When Eddie Gilman made the decision to commit to the University of North Carolina midway through his sophomore year at Hendrick Hudson High School (N.Y.) this past January, it did not wind up being the last time he would have to decide on a new school to attend.

Late this summer, the goaltender made another decision that was every bit as difficult as his college choice. Gilman opted to leave Hen Hud and enroll in prep school – at the Governor’s Academy in Newbury, Mass., about 35 miles north of Boston.

We caught up with Gilman to get an update on how things are going so far at Governor’s and what the factors were in his decision.

When did you first think about the possibility of attending a prep school? 
My older brother went to a boarding school, so it wasn’t an idea that was totally foreign to me. I always felt like the environment at a prep school would be a good fit, but my parents and I never really thought seriously about it. I liked my teachers at Hen Hud, I liked my coaches and I liked my teammates. But in the back of my mind, I was always hoping I’d get a chance somehow.

How did you become familiar with Governor’s Academy?
This past August, I played at a UNC team camp with the Long Island Sting. Two of my teammates there, Bug Carper and Tate Jozokos, are UNC commits and attend Governor’s. They told me about the school and I was curious. So my parents and I looked into it.

How difficult was it to leave Hen Hud?
It was a tough decision to leave home, my family and friends, and, of course, my lacrosse coach Craig Solomon. He really helped me during the recruiting process. And he’s one of the best coaches I’ve had at any level. But my family and even Coach (Joe) Breschi at UNC thought it would be a great move, especially on the academic side of things. I feel like I will be better prepared for life at UNC. If it was just lacrosse, I never would have considered transferring.

What were your first impressions of Governor’s Academy?
It’s everything I thought it would be. The teachers and coaches are great. The study halls keep me focused on school work. I’m a drummer, so it’s nice to get back into a jazz band again. We rehearse during the school day so I can do that and play football and lacrosse. Being at Gov’s is like living at a small college. Its campus is beautiful. I just roll out of bed to breakfast and classes.

Who are some of the D-I bound recruits at Governor’s?
In addition to Bug, D/LSM, and Tate, a middie, there’s Drew Pirie, a middie who is going to Hopkins; Eli Morrissey, a LSM headed to Boston University and Ryan Macri, another defenseman off to UNC.

* For more info on Eddie, check out his player profile by clicking here.

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    U should have moved up the road off 202,best of luck

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    The school you are referring to has an unflappable junior goalie, a senior and a freshman so not sure where Gilman would fit in.

  3. RHOY says:

    I think we all know where he would have fit in….
    next topic

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