Thanks to an impressive start, featuring Kevin Interlicchio’s unheard of 26 goals in just three-plus games, Yorktown rocketed up 11 spots to No. 7 in this week’s Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse power rankings.

Yorktown (4-0) was No. 22 in the publication’s preseason poll and moved up four spots last week, but after Saturday’s 14-10 win over national power St. Anthony’s and an 11-6 victory over Somers on Tuesday, the ‘Huskers have climbed into rarified air on the national stage.

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Interlicchio, a junior attackman committed to Johns Hopkins, scored eight goals against St. Anthony’s on Saturday and added seven more, with a pair of assists, in the win over Somers on Tuesday.  Interlicchio is on pace for 104 goals this season, which would be a single-season record for Yorktown.

CHSAA power Chaminade is likewise o feeling pretty good about itself these days. The Flyers (4-0) also jumped an amazing 14 spots up to No. 9 following a 9-6 win over St. Anthony’s and a 14-2 victory over Kellenberg.

Other teams in our area currently in the Under Armour/IL poll include:

• West Islip at No. 3. The Lions fell one spot after needing to come from behind to defeat William Floyd, 12-8.

• Cold Spring Harbor at No. 17, down six spots from last week following a 9-4 win over Cape Henelope and a 6-5 loss to Summit, N.J.

• Reigning FCIAC and Class M state champion Darien moved up three spots to No. 19 after beating Staples, 13-6, on Wednesday in its season opener.

• Port Washington (4-0) of Long Island’s Section 8 made its debut in this week’s poll, coming in at No. 22 after beating 2008 Class A state finalist Syosset, 15-6, and North Shore, 12-9.

• Ridgefield debuted at No. 23 after opening its season with a 21-0 win over Bridgeport Central on Wednesday.

• Manhasset (4-1) took a big tumble this week, falling 14 spots to No. 24 after beating John Jay, 11-5, and losing to Comeswogue, 11-10 in overtime, on Monday. Manhasset, the No. 5 team in the latest LaxLessons poll, will take on Darien (No. 2) on Saturday during the first game of the Battle of the Sound doubleheader.

New Canaan and Garden City will meet in the second game.

• St. Anthony’s (2-2), which was No. 8, fell out of the IL poll after losing to both Chaminade and Yorktown. Ward Melville (1-2) was No. 24 last week, but gone this week after falling to Lindenhurst, 8-5, and Garden City, 7-6.

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27 Responses to “Yorktown, Chaminade blast into Under Armour/IL top 10”

  1. Taz says:

    Damn Cuse, I knew our love wouldn’t last! 😉

    I’ve always liked Y’town – really watched them since Paul Carc and John Gags put together a summer team about 6 years ago that was a combination of LI kids and Westchester kids – ran under the No Limit banner. But St. A’s is only a national power in the St. A’s parents eyes so far! Remember, on LI the Catholic records are meaningless since it’s a 2 team league. That being said, the Y’Town/Chaminade game next week should one of THE games of the season! I like “Town +3.

    And the Chaminade/WI game this week will be another one of THE games on the island. WI by 2+.

    Manhasset is where they should be in the poll. Can’t tell much about them yet. JJ is down this year, but “wogue is better than a lot of people think. “Set needs to develop something besides English consistently. Sat game vs Darien will be interesting since both teams like to push the ball. Darien by 3.

    Port Wash shouldnt be in the poll. Another 1 horse team )Jeff Froccaro) who hasn’t really played any one. Syosset has shown they are NOT a factor right now.

    CSH no stars but a great situational coach. They are sorta like St. John’s basketball used to be – they’ll drag you down to their level and beat anyone on a given day. Surprised they lost to Summit – I take Somers by 2 since I don’t think they have anyone who can stay with Marasco. (But he better be ready to look at 6 defenders based on how CSH played English in last year’s Nassau finals)

    GC easily over NC.

    Ridgefield 21-0???? Who the F**** wins 21-0? Is Doc Doherty coaching again??

