says:

    well you can add to my list but Brunell (D) has as many goals against Darien as Brandofino(O) had against Town.

  119. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  120. chill says:

    i would have to say jojo for somers but i also believe petre could easily get it if he keeps up what hes doing. i think longo has a good chance for next year. pfiffner i’m not to sure even though he will be playing d1 at a big school. hes got to learn how to play defense. i went to the ridgefield game last night and i saw tullgren and haas doing there things and they both looked very good. i think somers if they win the section and state could have a few choices for AA

  121. Wasabi says:

    AA voting is usually done before the Sectional Finals. I have no idea why, but that’s historically the way it’s been done.

  122. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  123. Sect1Lax says:

    I agree that if Somers unseats 4 time champ JJ they should get another AA besides Jojo. Problem is Pfiffner and Petre have been inconsistent. Neither scored vs Ridgefield. Hass and Tullgren are nice players but would need to really impress the rest of the way.

  124. LAX says:

    I think Pfiffner or Petre can get it this year. Somers should be well represented with an under-armour AA.

  125. LAX says:

    oops meant to say next year.

  126. slacrosse says:

    Is #9 (vander de verdonk (sp!!) of PV a junior–if so AND PV continues to have big wins (good shot to win Class C) and he continues his output (5-6 vs Rye), he should at least get some votes for AA-long shot because PV is “just” rising to the top this yr and kid may be somewhat unknown but this kid can play!

  127. ct says:

    i think anthony lombardo is a top contender for the under armour all american team in my opinion

  128. ct says:

    hey lax .. i think ur wrong

  129. SirLaxalot says:

    Unless I’m mistake Van de Verdoonk is a senior. Joe?

  130. Joe Lombardi says:

    Speaking of all-Americans, congrats to Somers’ JoJo Marasco and Ridgefield’s Matt White, who just received word they have been selected to play in the Under Armour all-America game. I’ll have more info on the game as soon as the rosters for both teams are released in May.

  131. slacrosse says:


    Thanx for update on J van de …… of PV being a senior.

  132. slacrosse says:

    Congrats Jo Jo!

  133. TigerTown says:

    Yeh Matt White! Way to rep Ridgefield and the FCIAC!

  134. Defense wins Championships says:

    congrats JoJo make section 1 proud

  135. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  136. Joe Lombardi says:

    Folks –

    Just to update you. Players who have received Under Armour AA are in the process of being contacted today as we speak.

    As soon as I know more names, you’ll know.

  137. Joe Lombardi says:

    Two more Under Armour AA’s, gang:

    Hopkins-bound John Ranagan of Yorktown and teammate John Fennessy. The honor is especially nice for Fennessy because the game itself will be played at Towson, where Fennessy will be playing in college.

  138. Laximus says:

    Joe great job with the Underarmour AA updates. This is like election night with the returns coming in.I’m glued to the blog!

  139. Joe Lombardi says:

    We have a developing story, folks. Turns out the Under Armour All-American Class ic is the same day of Yorktown’s graduation — Saturday, June 27. So the status of John Ranagan and John Fennessy for the game is now in doubt. Stay tuned.

    All told, there will be 44 seniors competing — 22 for the North and 22 for the South — in the event at Towson University in Maryland.

  140. slacrosse says:

    Hopefully they will get clearance to miss graduation if they choose to. Not minimizing event but should be their choice to accept this type of athletic honor or attend the “ceremony”–can understand either choice.

  141. UAA says:

    Did either mike b or haggerty get a big for UAA? I think both have the talents to represent Section 1 in this event.

  142. solidD says:

    after today’s game at jj and seeing doherty, there’s really no reason as to why he should be an AA, and i finally realize why he was only an alternate for the empire state team. He’s just not as good as he’s made out to be.

  143. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  144. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  145. UAA says:

    Ment bid*

  146. […] several Rebels players. • For video highlights of the Lakeland/Panas-John Jay game, click here. • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks • Joe Lombardi column: Former Syracuse star Colsey has a winner at […]

  147. […] of Denver-bound attackman Colin Scott and Fairfield University-bound midfielder Brendan Walsh. • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks • Joe Lombardi CBS column: Former Syracuse star Colsey has a winner at Ridgefield […]

  148. […] Section 1 Class B champ John Jay is coming off a 13-12 overtime loss to visiting Lakeland/Panas. • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks • Joe Lombardi CBS column: Former Syracuse star Colsey has a winner at Ridgefield […]

  149. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  150. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  151. BigFan says:

    Donald Keough shut down Marasco yesterday in Rye’s exciting 9 – 8 ovetime win against Somers. Keough’s performance yesterday proves he is should be All-American.

  152. BigFan says:

    Donald Keough of Rye proved yesterday in Rye’s exciting 9 – 8 overtime win against Somers that he greatly deserves being All Amercian this year. Keough shut down JoJo Marasco in the win. JoJo was only able to score one goal with one second left in the game because of Keough effort.

  153. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  154. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  155. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  156. Sect1Lax says:

    With Doherty held to a combined three goals and three assists in three games vs. Iona, John Jay and Town I adjusted my picks:


  157. Townie says:

    Can’t wait to see Joe and The Crop on TV tonight.


    Mike B.

  158. kin says:

    Not a chance in hell town gets 5.

  159. TuskerTown says:


  160. Y says:

    C’Mon, Longo, Pffiner are not AA material.Doherty is not playing like an AA, especially in big games.Petre is a year away, Maybe?

    Mike B

  161. syracuse says:

    Man, this is a good thread. I have stayed far away from it because I simply haven’t seen enough of the players to comment. But from what I have seen, I can say the following:

    As far as I am concerned there are just three locks:

    Joe Marasco
    John Ranagan
    Donald Keough

    After that there are simply just too many questions that still need to be answered.

    I’d say the closest thing to a lock is Kevin Interlicchio. He’s had a tremendous junior season and will likely get the nod.

    After that, though, I believe it’s anyone’s guess. Some of the teams haven’t lived up to hype. Some of the players may not have the stats many figured. I do believe those who got AA last year will be logical choices to get it again — someone like Jack Doherty comes to mind. Doherty may not have the goal-scoring numbers this year but he’s been asked to play a different role to a degree. He’s now more of an all-around player as opposed to a simple scorer. He’ll dish with the best of them, so don’t be surprised if he’s rewarded for that.

    Of course, there’s the guys from Mahopac as well, Tyler Perrelle and John Brandofino. Will Stewart from John Jay, James Pickel. Greely has Derek Katchis. Somers has Pfiffner. Yorktown has the entire starting defense, most especially Fennessey and Mike Bonittatibus in goal. I wonder if Yorktown’s success as a unit will take away from any one player being acknowedledged. Clarkstown South goalie Luke Haggerty is largely believed to be the best in the section, though the Mike B supporters think otherwise.

    And remember, there are plenty of fine players on teams you wouldn’t normally showcase.

    So there’s a lot still to be determined.

  162. Joe Lombardi says:

    Cuse –

    I have done the same thing on this and other topics for a variety of reasons. One of which is I feel my role is to provide the info and then let the readers decide, and I honestly do enjoy reading all their viewpoints.

    I will say this. You said there are three locks. I feel there are four and could be as many as five. Marasco, Ranagan and John Fennessy are all Under Armour AA’s — among the tyop 44 seniors in the nation. Kevin Interlicchio is the No. 12 junior in the nation and having a great season. Donald Keough has outstanding size and skills and his performance against JoJo (holding him scoreless until the last second of regulation) is as good an item on a résumé as you can have.

    Obviously nothing is definite, but if we can at this point settle on the fact those five all belong, it may be interesting to hear who folks think the remaining four selected should be. Or, if you don’t agree with my premise, please say so.

  163. syracuse says:


    Sure, I’ll agree with those five. My reservations with Interlicchio are few and Fennessey I was just concerned that perhaps because his unit is so good it would be hard to single out any one individual. But since you raise the point of Under Armour AAs, I guess my concerns are moot.

    So, if you have four locks:


    You are left with four or five spots. I’d think Keough and Doherty are closer to getting the nod than anyone else.

    So if you add them, you have two or three spots left.

    Haggerty has to be considered, as does Perrelle, as does Stewart. That could be it. Though Pickel is still there. What about Mike B? I do think that any talk of a team like Somers, Mahopac, L/P getting any more than one AA is very premature. John Jay is interesting because it has the two talents that seem to stick out.

  164. PurpleReigns says:

    Pickel like KI is a top jr recruit for Hop so he is sort of a lock. If Keough is 5 Jameson is 5B.

  165. PacMan says:

    If Pac beats JJ as we should Perrelle would have to get it over any JJ kid. I mean they would be 4-8. Give me a break. Yeh yeh there schedule is tough but all there wins have come against horrible teams.

  166. syracuse says:


    I’m inclined to agree with you on your point only because i think AAs are picked way to early and records are often thrown out, which seems sort of comical. I believe unless you are an exceptional talent or a no-brainer of the highest order, your team’s record or how far you go as a team — tough schedule or not — should play a big role in how many, if any, AAs a team gets.

    But every time I bring this up I’m told of semantics like coaches meetings and time constraints. Whatever. I’ve said my peace.

  167. LAX 17 says:

    Pac Man
    Brando and Perrele possibly if Pac gets to the finals

  168. LAX says:

    Pacman JJ is 4-7, but last two games lost to L/P in OT and Put Valley by 1 goal, if they had won those two games they would have a winning record. And they had dominating performances against Rye and Greeley, I don’t think those two are horrible. I’m looking at Mahopac’s schedule, it’s much weaker and they’re not doing any better against common opponents than JJ.

  169. ripo says:

    Mahopac lost to lakeland and somers enough said. Also they have no shot at winning a sectional title, but JJ has a very good shot at winning the section

  170. IndianChief45 says:

    Ripo John Jay also lost to Lakeland and Somers. So what’s your point???

  171. ripo says:

    this is my point
    “If Pac beats JJ as we should “

  172. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  173. zinzer says:

    Mike b and haggerty situation is intresting to look at.

    Mike b- Has been leading the powerhouse town into battle for a while now. Had some big games last season and played empires.

    Haggerty- Plays for a terrible team(saw them vs somers and my sons 3rd and 4th grade team dosent drop the ball as much), but stands out in almost every game he plays. The best 1on1 goalie I have seen in High school lacrosse in a while. Also played empires with mike, but haggerty also played amazing at the empire games.

    I think both should be picked. It happend a few years back I think and it should happen again this year.

  174. Lax 914 says:

    Cuse i have to agree with you on this topic, I like your picks and your reasoning. I would have to say Marasco, Ranagan,KI, and Fennessey will get AA, but with Doherty and Keough, from what I have seen, I am not sure. Keough let was lit up by KI and couldnt stop Daniello from JJ either. On L/P, Hanovich in my opinion, has been more valuable to the team than has Doherty. So far, I think Town is deserving of 3 all americans and no other team will get more than 1. That gives JJ 1, pac 1, LP 1, somers 1, rye or Putnam valley 1, and maybe haggerty from rockland. Right now my picks are the 4 i mentioned, Stewart from JJ, Perelle or Brando from Pac, Hanovich or Doherty from LP, Haggerty over mike B, and either Keough or a PV player. We will see how the teams finish up though, good luck to all.

  175. btdt says:

    Talking other programs, John Felix from Scarsdale is force that shines each game and at times, unstoppable.

