We’re one step away from the state finals in New York and Connecticut boys lacrosse and from the Tournament of Champions final in New Jersey.

Among the day’s big headlines, we start with the Final Four in each of the three classes in New York.

Downstate New York:

* Two of the nation’s most tradition-rich programs, Yorktown and Garden City, who between them have 10 state titles (six by Yorktown), meet for the second year in the Class B semifinals.

* Nine-time Suffolk County champion West Islip takes on a red-hot Niskayuna squad eager to win a first-ever state title in Class A.

Be sure to check out Joe Lombardi”s preview of the downstate New York semifinals from the “Lacrosse Monday” edition of MSG Varsity’s “High School SportsDesk” by clicking here. 


* Defending state champion Wilton, which ended Darien’s attempt at a seventh straight CIAC Class M title in last year’s semifinals, meet again in the final four.

You can watch Joe Lombardi’s take on the Connecticut state semifinals from Monday’s MSG Varsity “SportsDesk” by clicking here.

We’ll run down the tristate semi schedules in a second.

But first, we have a major recruiting commitment. As reported Tuesday night on Twitter.com/joe_lombardi, John Jay junior midfielder Tommy Beck has verballed to Rutgers. Be sure to check back for more from Tommy on his choice.

New Jersey:

* Seven-time Group 1 champion Summit plays Delbartonin a classic confrontation in the TOC semis.

Here’s today’s schedule:

Downstate New York boys semifinals

at Hofstra University, Hempstead

Class C

Shoreham-Wading River vs. Bronxville, 3:30 p.m.

* You can watch the game live on msgvarsity.com. The premiere telecast of this game will air Sunday, June 10 at noon on MSG Varsity Channel 14.

Class A

West Islip vs. Niskayuna, 5:30 p.m.

* You can watch the game live on msgvarsity.com. The premiere broadcast of this game will air Sunday, June 10 at 2 p.m. on MSG Varsity Channel 14

Class B

Garden City vs. Yorktown, 8 p.m.

* You can watch the game live on msgvarsity.com. The premiere broadcast of this game will air Sunday, June 10 at 4 p.m. on MSG Varsity Channel 14

Upstate New York boys semifinals

at Cicero North Syracuse High School

Class C

Homer vs. Penn Yan, 3:30 p.m.

Class A

Ithaca vs. Fairport, 5:30 p.m.

Class B

Jamesville-Dewitt vs. Irondequoit, 8 p.m.

* Click here for the complete New York state boys and girls brackets

Connecticut boys state semifinals

Class L

No. 5 Fairfield Prep at No. 1 Simsbury

No. 3 Ridgefield at No. 2 Newtown

Class M

No. 5 Wilton at No. 1 Darien

No. 2 Avon at No. 3 New Canaan

Class S

No. 4 Weston at No. 1 Joel Barlow

No. 2 Granby at No. 6 Somers

* Click here for the complete Connecticut state boys and girls brackets

New Jersey Tournament of Champions

at Kean University

Summit vs. Delbarton, 5 p.m.

Bridgewater-Raritan vs. Ridgewood, 7:30 p.m.

* Click here for the complete TOC final four schedule 

With the games bigger than ever, don’t forget to check in early and often with in-game updates and final scores from the field with your mobile devices. You can post them directly as comments on this thread, or, if it’s easier, email them to us at info@laxlessons.com.


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91 Responses to “Wednesday, 6/6: State semis in New York, Connecticut; TOC semis in New Jersey”

  1. Lax Novice says:

    Here’s who I believe will advance to Saturday’s State Finals –

    NYS Downstate Regional Finals – Niskayuna, Garden City (by one goal, maybe OT) and Bronxville.

    Connecticut – Simsbury v. Newtown, Darien v. New Canaan, Barlow v. Somers

    Good luck to all.

  2. Lax Novice says:

    If Blue White is around, I’d be interested to know how you think the matchups will go on attack and close D in the Darien/Wilton game, now that Wilton’s D-man is back and Darien is likely still missing one of their’s? Will that be the tipping point to make the difference?

  3. Indian J says:

    Ill take West Islip in a close one, Garden City by 6, and SWR by 3

    Niskayuna is a good team who has been scoring quite a bit but I don’t think is all around as good as West Islip.

    Yorktown may pull the miracle, but this Garden City team is very strong.

    SWR is stronger than some of the teams that Bville has lost too. They will be a step too quick for the Broncos.

  4. RamsFan says:

    I’m not Blue White, but here are some thoughts…

    I would put the odds of Simsbury and Newtown both advancing at somewhere around 1%. Even with Wilkinson out.

