getimagecaz97yu2That’s the question teams and players throughout the region are asking these days about Johns Hopkins-bound Yorktown junior Kevin Interlicchio. (Photo by Jim Stout/

So far, in two-and-a-half games (he sat out the second half of Yorktown’s season-opening win over North Rockland), the answer has been a resounding no as Interlicchio has scored an astonishing 19 goals, including eight today against national power St. Anthony’s.

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Before we get to today’s games, a couple of quick programming notes.

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Pretty exciting stuff, indeed.

Now, to today’s action.

Iit was a busy day indeed here at as we were on hand for no less than four big showdowns today, providing scoring updates and analysis every step of the way.

During the course of the day, we managed to produce a few more video interviews you can check out in the coming days. We talked to Manhasset stars Connor English (bound for Virginia) and Jeff Molinari (Harvard) and John Jay standouts Will Stewart (Williams) and Jameson Pickel (Hopkins).

In addition, look for a segment on Hopkins-bound teammates, next-door neighbors and best friends Kevin Interlicchio and John Ranagan of Yorktown coming soon here at

Now, to our much-awaited Westchester vs. Long Island “Saturday showdowns.”

First off, Yorktown’s big win over St. Anthony’s.

Needless to say, gang, there will be some wholesale changes in our weekly Top 25 regional rankings as a result of this one. (Check back here on Tuesday for that.)

But that should not overshadow the fact that today, one of the most impressive individual performances in the proud 40-plus year history of Yorktown lax was turned in — by Kevin Interlicchio.

Think about it. Eight goals in a game. Who does that? And the rare times it’s happened, who has it happened against? Has it been against mediocre competition — or nationally ranked teams. (I think you know the answer. After all, the Friars, who are ranked eighth in the latest Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse national poll. The ‘Huskers (3-0) check in at No. 18.)

I asked Yorktown coach Dave Marr if he’s ever seen anything quite like it.

He paused for a moment before answering.

“No, I really don’t think so, especially when you consider it was against a program like St. Anthony’s,” Marr said of the Friars, who have 12 Division I-bound players.

OK, now to then next question. How did he do it? And how does he do it?

For a stab at that one I asked — who else? —  a goaltender: Loyola-bound Michael Bonitatibus of Yorktown.

“He just knows how to get to the cage,” Bonitatibus said.

And how to get off a good shot when he does. The fact he’s an equally adept shooter left-handed or right-handed sure helps. (He’s a natural lefty.)

As we all know, there are many similarities between lax and other sports, including basketball and hockey.

I would compare Kevin Interlicchio now to a post player in basketball who is able to establish position, create space and get the ball in the paint.

So how do you stop him? Other than denying him the ball (what you would see in a front-the-post defense in hoops), I don’t know if there is an answer other than controlling possession  on the offensive end.

This much I do know. I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

OK. Now, on to the game itself.

Keep in mind, despite the unprecedented scoring prowess of KI, this was still a highly contested game.

Why did Yorktown prevail in the end?


Having seen both these teams last year and again now, there’s no doubt about it. The Friars were a much better defensive team last year compared to now.

Yorktown, meanwhile, is even better.

John Fennessy, Brendan Brunelle, Ethan Fox, Cody Hanlon, Michael Bonitatibus and company are as good a unit as you’ll find anywhere.

Defense wins championships. Having a player averaging two goals a quarter helps a lot, too.

Now, to Manhasset-John Jay.

Prior to the game, John Jay coach Nick Savastano told me the sophomore-laden Indians, who were a big underdog, would deviate from their normal offensive game plan and utilize a ball-control offense. (Some might call it a stall.)

Now, in order for this to work, you must (at least you would think) win faceoffs and have possession.

John Jay, though, did not exactly dominate in the faceoff X, but still manage to control tempo. Before you knew it, it was a 4-4 game in the third quarter.

Who would have expected that? Not me.

But then the Indians’ inexperience manifested itself. And John Jay’s inability to get the edge in faceoffs proved catastrophic, helping Manhasset go on a 6-0 game-clinching run.

All in all, it was the kind of game that left both teams with plenty of positives. Senior-laden Manhasset is unbeaten and picked up a big win over a regional power. A rebuilding or at least revamping John Jay team has to feel pleased it was able to play one of the nation’s most talented-laden teams to a draw for about two-thirds of the contest.