  176. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  177. LAX! says:


    keough should be aa, he played very good defense against daniello. i think he only had 1 goal against him. that is pretty stupid to just say something like that,you probably werent even at the game

  178. LAX 17 says:

    Ranagan,Fennessey,KI Town
    Marasco Somers
    Brandofino Pac
    Doherty L/P
    Stewart JJ
    Santangelo Rye
    Haggerty Clarkstown South

  179. LAX ME UP says:

    AA Hv
    Ranagan lock ‘
    Marasco lock
    Fennessey lock only because he mad Under Armour AA
    KI Good stats
    Brandofino If KI then Brando same or better stats on not as good a team
    Perrelle Same reason as Brando
    Doughety Without his presence L/P not as good
    Haggerty put him on Ytown with that D
    Keough Best Pole

  180. 914-243 says:

    when did you say the AA meeting was being held for section 1 sometime in
    june or is their a date

  181. sec1aa says:

    Only Locks that are really at this point guaranteed AA are as follows (in my opinion)

    Kevin Interlicchio-Yorktown-(hopkins)=When playing the type of teams Yorktown plays and considering he goes up against every teams toughest defensemen, his stats are truely remarkable…Kid can dodge, shoot and pass better then anyone I’ve seen in a while…He is also on pace to break the all-time scoring record in one season at Yorktown which certainly speaks volumes…

    John Ranagan-Yorktown-(hopkins)= The kid is just an absolute animal..When he wants to score, he scores, when he wants to run through someone, well he does that too..Great face-off guy and plays very hard between the lines…Cannot be stopped when he gets a full burst of steam and does his job up and down the floor every time

    JoJo Marasco-Somers-(syracuse)= Best all-around player not just in section 1 but in NYS in my opinion…Doesnt have incredible stats this year bc he gets double after taking 2 steps…The kid is doing everything he can to lead his team and does what the coaches ask him to do…He gets everyone involved and any time he has an open shot, it ends up in the back of the net, the kid at times is just unstoppable…

    ****There you have it, 3 guaranteed locks for section one in my opinion (and im sure in many others)….Go section 1 !!!

  182. 914-243 says:

    Not to sure if pac will get 2 and i don t think will get 2 santangelo is playing very well these days
    but the rest of you picks are right on the money

  183. Reader says:


    Mike B

  184. Joe Lombardi says:


    It hasn’t been finalized. It’s usually the Monday or Tuesday before the sectional final.

    Also, just a remider, the Hudson Valley region gets nine AAs.

  185. 914-243 says:

    Thanks Joe

  186. LAX ME UP says:

    914 243
    Who do you omit Brando or Perrelle if Pac gets one. Coaches gonna have a tough decision

  187. 914-243 says:

    lax me up

    In all honesty i am glad i don’t have to pick between them flip a coin both are
    great players and only getting better don’ have a answer

  188. PacMan says:

    Ty Perrelle 4 year starter going to Binghamton. Among top scorers in section. Senior. Has to be a lock.

  189. RedGray says:

    Greg Petre is scoring 6 goals a game. I mean cmon he’s gotta get it. No one else is doing that.

  190. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  191. LAX says:

    Fenessy (Made UA AA)

    Haggerty/Mike B.

    Honorable Mention: Petre (Somers), will get it next year idk about this year Somers already has an attackman AA), Pfiffner (Somers), Fitzgerald (PV), Jimmy V (PV), Warner (NR), McCormick (Rye), Honovich (LP), O’Mara (LP), Casey (Yorktown), Fox (Yorktown), Walter (JJ), Daniello (JJ)…

  192. LAX 1972 says:

    Agree with top 4 Doherty? dont know.Out of rest I like Haggerty,Stewart Brandofino and Keough and if no Doherty then Perrelle

  193. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  194. LAX says:

    LAX 1972 Doherty is the best player on arguably the 2nd best team in the section. He might not be extremely dominant, but when’s the last time a returning AA was not voted for AA his senior year? I remember a couple years ago Rob Bosco was picked for a 2x AA even though some thought he didn’t deserve it, but if you’re a returning AA you’ll almost definitely get it.

  195. chill guy says:

    towns got plenty of talent and will probably get a couple AAs but Somers i believe will have quite a few. jojo of course, petre is playing very well and if he doesnt get it this year he will get it next year. pfiffner hasnt really shown me anything this year but maybe he will shine next year. tullgren is a solid middie and like petre and pfiffner has a good chance of getting it next year. oh and congrats to jojo on making UA AA.

  196. YOLAX says:

    AA Hv
    Ranagan lock ‘
    Marasco lock
    Fennessey lock only because he mad Under Armour AA
    KI Good stats
    Brandofino If KI then Brando same or better stats on not as good a team
    Perrelle Same reason as Brando
    Doughety Without his presence L/P not as good
    Haggerty put him on Ytown with that D
    Keough Best Pole

    Lax Me Up

    I think you are very close i am just not sure pac gets 2 could be wrong just not sure and also santangelo is playing very well i know petre is also so playing very well he will def get it next year

  197. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  198. RedGray says:

    Pfiffner and Tullgren both play football and have good size. I’d like to see them both lay out more wood and get more good clean hits.

  199. PVLax says:

    Yo how come no one is talking about Jimmy V or anyone else from the only unbeaten team left in Section One … Put Valley???

  200. 914-243 says:

    hey PVlax
    who would you replace let me hear your 9 picks

  201. lax watch says:


  202. YtownLAX says:

    If south has lost to all the top teams in the section I cant see how haggerty can even be evaulated for AA. MIke B will get it this year, better goalie by a ton.

  203. YOLAX says:

    YtownLAX by far not a better goalie just a great defense


  204. 914-243 says:


    Watch both play a number of times hate to say it haggerty better goalie and as people have already stated best one on one goalie around but i would love to see both goalies make it they both are of aa quailty

  205. TuskerTown says:

    Erik Pfiffner showed last nite he is an awesome two way middie. Somers proved they’re the second best team atleast in the section and should get two or three AAs – JoJo, Pfiff and possibly Petre.

  206. ripo says:

    If you have 3 all americans you better be winning more ball games. Rye Loss etc.

  207. Indians Lax says:

    Before anyone on that mahopac team gets AA (Brandofino, Perelle)- Stewart, Pickel, Forrest Walter and Geoff Stearns, who absoloutley shut down Brandofino, should be honored. That mahopac offense is over-rated. Perelle can score but hes not a team player and thats not how you win games. For Brandofino, if you have a stick on his hands he can’t get off his rip and hes a non-factor. What do you have to say about that Pac Fan and IndianLax45? Talk some more trash!!! It only fuels the other teams to want to beat you guys more.

  208. Syracuse says:

    I agree. Mahopac at this point doesn’t deserve an AA. I know Perrelle is a talent, but I’m sorry, when you get outscored 39-15 in the four games against your chief rivals — and likely some of the teams you will have to beat to get to the state tournament — you simply do not have a leg to stand on.

    ‘CUSE’s definitive list:


    My questions are: Is there another longstick out there that could bump Keough out? And has Mike Bonitatibus done enough to edge out Haggerty. I say no to both.

  209. 914-243 says:


    I agree with you 100% on you picks and those are your All Americans and since i read all your posts i am very curious who your 9th pick would be thanks

  210. Syracuse says:


  211. 914-243 says:

    Syracuse thanks

  212. LAX says:

    Yorktown basically has 3 locks but may get 4. There should be a goalie, perhaps Haggerty or Mike B. Stewart should definitely get it for JJ, he’s been performing very well since his return. Walter is JJ’s leading scorer and is dominant on face-offs but he’s only a sophomore, perhaps he’ll get it next year with Pickel? Pickel may get it this year as well but don’t know if there’s room for JJ to have two, maybe if they win sectionals. Next year I’m saying JJ gets 3.

    Somers will probably only have 1, petre and pfiffner also have next year, and rye and mahopac will probably have one each as well. Who knows if PV keeps up their winning streak they may get 1, I’m hearing Fitzgerald is good but I believe he’s a junior he can get it next year.

  213. laxerdude says:

    wat about stearns over pickel stearns completely shut down brandofino and has done a great job throughout the year holding good players to little or no points

  214. Parent says:


    I have to agree with laxerdude about Stearns, who I think is probably the most underrated, unpromoted player on Jay. He held Doherty to one goal (and I don’t even think he covering Doherty when he scored) and completely shut down Brandofino. Not to take anything away from Pickel, who is a tremendous talent, but he seems to get the lion’s share of the credit for what has shaped up to be a very strong defensive unit–when DeRuiter, Dunworth (who was very effictive against English, Marasco and Perrelle), Pickel and Stearns are on the field together they have been very stingy, holding Nisky to 3 goals (2 of Nisky’s 5 goals came on man down), WP to zero (all goals came with at least one of the starters off of the field), and Pac to 2 (I think one of pac’s other goals came from man down and the other against the second line?). Franklin has also been solid in goal, and Caviola and Lanza (who played a lot against Pac bc Pickel was injured) solid as back-ups. I admit that I’m somewhat biased bc my son is on that unit, but I do think that Stearns has been completely overlooked and he has been a real force on the field.

    PS, it looks like you were spot on in your prediction for Jay this year–didn’t you say pre-season that they could have 8 or 9 loses in regular season? I’d be curious to see your playoff predictions once regular season ends.

  215. lax watch says:

    santangelo 2G 4A VS STEARNS

  216. Player says:

    Cuse i agree with most of ur list but another long pole who is better u ask..What about Ethan Fox??.. and parent i kno u said u think that stearns is the most underrated and un promoted in Jay..i would say ethan it the most underrated/ not promoted and most diverse in the section…how many players do u kno that play the whole entire game and does both offense and defense? he plays long pole on defense where he is constantly running up and down than field, than wen the offense gets a man up he runs off to get a shorty and plays there..he also plays man down.. Fox doesnt get any recognition at all for all the effort he puts on the field..he is most deff one of the underrated players on the team and in the section, also he is a major contributing factor in towns success!! no im not his parent or his relative or anything like jus a player who has gone up and against him in the section..he is by far one of the most dominating players and long pole in the section..soo he would be one of my votes for all-american..

  217. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  218. Fan says:

    The Santangelo comment is not accurate. He had two goals in the first 30 seconds off of faceoff wins and fastbreaks AND THEN Stearns started covering him. If he really had 4 assists that is impressive but meaningless since JJ cruised to a 13-7 win. John Jay plays many different defenses and slide packages and rarely is one player responsible for stopping one person. Lately Stearns seems to be the guy Sav is useing to concentrate on one player and the results have been outstanding. I think Doherety, Brandinfino and #5 on Syosset would agree. I think Santangelo is a legit All American candidate but if you watched John Jay all year you would know that Stearns is as well.

  219. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans […]

  220. LoveTownLax says:

    You are right on the mark about Ethan Fox, Player. He is an outstanding, 4-year Varsity player.

  221. Defense Wins Championships says:

    Well i will take one more shot at this

    1-Marasco best player in section 1 (maybe the state)
    2-Radagan just a great player best middie in section
    3-Interlicciho proven to be aa no question
    4-Doherty haven’t watch him play much but good player deserves it? if he doesn’t
    get it Perelle or brando probably will
    5-Haggerty best goalie in section 1
    6-Fennessey tough to deny UA AA
    8- Pickel?
    9-Steward jj will get atleast one
    As it gets very close to the reg season end it gets harder and harder to pick except for a few TO MANY FREAK’IN VARIABLES

  222. freelaxer says:

    One name that has not been mentioned at all, and should be is JJ defender Geoff Stearns. If Jay gets one, he should be the one to consider with Stewart, not Pickel. You might not have heard a lot about him but he held Jack Doherty to 0 goals (he had 1 in the game but it was on man-up), he held John Brandofino to 0 goals and 0 assists, and he held Syosset’s Eddie Loftus (going to Duke) to 0 goals. Those are some impressive stats, and someone to consider.

  223. ripo says:

    You got to win the section to get any of those awards

  224. just before says:

    Ripo apparently not,ck you history aa picked before section finals. It’s usually the Monday or Tuesday before the sectional final.

    Also, just a remider, the Hudson Valley region gets nine AAs.

  225. ripo says:

    I know but it used to be the night right after sectional finals, they should go back to that. I think the championship should have something to do with it.

  226. Joe Lombardi says:

    Ripo does make a good point (there’s a first time for everything I guess – just kidding, Ripo). It probably makes more sense to decide after the sectional championship, especially this year, where I think at least two titles are really up for grabs.

    In any case, the AA coaches’ selection meeting is tentatively scheduled for the Monday, June 1, three days before the sectional finals at White Plains.

  227. Beach Lax says:

    With Stewart being kind of quiet since his injury and being held scorelss vs Syosset I think its possible JJ may not have any AAs. I guess Pickel is possible or Daniello who is there best all around player by far.

  228. ripo says:

    JJ has no all americans that is what is so impressive for the last two wins for them

  229. LAX says:

    It’s not totally accurate saying Stewart has been quiet since his injury. Since he came back, he’s had a couple of 3 goal games (the day he came back vs. L/P in limited minutes and against WP) and had 4 and 1 against Mahopac. He was shut down against Syosset, but as seen by the win, they don’t need to heavily rely on him. JJ has been criticized in the past for relying too much on superstars such as Bocklet and Drew. That’s not the case this year as JJ’s offense is very deep and well balanced. They may not have the top ranked midfielder and one of the top ranked attackman in the country like last year but others are stepping up.

