Change is in the air in the men’s collegiate lacrosse world.

The Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee announced today it is recommending several rules changes to the game, including the implementation of a 30-second shot clock after a stall warning and the elimination of the motorcycle grip on faceoffs. The recommendations will be voted on in September.

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Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts on the changes here, and also make your voice heard in our current poll, which asks, “What do you think about the recommendation by the Rules Committee to have a 30-second shot clock after a stall warning?”

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9 Responses to “You make the call: Are proposed men’s rules changes, including implementing a shot clock, good or bad?”

  1. Hong Heidt says:

    As for the faceoff rules, I’m a bit perplexed. Most FO guys use the motorcycle grip. So now what – if it goes through and is eliminated? This rule may just turn FOs into a ground ball scramble. So much for speeding up the game!

  2. Laxn says:

    I was hoping they would go to a 60 second shot clock on each possession. I think that will happen after this 30 second clock after a stall helps but not nearly enough.

  3. Obsever Lax says:

    Shot clock will be great for the game. They should have not been so aggressive about making the other changes.

  4. Laxtime says:

    The shot clock is needed. It may be necessary to have an overall 60 second shot clock but this is a vital first step for now. Not sure the other rules proposals are as timely/important.

  5. Laxtime says:

    Shot clock is a must. No need to eliminate motorcycle grip but yes nail cheaters with the 30 second penalty.

  6. Laxtime says:

    Have a feeling the stringing and faceoff rules won’t go through as in when voted on next month.

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