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11 Responses to “Can anyone stop him?”

  1. syracuse says:

    I do not remember a Yorktown team as balanced as this one. Joe has an interesting opinion on Yorktown’s offense that I’ll let him share, but, to make a long story short, he claims if he was a head coach somewhere, he’d have a defense drawn up that would stop the Mighty KI Machine cold.

    Thoughts Joe?

    P.S. … Somers’ offense looked good today and they will score some goals against Town on Tuesday, but not nearly enough to win. Early prediction: Yorktown 14, Somers 7.

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yeah, OK, ‘Cuse. If I could come up with that, we would have the most in-demand defense available on the “Coaches” portion of this site.

    I definitely do have plenty of thoughts though and I will be sharing them shortly once I get in front of a computer.

  3. Towny'91 says:

    I have been around Yorktown lacrosse for quite some time now and I can honestly say that Kevin Interlicchio performance against the #8 team in the country was the BEST performance I have ever seen on Charlie Murphy Field…. This kid has to be the #1 offensive threat in the country right now, I dont see how he cannot be…
    John Ranagan has also been a man amongst boys…He leads this Yorktown team both on O and D…As long as he keeps playing the way he is, Ytown shouldnt be stopped..

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Now that Towny’91 brings it up, I think it would be interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on some of the most memorable performances either by a Yorktown player in any game (including Murphy Field) or by any player (Ytown or any other team) at Murphy Field.

  5. S1wss says:

    someone earlier on another post mentioned #15 for Yorktown Tom Casey? stepping up big for this season. Couldn’t be more right. There as just as coach of a modified team I looked for quality lacrosse moments to pass down to my kids. Looking for both lacrosse on both sides. I said all that to give you the neutrality of my statements. I think Yorktown slightly short of the stars St. Anthony’s had on offense is just as good if not better. Yeah the defense is amazing but the offense has great balance. Everyone makes the comparisons to other sports like basketball. Well imagine a basketball offense with a Lebron James (Ranagan) who can control the ball and do as he pleases, a Kobe Bryant (Interlicchio) who can score inside and out and cannot be given any space to make something happen, And an inside bully of a scorer like Shaq (Tom Casey). All three guys were imposing their will on St. Anthony’s defense. A St. Anthony’s defense that looked much better in games when they were leading (whose defense wouldn’t) but they play well when teams have to force the issue againt them. But for a team like Yorktown with that balance they seldom need to press on offense. Casey did finally get called for a ward late but im sure the Yorktown staff would be fine with him not getting called for a ward till the 4th quarter, although if they aren’t calling it early why call it late….

  6. LoveTownLax says:

    and to think, all this time he’s been so under-rated (LTL knew) ….. :o) Go KI! GO TOWN! The boys were just OUTSTANDING yesterday!

  7. Joe Lombardi says:

    Just a reminder, we will be posting the video interviews we did following last night’s Manhasset-John Jay game shortly, starting with Virginia-bound Connor English and Harvard-bound Jeff Molinari of Manhasset.

  8. ytown says:

    yorktown should not be stopped this year as long as ranagan can dominate. This is completely true but the only downside of this team this year i would have to say is middie depth. When it gets hot and the games start to really matter who will Ranagan run with and who will give him that run off that is needed by any middie even the best of them. Ranagans a beast but even the best need a break once in a while

  9. just a fan says:

    I see it Yorktown 12-8 over Somers. Somers has talent and will be up big for a shot at a Town team playing very well. That said, Town much better team….not talking individuals….the total team.

  10. slacrosse says:

    13-5 Town over Somers–Jo scores a couple but Town’s defense too much as well as offense.

    We’re talking about one of the very best teams in the country!!

  11. swinglax says:

    I am looking forward to tonight’s game; Ytown will come away with the win 12-5. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Somers coaching staff will move through in this tough game. For the two new Somers coaches, will pride or pressure cause them to deviate from their game plan? The coaching staff’s all know each other but the pressure will be on Somers tonight. I think the real fireworks show will be the showdown between JoJo against the Ytown D-unit. This will be the most fun to watch. Coach Lody has loaded the defense with athletes who have come a long way from the beginning of last year. Like they say, defense wins Championships.

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