keough1There’s no secret no secret behind Rye’s success during its run to four straight sectional titles. Defense.
One of the stars on D for the Garnets has been Donald Keough.
Assigned to cover the opposing team’s best offensive player, Keough has routinely produced some pretty impressive results, including last year against Chris Bocklet and John Jay as the Garnets outlasted the Indians 9-8 in double overtime to end John Jay’s 47-game win streak against Section 1 opponents.
Keough and the Garnets hope to achieve another milestone today as they host Yorktown at 4:30 p.m. Rye has never beaten the ‘Huskers. We caught up with the all-America candidate today after the Garnets’ last practice before the showdown.

What’s it been like being part of a team that’s won four straight sectional titles knowing you can end your varsity career with five?
I think it’s pretty crazy that I have the possibility to win five sectional titles. If we do win five in a row I will feel honored and very happy. However, we have lost in the state semifinals the last four years and I really couldn’t deal with losing again. I’m very determined and trying to get passed the state semis. It’s a team goal.

What have been the keys to the Garnets’ success during this time?
Our success is due to great coaching and we have a lot of good athletes each year. Also, we practice very hard everyday and we have great team chemistry.

How would you describe yourself as a player? What do you best?
I’m very focused, competitive and aggressive. Im also eager to learn as much as I can about the game so I continue to get better.

Who have been some of the top offensive players you’ve faced the last few years?
I would have to say (Syracuse-bound Somers senior) JoJo Marasco is the best player I’ve played against. He’s a very good friend and I’m very excited to play against him this year. I love going against him because it makes me a lot better. Also, (Mahopac senior) Tyler Perrelle and (2008 John Jay graduate and two-time all-American) Chris Bocklet.

You have some Rye teammates who you played with at Empires. Can you talk about them and how this year’s team looks overall?
Cole McCormack is the best faceoff man in the section and is only going to get better. He’s very aggressive and athletic. Pat O’Callaghan is extremely athletic and is the smartest player on the field. He’s always in the right spot and knows what to do. A very sound player. Rob Santangelo, my close friend, is very strong and is a threat at all times on the field. He is also quicker than ever.

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3 Responses to “Interview: Rye's Donald Keough”

  1. sec1 says:

    Hi Joe I think Rye has beaten Yorktown before in 1970, I could be wrong but thats what I remember? I will check and see but I am pretty sure that I am correct. Thanks

  2. Joe Lombardi says:

    sec1 –

    You could be right. Yeah, please check. Jim Turnbull gave me a booklet that has all of Yorktown’s season series records in it which I can’t seem to locate right now. But I’ll definitely try to find it.

  3. ND Lax Rise says:

    Well Mr. Keough, it sure looks like you made a great college choice now! Ditto for Bronxville’s Jack Near, who who will another Domer.

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