    The return of Wells, Wilton’s top cover guy, could be key. The “Robbie Keers Shortstick Experience” did not work in Round 1, and Wells’ return offers Wiseman more options on the defensive end – either to augment a zone or contain Matheis.

    Darien, meanwhile, needs a MUCH better performance from Meyjes’ replacement in this one. Ball-watching and shoddy transition D doomed the Blue Wave against Ridgefield…and, if Wilton’s got one thing going for it, it’s transition opportunities off of faceoffs (and back-cuts in settled O). The Warriors have been sluggish enough of late that I like Darien by a few, but Wilton matches up very well with Darien. If they play like they have in some of their big wins this season, this thing goes down to the wire.

    • Lax Novice says:

      Thanks for the update, I agree with you on the defensive front. Darien needs its goalie to bounce back and play as he did in many big games in the regular season as well. You forget that he’s a soph 1st-year starter they way he’s been going most of the year, hopefully he’ll get back to form tonight.

      If Wells is Wilton’s #1 cover guy, does he get Matheis and Keers gets Lindley? The Wave I think are going to stay the same as far as Britton/Kobyra and Lyons/Nugent are concerned. My own feeling is whichever team gets a decent lead is going to go zone a good bit.

      Good luck to all.

      • Blue White says:

        Couldn’t make it out, but congrats to the Blue Wave on what looks like it was a great win.

        Wilton Seniors don’t go out the way they wanted by any stretch, but it’s a class that acquitted itself very well over the course of the season and for some the last three seasons. It’s also a great group that gave back to the program. Nice to be able to say there is a program again, thanks boys.

        • Lax Novice says:

          Wilton acquitted itself very well this season in a year when they lost a lot of contributors to last year’s state title. Tonight they simply couldn’t get any open looks once the Wave went on their run late 2nd quarter, which was essentially the Henry West show. No shame in their 2012 season at all, a few big wins along the way.

  5. sec12012@gmail.com says:

    Anybody know GC’s starters by pos with the college they will be going to??I’m interested to see how they stack up.

  6. justlaxin says:

    Dwyer Harvard
    Guterding Duke
    Kennedy Deerfield Academy
    Berkery Penn
    Savage Harvard?
    Norton Cuse to be football kicker
    Berkery Middlebury
    Marino UVA

    Thats all I got. THere is more for sure..

    • LI101387 says:

      Guterding- Duke
      Kennedy- Deerfield Prep
      Norton- Syracuse (football)
      P. Berkery- Penn
      Savage- Penn
      E. Berkery- Middlebury
      Skramko- St. John’s
      Blatz- Georgetown
      D’Antonio- Cornel
      Marino- UVA
      Comiskey- Lafayette (I think)
      George- Dartmouth

  7. sec1 says:

    SWR 1-0 4:36

  8. sec1 says:

    SWR 2-0 end of 1
    Goalie for BV playing very well.

  9. sec1 says:

    SWR 3-0
    BV very sloppy with passing

  10. LaxLessons.com says:

    You can watch today’s downstate New York semifinals live on msgvarsity.com. 

  11. sec1 says:

    SWR 3-0
    Bronxville Goalie is playing fantastic, it would be at least 6-0 if not for him
    BV way to many un forced errors

  12. slacrosse says:

    3-0 SWR at half. NO offense of ANY kind for Bville. Surprised.

    Score could be 8-0 but for INCREDIBLE play of Bville goalie and some wayward shots by SWR who are getting plenty . FO favor SWR

  13. sec1 says:

    SWR 3-0 at half, BV very luck to be down by 3. BV looks nervous let’s hope they shake that and start to attack the cage.

  14. sec1 says:

    SWR 5-0 BV can’t catch and just keeps throwing it away.

  15. Relax says:

    SWR scores twice in 1st 1:20 of 3rd 5-0. Their D is eating bvlle ALIVE! Bvlle won opening FO & lost the ball won next FO & lost the ball. They have not seen a D like this all yr

  16. sec1 says:

    6-0 SWR
    BV goalie great

  17. Relax says:

    Gray fr Brosco makes it 6-0 this will Be over by the 4th jgrass gets an unreleasable to the head but the ville survives w/o giving up another goal. SWR’s goalie shutting the door over & over thru-out the 3rd. SWR is a great defensive team. E Pass playing better in the net for bvlle. SWR D is swarming jgrass. They could win states w/ this D. Timeout SWR w 1:43 left in 3rd

  18. Relax says:

    SWR makes it 7-0 Travor Brosco having a great game w the goal he scores w 18secs left in 3rd 7-0 after 3

  19. slacrosse says:

    7-0 SWR end 3. Total domination.

  20. sec1 says:

    SWR 7-0 end of 3
    So many un forced error’s I gave up counting.

