When Wilton players arrived at their field on Saturday, they were expecting to scrimmage Pomperaug. But first-year coach John Wiseman had other ideas.

Wiseman, a former Wilton star who played at Duke, has made restoring pride and tradition in the Wilton program a major priority.

The Warriors, after all, have won 17 state titles, but struggled to maintain that form in recent seasons.

So instead of scrimmaging Pomperaug, Wiseman and his former coach, the legendary Guy Whitten, had another idea. Whitten would bring a team of 31 former Warriors stars back to campus to scrimmage against this year’s varsity.

The alumni squad pulled out a one-goal win, but everyone came away winners. When it was over, the former Wilton players told their contemporaries precisely what the Wilton tradition meant — and still means — to them.

More than one got choked up. But when it was over, Wilton’s players from the past and present both realized that their history could indeed be their destiny, too.

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10 Responses to “Not just another scrimmage at Wilton”

  1. Cards Lax says:

    How bad are the almuni that they only beat a bunch of HS kids by a goal?

  2. syracuse says:

    Easy Cards Lax,

    There isn’t a prouder tradition of high school lacrosse anywhere that at Wilton. Though the Warriors have been down in recent years, I can tell you and others will back me up, when you go play there — at night or during the day — you sense how important that program is. Let’s not forget if it wasn’t for Wilton, there probably wouldn’t be a powerhouse at Darien or an up-and-coming program like Ridgefield or would New Canaan be half the program it is or has been.

    And that influence stretches throughout the FCIAC and all through Connecticut. There’s a reason why a program like Yorktown continues to play Wilton. It’s because that town bleeds the passion that it takes to be the best. That school has produced hundreds of top D-I players and has been directly responsible for the FCIAC’s growing reputation.

    I can only hope that Wilton is one day really good again. That way you have five legitimate programs vying for the county crown and state domination, not just the usual “Big 3” as they came to be known through the years.

    You have a strong Darien, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Greenwich and Wilton and you have a conference that rivals any anywhere, including Long Island.

    So let’s show some respect here. A good Wilton is good for the game and great for Connecticut lax.

  3. dee-up says:

    Cards I don’t believe it’s the score that counted here. read the story again a little slower. Just reading that short story how can one not feel a desire that they could be part of this type program, and very nice job by Wiseman.

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  5. Cards Lax says:

    I hear you but just haven’t seen anything from them in years… Played them in HS 15 years ago, they were good.

    Saw a bunch of them playing for CT Chargers over the summer. Didn’t look too impressive nor did they seem like they were really into it.

  6. syracuse says:

    I hear ya Cards Lax. I’m just throwing out there a general feeling that we should be mindful of the past because it’s just a matter of time before it becomes the present and future again. I don’t doubt your knowledge. Keep sharing it.

  7. Warrior96 says:

    Wiseman is a Whitten guy. He played under him on those incredible teams. As Joe said basically step one in restoring that tradition is first being aware of it and then embracing it.

    Interesting info Syracuse. You definitely know your stuff.

    This site is a blast. Great info and thoughts from peoplr who really love and understand the game. I’m hooked.

  8. old guy says:


    if you were there you probably would have enjoyed it.

    the ‘alumni team’ included a 50 year old, several 40+ year olds, and the rest were mostly mid/late 30’s. Maybe a handful people still in their 20’s who have played in college in the past 5 years. A lot of us were playing with old equipment, ‘short’ shorts, etc…it was quite a spectacle.

    the game was (as mentioned by syracuse) just part of the day. it was fun.

    the alumni aren’t “bad” as your initial posting randomly concluded. just old. several former d1 players (some college all-americans – d1 and d3, one Team USA player, and others just having a good time supporting their old teammate and friend – John Wiseman…he also ran a few shifts on defense).

    lacrosse forums seem to be filled with people commenting on things they either hear second-hand…or have no clue about. but i do agree with Warrior96…this is a good site.

  9. syracuse says:

    Old Guy,

    You hit it on the head.

    I go back for my college’s alumni festivities every October and let me tell you a few things that are 100 percent locks to happen:

    1. There is not a semi-sober person on the field for the alumni

    2. We have two games — Alumni vs. Varsity starters & Alumni vs. Varsity youngsters.

    3. Not one alum brings equipment save for sticks.

    4. Not one alum actually plays a position in the games that he played while in school. For instance, I’m often in goal, sometimes in a dress, sometimes while smoking a stogie.

    5. Media is barred from the event

    And lastly, the alumni win every game, regardless of the actual final score.

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