    Daniello has been doing very well this season, he has over 20 goals and assists so far and is JJ’s leading point scorer but there’s no way he’s making it as a sophomore, nothing against him. If he does well next year he may make it as a junior, same thing goes with Walter who leads the team in goals (25 so far). Pickel is another JJ player who has a chance next year who knows maybe this year as well.

    JJ should probably get one. But now that I think about it, didn’t Yorktown have no AAs a couple years ago? They won the section, but didn’t have any AAs, correct me if I’m wrong. So it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they end up with none, but I’m still pushing for Stewart.

  230. Laxer says:

    Beach lax come on dude. daniello should have 100 goals by now for the amount of shots he takes. I would put stewart walter pickel and stearns over him for mvp of the team and therefore deserving of the AA slot if JJ gets one. stewart and walter contribute just as much offense if not more than daniello from the midfield position and stearns and pickel anchor a defense that has been shutting down some good players. To me, JJs all americans are stewart and stearns, but its for the coaches to decide.

  231. ripo says:

    JJ deserves No All Americans

  232. Lax says:

    Town will get 4…Fenn Ranagan and KI are locks and then Fox deserves it and Mike B doesnt but one of them will get it as well. 5th is clearly Marasco, 6th Doherty, 7th Perelle 8th Keough 9th depends on if Fox or Mike B get it if Fox gets it Haggerty and if Mike B gets it Stewart

  233. SWLAX says:

    Any players on teams not named JJ, Town, PAC, Somers, L/P or Rye even considered? It sounds to me that being a good player on a great team is the only criteria for All-American here. Is being a great player on an average team or an outstanding player on a mediocre team even honestly considered? Since when does the name on a jersey entitle a team to a certain number of All-American’s? Great players aren’t being considered because their teams are average. There is a PV attackman who is every bit as good as either PAC Attackmen, Rye’s or L/P’s…if you want to justify that one with wins and losses, PV beat Rye who beat L/P…how can there only be one midfielder on these lists?

    People on this blog think that since Team X beat Team Y and Z, they are entitled to more All-American spots than others. Mahopac doesn’t deserve an AA? How can one say a team doesn’t deserve an AA, it is not a team award, it is an individual accolade. Beating teams in your league may entitle another to more All League or local awards as you move further down each teams depth chart (i.e. the third defensemen on Somers will get All-League before the third defensmen on L/P, if they’re even in the same league) but All-American and even all section should not be judged on how many games a team wins. Simply awarding a good teams players with post season accolades because they are fortunate enough to have been born in a town where the lacrosse team has established a name for itself is not right. They should be awarded based on talent and I can only hope that those doing the voting don’t follow the logic and rationale that some here do. The Survivor alliance mentality of “vote for my player this year and I’ll vote for yours next year” is not the right thing to do, but unfortunately it happens.

    Some players who were AA last year, are considered a lock for this year, or are atleast in the mix as being nominated and are being discussed here on this blog, failed to make their way through the first and second rounds for the Empire Team tryouts last year. That just goes to show that name and hype only go so far and that the rest has to be earned; atleast that’s how it is outside of the Section 1 boys club.

    That being said, without using HS kids names, here is the breakdown that I have, by players as deserving recipients…names would be too shocking to those I left off that are on every other list here.

    Somers – 1
    Yorktown – 3
    PV – 1
    Rye – 1
    Mahopac – 1

    The last two spots should be up for grabs…players who have the skill to grab one of those 2 spots are on the following teams…


    Good luck to all in Sectionals, I hope we have some great games to watch!

  234. John FANagan says:

    – JoJo Marasco
    – John Ranagan
    – Kevin Interlicchio
    – John Fennessey

    – Mikey B
    – Haggerty
    – Fox
    – Keough
    – Doherty
    – Stewart
    – Perelle
    – Brandofino

    If i had to pick 9, it would be my locks plus Ethan Fox, Donald Keough, Tyler Perelle, and both Mikey B and Haggerty. Sure I’m a Yorktown fan, and sure the chances of 5 AA’s is highly unlikely. But Doherty has not been performing up to his talent, and has not been the big time player LP has needed him to be. Doherty not playing his best should give the nod to both Haggerty and Mikey B. Haggerty is the best one on one goalie in the section, and keeps his team in it single-handedly. MIkey B is the anchor of the suffocating Town defense, and has been manning the cage for 4 years. Donald Keough is the best long pole in the section and he should be there as well. Perelle is the best offensive threat on Mahopac, has been on the team for 4 years, and that is the main reason why he will get the nod over Brando. Both equal talents, but two from Mahopac seems like too much. Finally, Ethan Fox, in my opinion, besides the 4 locks that I have mentioned is the most deserving of AA. The hardest working player on the field, getting it done on the offensive end and defensive end, the kid does not get the credit he deserves. 4 time letter winner for the Husker defense, 2 year captain, and not to mention he is a magician with both the long pole and the short. Fox is sold short, but he doesn’t care, all he wants to do is win.

    So to sum it all up:
    – Joe Marasco
    – John Ranagan
    – Kevin Interlicchio
    – John Fennessey
    – Michael Bonitatibus
    – Luke Haggerty
    – Donald Keough
    – Tyler Perelle
    – Ethan Fox

    This is most likely not going to be the outcome, but if I had a say, this would be my ballot.

    Honorable Mention: Doherty, Brandofino, McCormack, Tom Casey, THE CROP, Stewart, Stearns, Santangelo

  235. LoveTownLax says:

    SWLax – You make some interesting points, but another criteria to consider is a potential AA’s opponents. Scoring multiple goals against nationally-ranked teams with powerhouse defenses is far more difficult, requires much more skill, than against average section one teams. (I won’t mention teams or individuals either, as LTL’s point is not to denigrate any kid/program) Conversely, a defensive player that can shut down a top attackman or middie, or goalie that makes incredible saves against those players, should be more highly regarded. Therefore, that is why most of those teams you listed have many contenders. It may be unfair, but what in life isn’t? There are certainly always exceptions, those players that clearly make things happen without a fabulous supporting cast and/or team with a great win/loss record. But reality is they are few and far between. & LTL agrees, not sure if it’s popular or not, that no one should be a lock simply because they won AA last year. They should have to step up in 2009, as much – or even better – than in 2008 to win again.

    Another thought… you mention about birthright. To that I offer that to stand out in a program like ‘Town’s, you have to be the best of the best, to even get play time and then shine against some of the best competition around…. Not every kid from ‘Town gets considered for AA, so it isn’t a gift. You still have to earn it. The majority of kids from our program would stand out in most other programs in section one… you really have to be the cream of the crop…so to speak!

  236. THE CROP says:

    Mikey B
    E Fox

    *Hours after All Americans are announced..the selection committee announces that The Crop is the 10th AA from section 1.

  237. just before says:


    you do better cheering than picking aa’s

  238. Old Coach says:

    “Since when does the name on a jersey entitle a team to a certain number of All-American’s?”

    Having been in all league and all county meetings 25 plus years ago, since forever.

    These are awards for excellence. That excellence has to be demonstrated in the games. This is a team game. Thus ultimately – that means winning.

    That is why someone from PV should get a serious look and why frankly it is hard to take any look at the Pac attackmen and the Greeley defenders.

    Its not good players on the best teams vs great players on lesser teams. All the players on the best teams are good. Its the best players on the best teams. Or in your terms – great players.

    Yorktown stands alone this year but after them it is Somers, LP, PV, Jay and Rye – all five of these teams have both beaten and lost to the others – and these are the odds on favorites to join ‘Town in the Sectional finals – and if I understood the timing discussions correctly – the six teams still standing when the vote takes place.

    That’s it so far. Neither Pac nor Greeley for all their talking and talking and talking have beaten any of these teams. Their defenders haven’t shut done the better teams and their attack hasn’t lit up the better teams.

    As for the ESG team, that was then and this is now. But if you really want to go there, the results so far this season would support those who thought the ESG coaches made a mistake leaving two AAs and one KI off the attack for that team.

  239. don't agree says:

    Old coach

    So what you are saying great players from lesser teams should not be considered that is the dumbest thing i heard pick the best players period
    and if town gets 5 thats fine best players not the best team two guesses were your from. HOPFULLY YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT


    Old Coach

    I disagree with your direction of thought but It’s pretty safe to say that leaving KI of the empire team was a mistake but i am really not sure you are correct about Doherty

  241. LAX says:

    You guys may disagree with it, but Old Coach has a point. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it’s just how it’s done. AAs are usually from the best teams. Are there exceptions? Once in a while, but a lot has to do with which team they are on, I think that’s pretty obvious.

  242. Syracuse says:

    Parent and Player:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I want to see Stearns in action before I say anything. As for Ethan Fox, he is tremendous, but I just don’t know if Yorktown should get four, considering we’re all pretty much in agreement on KI, Ranagan and Fennessey. I mean, four All-Americans means you play on a tremendous high school team, one that should win a title. The jury is still out on this Yorktown team. Also, any talk of Fox means Mike B is out of the question …

    Though I do think I read that CROP had Yorktown with 5 AAs. CROP, your my boy and all, but that’s just insane.

    I seriously think Mahopac and John Jay may get shut out. Mahopac because as good many seem to think Perrelle and Brandofino are they have not had standout games against the best teams on their schedule. Jay because Pickel has been hurt all season and Stewart has been so-so. Stearns kind of comes out of left-field as far as the blog is concerned.

  243. LAX says:

    I’ve been wanting to mention Stearns as well. The 6’3 Lafayette-bound senior is one of the 3 3rd year varsity players on this team (with Silver and Stewart). He has had some excellent games this year, including shutting down Loftus, Doherty, and Brandofino. Pickel gets so much attention because of Hopkins, not taking anything away with him, so I’m happy to see that Stearns is thrown out there as well. But yeah it is kind of hard picking AAs for JJ, Stewart and Pickel have had injuries but even so they don’t seem to have any studs this year.

    But I think either Mahopac or JJ will get one, possibly both but if one of those two teams gets one it’ll be interesting to see who it will be.

  244. SWLAX says:

    LoveTownLax – Good points as well, but consider this. Every team Town plays this year has their one and two men covering your one and two men. Town is so successful because they have the 3-6’s, not to mention the 7-10’s to step up when those 1 and 2’s are taken out of their usual role. Those 3-6’s create opportunities for the 1’s and 2’s that they would have to create for themselves if they were the only players on their team, which is what a lot of other teams in Sec. 1 deal with. Having a good supporting cast makes great players better, but it doesn’t make the supporting cast AA’s.
    Being born into a Town jersey doesn’t make you an All – American, but it does make getting your name in the mix a lot easier.
    Your name shouldn’t get you anything, and the Empire Coaches made the right decisions last year. Based on the tryouts, they picked the best players. If a player doesn’t feel the need to try at a tryout for a spot on a prestigious team, then they shouldn’t get a spot on that team, no matter how skilled they are, what school they attend or what their name is.
    LAX – I can’t accept that “it’s just how it’s done.”

  245. Syracuse says:

    I agree with Old Coach’s premise — maybe not his specifics — mostly because I’m completely in favor of your record needing to count for something, even on an individual basis.

  246. LoveTownLax says:

    I wasn’t at all referring to Empires, SWLAX, that was last year, in the past…. nor was I saying everyone who plays well on a great team is an AA…. but do agree that there are sometimes players who stand out and deserve the recognition, even though the team as a whole is not successful/does not play the highest level of competition.

    AA should be equal opportunity for one great player/average team, or many great players/one great team. I think it’s ridiculous to propose an artificial high/low limit on # of players from any one team – it’s supposed to be the most outstanding 9 players in Section One. right?

  247. […] • Let’s hear your all-America picks […]

  248. 914-243 says:

    AA should be the best 9 players no matter where they are from great players are from all teams it is not the 70’s anymore According to what i have read from a few we should only pick the empire team from a few specific teams as well or everybody can move to upper westchester,that’s just rediculous!

  249. JJ says:

    I will have my offical list after tonights game. Im looking foward to see how haggarty handles having 100 shots on cage tonight.

