Regional powers Darien and John Jay have been unable to schedule a regular-season meeting the last few years, which is too bad.

After all, Darien has captured four straight state titles. John Jay has won four straight Class B championships. Both have been regulars in the national rankings during that time.

Today, the teams are meeting in a scrimmage in Cross River.

It’s been a busy 24 hours for our man on the scene, Don, who yesterday was at the Rye-Greenwich scrimmage. Here’s what’s been cooking in Cross River:

Update 3: John Jay’s big run in the fourth vs. Blue Wave reserve players has put the Indians on top 7-5. After huddling up, both teams have decided to play a fifth quarter, which we will not have updates on.

Update 2: John Jay, with many of its starters in, has gone on a run against Darien’s reserves, outscoring Darien 7-1 in the fourth quarter with time winding down.

Update 1: Darien leads 4-1 after three quarters. The Blue Wave pulled their starters with 10 minutes left in the period. After a scoreless first quarter, Darien broke through in the second period to take a 2-0 lead at the half as John Jay had difficulty clearing and Darien’s defense played well when the Indians did have the ball on offense. In the first quarter, John Jay was unable to capitalize on two extra-man opportunities. Darien, which was riding effectively in the period, outshot John Jay 7-2.

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24 Responses to “Darien, John Jay squaring off in scrimmage”

  1. Observer says:

    Oh man. First losing to Iona now this.

    With the schedule they have its gonna be a looong year for JJ. Ytown game could be very ugly.

  2. LAX says:

    Any word on who scored for JJ?

  3. freelaxer says:

    Observer you shouldn’t be saying that this is so bad and the Ytown game could be ugly. This is a very young team and its only their third SCRIMMAGE. Jay will be much better at the end of the year. 5 of the 7 goals were from sophomores so you have to think that this team will come together. 4-1 against the 22nd ranked team in the nation isn’t bad. Give Jay time

  4. Syracuse says:

    I honestly am impressed Jay only trailed 4-1 after three quarters, with both sides playing most of their best players. That says something to me. It says Jay has some heart.

  5. Laxolution says:

    Jay had 8 goals. For sophomores there were 2 by J. Morris, 1 from B. Morris, 1 from Daniello and 1 from Walter. The seniors had 3 with 2 from Stewart and 1 from Masterson. You can say it was Jay’s starters in the 4th but it was 4 sophomores on offense and the defense was sophomores playing a good portion of the second half. The scrimmage served its purpose for both teams and few, if any players, from either team that played in the 5th quarter played in the first 4 quarters.

  6. Admiral says:

    Darien has been on the field 3 days prior to this scrimmage. JJ could not clear the ball and was called 2 or 3 times in the 1st half for faiure to advance…tough to get an offense to gel in 3 days with 2 of 3 attackmen never playing varsity before. In all, JJ failed to convert on 4 EMO opportunities in the 1st half, in fact only got off 1 shot in 4 EMO’s.In the second half, Darien had a wholesale change of personnel and put in the JV, JJ stuck with the starters and outscored them 7-1 while I was there……tough to tell based on those facts. In my opinion, a MUCH better display of lacrosse than Greenwich-Rye yesterday which was flat out below par. All in all, JJ is young with a lot of potential for this season while Darien’s D may well be the best in CT and an offense that has not had enough time together.

  7. Observer says:

    Chillax dude. Just stating facts.

  8. Doid23 says:

    I agree with Syracuse, not a bad showing for a young Jay team. I think this season will truly be a rebuilding one, that may end up with the Section Class B title, or bow out before they reach the finals, at this point no way to know which. In a strange way, it may even be more fun than when they were loaded with talent and the huge expectations that go with it, it’ll be interesting to see how these young players develop.

  9. freelaxer says:

    This is all true but one point is Darien played there 1st defense middies and attack all first half. Jay on the other hand put in there second D which are 3 sophomores, ran 3 middie lines, and rotated in 2 other attackman. Jay is still trying to figure who goes where. Darien’s defense is very impressive, they press out a lot and prevent good passes and shots.

  10. Syracuse says:

    I think everyone here needs to stop being protective of their turf. It’s ridiculously obvious that no one wants to admit that both teams looked like crap for the most part. To that I say, so what? That’s what these March games are for, to find out what you need to work on. In truth, preseason games are like out of section games. They don’t mean a hell of a lot in the grand scheme of things but do prepare teams for that next step, whatever that step may be — sectionals, states and, yes, even the season opener.

    We could sit here all night and say, “Well, Darien’s fifth-string goalie allowed all those goals, so in reality we don’t know how good Jay’s attack of eighth graders really is.”