  21. Relax says:

    SWR 8-0 w a goal 20secs into 4th emo for bvlle at :30 of 4th SWR goalie eats up every shot SWR back on the attack Higgins hits a pipe bvlle w ball but Luchen intercepts a pass fr behind. U can’t get away w sloppy passes on this kid he’s a very good goalie 9-0 Brosco’s 3rd Turn out the lights!

  22. slacrosse says:

    Trevor Brosco (Notre Dame) SO dominant on O and D. Mahoney (OSU) a force on D

  23. Relax says:

    SWR dominant w a 6 goal run since half emo for SWR w 4:09 left they cas it w higgins fr rotanz w 3:40 left 10-0 7goal run

  24. sec1 says:

    Warble with the G

  25. Relax says:

    Warble makes it 10-1SWR scores w 1:45 left 11-1 bvlle calls a TO w 41secs left?

  26. sec1 says:

    SWR 11-2 Final
    Warble with his 2nd
    Goalie awesome and FO solid for BV
    The rest was a mess.

  27. Relax says:

    SWR subs out all their D warble scores 11-2final

  28. slacrosse says:

    11-2 SWR. SWR (replaced goalie)
    Nice try Bville. Even if Bville had played alot better they would still have been way outgunned by one of the top teams on LI which IS saying something.

    One more chance for Sec 1 with Town!

  29. Sec12012 says:

    i heard ytown is having police scort.??lolwow

  30. Relax says:

    Sitting in W Islip fan sect. I know Nisky’s fr upstate but never realized bvlle & ‘town were fr upstate too? Guess upstate starts at the Whitestone & throgs neck bridges LOL

  31. sec1 says:

    Nisky 1-0 Goldstock

  32. Relax says:

    Luke Goldstock unassisted Nisky up 1-0 2:30 in. Nisky’s had 3 good chances WI’s had 2shots Timeout Nisky 3:06 into 1st

  33. sec1 says:

    WI 2-1

  34. Relax says:

    WI survives an emo baccardi hits a pipe for nisky Moore scores fr apponte 1-1 4:15 left in 1st WI playing better. Nisky’s had the edge most of the 1st 2-1 WI Moore assists. He’s having a good qtr. WI in control last 4:30 of the 1st they burn clock & almost score w 5secs left 2-1 after 1

  35. sec1 says:

    WI 3-1

  36. LaxLessons.com says:

    Darien leads Wilton 6-3 at the half.

  37. Relax says:

    WI 3-1 Smith fr deluca 2mins into 2nd

  38. Relax says:

    Moore to Deluca 4-1 Jack Kelly on fire for WI in goal. Stopping good shot after shot. Game would be tied or 1 goal difference w/o his goaltending. Timeout WI 1:33 left in half

  39. Relax says:

    Pacardi unassisted 4-2 half WI

  40. slacrosse says:

    4-2 end 2
    Nisky started strong but then WI started controlling possession on FO GB
    Nisky did hit the pipes couple times. Have some scorers. Goldstock (UNC) is strong.
    Credit to WI offence but this doesnt look like the vaunted Nisky defence of old

  41. LI Lax says:

    Upstate update. Ithaca leads Fairport 4-3 in the middle of the 2nd quarter

  42. Relax says:

    Nisky’s coach has his team take a knee & gives them a talk on the field for a few mins then they catch & throw. WI goes inside til 2mins before 2nd half FO. 2 different approaches for sure. Kelly makes a huge save Wieczorek Fr Apponte 5-2 Nisky comes right back McGiver scores 5-3 2:30 into 3rd. Nisky’s Quinn w a big save on Smith. ‘town showed up at halftime & they’re watching the game together. Nice to see Sect.1’s Finest! Sweet Nisky goal Fr Matt Sexton 5-4 this game’s getting TIGHT!! WI’s goalie’s been the difference. Nisky hits a pipe w 5:23 left in 3rd WI’s ball. Every possesion is BIG & w that WI throws away the ball w 4:45 left both teams trade the ball again twice WI controls it for 1:30 until the get an emo w 50secs Moore Fr Smith deadly combination 6-4 on the emo goal 7-4 Nick Aponte w the Goal of the game si far w 6secs 7-4 after 3