  250. Old Rugger says:

    Hey PV fans would like to hear more about your team as have not had a chance to see them, and they are obviously playing well.

  251. 914-243 says:


    I am sure hag’s will do just fine but 100 shots i don’t know about that but i am
    sure it will be closer to 40-45

  252. LAX 1972 says:

    If Pac gets one .I think the coaches should give it to Brando over Perrellle.

  253. Old Coach says:

    Please define “lesser” teams.

    If you are talking about Pac or Greely, that is one thing.
    If you are talking about Byram or WP, that is another.
    …and if you are talking about the teams outside the Power league, then that is something else again.

    Please also define “great players” because in the context of this discussion, it means one of the top nine players in Section One. (Anyone considered in the discussion – and many others – should be respected for their skill and effort and many players are “great”. But the AA’s represent the best of the best and there are only nine of them. That doesn’t mean number ten or eleven, etc. is bad or not great.)

    It is extremely unlikely that anyone outside the top of Power League would fit that definition. Still, to be considered one of the best nine players in Section One, you have to demonstrate it on the field in section one games. So, a truly dominant player outside the Power league (they’d have to put up Trizano numbers) or a player carrying his team at the lower end of the Power League could conceivably get into the discussion – but it is not likely.

    Also please just stop with this KI (or whomever) is only good because of the supporting cast. Keep in mind also that especially with “developing” programs, the most skilled players are typically on attack. So, the number one pole or double that the lessor team’s “great” player is going to face is not going to be on a par with the number one pole or double that the great player on the great team is going to face. Nobody is facing tougher defenders this year than KI is. Marasco or KI or Ranagan would absolutely eat up the opposition in the B and C leagues all by themselves.

    That leaves the power league. Last year, you could argue that Marasco carried a lesser team on his back last year and was named AA – but that would depend upon your definition of “lesser” team. Somers is obviously not a lesser team this year. Never the less, to be named AA, you and your team to some extent still have to perform.

    I don’t mean to pick on Pac and Greeley here, but the examples stand out.
    Pac came into the season touting the best attack in Section One with three stars (two of them potential AA’s). Greeley entered boasting of two potential AA defenders. So how have they done? Neither have beaten any of the LP/Somers/Jay/Rye/PV Group. OK. Let’s look beyond that.

    Both have played (and lost to) four teams with Laxpower ratings of 96 or better (Town, LP, Jay, Somers – 97.25 avg).

    Maybe Pac lost shootouts and Greeley lost low scoring defensive affairs. Nope. Pac’s defense managed to hold these opponents on average to under 10 goals per game (9.75), but their offense could not manage even 4 goals per game on average (3.75). Pac scored fewer goals against Town than any other opponent Town has faced this year. Jay, LP and Somers each have only had one opponent score fewer goals against them than Pac did.

    Perhaps Greeley lost low scoring defensive struggles? Nope again. Greeley scored on average 9 goals per game (more than double what Pac scored) against these same foes, but allowed a whopping 15.5 goals against on average. Jay scored more goals against Greeley than against any other opponent this year. Town and Somers each only had two games where they scored more than they scored against Greeley. LP – three.

    These are not compelling cases for Pac’s attack nor Greeley’s defenders. “He scores against or defends well against everyone but the good teams” is not the case to make for being the best of the best.

    And at the margins – (after KI, Fennessey, Ranagan, Marasco and Doherty) – a compelling case will have to made for the final four.

    Town has two more to consider, so does Somers – neither will get more than one. Jay has Stewart who is the key to their whole figgin’ team. Rye has Keogh. PV has got to have somebody. And then there is the South Goalie. Still don’t see anyone else in the discussion right now, sorry.

    Town (4th)
    Somers (2nd)

    Four of these don’t get it. Depends how the rest of the season goes. Would really be best if they waited until after sectionals, since that is what the teams aim for. Right now, think it will be tough for Pac or Greeley to get one, for Somers to get two, and for two goalies to make it – but there are still some games to play.

  254. laxerdude says:

    last im not sure doherty from what ive seen hasnt played his best mayb stearns or perelle?

  255. JJcue says:

    wow…after seeing the jay game tonight I have come to the see that haggerty should be a LOCK. Kid makes saves like you would not think is possible. Best goalie I have seen this year so far.


    This last spot is up for grabs with alot of people in my eyes. Perrele, Brandifino,Pickle,Mike b,Fox,Mccormack, Santangalo.

    Those are the people fighting for the last spot the way I look at it.

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  257. Old Rugger says:

    Agree Haggerty a LOCK. Syracuse & Old Coach, I agree with most of your points, Lax is a team sport, AA is an individual award. There is a lot of Gray in between. South not a good team yet many on this blog agree with Haggerty which goes against the idea that the team needs to be a winner. Would Fennesy be as good as he is without Fox and his goalie? can’t truely say as it is a team sport. Old Coach like your analysis using Pac and Greeley as examples (no offense to Pac & HG) Appologies “cuse” as it looks a lot (exactly like yours) was just waiting to see Haggety before writing.

    1 .Marasco
    2. Ranagan
    3. Interlichio
    4. Fennesy
    5. Haggerty
    6. Doherty (though I don’t like that you get it again even if you don’t meet the very high expectations)
    7. Keough (over Santangelo)
    8. Stewart
    9. Is there a WP or PV player who is deserving? ( Fitzgerald?) or perhaps Petre?

  258. yolax says:

    So apparently as the section 1 meeting gets closer approx 2.5 weeks away
    i think i can safely say there are 5 locks

    1 Marasco –Somers ( can do it all )
    2 Fennesy –YTown ( besides UA AA just a great player )
    3 Interlichio –YTown ( has proven to be one of the best attackman around )
    4 Ranagan –YTown ( love watching that boy play,great player all heart )
    5 Haggerty–CSouth ( proven to be one of the best goalies in the region )

    I like Keogh,Fox,Santangelo, Stewart, Doherty,PValley player sombody from PV please chime in Mapac may still get one i have seen stranger things happen?? if anybody has any other names by all means lets hear them

  259. syracuse says:

    I’ll say this much. If a John Jay kid really wants to be an AA, he has the perfect opportunity to show the world Friday night and on MSG this weekend.

    As I’ve stated before, my five “locks” are the same as yolax’s.


    Just to reiterate again, the next two who look better than the rest are:


    The last two spots you could basically throw a dart at a map:

    Mike B

    * I don’t want to say the Mahopac kids have played themselves out of it, but they have not put up good numbers in the biggest games. I think from an individual talent perspective you could put Perrelle and Brando right up there with anyone in my top 7.

    * Stewart and Pickel. The commitment to Hopkins makes Pickel look obvious, but he’s been so hurt this year. Stewart is great one day statistically, average the next and occasionally non-existent.

    * Fox and Mike B. would be AA’s in any other year. Haggerty has been tremendous for a bad team. According to my logic players on bad teams need to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Haggerty has done that. Mike B is a great goalie, but could he stop 35 shots against Jay if he didn’t have four of the best high school poles on the planet playing in front of him? I don’t know.

    Fox may be Yorktown’s best defensive player, seriously, but he sort of gets lost in the shuffle because LSM is so much more non-descript as a position. He’d be an AA if I had a vote.

    On a side note, I’m secretly I’m rooting for Petre of Somers. Kid will be a STUD next year.

  260. […] • Your picks for this year’s all-Americans […]

  261. Green says:

    I think cuse’s list is right but mike b will get it this year not hags.

  262. LAX says:

    Don’t think Pickel is so hurt anymore, was JJ’s player of the week having “9 ground balls and 7 clears along with playing outstanding defense” last game.

  263. yolax says:


    hag’s will get it should not even be a discussion definitely LOCK

  264. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  265. btdt says:

    You guys just have no clue, if you ask any coach that has played (and most have beaten) Scarsdale this yera, they would tell you John Felix is one of the best lacrosse players in Section One, no question. So, if your saying you have to be power league, which I question, John Felix should be considered.

  266. yolax says:

    HET Cuse
    Besides theses top 5 locks i believe that at tonights game 2 more will emerge on this list by morning and if i had to guess FOX and STEWARD I am personally hoping for Fox just a great all around player Looking foward to this game

    1 Marasco –Somers ( can do it all )
    2 Fennesy –YTown ( besides UA AA just a great player )
    3 Interlichio –YTown ( has proven to be one of the best attackman around )
    4 Ranagan –YTown ( love watching that boy play,great player all heart )
    5 Haggerty–CSouth ( proven to be one of the best goalies in the region )

  267. yolax says:

    sorry cuse ment to say hey not het

  268. stevo says:

    Still not sold on Haggerty over Mike B. I would have
    Mike B
    Then I am stuck on Keogh, Perelle, Stewart.
    If I had to say now, I would go with Keogh and Perelle with the last spot. Stewart was hurt, Perelle has not helped his team win too much, Keogh has been inconsistent. Saw him play great vs Somers, bad vs KI and Town.

    Also, two goalies can get it if both deserve too.

  269. […] • Your choices for this year’s all-Americans […]

  270. yolax says:


    don’t really have to be sold on haggerty anybody that has watch him play is as
    you put it sold Haggerty is the better goalie period.and you are def correct that 2 goalies can and just may get it but it’s def haggerty bedore mike b

  271. syracuse says:

    What opens the door to the notion of two goalies is the fact that Section 1 doesn’t have that many standout middies this year besides Ranagan. It’s been talk of attackmen and poles. It will be interesting to see if the final list has balance.

  272. yolax says:

    Good point cuse

  273. Old Coach says:


    Figure Haggerty is in and with this last invite Mikey B. too.

    Also can’t see coaches not giving it to a returning AA and LP has to get someone.

    So far

    Marasco 08 AA, 09 UA AA, 09 NSS
    Ranagan 08 AA, 09 UA AA, 09 NSS
    Fennesy 09 UA AA
    Mikey B 09 NSS
    Doherty 08 AA

    Stewart – big chance to step up tonight (I guess same chance for Pickel?)

    I do think the Pac and Greely and PV kids have played themselves somewhat out of it.

    WP/Greeley/Pac will finish in a 3 way tie for second behind Jay in league 3A. PV will come in 5th, South 6th and last. If the league gets a second AA after Hags, gotta figure it goes to Jay – and besides being Jay’s best player, Stewart is the second best middie in the county.

    For the last spot
    Petre or Fox – but it is hard to see the coaches giving Town five

  274. yolax says:

    hey cuse

    after tonights game did you see anybody that deserves to be on this list
    or removed from this aa list my

  275. syracuse says:


    I can’t comment on that because I couldn’t attaned the game, unfortunately.

    From everything I have been told, Will Stewart was outstanding and at this point may be the only John Jay player with a shot. I’m going to watch closely on Sunday on MSG.

    For Yorktown, Ranagan pretty much made the statement that said even though the player of the year candidates in Section 1 are predominantly attackmen, he’s just as important, if not more important, than any of them.

    Again, can’t wait to watch Sunday.

  276. […] • Your choices for this year’s all-Americans […]

  277. yolax says:


    let me know after sunday i am curious

  278. […] • Your choices for this year’s all-Americans […]

  279. BIGDOGS2 says:

    By considering additional Town players like a Fox or Brunelle to the AA would be the fair thing in my opinion due to some the facts stated above by Cuse and Old coach, such as being in the power league, and the big teams they’ve beaten, and the ease with which Town has defeated the Mahopacs,Rye, LP, etc.

  280. JayforYOU says:

    Bigdog Im not sure how you can say that town should have 6 AA. That is just crazy talk. In my eyes they have 3 AA players. KI, Ranagan, Fennessy. Mike b did not impress me at all last night in the town-jay game. If he gets AA over hags I will loose alot of faith in how fair the process for AA is. We had 10 times more of a problem scoring against haggerty than mikeb.


  281. syracuse says:


    I am inclined to agree with you on Mike B. He’s a very good goalie, but I just think he’s not quite AA material. I’m thinking Yorktown gets the 3 AAs we’ve all mentioned. I’m holding out hope for Fox, but, again, as an LSM, even as good as he is, he’s sort of a tweener because his position isn’t sexy.


    I’m waiting to watch on Sunday, but I think Stewart really made a serious case for AA on Friday night. That said, maybe Jay gets two AAs, including Pickel, though I’m thinking they may just get one, if any.

