Ryan Feit was the first.

In October 2010, the standout goaltender from Syosset High School on Long Island, coming off a strong string of performances in summer showcases, made a decision he had no idea would come so early.

As a sophomore, he verbally committed to Johns Hopkins University, a decision first reported here at LaxLessons.com.

It would have been impossible to predict at the time, but Feit started a trend. Today, sophomore verbal commitments have increased dramatically. At this writing, 15 sophomores from the nation’s No. 1 hotbed for lacrosse, the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate region, have verbally committed.

In just over a week, Feit, now a senior, will make that verbal commitment when he signs a binding National Letter of Intent. The NLI Fall Signing Period starts Nov. 14 and ends Nov. 21.

Coming soon, we’ll be breaking down Division I and Division II commitments by college, including those to institutions that do not offer athletic scholarships, including conferences such as the Ivy League and Patriot League and the military academies.

We start our coverage of National Signing Week by checking in with Ryan Feit now that he is on the brink of making his verbal commitment official after starting what has become a growing trend. Feit plans on signing his NLI sometime next week at Syosset High School.

What are your thoughts now that your verbal commitment from October 2010 will become official?
I’m extremely excited that my commitment will now become official.  It’s very exciting knowing that I can finally say I will be a member of the Johns Hopkins community officially.  It will no longer be only a verbal commitment, but once I sign, it will be good to know that it will be official in documentation.

Did you think when you committed as a sophomore that sophomore verbal commitments would now become so common in lacrosse?
I am shocked to see how early kids are starting to commit now.  I knew I committed extremely early and it seems as if I started a trend.

I have had no regrets in making a verbal commitment as early as I did, so I hope all the future sophomore recruits will be just as happy as I am through this process.

Even though I did commit early, I was confident in my decision and know these sophomore commits will be as well.

Why was making a commitment as a sophomore the right decision for you?
I had no doubt when I committed as a rising sophomore to Johns Hopkins University.  From the academics, to the social life, and then finally to the lacrosse field, I knew Johns Hopkins was the perfect fit for me.

Hopkins will give me the highest level of lacrosse, while still giving me an equally high level of academics as well.  This made me confident in my commitment so early compared to the rest of my classmates.

What are your thoughts on Hopkins now compared to two years ago? Has your outlook on become a Blue Jay changed in any way?
I am even more excited to be a member of the Blue Jay nation now that it will be around the corner.

Two years ago when I made my commitment, I was still excited, but now that it is so soon (before Signing Week), it makes me even more excited.

I am now getting more involved as I have more contact with the coaches now and have met many of my fellow Hopkins recruits in my class now.

My outlook on becoming a Blue Jay has changed because of the strong recruiting class that Hopkins will bring in and how strong the team is now.  It makes my future look very promising and makes me extremely excited to become a member of the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team soon.

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5 Responses to “Fall Signing Week Preview: Feit reflects on how his 2010 verbal started trend of sophomore commitments”

  1. 495 Lax says:

    Interesting story. I remember reading here when he committed and being amazing. Now, it’s almost surprising when a top soph hasn’t verballed.

  2. Laxerr says:

    Nice interview Ry Guy.

  3. SirLaxalot says:

    Looking forward to more great coverage!

  4. Braves New World says:

    Ryan, you’ve come a long way and proven to be quite a trendsetter. Congrats.

  5. Islandia says:

    I remember how shocked I was when I read hear when Ryan committed as a soph. Glad it has worked out for him and his commitment is intact as we get ready for signing week next week.

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