  2. syracuse says:


    I only call St. Anthony’s a national power because when Inside Lacrosse ranked them in the Top 10, like they were last week, that pretty muich qualifies.

    St. Anthony’s didn’t just build its reputation beting teams in the CHSAA.

    But I digess. Your picks are interesting. I can’t say I disagree with them at all.

  3. John says:

    Taz –

    It is nearly impossible to NOT score 21 goals against Central. Check their schedule from last season; it’s an inner-city school where most of the kids have never touched a lacrosse stick prior to tryouts. And there’s no youth program. It’s a bit absurd that the FCIAC forces national powerhouses to schedule JV programs…not sure that it helps anyone, really…but that’s the FCIAC for you. Greenwich beat them 21-1 tonight and I’m sure Darien, Wilton and NC will all follow suit.

  4. Observer says:

    With the economy being what it is, and the JJ AD even being laid off, SHAME on the Savs for wasting schools funds for scheduling an unecesary 14-hour roundtrip to Corning LEAST when they ducked playing Iona. Just a disgrace.

  5. tizo says:


    Ok what about the softball, baseball teams going to Florida. Girls lacrosse going to Albany. Did you ever hear of a bonding trip over spring break, oh I forgot you are not from an elete program

  6. slacrosse says:

    Town should be #6 befor Lafayette. I know Lafayette has a great kid at mid (Greeley?) but so does Town–and alot more.

  7. re:lax says:

    Darien starting a freshman? In place of their injured #1 attack? Whatever happened to their legendary depth? Think they are not long in the top 25 this year.

  8. slacrosse says:


    At first I thought the score was an unnecessary “run-up” until you said Greenwich did it as well and that Central is SO bad. Is Central really a true “JV” program? If so how could they schedule?

    But even if a varsity program, agree that these types of losses may REALLY be counter-productive to keeping these kids playing.

    I guess there is not a lower level league that they can play in for a few years?

  9. slacrosse says:


    Waht time is the somers/cold spring harbor game on sat (its at somers)


  10. Taz says:

    SLA – Have been told 3pm but you should verify away from me.

    Cuse – I was just busting on ya a bit. Unfortunately IL seems to have totally gone away from true lacrosse analysis in favor of geographic representation (can you say SELL MAGAZINES??!!). While there are some outstanding players everywhere a number of the teams in IL’s top list just don’t play the schedules to be there IMO.

    Will be a wild Saturday. Let’s hope the weather helps a bit!

  11. slacrosse says:


    Thanks-Somers HS hot line say 3PM

  12. Joe Lombardi says:

    CSH-Somers is 3 p.m. I verified the time with Somers coach Lew Janavey.

    Then, just a few days later, it’s John Jay vs. Somers.

    Anyone care to throw out the first prediction for this potential instant classic?

  13. syracuse says:


    It’s OK buddy. I’m down. I appreciate your insights on the Long Island scene. Please keep sharing. Joe and myself are going to try to get out there a lot more.

    Slacrosse & others,

    I think we’ve gone over this “running up the score” debate on this site and others so many times, if it starts up again I may just walk away from this board and go become a pirate or something …


    There he goes starting trouble again … LOL. Let me ask you this: Even though many are saying Corning East is stacked and Jay is rebuilding, if Jay goes all the way up there and play well — I’m not saying win, just give a fair accounting of themselves — don’t you think the trip would be worth over playing an IP team that couldn’t beat Rye?

  14. syracuse says:

    John Jay-Somers should be the final game of the regular season. This, for my money, IS the game of the year in Section 1 …

    Who’s gonna win? I, like Joe, will wait to make a prediction on this bad boy until just before they play.

    That said, I think both teams are a lot better than I previously thought, especially Jay, which seems to adapt its style depending on the team it’s playing. Teams like that are rare because it shows they have not good, but awesome coaching …

    Does anyone still think Somers is a one-man show?

    I think we can put that one to bed.