  282. oldysBUTGOODIES says:

    You cant give AA to a goalie of a team that is on the level of teams such as nanuet and scarsdale and other lower caliber teams. You just cant. Hags is and average goalie in section1. Mike b has been starting on yorktown for 4 years. When is the last time that has happened? His clears and insane and he is very composed in the net. Mike b gets it no doubt.

    Town gets 4 with mike b.

  283. syracuse says:


    You can certainly give a goalie on less caliber teams AA because, if nothing else, he’s often the difference between respectability and the basement. Normally, I would agree with you, but I believe if you play for a lesser program you better be exceptional and better have a buzz about you and better have the respect of all coaches and fans.

    Haggerty has all of that. I mean 33 saves against John Jay??? That’s impressive. He was the starting goalie on Empires, or he split time with Mike B, of mighty Yorktown. That in itself should speak volumes.

    Don’t penalize the kid because he plays for Clarkstown South. He still faced Somers, John Jay, Putnam Valley, Mahopac and Greeley. Now that’s obviously not St. Anthony’s, Chaminade, Darien, Ward Melville and Wilton, but to a man I think any fan whose actually seen Haggerty play knows if he was on a Yorktown They’d have about the same record but would allow even less than the 6.5 goals per game they allow now.

  284. LAX says:

    Haggerty is the reason why CS is one of the best if not the best team in Rockland. Saying he’s just an average goalie is ridiculous, I’m guessing you’ve never seen him play.

    I believe Haggerty started over Mike B. on Empires, if I remember correctly.

  285. laxerdude says:

    having watched both haggerty and mike b i defintely believe haggerty is the better goalie

  286. yolax says:


    I was at the jay game on fri mike b was not very impressive in all honesty i can’t
    believe he is even mention for aa 10 goals 11 saves i believe haggerty is NOT an avg goalie ytown doesn’t have the best goalie get over it,do youself a favor before you write something ridiculous why don’t you go ask sav who he was more impressed with that should end this convesation

  287. Travis says:

    Gotta think KI is now firmly on bubble for AA after bad game vs JJ.

  288. TuskerTown says:

    Anyone who saw Erik Pfiffner today vs Connecticut powerhouse Cheshire in Somers big 15-9 win would have to consider him an AA lock.

  289. ripo says:

    Cheshire a Ct Power LOL. they stink. Check the games they played this year.

  290. yolax says:

    aways a pleasure love reading your post

  291. lax10598 says:

    I think we need to clarify what is considered a “save” by a goalie. A save can only be made when there is a “shot on goal”,and a shot on goal is defined as a shot that would go in the goal, if a goalie were not positioned in front of the goal. Therefore, any “shot” that goes outside the 6×6 goal cage (wide or high) can not be considered a shot on goal. Most statisticians only keep “shots”, then they subtract the goals scored, and arrive at “saves”. This is not accurate, and if you ask the goalies directly, they will tell you that the actual number of shots directly on the 6×6 goal cage is much less than what we see being written.

    In the JJ vs. Clarkstown-South game, JJ scored 13 goals, and if Haggerty did make 33 saves, then JJ would have had 46 shots taken directly on goal. That is difficult to believe, because it would mean that JJ had to have taken almost 55-60 shots in total during the game (given that some shots are wide or high).

    Haggerty has proven himself to be a very good goalie—at last summer’s Empire Games. I think he is better as a “shot stuffer”, as he slams the door on anything in close. He is good on distance shots, but not great (bad defense or not).

    Mike B. has had a good year, but if you ask him directly, he is likely to tell you that he has given up some goals this year that he normally does not give up. Good defense or not, sometimes a goalie just gives up a goal.

    All goalies need to be given a lot of credit. Not many of us would want to stand in the way of a hard rubber ball that can be moving as fast as 80 MPH.

    Good luck to both goalies in the “A” playoffs.

  292. LoveTownLax says:

    Travis – you are firmly on the blogger bubble if you think one game defines any AA – it’s about the full season performance. For KI, it’s about the team and the W. If he can’t finish, he helps find someone who can. You are confusing AA with game MVP.

  293. Spec says:

    I was at the game and JJ had the ball the ENTIRE game. Its clarkstown south vs a JJ who just came off a win vs syosset. I can beileve he had that many, id say about 10 of them being 1on1 saves in the game.

  294. stand tall says:

    lax 10958

    I was at the jj-south although i didn’t count shots i can absolutly tell you that haggerty was hammered with shots so i can definitely believe the save total of 33 don’t know if you were there but all goalies deserves the credit they get as you said (Not many of us would want to stand in the way of a hard rubber ball that can be moving as fast as 80 or 90 MPH.} and KI has played unbelieveable this year watched him many times def on aa list

  295. Joe Lombardi says:

    I see we’ve gone over 300 comments to this thread, folks. Pretty impressive.

    I do agree with TuskerTown that Erik Pfiffner turned in an impressive performance vs. Cheshire and has really stepped up his play down the stretch for Somers. He was the best player on the field vs. Cheshire — winning faceoffs, getting ground balls, dishing out good clean hits, creating fast breaks and unleashing good shots on net. He looks like he will be an impact player right away at Colgate starting in the 2011 season.

    As for Ripo’s comment about Cheshire, it’s not quite accurate. Cheshire is one of the top programs in Connecticut. The Rams have sent 106 players to the college ranks during their 26-year history. Is Cheshire as strong as Ridgefield or Darien? No. But they do play some tough teams. In fact, last season, they played both Ridgefield and Fairfield Prep.

  296. Valley Pond says:

    With Somers now 11-4 and unbeaten vs. Section 1 teams except Town and the OT game vs. Rye when starting goalie was out, I guess the question is not will Somers get two +r three AAs but who will they be? Thoughts?

  297. Spec says:

    Thers no way somers gets more than one this year…

  298. Pac Man says:

    The most deserving Pac player for AA has to be goalie Johnny McGuigan. If Luke H. Is 1A goalie in Section One, Johnny is 1B.

  299. SirLaxalot says:

    Midfielders are the best players on the field. They deserve the most honors.

    As a neutral observer I have to say that Erik Pfiffner is the second best middie in the section behind Ranagan and a better all-around athlete. He should get AA.

  300. LAX says:

    Stewart should get it over Pfiffner

  301. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  302. Beach Lax says:

    LAX –
    Pfiffner is going to a top D-I program as a junior recruit. Stewart is going D-III. That tells you right there what colleges coaches think as far as who the better player is and they are the absolute best evaluators of talent.

  303. LAX says:

    Beach Lax, Stewart probably has some good D1 offers but he chose Williams, so if he’s going D3 he’s not as good as someone going D1? That’s not very good reasoning. Also, Pfiffner is only a junior and Stewart is a senior. Right now, Stewart is the better player, JJ’s best player, starter on the ESG team last year, second best middie in the section. Yeah Pfiffner did well against Chesire but other than that his stats don’t seem that impressive. Definitely not AA Caliber (not this year possibly next year). You could argue JJ’s Walter is having a better season so far, nothing against Pfiffner.

  304. btdt says:

    John Felix is better than both of them.

  305. RedGray says:

    Ummm, OK. Who’s John Felix?

  306. […] • Your choices for this year’s all-Americans […]

  307. LaxFan says:

    Putnam Valley—Jimmy van de Veerdonk (middie) #9

  308. syracuse says:


    Very good point about van de Veerdonk. I don’t know if he’s AA material this year. I haven’t seen him play, but this kid has put up big numbers and has been a prime-time performer in some big games. I hope to see him before the end of the season.

  309. syracuse says:

    OK, haviing watched Yorktown-John Jay — it’s amazing what you can pick up from a broadcast when it’s professionally done — I came away with the following opinions. Take them as you will considering the teams involved:

    * I was VERY impressed by Stewart. Because the number of top quality middies in the section is down from years past, and because I like balance by position when AA selections are made and because Stewart seems to be a player who steps up his play in big games, I’m now ready to put him on my list.

    * John Jay is very, very good offensively. It took a really good effort from a very good Yorktown defense to keep Jay even at 10 goals. I love the way the Indians move the ball with such poise and confidence. Their individual footwork is tremendous. Players like Stewart and Deniello move like point guards with the ball and shooting guards without it.

    * Daniello is going to be a star, mostly because of the points I’ve mentioned and because that lefty shot is something to behold.

    * I did not think Mike B played particularly well, but by the same token John Jay has such skill offensively he didn’t have a chance on many shots, though I think there were some he could have stopped. I’m not sure if his effort hurt or helped his cause. I think he’s right where he was before the game started — on the bubble.

    * Ultimately, John Jay’s offense will tell the story how far this team goes. Now I know the opponent was Yorktown, so I understand John Jay’s defense was up against it, but I didn’t see any standout defensive performances from any Jay players. One could say they did a good job on Interlicchio, but I think most of the credit should go to Vinny Sav for dreaming up a scheme that could be executed well bu the unit, not any one player. To me, I just didn’t see anything from Pickel or Stearns that would convince me either is AA material. Again, how you perform against the best competition is my ultimate requirement. From the sectional final on, the Jay defense will be up against it. I am confident Vinny Sav will come up with the schemes, but sooner or later someone on Jay is going to have to make plays on big offensive stars. Who will that be?

    Remy Lieberman and Tom Casey were left unattended most of the game.

    * With all due respect to Jo-Jo Marasco, I am now of the opinion that Ranagan is the MVP of Section 1. He was clearly the best player on the field on Friday night and without him, Yorktown probably has three or four losses this season.

    * Yorktown’s attack unit is tremendous and will be extremely difficult to deal with going forward — as long as Lieberman shows he’s not a one-hit wonder. Casey is consistent. Both, when on, make Yorktown nearly impossible to stop on offense. Look at it this way, KI was taken out of the game in the first half and Yorktown still went on a 6-goal run that spanned the intermission.

    * Schuldt and Mabus are nice players. I feel better about Yorktown circa 2010 offensively knowing these two will be a year older and a year wiser. Of course, filling massive holes in goal and on defense will be Yorktown’s problem next year.

    * Fox played real well on Friday, but like Mike B he’s still on the bubble and probably a longer shot than Mike B considering the position he plays.

    So, my AA list now looks like this:







    Eyes on the future:

    van de Verrdonk

    On merit — I have no idea who gets the final spot, but would lean toward Pfiffner considering the lack of good middies in the section angle. Due to politics and hype and college recruitment — maybe Pickel.

  310. stevo says:

    Season is just about over.
    AA’s in my book. I give Town 5 bc I feel they are deserving. No politics, just deserving. I did not go to Town either.

    Town – Ranagan, Fennessy, Fox, KI, Mike B
    JJ – Stewart
    LP- Doherty
    South – Haggerty
    Somers – JoJo

    Out looking in – no order – Petre, Pfiffner good players though…athletes
    Schurr – next year with some work
    Perelle, Brando – cant score vs WP or Guilderland
    tough year at Pac
    Keogh – Rye D lets up more goals this year than
    in past – does not shut down KI or JoJo
    Liftwak – inconsistent – I have seen him play fantastic
    and then sit in the box with penalties –

    Thats about where I fall.

    Someone was talking about goalies at ESG’s. Mike B was the starter the last 2 years at emps. Haggerty did play the LI game last summer.

  311. Joe Lombardi says:

    Now that the regular season is about over, the insights are even more interesting.

    One thing to note for ‘Cuse – Jimmy V. of Put Valley is a senior, so for him, the future is now. It’s good to hear his name thrown out there too.

  312. SirLaxalot says:

    Pickel was recruited by Hop as an athlete. He has onluy been playing close D two years. Lots of potential which Hopkins sees but he’s not an AA right now.

  313. Joseph says:

    Eric Pfeffer is from Glastonbury, not Cheshire, and he’s not that good.
    Horowitz from Greenwich is injured, so is Dysenchuk from Darien.

    -Glastonbury has the pole #13 Hollenbaugh.
    -Simsbury has #26 pole Richardson and #37 offensive player Gallagher.
    -Prep has middie Shanley.
    -Darien has defenseman Gorski, attack Foley, defenseman Caputo.
    -Greenwich has goalie Feeney, middie Dunster.
    -Amity has middie Binkowski.
    -Ridgefield has middie Walsh, attackman White (will get POY), and attackman Scott.
    -Cheshire has attackman Heritage.
    -Wilton has defenseman LaSala.
    -New Milford has middie Dobson.

