The Iona Prep Gaels seem to be waging a never-ending battle for respect throughout the region.

Despite a groundbreaking season that included wins against traditional Section 1 powers Lakeland/Panas and Somers and a one-goal loss to four-time Class C sectional champ Rye, some still assert the Gaels can’t hang with the big boys.

Well today, Iona Prep took another step toward silencing their skeptics. Granted, it was “just” a scrimmage, but both teams took it seriously. And Iona Prep won 10-9 without leading scorer Nick Trizano.

Trizano, one of four Division I-bound Gaels, was out with an ankle injury. Trizano led the nation in scoring with 104 goals and 166 points last season. His cousin, junior midfielder Steve Trizano, was also sidelined with an injury today.

Nevertheless, the Gaels managed to stretch a 6-2 lead to 9-2 at the half.

“They are big and strong and have really good shooters,” John Jay coach Nick Savastano said of the Gaels. “I was very impressed with their team and I was also impressed with my team for hanging in there and not folding.”

Once again, “just” a scrimmage, but there’s a lot to chew on here, folks.

Let’s hear your thoughts.

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22 Responses to “Iona Prep edges John Jay in scrimmage”

  1. IP Guy says:

    Yeh boys nice showing. I’m sure when Jay heard Trizano wasn’t playing they thought it would be a blowout. This shows we are a T-E-A-M and a real good one.

  2. Just a Fan says:

    Anyone hear how Town looked today?

  3. casual observer says:

    was it the backups that came back for JJ or did the starters play most of the game?

  4. Syracuse says:

    Just a Fan,

    That’s the $6,432,298 question. Yorktown I believe runs a disinformation campaign. They have spies everywhere. It’s like Eric Mangini or Bill Belichick is running the ship. They say nothing, describe injuries in broad general terms and have armed guard in towers overlooking their practices.

    I bet even if you saw them play in a scrimmage with your own two eyes, by the time you clicked “submit” on your computer, your description of what you witnessed would either disappear or force your laptop to self destruct.

    I mean, seriously, has anyone seen Yorktown this preseason, and if so, are you brave enough to tell us how they look?

    C’mon now!

  5. freelaxer says:

    Casual observer- The starters played the whole game for both teams. It was very much like a serious game.

  6. Don Recon says:

    Casual Observer and Freelaxer,
    Actually, IP’s starters were out of the game in the last 5 minutes or so, with the score 10-6. Kudos to JJ’s team for fighting back after a tough start. IP played well and executed well on both ends of the field.

  7. Doid23 says:

    I think we’re going to define John Jay this year at the end of the season rather than at the beginning. Just too many kids having to step up from JV to know how they will perform. In the past there’s been a notion (right or wrong) that the team has to win all of these games to be considered a NY and National contender, but this year it’s just about trying to get the team ready for the Section 1 and possibly NYS playoffs. I think Sav’s playing a super tough out of section schedule is going to really pay off even more this year in getting his unproven players thrown into the battle early. I can definately see this team being a .500 team going into the playoffs, with some potential lopsided losses early, hopefully learning along the way and getting better as the season progresses.

    Regarding the scrimmage (and yes, it’s still a scrimmage, no matter the score), it’s clear that Iona Prep has really taken some great strides over the past few years, and has to be considered a top 5 team in Westchester with the opportunity to have a special season if they stay healthy.

  8. GreenWhite says:

    Town beat Put Valley in a scrimmage 13-3 today.

  9. Syracuse says:

    Ah ha! I knew Yorktown still fielded a team. Anyone got any details about any of Town’s scrimmages?

  10. dee-up says:

    the actual score for this scrimage at my count was town 16-5 . Valley scored first and led at the end of one 2-1. End of half had Town up by 4. Second half had many substitutions and some sloppy play by both teams, but all and all a good game.

  11. dee-up says:

    good scrimmage (no game)

  12. fD1Laxer says:

    This thread was interesting reading with seemingly well-deserved props for the Iona program until the attempted hijacking by the YT crowd. Hello, the world does not revolve around the YT program which, by the way, still seriously needs to prove itself, as ‘Cuse has aptly stated, in Class A against the hotbed teams of LI.

  13. sec33 says:

    Yorktowns Interlicchio, Ranagan and Casey combined for a total of 17pts…Not too bad…Little sloppy on both ends but when Town got their offense going, things looked pretty dominant…

  14. LoveTownLax says:

    fD1Laxer – oh stop moaning about town bloggers – you are free not to read or acknowledge those posts, but who are you to tell us where we can write??? I’m sure if Put Valley had won it would have been proudly posted on every blog site in the western hemisphere that Put Valley had whipped ‘Town in a SCRIMMAGE. get over yourself. And… tell me why you think that a bunch of teen-agers have anything to “prove” to you – they’re just out there practicing hard and doing their best, just like every other team in country. They’ll win some, and lose some…. the world does not revolve around YOU either…And I believe it was Syracuse who asked the question that GreenWhite asked. Bad Syracuse… bad, bad Syracuse, should he ask your permission from now on?

  15. LoveTownLax says:

    oops – sorry fD1Laxer, I meant to say…”that GreenWhite answered.” I’m so sorry. I’ll punish myself along with Syracuse.. no blogging for me for a week!

    yup, not too bad sec33!

  16. swinglax says:

    Cuse’ you make me laugh. As I did not have the opportunity to see either the JJ/Iona game or the Ytown/PV game but I am not ready to give in and say that Iona should be walking around with their chest sticking out. Has Iona earned that rung on the ladder or did Jay fall a number of rungs due to the change up? Ytown/PV – I have heard that Ytown played very sloppy. Did the coach send in many players to explore the depth options? Looks like town D may be all that its cracked up to be – based on the low score.

  17. syracuse says:

    OK, I feel shame. I accidentally hijacked this thread from the Iona Prep people. From now on I’ll be following Trizano around with a hand-held camera documenting his life like on EdTV ….

    Thanks to all for the Town updates.

  18. GreenWhite says:

    LOL…interesting info by everyone and pretty funny also.

  19. fD1Laxer says:


    FYI, I’m not an Iona person, and I don’t know why finding a blog thread that happened to suggest complimentary things about the Iona program of interest would make me into one. The hijacking comment was not directed at you per se. I was just making an observation I’ve made elsewhere that some of us who really played and truly love the game enjoy all things lax, and recognize that all programs will rise if broader interest and focus is put on this greatest of sports. BTW, seriously, I liked the write-up on Briarcliff today – even though I am also not a Briarcliff person. Cheers.

  20. Syracuse says:

    Fair enough man. I wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote what I wrote about Iona Prep. I’m just trying to keep things light …

  21. LoveTownLax says:

    trust me, fD1Laxer, I agree with you. There is NOBODY that loves the game of lacrosse more than I do. I will watch a 3/4th grade game that my friend’s kids play in, mine plays for 7/8th grade, then right up to the MLL! I go to college games and watch ESPNU. I have been to the NCAA Final Four also. I love that this most awesome game is getting the attention it deserves, and that more and more kids are playing. But… I blog about my ‘Town boys!!!!

  22. PurpleReigns says:

    Ha what do the Iona ppl who made a big deal about this scrimmage have to say now.

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