I’ve been watching Rob Bosco play lacrosse since he was an eighth-grader on the varsity team at Hen Hud in northern Westchester, where he earned back-to-back all-America honors his junior and senior seasons.

He’s now a sophomore midfielder at Colgate.

He’s obviously a lot bigger, stronger and faster now. But you know what? His game really hasn’t changed that much.

For Bosco, it’s all about heart and hustle. He’s a throwback midfielder — and frankly the kind of guy who may not have the best line score after the game, but may have been the most responsible for the win.

First, I have to admit. When I look at a stat sheet after a game, the first thing I look at is not goals or assists. It’s ground balls. I really believe that’s where games are won.

Case in point, today.

Bosco had six of them (tying for the team lead) as Colgate pulled out a hard-fought 13-12 win at Fairfield. Bosco also had a goal and two assists. (You can read more of my thoughts on that game and other college action from today by clicking here.)

I can’t remember a moment in any game I’ve seen Bosco play in which he wasn’t giving his maximum effort and playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. That’s the kind of player I’ll go to watch any time I can.

After today’s game, I spent a few minutes with Rob.

What’s been the biggest change between high school and college lax?

As much as I thought high school was fast, this game is 10 times faster. It’s fast all the time. Last year, I was shocked by that. This year, I’ve been able to make the adjustment.

What area of your game have you worked on the most?

(Laughs.) My shot. That’s still a work in progress. It’s coming. By my senior year here, you watch, I will be ripping them.

Can you describe your goal that you scored while falling to the ground (that gave Colgate a 12-9 lead with 6:17 remaining)?

I knew I had no slide coming to me. I was hoping to get it to the back side, but then as I started to fall, I let it go.

You guys had that tough stretch where you lost to some very good teams? This is a young team. Did it affect your confidence at all?

Coach (Jim Nagle) is always instilling confidence in us. After three losses in a row, we just had the idea of the next-play mentality. We looked ahead. (The Raiders beat Holy Cross 22-9 heading into the Fairfield game.)

We played some real tough teams, but we did well against them. It’s tough to get into a flow now. We practice when it’s 5 degrees. So when it’s 30 degrees, we’re in shorts and T-shirts.

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  2. Gateway says:

    Great article. Thanks for giving Rob the recognition he deserved. He was definitely the MVP of the game. With so many teams trying to shutoff Brandon Corp, Gate needs midfielders to step up. Rob did that and some. If he keeps playing like that, Colgate will be very dngerous.

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