    These are the only players who have a chance. End.

  314. LAX says:

    Very good points cuse. And by Lieberman having the best game statistically of his career it shows that Yorktown has other scoring options at attack when Interlicchio is covered. Unfortunately for JJ they doubled Interlicchio but Lieberman was often wide open in front of the goal. Stewart was definitely the best player on the field for JJ, surprisingly athletic as well. Ranagan was definitely the best player on the field – he is a BEAST. Others that impressed me: Daniello – strong and athletic with a nice shot. Good passing ability and is the quarterback of the attack. Walter – had a goal and a couple assists, but his physical play is really impressive. He’s big and athletic at only a sophomore and can really hit, I heard he started playing not too long ago, he has big upside. Silver and J Morris were two JJ middies that didn’t have any goals but impressed me nonetheless. Silver is possibly the fastest on the team, he’s very explosive off the faceoffs. J Morris is quick and got off a few nice shots on his own even though they didn’t go in, saw his brother had a goal too. Also for JJ I think I saw Evan Chen starting? Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s hard to judge JJ’s defenders individually but as a unit they did a nice job closing in on Interlicchio, unfortunately there was often no one on Lieberman and Ranagan couldn’t be stopped. Fennessy from Yorktown I thought was the best defender on the field. He’s very athletic and really pressures the ball. I know Yorktown has 2 quality sophs on their team, couldn’t tell which one was Mabus but Schuldt I saw had a couple nice assists and is very quick.

  315. LAX says:

    And as for Pickel I thought he played well. Had a couple really nice takeaways and a near interception. He really plays his position well as a slider, I saw one play where he wouldn’t let Interlicchio get to the goal and took it away from his stick. He’s a great athlete, was a very good middie but has been playing D for the past couple years. But what about Fennessy? Didn’t he start playing lacrosse after he entered high school? JJ also needs to stop with the penalties – took away some momentum and it would probably have been even closer if they cut down on that a little bit, town scored a few on man up.

    My list as of now is:
    last spot is tough – possibly Perelle, Fox, Pickel, or Katchis

  316. LAX says:

    But yes I think Hopkins really sees the athleticism and potential of Pickel. He’s also a beast on ground balls and clears. Kinda reminds me of a former Hopkins AA, also from JJ, who was an absolute monster on ground balls. Matt Bocklet was arguably the best LSM in college lacrosse last year, Hopkins is probably hoping they can turn Pickel into another Matt Bocklet.

  317. slacrosse says:


    May very well be off on stats but other then
    the 1 goal Jo scored to tie the game, thought Keough did shutt him down

  318. slacrosse says:

    Ranagan absolutely MVP

  319. slacrosse says:

    CT AA’s

    Dont forget about the middie at New Fairfield (Tufts).

  320. Spec says:

    What are you saying stevo, Mike and hags split time in the ESG last summer and when one was playing well they kept them in, such as the last medal game when haggerty was playing sick they left him in.

  321. section1lax says:

    I think its safe to say that 8 of the spots are down, that being

    Last spot is between all the others cuse and lax mentioned

    Then again, it is up to the coaches. Anyone remember how accurate these end of the season lists on the blogs are when the actual selections come out in past years? Could there be some surprises this year with those 8? I dont think so, but its lacrosse-anything could happen.

  322. RedGray says:

    Pfiff and Petre both had 3 goals today vs. Brewster. They’re on fire. If they both don’t get AA there should be an investigation.

  323. Laxer! says:

    JoJo had 1 goal against keough to tie other which was a fluke goal besides that keough shut him down

  324. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  325. Inside source says:

    John Jay’s AA:

    I think Stewart and Stearns are the only worthy candidates for the AA bid. That being said, I’m not sure if JJ will get 1,2, or even 0 AA’s but these are their top two players. Pickel is a great talent, a lot of athleticism, and has tremendous upside. That being said, even with his productive season, it is absurd that he is being mentioned in the running for AA’s. I think this illustrates ignorance and politics at its finest. People read “Hopkins” and don’t care to hear anymore. I think Pickel is a fantastic player and will most likely be in the running for AA’s next season.

    As for Stearns, it is hard to look at stats with JJ defenders. They play a man/help defense which doesn’t always correspond to judging a defensive performance based on his “mans” production. The way I see it, Stearns has anchored a productive TEAM defense like a true captain and would be worthy of an AA bid.

    As For Stewart, Clearly JJ’s most notable offensive weapon. Drew the pole in almost every game, and rebounded flawlessly from a shoulder injury that could have ended his season. Sure he is a hot and cold player, but his performance against Town speaks volumes to the kind of player he is in big games.

    Aside from those two there are obviously other players of note on this very TEAM oriented JJ squad. The Sophomores: Forest Walter, Jake Weil, Daniello , and the Morris twins have all contributed to Jays success.

    Other notables have been Seniors Jeff Dunworth and Harrison Silver. Dunworth , a relative unknown untill this season, has done his part along side Pickel and Stearns to make Jay’s-D successfull.

    Silver, a 3-year varsity play has also contributed with face-offs, d-mid, and transition offense since his sophomore year.

    The point i’m making is that Jay is a solid squad with many good players. They deserve an AA, but when it comes down to it, their success has been found through a team game, and not a one-man show that many people consider the AA prototype

  326. LAX says:

    Pfiff and Petre are very good players but no way they both get AA. Somers probably gets 1, a chance they get 2. I’d say they’re both very good candidates next year.

  327. jimmylax says:

    i think that rye deserves more spots than mahopac.

  328. laxsense says:

    i agree although brado is very good, he draws the second defensemen all year in a league that doesnt carry alot of depth on defense

  329. LoveTownLax says:

    3 against Brewster????? doesn’t exactly indicate AA-caliber performance. Somers is a great team, but our JV team could have beat Brewster, Red Scare…..

  330. freelaxer says:

    This far into the season its gotta be:


  331. syracuse says:

    I’d also like to throw Rob Santangelo’s name out there. He’d be on my bubble list. He’s put up good numbers against good teams. In fact, I think he’s closer to a Jack Doherty than he is to Tyler Perrelle.

    7, 1 vs. Lakeland
    5 goals vs Iona Prep
    4 goals vs. PV
    2, 4 vs. John Jay.

    He scored 41 goals and added 21 assists for a Rye team that scored 129 goals this season. If he got it I wouldn’t be shocked. Maybe he is No. 9.

  332. TownLax says:

    Speaking of AAs just saw Joe’s video interview with John Fennessy on Inside Lacrosse TV along with several other Laxlessons videos. Great exposure for the area players – and Roy Colsey too lol. Good job.

  333. LAX says:

    Saw MSG do a special report on Jojo on LAX report tonight. Great student, great kid, tremendous athlete.

  334. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  335. Lax 17 says:

    Pac if they can get to the finals both Perrelle and Brando have a shot as they have carried the team this season.Both have over 40 goals and close to 60 points.Should be interesting how the coaches pick.Good luck in the sectionals to all.

  336. yolax says:


    Both perrelle and brando have a shot but i don’t think both will get it not 2
    as far as AA is picked it should constitute the entire year not just one or two games I guess for anybody on that bubble it will absolutly push them over the edge.

    5- KI
    8-Steward I really beleve that jj is getting one

    I would really like to see fox or perrelle get it
    It’s not going to be much different than this

  337. hud lax says:

    Santangelo 41 g 21 a in 15 games for the 9th spot

  338. yolax says:

    sorry—-santangelo should def be in the mix no doubt

  339. slacrosse says:

    Red Gray,

    Ha ha, now inc. Jo your picks would have 3 AA’s for somers–sure, why NOT!

  340. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  341. 914-243 says:

    Have not done this for awhile but it seems to me the top 6 are going to get AA
    and with approx 10 days left i don’t see any changes.

    1-JoJo –A absolute pleasure to watch play
    2-Fennessey– Love how phyical he can be on the field
    3-Ranagan –Frieght Train
    4-Haggerty–Hag’s will get it still the best goalie in section 1
    5-KI Getting –Getting use to all the attention on the field just a great player
    6-Keough –Still the best long pole in section 1

    These 6 have i have seen play more than once all very well deserving
    7-Doherty– Still have not seen him play so i can’t say?
    So now we have 2 attackman possiably 3—2 long poles 1 goalie 1 middie
    8– Steward or Perrelle leaning with Steward
    9th spot I have no idea

    Mike b
    Perrelle i really believe if pac gets one brando will get it next year

    I think it will be between Fox and Santangelo

  342. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  343. yolax says:

    hey Joe

    We heard your locks honestly those were pretty easy lets here your top 12 if possiable in order,you out of everybody have probably seen everyone play at least once what do you think

  344. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yolax –

    We still have three rounds of playoffs to go before AA is decided. That will determine a lot. Let’s make a deal. Ask me again after Friday’s semis.

  345. slacrosse says:


    Glad to hear the coaches will have a further look at the kids before AA picks-fairer to the kids and coaches

  346. yolax says:

    I agree to disagree maye sombody on the bubble but AA is for the year not for just one or two games and I really don’t think it will alter the slection process
    that much but i could be wrong

  347. yolax says:

    And it’s definitely the right thing to do thanks

  348. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yolax –

    I agree with you for maybe the first five spots, but after that, believe me, it will be highly contested and playoff game performances will be relied on heavily. I’ve been invited to sit in on all-America selection meetings in the past and recent performances of players and players’ performances in big games (i.e. playoffs) are big factors. It should be real interesting this year.

  349. Syracuse says:


    Spit out your top 9 again. I’m interested to see how we compare:



    Last one is any of:

    Santangelo, Pickel, Perrelle, Pfiffner, Fox, Bonitatibus

    Bubble extraordinaire:

    Katchis, Petre, van de Veerdonk, Stearns, Brandofino and myself, you and Joe

  350. yolax says:

    I really believe the top 6 will get it
    7-Doherty The only one i have not see only what i read here can’t judge
    8-Steward JJ is going to get one and i believe it will be him

    Fox-love the intensity my favorite player a little bias
    Perrelle-needed to be more cosistant but always a possiability
    Santangelo-I believe has to be considered keeps his team going main reason
    Pfiffner -only have seen him twice can’t tell you once against ridgefield only a jr

    After thinking about it this is were the playoffs are going to have a huge impact
    on the atleast #7,8, and 9 and by the way i think it should be Joe ,you and than me Joe is a LOCK

  351. re:lax says:

    That’s all good guys. But we all know how political and insane/inane the local based AA are. How about a AS as in all section based team to determine who the best players are without the politics of coaches promoting their individual sweethearts? Who are the best 15 in the region…10 starters plus LSM, 2 SSDM and FOGO?


  352. yolax says:


    Thats great but i am having enought trouble with1 section but would love to here yours

    “Cuse” theirs my list best i could do

  353. Syracuse says:

    We are basically in agreement there yo-yo. There will be a surprise or two mixed in, but I think many of us have covered all the bases.

  354. Wasabi says:

    re:lax, I love the all region team idea. Joe, is this something you’re planning on? With a team comprised of the best Fairfield County, Section1, and LI have to offer, you’re probably putting together the best grouping of high school talent in the entire country. I don’t think the finesse Maryland boys could hang with the best this region has to offer if you combine all that talent.

    Galasso, Marasco and White at attack…who’s stopping that?

  355. CT Mark to Mark says:

    Not sure where he’s from (Simsbury?), but I believe Joseph above (on May 18th) is fairly accurate on his CT AA’s. Except Dunster and Heritage are Juniors, so no way, the edge always goes to Seniors if it’s close and their not that good. Also there’s no way Simsbury get two (give me a break!). To make up for it, the FCIAC Champ always gets a fourth. There’s only 15 slots anyway.

  356. CanadaDry says:

    It really speaks poorly of the entire Connecticut Lacrosse community that the Coach’s son from a 20th ranked team will represent the state at the Senior Showcase game at Bryant. Who let’s this sort of stuff happen. Sorry, but this makes us all look bad. The fact that the US Lacrosse was also collecting money off of this also has to raise a lot of eyebrows.

  357. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  358. re:lax says:


    I would go with Galasso, Marasco and English at attack. Put White at Mid as he can create better than the others IMO.

