Now, it all starts.

Yes, folks. Just think about it. From now on (through most of the region at least), we won’t have to talk about scrimmages and precisely what they mean — if anything — in the grand scheme of things.

Because now, our friends in Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess are all joining Nassau by playing actual games. (With Fairfield soon to follow.)

It’s opening week for most teams in the region. And that means it’s time for “Previews and predictions.”

Now, please keep in mind. This is a two-way street. It starts here. We will throw out some games from throughout the region coming up each week and offer an analysis and prediction. Many games will be left out. But hopefully not for long. Just ask for a prediction on any game, and you’ll get it.

Away we go. 

John Jay at Brewster (Thursday, 4:30 p.m.): This is a rematch of last year’s Class B sectional final, won by the Indians 13-2. Both teams lost a lot personnel-wise, but John Jay still has a a big advantage in depth. Prediction: John Jay 9, Brewster 4

Somers at Mahopac (Thursday, 4:30 p.m.): There will be plenty of Division I talent on display in this one, including senior stars and former ESG teammates Joe Marasco (Syracuse) of Somers and Tyler Perrelle (Binghamton) of Mahopac. Tuskers have the advantage of having a more athletic midfield — and in lacrosse, that’s a big advantage. Prediction: Somers 8, Mahopac 6

St. Anthony’s at Yorktown (Saturday, 2 p.m.): These longtime rivals always wage heated battles, but this year’s should be especially so. Both teams have the potential to have extraordinary seasons. So no matter who wins, will get a big boost going forward. Between the two teams combined, there are 14 players who have already committed to Division I schools, including a pair of the nation’s top juniors — St. Anthony’s midfielder Thomas Schreiber and Yorktown attackman Kevin Interlicchio. Schreiber, ranked fifth by Inside Lacrosse, is likely to attend Princeton. Interlicchio has committed to Hopkins. Prediction: St. Anthony’s 10, Yorktown 8

Manhasset  at John Jay (Saturday, 7 p.m.): This has emerged as one of the area’s premier regional rivalries. Two years ago, John Jay picked up a dramatic 9-8 win. Last year, Manhasset won 10-8. This season, though, nationally ranked Manhasset, perhaps the leading contender to win the Class C state title, is a solid favorite.The matchup of John Jay’s Hopkins-bound junior defenseman Jameson Pickel on UVa-bound Manhasset senior star Connor English should be fun to watch, Prediction: Manhasset 11, John Jay 5


Yorktown at Rye (Thursday, 4:30 p.m.): Though the Garnets have played Yorktown as tough as anyone in Section 1 over the last few years, this time around won’t go as well. In fairness, Rye is getting Yorktown at a bad time (not that there is ever a good time) because it has a lot of turnover from last year’s state semifinal squad. Once Town takes care of North Rockland, it will be thinking about St. Anthony’s, but will be mindful of Rye. Though the Garnets are a very good defensive team, the Huskers are better. It will be a case of too much of the usual suspects — Ranagan, Interlicchio — for Yorktown and not enough offense for Rye. Prediction: Yorktown 12, Rye 5.

Hen Hud at Lakeland/Panas (Thursday, 4:30 p.m.): Because little is known about L/P other than the prowess of Jack Doherty, I see Hen Hud in this game. The Sailors have offensive stars in attackman Cole D’Addario and converted middie Collin Parkhurst. I saw Hud have many defensive lapses against a Mamaroneck squad that really ran just one midfield and was clearly not at the skill level of Hud. I don’t know if the Sailors have enough to contain Doherty and the rest of the Rebels. Expect a high-scoring game. Prediction: L/P 13, Hen Hud 11.

St. Anthony’s at Chaminade (Thursday, 4:30 p.m.): These longtime rivals should once again put on a show. We will learn a lot about the Friars this week, what with this one followed by Yorktown on Saturday. While I agree with Joe that St. Anthony’s will eke past Town, albeit barely, I think they’ll have an easier time with the Flyers.  For Chaminade to have a chance, middie Robert Lucas will have to control the apces between the retraining boxes and pole John Urbank will have to figure out a way to stop Will Manny. Prediction: St. Anthony’s 11, Chaminade 6.

Useful links:

• Webcast of Saturday’s Manhasset-South Side game

• John Jay team Web site

• Manhasset team Web site

• Somers team Web site

• Yorktown team Web site

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23 Responses to “Previews and predictions”

  1. MurphsPlace says:


    How bout Town opener Tuesday vs North Rock?

  2. HHFlave says:

    Joe could you please pick Hen Hud vs Lakeland-Panas on Thursday …

  3. Lacrossegeek says:

    Rye is struggling offensively, its their first game. Going to be very tough to give Yorktown a game.

  4. yoky says:

    how did Rye do at there scrimmage this weekend. Also I heard the Rye kids are going away on spring break?????

  5. LoveTownLax says:

    yoky – Oh no, no blogging about Rye laxers’ spring break plans ….it’s like deja-vu all over again! Just say no! If they go, I hope they have a pleasant trip, bring their sunscreen and that’s all I’m gonna say, slacrosse! :o)

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  7. yoky says:

    Joe what about Brewster at South Clarkstown prediction tue.

