There’s a battle for the ball during the showdown between Garden City and Lynbrook between GC’s Brian Fischer and Lynbrook’s Alex Maini earlier this week. Garden City pulled out a 5-4 win. (Photo by For more photos from the game, click here.)

It’s been a season of close calls for Bay Shore, which has seen three of its first five games decided by one goal — with two being losses (to Sachem East and West Babylon).

Today, at 4 p.m., Bay Shore visits a William Floyd team that is 3-1 with the lone loss coming against the top team in the Top 25 regional rankings, West Islip. In that game, William Floyd led 4-0 after the first quarter.

Also today in Long Island, Ward Melville is in action prior to its Saturday game at Yorktown. At 4 p.m., the Patriots visit a Middle Country team that fell to Rocky Point, which debuted in the Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse Top 25 national rankings, by just a goal.


William Floyd 10, Bay Shore 8

Ward Melville 9, Middle Country 4

In Connecticut, Ridgefield keeps climbing in both the national and regional rankings. The Tigers play at Stamford at 4 p.m.

In another 4 p.m. game, Trinity Catholic plays at St. Joseph’s.


Ridgefield 16, Stamford 3

St. Joseph’s 9, Trinity Catholic 3

In Section 1, we have a matchup of teams that have a recent history of highly contested meetings, White Plains hosts North Salem at 7 p.m.


White Plains 10, North Salem 4

Be sure to post your predictions and to check back here for score updates.

Long Island, NYC, Section 1 and Connecticut scores:

Arlington 10, Clarkstown North 3
Connetquot 14, North Babylon 8
Dalton 7, Collegiate 4
East Islip 7, Half Hollow Hills East 3
Fieldston 11, Riverdale Cou Day 9
Harborfields 10, Babylon 4
Locust Valley 16, Jericho 3
Mepham 9, Freeport 7
North Shore 14, Bellmore JFK 7
Northport 14, Commack 9
Patchogue-Medford 10, Copiague 7
Smithtown East 8, Lindenhurst 5
St John Baptist 8, Kellenberg 7
St Mary’s 11, Roslyn 8
Trinity School 9, Horace Mann 8
Walt Whitman 15, Brentwood 3
Ward Melville 13, Middle Country 1
West Babylon 11, Longwood 5
West Hempstead 9, Hempstead 8 (2 OT)
William Floyd 14, Bay Shore 9

Score of note:

Corning East 9, Canandaigua 6

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19 Responses to “Friday's Top 5/Predictions/Score updates”

  1. roygbiv says:

    Joe – I think you meant to say William Floyd (not Bay Shore) was up 4-0 in that game. Bay Shore doesn’t play West Islip til next week.

    Interesting side-note on the Bay Shore/Sachem East game last week; both of Bay Shore’s goalies were injured (one during the game) and a back-up defenseman jump in cage-having never played before. Not sure how much you can glean from either team when that happens. Today will go a long way in determining who the other contenders are in Suffolk A this year…

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Roygbiv –
    Interesting info on the goalies. Thanks for passing it along.

    Also, I did mean to write Floyd and corrected that. Thanks.

  3. Lax Novice says:

    Hi Joe,

    Please allow me a quick reminder of the Checking for Cancer event down in Haverford PA tomorrow. Should be a great day of lax.

  4. syracuse says:

    Hey guys. I just got word that the norovirus has sacked Horace Greeley High School. Many students stayed home sick on Friday and the school opted for early dismissal. The entire school will be disinfected this weekend.

    What that means for the lacrosse team I don’t know, but many kids school-wide have gotten ill. If I find out any more info, I will post.

  5. RebelYell says:

    Wonder if that’s y Greeley has allowed 31 goals the last two games.

    Ne way LP vs. Iona should be a sick game tommorrow. Gotta go with the Rebels 11-8 baby.

  6. wow says:

    Melville playing two games back to back? how do you think they will hold up?

  7. syracuse says:

    Ward Melville beat Middle Country 13-1 today. I’m sure the Melville people have heard all the whispers — that the team is down, they aren’t what they used to be, they can’t score, they’re one-dimensional, etc., etc., etc.

    Yorktown better bring its “A” game on Saturday. I think Town will win, but it will be a struggle. I like Yorktown 7-4.

  8. Laxittome says:

    Picks for tomorrow:

    Greeley 11, JJ 10

    IP 11, LP 8

    NF 12, Rye 9

    Somers 10, South 5

    Town 9, WM 6

  9. STLax says:

    South 8, Somers 7 … South plays stall ball and Haggerty stuffs ESG teamate Jojo on the doorstep wit 2 seconds left.

    WM 11, Town 9

    JJ 8, Greely 6

    L/P 10, Iona 8

  10. syracuse says:


    You are a bold man, and I commend you for that, but Somers beats South 11-2, with Haggerty making roughly 57 saves.

  11. syracuse says:

    I like John Jay over Greeley, even without Stewart, because I think this notion that Greeley’s defense is “stellar,” “elite,” “nasty” or any other superlative you want to use is just so overblown. You are none of those things if you allow 31 goals in two games, regardless of the opponents.

    Jay comes up big on Saturday, 12-9.

  12. Dee-up says:

    could be Greeley is sick from hearing all the excuses why Yorktown did not win by more.

    On a serious note continued success to Greeley and the Coaches

  13. just a fan says:

    Greeley D is like swiss cheese. 31 goals in two games…..ouch

  14. LoveTownLax says:

    move on Dee-up, move on…. the Gboys should have recovered from that by Wednesday a.m. We all certainly know Yorktown played their best-ever game on Tuesday. No excuses for Greeley now…. I think closing down the school was just a ruse to provide cover for the team… channel 12 is in on it too… good luck tomorrow. :o)

  15. syracuse says:

    I just think JJ, Somers and Greeley should get into the UFC octagon at the end of May and settle it like men, because right now, though Somers appears to have the upper hand, anything is possible. Just because one looks good now doesn’t mean it will stay that way as we barrel toward June.

    I think today’s JJ-Greeley tilt is huge. HUGE.

  16. Rocker says:

    Anyone know if any greeley players are sick from the norovirus that struck greeley on friday

  17. syracuse says:

    Word has it all the Greeley players are fine. Though the school was going to be sanitized Friday night, none of the after-school activities from Friday were canceled, so I think all is well in Quakerland.

  18. RED- RAGE says:

    The only thing that was sick on the Lax field was the way Somers knocked greeley into a submission hold on the field!!!!!!

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