  359. Lax 17 says:

    If Pac gets one I believe it will come down to who is better from here on.Right now Perrelle and Brando dead even in my book.Will see against Suffern and if things play out Panas .Pfiffner no shot as JoJo is a lock for Somers who gets 1.Stewart deserves it for Jay. Keough or Teet for Rye a toss up. Doherty a repeat if Panas beats Pac. Just an opinion

  360. Wasabi says:


    English is great, but if you replace him for White then you have three lefties at attack. Not an awful thing considering all four of these kids can score with either hand; but if you’re set on English at attack, then maybe Marasco to midfield makes more sense. I guess the UA North team’s coach will have this dilemma during the North-South game. What a great problem to have!

  361. laxxal says:

    How would matt gillan from chaminade be an all-american? 27 points in 16 games are not all-american stats

  362. CIAC Watch says:

    As CONNECTICUT AA selections are usually predictable, I think what was mentioned much earlier above by a previous poster is still pretty accurate for half of the 15 slots for Connecticut anyway. .

    They’re usually Seniors (95%), and usually from the FCIAC and the SCC (75% in 2008 and over 90% in previous years), and usually 1st Team All-Conference and All-State the previous year. It also helps if you play for one of the top 5 ranked teams in the state (probably 100% of the time). And their also usually D1 college recruits. So excluding the injured that would at least be;

    WHITE (Ridgefield), ), WALSH (Ridgefield), GORSKI (Darien), BAILEY (Prep), SHANLEY (Prep), and LASALA (Wilton), as definites and still space for 9 additional players. Good bets would be FEENEY (Greenwich), DOBSON (New Milford), FIAMENGO (New Fairfield), CAPUTO (Darien), others,?……

  363. re:lax says:


    Good point on Marasco to Mid. Either way would be almost impossible to defend that foursome. Thoughts on filling in the remainder? Ranagan? Anyone from the island?

  364. slacrosse says:


    While you’re at it throw in Ranagan at middie with White–on top of Jo, English, Gallaso at attack—Looking awesome–bring on the MIAA

  365. Vike Might says:

    John Jay should get zero AAs because they’re going to get upset by South.

  366. SWLAX says:

    Going to start throwing this name out there to get the kid some due recognition, but get used to it because you’re going to hear a lot about him over the next few years. Jack Near, Sophomore for Bronxville. Everyone talks about JJ’s Sophs, but this kid and the other 7 Sophs on B’Ville are the real deal (not to mention the eighth grader who had four goals in their first sectional game). Any team who has played against him, including ‘Town, will tell you so. Say what you want about the ‘weak schedule’ but it’s a power league schedule with Iona Prep and Mahopac as two non-assigned scheduled games, and for one of the smallest schools in the section they’re doing more than hold their own. Jack and another B’Ville Soph (Charlie McCormick, who has been sidelined with an injury for most of the season) made it to the final cut of the Empire Tryouts last year as Freshman; not even the JJ boys can’t say that.
    Notable games:

    4 goals against the AA Goalie lock
    3 against PV
    2,3 against White Plains
    3,2 against Suffern
    2,1 against Town and the Prep

    43 goals and 12 assists are great numbers for any Midfielder in the power league (I believe he leads middies in scoring from what I see, Ranagan 38, 11), and he should be included in the mix, particularly if we’re anointing one with 22 goals and 5 assists on the season AA status already.

  367. LAX says:

    Bronxville probably has some very good young talent, JJ’s JV team last year only beat them 6-2, closest section 1 game of their season (closer than Yorktown), and this was a JV team that blew out nearly every section 1 opponent. I also heard that when JJ’s sophs were in 8th grade Bronxville put up the best fight as well. Those boys should definitely be mentioned among the top underclassmen, will Bronxville be one of the section’s best in a couple of years?

  368. Section I Lax says:

    The Bronxville kids are very good players and will certainly get better. Their coach pushed everyone through to the last rounds of try outs without discrimination. There were like 8 Bronxville kids in the later rounds and one made it. Only one deserved to be there and he proved it.

  369. laxtacular says:

    Ethan Fox deserves it and may get the body of work award that the coaches give out so often. Starting since freshman year and guarding good players all along, held AA Andrew Collins to like 1 assist as a sophomore in the section Final. I know these things shouldn’t matter but the fact of the matter is they do. IMO he deserves it ten times more than Mikey B (not a knock on Mikey more just props to E.)

  370. SWLAX says:

    Two boys from Bronxville made honorable mention All-Section last year, and neither made the first cut for empires, so clearly there was no pushing through. The young boys made it on their own with recognition from all of the coaches whom were judging talent. If memory serves, I believe that there were 6 in the final round, one of whom made it, two of whom have over 40 points this year in the power league (Near with over 50) and another who left to go to private school (and another is hurt this year).
    Please don’t cheapen what they accomplished. They are a great young group of players who will only get better, as was mentioned by one above. It’s too bad that there is not an Empire team this year that some of these boys could showcase their talent on.

  371. slacrosse says:


    Long shot maybe but they should try out for the New York team playing in the Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse tournament.

  372. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  373. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  374. Observer says:

    Bronxville coach won’t nominate more than one player for AA and that player will be von Mehren, the ESG defenseman.

  375. SWLAX says:

    Under Armour team is a good idea, don’t know if those boys are trying out, or if McCormick will even be able to do so with his injury.
    Unfortunately for Bronxville’s and their ESG defensemen von Mehren, he hasn’t played since the Iona Prep game due to a torn hamstring. Hard to make AA when you only play 6 games.
    Near could be up for it, and it would be interesting to see how the kid does. Even if only a few coaches recognize him as a viable candidate as a sophomore, it would say a lot.

  376. LAX says:

    When’s the last time a section 1 player made AA as a sophomore? Not even Jojo or Interlicchio or Bocklet made it as sophomores.

  377. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAX –

    Nicky Galasso made it as a sophomore last year for West Islip.

    As far as Section 1, the last sophomore AA was 10 years ago — Chris Watson of Yorktown in 1999. Watson, who went on to a stellar career at Johns Hopkins, also received AA as a junior and senior. So he was also the last three-time AA from Section 1.

  378. Wasabi says:

    I think it was Watson from Yorktown a few years back. I could be forgetting someone though.

  379. Wasabi says:

    Oops, didn’t see that Joe already answered. At least I was right.

  380. Nachos says:

    Last 3 spots are now a coin flip. If Stewart goes out and gets multiple goals wednesday and friday he gets one spot. If he.doesn’t rhen he ont and JJ won’t get an AA for the first time in years. Somers beat JJ and is the 1 seed so if Petre and Pfiffner continue their great play one of them should join JoJo. Right now no one from Pac should get it based on their season but if they beat LP Perrelle could get it over Doherty. There’s a lot on the line. Other than the Top 5 this next week determines the next 4.

  381. 914-243 says:


    who are you top six

  382. Nachos says:

    Top 6 in order:

    1 – Ranagan
    2 – Marasco
    3 – Fennessy
    4 – Interlicchio
    5 – Haggerty
    6 – Keough

  383. 914-243 says:

    Very good no argument.but as you and Joe L. have said that is why the playoffs
    are so important i don’t think these playoffs will matter for the top 6 but
    absolutely for the next 3 good luck to everybody in the playoffs

  384. Section I Lax says:

    I’m not suggesting that there aren’t some solid players down there at Bronxville. Their youth program is busting at the seams. The coach looked foolish last summer pushing kids on. They had 2-3 kids that deserved to make the final round and 1 beside Von Mehren that had an actual shot at making the team out of the 6-8 that were there. It’s a shame that their coach took away from their performances by watering down the pool at try outs. I guess we won;t know with Emps on hold… Can you name another team that had 6-8 in the final round and 1 that made it?

  385. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  386. slacrosse says:


    McCormack is not injured but think he like some other players may have other commitments/conflicts with the Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse games that occurred after the ESG were canceled.

    There are gong to be some other good tournaments where kids will be able to showcase themselves but for sure whoever makes that New York State team will be seen by a lot of coaches (maybe even at the long 1 day try-out).

  387. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans: Let’s hear your picks […]

  388. laxtraunamer says:

    the last 2 spots are gonna b a toss up…i think between perrelle, santangelo brando, stewart, all deserving and some others but i give the edge to those four.. when are the picks made anyways?

  389. Lax 17 says:

    Agreed these 4 all deserving.Brando only Junior.See what happens this week.

  390. SWLAX says:

    Section 1 Lax –

    Went from von Mehren being the only one who deserved it to 2-3 kids deserving it now, so perhaps if this conversation goes on they will all have deserved it! You’re right though, two of the boys didn’t deserve to be in the final mix, but it is a consensus from what I understand and I doubt very highly if the young coach from Bronxville bullied the other coaches by pushing the B’Ville boys through. If that were the case, it would be more on the older coaches for allowing a young coach to strong arm them. Of the 6 who made it, 4 deserved to be there, and you’re right, only one deserved to make it. Near was one who deserved to be there, and as a Freshman, so that says a lot about the kid. Not sure who else had that many players in the final round of cuts, so cant’ answer that one.


    McCormick is hurt and has been since Iona Prep in April. He tried to come back for the ‘Town game but he re-inured himself and has been out since.

  391. LAX says:

    I think slacrosse is thinking of the McCormick from Rye?

  392. slacrosse says:


    Yes and thanx.

  393. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans […]

  394. Section I Lax says:

    So we just had a whole discussion that had nothing to do with what we were actually discussing? Nice,

  395. solidD says:

    stewart with 4 important goals against a great ytown defense and goalie, and he’s still being disclosed from some AA lists? that’s pretty crazy, I think he should be getting a spot.

  396. max says:

    Stewart is a difninate, anyone who scores 4 against yorktown on a big stage with there #1 pole on him should get it. also stewart played has been on the jj team for 3 years going

  397. Joe Lombardi says:

    We’ve now surpassed 400 comments on this thread. Lots of interesting points.

    I think after today’s games, we will have a clear — though certainly — not complete idea as far as AAs go. So be sure to weigh in then — and now.

  398. laxtraunamer says:

    rye 11 6 over Pleasantville foristel 3 gs and Santangelo 5gs and all over the field

  399. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans […]

  400. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans […]

  401. PurpleReigns says:

    P-Reigns predicts Willy Stewart and G-Stearns will play there way onto AA team today and 2010 AA Mikey Mike Daniello will own Katchis. Talk amongst yourselves.

  402. […] • Everybody’s all-Americans […]

  403. Lax Watcher says:

    Interesting week and I think we now have our AAs because Doherty did not in quarters and semis and ditto for Stewart.

    So I think Tyler Perrelle and Petre will sneak in now. Both have been sick and deserve it.

    JoJo, KI, Ranagan, Fenn, Haggs, Keough, Perrelle, Petre. Last spot – Santangelo or maybe Jimmy V. Doherty/Stewart still have a shot.

  404. Yolax says:

    Hey Joe

    It’s fri and my top 5 have not change but ck blog 350

  405. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yolax –

    You would make a good reporter. Way to follow up my man. I like that.

    Here’s the deal. I really felt this past week would settle a few spots. Frankly, it hasn’t. In fact, it’s made it more wide open than it’s ever been for the remaining spots.

    It’s going to come down to the arguments the coaches who nominate their players make to be quite honest — and frankly, it’s impossible to predict this year. But that’s good. Makes things interesting.

    I will say there are six or seven guys I think are pretty solid — in my eyes. There are 6-7 guys contending for the remaining two or threespots in my view. So let’s hear everyone’s thoughts.

    Here are the guys I think are solid – in no particular order…


  406. Yolax says:

    Thanks Joe

  407. Yolax says:

    Joe I would assume that u know you wrote keough twice did you mean to write someone else

  408. Joe Lombardi says:

    Good catch, Yolax. That was not intentional.

    So let me straighten things out.

    I have six I think are solid:


    I believe there are 6-7 guys contending for the remaining three spots with Doherty, Stewart, Petre, Santangelo, Fox, Bonitatibus, Pfiffner, Stearns among those in that group.

    Doherty has drawn the top defender from opposing teams in each game (often getting shut off) and was AA last year. His team has had a very good year. He’s committed to a good D-I program. (In the overwhelmingly majority of cases, players picked for AA are D-I recruits.) I would rate him No. 1 among the contenders for the three remaining spots in my list.

    John Jay has really come on strong and has a good shot at a fifth straight sectional title. The Indians’ best all-around player is Will Stewart. And I do believe with nine AAs, John Jay should really get one. It would be hard to imagine that not happening.

