You can call it the I-95 Showdown. Or not.

Anyway, two of the area’s premier programs — Rye and Greenwich — scrimmaged today.

Don Foley was on hand for the action  at Greenwich H.S. where Greenwich just picked up an 8-1 win over Rye.

The Cardinal, who led 6-1 at halftime, were without UPenn-bound attackman Jared Horowitz, who was a first-team all-FCIAC selection last year. He was out with a hamstring injury.

Nevertheless, Greenwich was able to break down Rye’s tough defense and Rye struggled to get its offense going.

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12 Responses to “Greenwich runs by Rye in scrimmage”

  1. TigerTime says:

    People say Rye was to low in the Top 25 but they were obvi to high now. There D is supposedly there strength and Greenwich lit them and there new goaly up like a Christmas tree

  2. TigerTime says:

    Section One Class C final:

    Put Valley 8

    Rye 5

  3. Syracuse says:

    Relax man. I can spell “P-R-E-S-E-A-S-O-N” for you if you want.

  4. scooter says:

    Once again another person looking way too much into scrimmages.

  5. Just Curious says:

    How many people think Rye can still give Yorktowm a game next week? It is next week right?

  6. Admiral says:

    I was there as well and if Rye’s D doesn’t come together, they are in trouble. Pre-season and all that said, Rye has been practicing since March 1 or thereabouts and this is Greenwich’s 3rd day on the field. CT State rules prohibited the Ct lax teams from practicing till this Monday. Rye’s D was very slow and unable to keep from breaking down. They were out shot 2 to 1 easily, if not more. Y’town should roll with this matchup.

  7. Admiral says:

    Joe, a note to you…it sure seems as though the CT Lacrosse forum on LaxPower is flat lined, not sure of the others…..good job….it is pretty clear that is the place to be!

  8. Syracuse says:

    I believe Rye couldn’t start until March 9, but your point is well taken.

  9. Admiral says:

    ‘Cuse, thanks for the clarification! Still early for everyone with plenty of opportunities to improve. As they say, that’s why they play the game!!

  10. BigFan says:

    I was at the scrimmage also and it was a horror show for Rye. The best Rye players did not get much playing time so I think the Dooley brothers were looking to see who is going to step up and be impact players this year.
    It’s still early and Rye will come together as a team.

  11. syracuse says:

    Let’s keep in mind Greenwich is no slouch either. These guys are in our Top 15 and are right there with Ridgefield in the FCIAC, just behind Darien. So, sure, it’s a little disheartening when you get spanked by a team that has only been practicing three days, but Greenwich has some serious talent, and some talent doesn’t need to practice too long to get things together.

    What Rye needs more than anything else is for its defense to come together quickly, so it can keep it in games against better competition while the offense develops. That said though, you can’t ask Keough and Co. to hold teams to less than five goals per game all season.

    At some point, Rye is going to have to score some goals. They got away with it last year. They may not this year.

  12. Lacrossegeek says:

    Rye could go 0-3 in its first three games but what matters is class c competion. Lets see where they end up in June.

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