    Enough. Just be happy no one got hurt.

  11. LAX says:

    I’m impressed that JJ let up no goals in the first quarter and competed with Darien, I half-expected them to get crushed. So I heard it was 8-7 JJ at the end of the game, after the “5th quarter”? Still impressive for JJ even if reserves played much of the 2nd half. I think you’re right when you say Jay is still trying to figure out who goes where with so many 1st year varsity players, but it’s good to see so many sophomores contributing on both ends. JJ looks to reestablish itself as a national powerhouse in a couple of years and this year they might win the section again.

  12. LAX says:

    Just looked at JJs schedule, their last scrimmage is against Delbarton in a couple days, that should be a fun one. Anyone know how good Delbarton is this year?

  13. Laxolution says:

    ‘Cuse- it was 4 -3 after 3 quarters. Freelaxer is correct. The starters for Jay aren’t even determined yet. O’Donnell and B. Morris started on attack today and hadn’t started before. A good number of the kids in the regular rotation throughout all the scrimmages are in their first year of varsity- Sav is totally mixing things up to see who will fit where. Freelaxer was also right about Darien’s defense- they hardly gave Jay the lanes on the side- they were always on Jay’s hands outside the box to limit the offense. Darien D is a strength on that team. One more tune up on Saturday against Delbarton for Jay.

  14. Syracuse says:

    I’m not saying Freelaxer’s observations weren’t correct. I’m just saying we, in general, need to relax a little when it comes to dissecting these games because even with all the “starters” in, it’s still a scrimmage. The same people you saw in key roles today you may not see next week. Plus, Darien had just three days of practice coming in. There are too many factors playing into this that completely overwhelm what starters do against other starters for a quarter or two.

  15. teamlax says:

    Yes we know that Jay is in a “regrouping” year but that isn’t the only issue it has. On the sidelines, as well as on the field, you do not see a team. It’s all about the individual players. There is no camaraderie on the sidelines, no high fives. You can’t even hear the players yelling to one another about what a good job they are doing except from the same ten players that are coming on and off the field. The boys that are standing at the “end” of the line should be as important and excited as the top ten guys that are at the beginning of that line. Until these boys start getting excited to play WITH each other than play FOR themselves, they just might give their competition a run for their money.

  16. Observer says:

    Suprising to hear bc JJ definately does not have ne real star players besides Pickle whose going to Hop.

  17. syracuse says:

    Like Rome, a team is not built in a day, let alone a handful in March. If indeed there is a lack of enthusiasm as Teamlax says, it’s up to the captains to whip everyone into shape. Sav and the coaches have enough on their plate.

    I seriously cannot imagine John Jay lacrosse players not enthusiastic about playing for that program.

  18. yoky says:

    its not just ten players sav ran 3 midlines and 2 short stick d mids and 2 long stick middies and 5 attackmen. count it up genious.

  19. teamlax says:

    Here we go with the insults. Now we know where the kids get it from. My comment was about being a team and having spirit.

    Syracuse – I couldn’t agree more, it is all about the captains. Hope they can pick things up.

    Observer: My reference was nothing about star players but let’s be realistic. That is what the Savs are good at – creating superstars. They might have 1 or 2 now but by the end of the season – there will be a lot more!

  20. syracuse says:

    “Superstar” is a bit much don’t you think? LOL.

    I think superstar, I think Hulk Hogan or Goldberg or Stone Cold. Maybe even Megan Fox.

  21. teamlax says:

    You definately have a point, Syracuse! Let’s take it down a notch to “star” players.

  22. yoky says:

    Look what one person view turns into. I have never seen a more dedicated group of lacrosse players that JJ has

  23. Old Rugger says:

    Cuse’ Like you last “superstar” the best. The Soph class at JJ has played together since 3rd grade and have been a “team” One of the differneces is they have been “The Team” Undefeated in regular season play in “Conny”, Undefeated in Section one as Starters on “JV” as freshmen, This is all new to Sav and the sophmores, this is the best skilled, deep class since the ’07’ class, probably much deeper, but the best may not be as high (AA). Sav has a new chalange, he may not have the best players (JoJo) but if they figure it out they may have one of the better teams? Just on opinion

  24. teamlax says:

    Thanks Old Rugger for helping me make my point. The Jay team has seniors, juniors and ADDED the talent of the sophomores to make this team. It isn’t the sophomore class varsity team. Hopefully, these boys don’t hear of it on the field as much as we hear it on the blogs.

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