    The final spot I think will be between Santangelo and Petre.

    Santangelo is an ESG attackman who has been consistent from start to finish. He’s a team leader and a hard worker.

    Somers has shown it has some outstanding players besides JoJo. Petre is as good a pure, accurate shooter and scorer as you’ll find and his stats and consistent production prove it. He’s also a team captain as a junior and carries himself in a workmanlike manner, showing good sportsmanship, each and every game.

    Both guys are attackmen but get after ground balls and throw checks. I really like their games a lot.

    So if we add those guys, we have our nine — sort of. Really 10. (I listed eight with Santangelo and Petre battling it out for the ninth spot.) But as I said, a lot is still in the air.


  409. LaxWatcher says:

    Hey Joe. I understand that Stewart has been the JJ AA pick all year but I think that Stearns is making a huge push. If John Jay wins the Section any chance that Stewart and Stearns both sneak in? It could happen if Rye and Somers get one each which wouldn’t be crazy. I don’t think that there is any doubt that Stewart and Stearns are Jays top two candidates at this point.

  410. section1lax says:

    Joe, I like your picks. I think Doherty will get it again because of the fact that he IS L/P, same with Stewart for JJ- both drawing the majority of the attention from opposing defenses and a top pole on the other team, sometimes having to deal with getting shut off completely as do the other possible AA listed. I think Jay deserves one and Stewart will be it, and Doherty the same for LP. Santangelo and Petre are both great players, Santangelo may be a bit of a hot-head at times, don’t know if that might hurt his image among coaches around section 1, and Petre has been playing pretty well, despite thriving mostly because of the attention payed to Marasco. I think Joe’s 8 and battle for the 9th are a pretty solid selection, wouldn’t be surpised if those are them….

    Joe- when exactly are the selections made? And LaxWatcher, I know they are made before the section finals, so that game will have no say. I think Stewart gets the nod over Stearns though if JJ ends up getting one. Hes the second best middie in the section, and midfielders, being the heart and soul of the team, deserve more than one spot (Ranagan obvisouly being the first) out of the 9 All Americans.

  411. Joe Lombardi says:

    I rated six as “solid.” I would say Doherty is “close to solid,” and Stewart right behind. If I’m right and those are eight, the ninth spot will be very interesting.

    The AA selection meeting is Monday night, so yes, sectional finals will have no bearing. We will post the recipients as soon as they are selected and the meeting ends.

  412. […] • All-America watch: Joe projects the nine AAs from Hudson Valley (see comments portion of this th… […]

  413. syracuse says:

    I’m just reposting from back in the 350s … Last time I had about nine guys vying for the final spot. yolax, here’s my final list:


  414. pacfan says:

    Joe how do you not have Ty Perrelle on there after yesterdays game. He had 5 of the 6 goals and single handly kept the team in the game. His last game was a typical ty performance. He should and will be an AA.

    1. Jojo
    2. KI
    3. Ranagan
    4. Fennessey
    5. Doherty
    6. Keough
    7. Perrelle
    Those are imo the solid picks. The other ones come down down to about 6 players

  415. Yolax says:

    pac fan

    haggerty will def get it before both doherty and perrelle no doubt

  416. Yolax says:


    9-Perrelle or Santangelo

    If i am correct those are your AA’s for 2009

  417. LAX says:

    1. Marasco
    2. Ranagan
    3. KI
    4. Fennessy
    5. Keough
    6. Haggerty
    7. Doherty
    I think Stewart, Perrelle, and Santangelo will compete for the final 3 spots.

  418. Yolax says:

    Hey lax
    that was pretty good it was done at the same time

  419. LAX says:

    Yeah and basically same list too, I think the AA list is pretty definite by now with the exception of perhaps the last spot, I agree with your list.

  420. syracuse says:

    Think the 8-11 players mentioned in the last four or five comments will ultimately be it as well. Hey look, it only took all of us 428 comments to get it done. We’re about as efficient as GM and Chrysler.

  421. Yolax says:

    Well i guess it’s all up to the coaches now this should be interesting i really like to know how many coaches read and or respond to laxlessons blogs probably more than i realize we will all see monday night good luck to all the candidates

  422. INC says:

    Doherty is not even the best player on his team!!!!!

  423. Joe Lombardi says:

    Pacfan –

    If you look at my list, everyone but Haggerty will be playing in the sectional finals. That’s a big factor in AA selections — success of the team.

    Other factors that are big include being a senior and a D-I recruit. Tyler gets checks on both counts. As I said, he’s a strong contender for AA.

  424. […] • All-America watch: Joe projects the nine AAs from Hudson Valley (see comments portion of this th… […]

  425. Observer says:

    I think Joe was being a bit kind to Perelle. He is a nice player but has absolutely no shot for AA. Mahopac did not have a single quality win. Perelle tried to do too much in every game, shooting the ball all over the place and not making his teammates better. He will be coached in college and learn the game. That is so true about so many kids around here other than maybe one or two programs (John Jay and Iona Prep). The rest just don’t have good coaches teaching them. It’s a shame the Vitolos and Georgalas are no longer around.

  426. Lefty Crank says:

    You are wrong on a couple of points, what ! ….we dont have any good coaches around. That statement is crazy, I think you need to take a look around. As far as Perelle I think he does have a shot at AA. He may not be in the top 6 or 7 but I could see he coming in on the last 2-3 spots. There were times this year when the team stuggled and it looked like Tyler tried to do to much, but he is a very good team player and a very good lacrosse player, he is top 3 or 4 scorer in the section all while he had a young team around him. And Ted Georgalas is coaching Somers boys JV lacrosse team for the past two seasons.

  427. slacrosse says:


    Wow! So you’re saying no good coaches in Section 1 except for MAYBE Jay and IP . Gee pity the kids that are unfortunate enough to have to learn from the Town coaches, Dooleys at Rye, and others in Section 1!!!!

    Specifically what in your opinion makes maybe Sav and IP’s coach better then all the rest.

  428. lacrosse says:

    when do we find out AA?

  429. Observer says:

    Sorry if I touched a nerve slacrosse. Just stating my opinion based on what I’ve seen and observed.

    To answer your question, good coaches make their teams better. Look at JJ this year. They may get an AA, but basically a team without an AA and will win another sectional title. How does this happen? Good coaching, good scouting, good preparation. They also schedule some teams — sometimes overly so. (I thought it was a joke JJ went 15 hours roundtrip to play Corning.) They also prepare their kids for college and work hard to help them get noticed.

    They also work with the refs not against them. They will argue bad calls that go against them but not every ticky tack borderline call. You have to be smart and pick your spots. They are. Plus if you’re arguing every borderline call you’re not coaching your kids.

    I’m sure you are fond of the Dooley’s and I’m sure they do a good job. But the out of section schedule they play is a joke and they are not even competitive in the state semis. Winning Class C every year means nothing to me. You basically have to beat one team.

    Sorry if this upsets you, but it’s my .02.

  430. HV Lax says:

    AA meeting is tomorrow night.

    I think Joe’s list is spot on. Santangelo does have edge for last spot because he’s a senior and Rye did beat Somers.

    Perrelle was shut down by Town, JJ and Somers. How you do vs good teams is crucial. Plus Pac was just not a very good team. No reason at all they should get an AA unless they had some like Haggerty whose sheer performances and talent are impossible to deny.

  431. SirLaxalot says:

    There’s no worldly way Rye deserves two AAs. It’s never happened and never should. They play ZERO tough teams out of the section. They beat no good Section 1 teams except Somers and that was in OT and only because Somers goalie didn’t play. I agree Keough is solid but no one else from Rye should even be nominated.

  432. QuakerNation says:

    Agreed. Rye getting two would be a joke. Derek Katchis is the best defenceman in this region and even though we didn’t make the finals he should get the last spot.

  433. […] • All-America watch: Joe projects the nine AAs from Hudson Valley (see comments portion of this th… […]

  434. bleed green says:

    observer, there is a big difference between kids being recruited for college, and actaully stepping on the field. noone from john jays amazing team a few years back is making a serious impact in college. maybe its becasue the kids are programmed only to run set plays and they do not know how to play “free lance” lacrosse, the way lax should be played

  435. Comin says:

    What are you saying, Drew and danello(sp) both played huge roles in there National championship game. Drew was on almost every single Dfence part and danello scored the first goal for cuse.

  436. toto says:

    Schneidman from jj started for national champ cortland

    bohlander plays on maryland and will start next season.

    Bob Crossett start for endicott

    kevin stockel start for drexel

    brian douglass starts for yale won the huntington game

    Chris LAtino goalie will start for bighamton next year

    mike santare starts for WNEC

    Chris Bocklet will start for virginia next year

    kevin Drew Fastest kid on SU team start d-mid

    Chris Daniello scored in the championship enough said

    I can go on if you want but jj players are doing just fine at the next level

  437. LAX says:

    Daniello starting attackman for cuse who finished the season 4th in scoring for the national champs (I believe 21 goals).

    Drew is predicted to be the next Matt Abott

    Bohlander is an impact player for maryland, gets a lot of playing time and will start next year

    Kevin Stockel has been an impact player since he was a freshman at drexel, started for drexel as a sophomore

    listen to toto, you have no clue what you’re talking about

  438. toto says:

    Stewart will get All American tomorrow night. This kid is the real deal. I would say he is a tip 3 midfielder in the section.

  439. LAX says:

    I would say he’s #2 behind Ranagan. There’s not many star middies in the section this year though. There’s Ranagan, Stewart, who else has a chance at AA? Maybe Pfiffner?

  440. toto says:

    Juniors should not get it unless you are interlichio. this should really be a senior award unless you are blowing it up and playing great competition. It is like mahopac beat nobody good how can you have an AA

  441. Joe Lombardi says:

    So Toto, let’s hear your nine AA picks. And remember, you’re not in Kansas, anymore. (Couldn’t resist.)

    LAX – I’m a little unclear about what you mean about second behind Ranagan.

  442. toto says:

    here are your best 9


  443. lax watch says:


    4 spots left from 5 players, Stewart, Perelle, Keough,Santangelo,Doherty

  444. AA 2009 says:

    Mike b

    Tommorw night you will see those are you 2009 AA’s.

  445. LAX says:

    I agree with AA 2009’s list except I would say Haggerty over Mike B. Joe I meant that I think Stewart is the 2nd best middie in the section behind Ranagan.

  446. AA 2009 says:

    Mike b has proven to be better than haggerty.

  447. Joe Lombardi says:

    LAX – Gotcha. I would put Erik Pfiffner in that group of middies as well. Anyone have any other middies who they think are also in the mix?

    One last word on the AA process to keep in mind. Remember these three things:

    • Senior star
    • Plays on team in sectional finals
    • Has committed to a Division I school

    More often than not, AAs get checks in all three areas I would estimate maybe around 80 percent of the time.

    I will go on record as saying of this year’s nine selections, six or seven will be seniors on teams in the sectional finals. Of the nine, I would estimate at least six will have committed to D-I programs as well.

    Finally, the all-America selection meeting for Hudson Valley teams will be held on Monday night. So don’t forget to check back here to find out who the nine honorees are.

  448. AA 2009 says:

    Mike b has all that over haggerty. He will get it

  449. Yolax says:

    AA 2009

    Haggerty is by far such a better goalie it’s not even close if one goalie gets it it’s haggerty

  450. […] • All-America watch: Joe projects the nine AAs from Hudson Valley (see comments portion of this th… […]

  451. LAXIT says:

    AA 2009

    I have been away to long in regards to mike b you really have to explain to me were, when and how has mike b proven to be a better goalie then haggerty it didn’t happen in the empires and it certainly didn’t happen durning the course of this year that statement really confused me you may want to rethink that.but anyway

    Here are your 2009 AA selections

    Satangelo/ Petre/Perrelle

    I realley can’t see anybody else in this dicussion

  452. section1lax says:

    All section team

    Attack- Marasco, KI, Perelle, Santangelo

    Middie- Ranagan, Stewart, Pfiffner, Walter, Jimmy V

    LSM- Fox, DeRuiter

    D- Fennessey, Keough, Stearns, Katchis, Litwak

    G- Hags and Mike B.

    Pretty stacked squad

  453. […] • All-America watch: Joe projects the nine AAs from Hudson Valley (see comments portion of this th… […]

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