Our friend Syracuse will be weighing in with some more thoughts on the weekend action and we will be unveiling some video interviews we taped last night after the Manhasset-John Jay game. So stay tuned for that.

But first, a couple of quick college notes. 

Lacrosse made its Giants Stadium debut yesterday, and more 22,000 watched at least one of the three games that made up the Big City Classic. But now I’m sure you know all the scores (which we posted yesterday as well). Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend because of the big HS games I covered, but I talked to four players who played and they all said what a thrill it was running out onto the field at Giants Stadium.

“As a Jets fan, I was especially excited to see the locker room and play on the same field as them,” North Carolina senior attackman Matthias McCall said. “I wish that I was a freshman so I could play in the Big City Classic three more times.”

You will want to check out an article in today’s New York Times by Brian Heyman on the event. There is some interesting info about how Syracuse, which fell to Princeton yesterday, honored former Yorktown star Brian Crockett. Here’s the link.

Seven players from Westchester played in the event and scores more from Long Island, prompting Newsday to suggest it should have been called the Big Island Classic.

Also, during the St. Anthony’s-Yorktown game yesterday, I got a call informing me that Quinnipiac had beaten No. 19 Denver 11-10. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest wins the Bobcats have had since becoming a D-I program. In fact, it was the first time QU beat a ranked team in program history. Coach Eric Fekete always recruits Long Island/Westchester/Connecticut very heavily and the players on the Bobcats’ roster mostly come from this region. Here’s more.

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