  15. LAX says:

    JJ played Corning East for the past couple years and they’ve been good games. This is the same team that the JJ state finalist team only beat by a goal 2 years ago, and they’re looking very good this year one of the toughest on JJ’s schedule. I think it’s great that JJ is still playing these good out of section teams, you’re overreacting, Observer.

  16. Fred says:

    Was anyone at the Ytown vs Somers game as impressed with Diena on Somers as I was? He seems like he’s the real deal. I’m not sure if Ytown has a very good face-off man, but Diena dominated the face-off circle in that game….it’s one of the reasons why that game was as close as it was. He’s a ground ball machine. He also has Marisco type speed/quickness and I think as he develops throughout the season (he didn’t play last yr) he’s going to become more of an offensive threat. He could be the real difference maker in the JJ/Somers game.

    Does anyone have the NY State rankings? I’m interested to see where Somers and JJ rank in class b.

  17. slacrosse says:

    Dont know how good Corning is nor the quality of teams Corning has beat so far but I’ll pick them over Jay by 3-5 goals.

    I’ll pick Somers over CSH by 2 goals.

    Before this weekend I’ll pick Somers over Jay by a few goals.

    As said in an earlier post, after watching Somers/town, aside from Jo Jo, I think that Somers has more EXPERIENCED kids with true lacrosse skills/athletic skills + a larger group of kids with “athletic” kids (that might not have top lacrosse skills).

  18. slacrosse says:


    Absolutely agree with you on Diena.

  19. syracuse says:


    I think your prediction of East over Jay by 3-5 is probably very close, though Jay is certainly capable of pulling this one out. In fact, if Jay was to win I think it would be THE springboard this team would use to finish much better than most anyone predicted during the regular season.

    I think Jay will score some goals on Saturday because I think East is largely one-dimensional. Don’t be surprised if Vinny Sav employs a lot of zone and Jay pushes things on the offensive end. This is where the whole “athletes” debate comes back into play, if you believe in that kind of stuff.

  20. slacrosse says:


    Yeah, if you/others feel that Corning is a real good team and J wins I’d also feel this would be a good boost for J in terms of their pre-season rankings.

    Your thoughts on Somers/CSH and how about a “peek” at thoughts on Somers/Jay?

  21. syracuse says:

    Tonight Slay, tonight. I gotta get going to my “real” job.

  22. slacrosse says:

    And I thought you were a guy that had his priorities right!!

  23. syracuse says:

    OK, where is The CROP??? It’s been a few days now. What gives man?

  24. […] ‘Huskers, of course, are seventh in the latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse national rankings and No. 3 in the latest Top 25 regional […]

  25. THE CROP says:

    ‘Cuse, no worries i am still here….its been my spring break so i havent been payin attention here to much. Plus Yorktown Lacrosse is off until monday so nothing major going on here, we’re just “chillin”. But on a cooler note, THE CROP has been the talk around town this week, along with that kid kevin interlicchio…whats so special about him though

    but heres a nice story of how even when Yorktown Lacrosse is off (And THE CROP), they are still working together:

    So me, J-Zapakin, KI and Cody are in Tom Casey’s infamous car, “the muave”.. We were on our way to 711, and right after a stoplight after we turn, Tom is pressing on the gas but the engine is just reving and the car isnt moving, as if the car was in neutral. So we are in the middle of the road right near an intersection in the middle of Yorktown…..not moving, i am crying of laughter at this point. So without even thinking we all get out and start pushing the car…while laughing an insane amount. Tom attempted to get out and start pushing until we reminded him someone still needs to steer otherwise the car will just roll to god knows where. We finally pushed the car into the 711 parking lot, with most of the strength coming from me.

    thats yorktown fans and players working together even when theres no pratice or games…….beautiful.

  26. syracuse says:


    Life in the big city, huh? How did you guys avoid the paparazzi?

  27. THE CROP says:

    anywhere i go, i roll with my entourage…i also have a body guard and a double.

    Free meals at the diner, burgers at finegans, 2 % milk from turcos and grilled tequitos at 711…im just livin the life.

    happy easter

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