  8. yoky says:

    Joe I would predict a higher score for the somers v mahopac game. both good offense and no defense. both goalies weak. I say somers wins 13 -10. somers has better middies.

  9. Joe Lombardi says:

    Yoky –
    Clarkstown South goalie Luke Haggerty will be a handful for the Bears, but I don’t see the Vikings being able to knock off this traditional sectional power and 2008 Class B finalist. Brewster 10, Clarkstown South 5

    As for Somers-Mahopac, I agree about the middies but I think you are underrating the defenses. Somers has a real good unit with Erik Zmuidins, Eddie Schurr and John Bello and a returning starter in goal in Chris Longo, who is a real good starter. Mahopac has Brendan Synan on D. We’ll see who’s right.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    HHFlave –

    Hen Hud has Siena-bound Collin Parkhurst, who will do a good job of not only scoring but setting up opportunities for others. Lakeland/Panas, of course, is led by Jack Doherty. But there are some other experienced seniors too, including John Hittman (who is outstanding on faceoffs), John Fitzpatrick and Andrew O’Mara. — LP 10, Hen Hud 6

  11. Joe Lombardi says:

    Murphs –

    Greg Grasso has done an amazing job building up the North Rockland program. The Red Raiders could very well be the best team in Rockland for the third straight year. In fact, they haven’t lost to a team in the county during that span. But the Red Raiders do not have the depth or offensive firepower to pull off this upset. — Yorktown 13, North Rockland 5

  12. casual observer says:

    what about IP-donbosco on wed?

  13. Joe Lombardi says:

    CO –

    Thank you! Someone wants to talk about an actual game — you know, those little things that actually count on your record.

    Anyway, Iona Prep obviously has performed well this preseason, and I did have an opportunity to see Don Bosco in action as well.

    My prediction is Iona 12, Don Bosco 6

  14. BigFan says:

    Rye had a scrimmage with Westminster on Saturday and lost 8 – 2. Rye played a little better than the score indicates and were improved versus their scrimmage against Greenwich. Rye needs to continue to improve their fundamentals…..they are dropping too many passes, making poor passes and not aggressively going after ground balls. The main probelem, though, that Rye needs to work on quickly is scoring. They are having great difficulty getting the ball in the net. Against Westminster, it seems like Rye spent at least 75% of their time defending their own net.

  15. Cards Lax says:

    What’s the word from the the Mahopac Greenwich scrimmage?

  16. ripo says:

    Rye is not allowed to play PG schools, that is a violation

  17. syracuse says:

    Maybe not during the regular season, but a scrimmage is a scrimmage. You can scrimmage anyone.

  18. Rug says:

    Joe & Yoky,

    With regards to your comments that the Mahopac Middies are weak in comparison to the Somers middies? What is the basis for your statements…….

  19. Lax Novice says:


    In your experience, why would a guy who is reportedly benig heavily recruited by the likes of Notre Dame and other D-1 programs put all that off to do a post-graduate year at a prep school. I would think that would be for either the recruit with the committment already who the University thinks needs a year to get bigger or stronger (or better academics) before joining the program, or the guy who is of interest at the D-3 level but not getting any D-1 interest might take another year to see if his standing improves. Either way, why would a guy who is being recruited (but w/out a committment) basically tell schools to back off to attend a prep? Wouldn’t that rub a school that was putting time and effort into a kid the wrong way?

    Just asking, and best of luck with the new source for scholastic lax.

  20. Ric B says:

    Joey Boom-Bots: I can give you some insight as to who to look from this year from out of the CNY region/ You have to seriously think that West Genny has a great chance of winning the states and Lafayette High School has the best player in the US in Middie John Greeley (Hopkins) along with a host of other
    D-1 prospects.
    I have a thought and a question; I worked for a week with the Darien Varsity and was impressed, how do you think they’d fair against West Genny? I think that would be one heck of a game.

  21. syracuse says:

    I think Ric B. is beyond dreamy. I mean, seriously, I get heart palpitations … whatever he says is good for me.

  22. MurphsFirePlace says:

    Town rolls in home opener….Interlicchio and Ranagan set the bar prettttttttty high off the opening whistle….Wish Tom L could have joined us….Go Town!!!!

  23. Lax Novice says:

    I follow Darien, and the question is an intriguing one, could Darien hang with West Genny? Based on a couple of known factors, I’d say the answer would be yes. Last year, Darien expected competitive games with both Yorktown and Jamesville-DeWitt, and were disappointed. A seven goal margin on Yorktown’s field? A 19-7 whupping of JD on a neutral site? Those results cast doubts about the quality of top-echelon lacrosse being played in Section 3 as well as Section 1. Those were early-season contests when teams aren’t as good as they are, presumably, in the post-season. Is West Genny that much above those schools? I tend to doubt it. On Saturday, West Islip’s talented AA junior Galasso and their fine team went up against Gorski, Caputo and Co. to what I read was something of a standoff for the starters on both sides. Defense wins championships, so I’d think this year Darien would be more than a challenge for Central NY’s legendary team.

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