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10 Responses to “Yorktown/John Jay 2013 Week 1 game will follow contests against Colorado squad”

  1. Murph's Place says:

    Town 9, JJ 4

  2. Beach Lax says:

    I’ll say Town 9, JJ 5. JJ just can’t score.

  3. HV Lax says:

    This game used to be more of an event when it was held at the end of the regular season and not under 30 degree weather but I understand why the teams may not want to play to end the season when they will almost certainly meet again shortly after in the finals.

  4. SirLaxalot says:

    I’d say Yorktown has a slight advantage with Mariano, Koelch (sp) and company back, but John Jay is always tough on defense under Schurr though the offense has struggled the last couple of years.

    • slacrosse says:

      Agree with Sir Laxalot above. Town’s advantage may be more then just “slight” over Jay as my sense is Town has more impact players coming back then Jay.

      Maybe Lambert should run as a Middie for some scoring. Kid is a great athlete.

  5. Laxlax says:

    Lambert, the best player in Section One hands down, leads JJ to victory … Let’s say 7-5.

  6. Indian J says:

    A few thoughts,

    Lambert is great and will be poised to have a truly dominant year in Section one and maybe even NYS. However, Im not sure we should be giving out the title of best player in the section in mid October.

    Jay’s offense has struggled a little the past two seasons, but they did begin to score in spurts last season.

    Last season Yorktown had a lot of O guys returning and beat Jay 8-6 and 9-8 respectively. Those were two even games. This year Jay has more coming back than Town does.

    Unless Town’s new talent comes out and proves to be too much for what Jay has returning ( and Jay’s new guys as well) isn’t it safe to assume that this game would be tightly contested ? Predictions of 9-5 Town or 9-4 Town overlook what’s on paper.

    Jay hasn’t beaten Town since 2010, so this is as good a year as any to do that. I think a healthy Beck and those O guys that are coming up from 10th grade to 11th will give the O a new look. Let me say Jay 10 Yorktown 8.

  7. Old Rugger says:

    Indian J I want to agree with you and Ytown lost more than JJ(but Branca and Tini will be hard to replace as well as some good athleticicsm from the defensive midis lost to graduation) But Town had more to lose and they usually reload. Shurr is a great defensive coach and so the games will be close. A healthy Beck, Duffy, Smith, Lee, Scapperotti and Bostwick and some focus on offense early in the season and the games should be real close. My preference is JJ loses in OT early in season and beats Ytown in playoffs but then I’m a homer.

  8. Indian J says:

    In completely a Jay fan too. But just looking at the trend from last year, I see no reason why this would not be a competitive match up. Town will definitely be good but if we can replace Branca with someone solid, Jay could win. Our D will by very good and the offense will at the very least be decent t this season. Jay improves overall, the issue is weather they matchup.

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