  43. LaxLessons.com says:

    Final: Delbarton 5, Summit 1

  44. Relax says:

    WI survives a non-releasable penalty on their goalie. Nisky couldn’t get their man-up finished. WI’s man-down too good Deluca Fr Aponte 8-4 w an emo to follow 7:30 left Nisky’s in TROUBLE. They’ve cleared the ball twice by heaving it the length of the field. WI has the ball & the game won w 5mins Nisky starts doubling w the Goalie gets the ball & an emo opportunity w :30 push &:30hold 6 on 4 & WI still holds Nisky they call timeout w 4:15 left they need a goal BAD & Luke Goldstock gets it 8-5 McGyver w the assist 10 man ride doesn’t work w 3:21 Nisky gets a penalty & gets the ball but WI’s D gets it back & calls TO w 3:04 left. Times almost OUT on Nisky they need a miracle. Finally WI shoots on the empty net Aponte makes it 9-5 game’s pretty much OVER

  45. Relax says:

    Both SWR & WI move on to State Finals because of excellent Defense & Goaltending. They both can score but it’s Lights Out for their competition on the defensive end. Defense wins championships. If the other team can’t score more than 2 & 5 goals You’re most likely GONNA WIN!!!

  46. slacrosse says:

    9-5 WI wins . A mong other positives WI close D impressive. Couple not so huge kids but really skillful with numbers of strips GB etc.

  47. sec1 says:

    Town 1-0 Mariano

  48. sec1 says:

    1-1 man up

  49. sec1 says:

    2-1 GC as man up expires

  50. sec1 says:

    3-1 GC end of 1

  51. slacrosse says:

    GC controlling FO . Town needs to have mor possession

  52. sec1 says:

    4-1 GC open net
    Town getting killed on FO

  53. sec1 says:

    6-1 GC

  54. sec1 says:

    6-2 Gately

  55. sec1 says:

    6-3 Gately

  56. sec1 says:

    GC 7-3

  57. sec1 says:

    8-3 GC

  58. sec1 says:

    GC 9-3 can’t win a FO

  59. sec1 says:

    GC 10-3

  60. LaxLessons.com says:

    Georgetown-bound defenseman Ed Blatz with a nice goal to end first-half run. GC leads Yorktown 10-3 at the half.

  61. sec1 says:

    GC Transition really hurting Town. Town can score but needs ball

  62. sec1 says:

    GC 12-3 ugly

  63. sec1 says:

    All GC 13-3

    • Sec12012 says:

      if people didn’t think the nickname strong island was appropriate before today,I’m sure they think it is after tofays non competitive showings by sec1.This isn’t a good feeling..

      • Sec12012 says:

        Todays*.typing on ipad can be a hassle.

      • slacrosse says:

        Congrats to Town and Bville for getting to Hofstra yesterday and good luck to their seniors as they move on.

        Final Observations:

        What was particularly disappointing (and surprising) to me was that (except for their goalie),to a player, Bville looked nervous and intimidated which resulted in very tentative play which obviously made it more of an uphill battle vs a very talented SWR team. I’m sure the SWR players “sensed” what I did. Bville is a young team with good players and they’ll definitely be right back in the semi-finals vs LI next season.

        The opposite was Yorktown. While getting beat badly I felt the Town kids were not intimidated one bit, were as confident as they could be, and played up to their abilities. There isn’t much you can do to prevent this kind of outcome when the #1 team in the country controls the vast majority of possession.

        • laxitup says:

          I have to say I’m a bit shocked by Bronxville’s loss

          what happened?

          did Bronxville come out flat or was SWR just that much better?

          why would they have tapered off like that…I certainly hope they were not fooling around in practice because they seemed very focused and I know they were going into this game really hard.

  64. sec1 says:

    14-3 Connor V

  65. sec1 says:


  66. CIB says:

    Doesn’t seem GC is that beatable.

    • Sec12012 says:

      probably not,but it’s hard to know how good the upstate rep. is.Thats just my opinion.I think the 3 li teams have a great chance though to go 3/3.Swr and Gc showed they are very good.The way gc beat ytown was scary.

  67. Sec12012 says:

    lax historians-when was the last time Yorktown lost by 10 in the playoffs??

  68. Old growth says:

    Does anyone have an update on the Ridge v newton game? What happened to Wilkenson?

  69. sec8 says:

    Score updates?

  70. CIB says:

    GC just dominated Ytown 14-4.

  71. slacrosse says:

    GC’s FO kid who dominated is in 9th grade!! Schools need to identify kids in their youth programs and train them in FO (goalies as well).

  72. Relax says:

    Whether it’s JD or I-quoit: their only chance vs GC in States on Sat. Would be incredible goaltending & defense because GC is a high-powered offensive machine w/ a very good goalie & D complimenting it. I’ve seen them vs wantagh at wantagh in reg season, vs Long Beach in Nassau semi’s & ‘town tonite. In every one of those games they were too powerrful offensively to stop. I heard their fans say Conestoga was their only truly close game. Great Goaltending & D is the only way to keep the Trojans Fr a state title. I’d love to see WI play them. WI’s goalie & D were awesome as was SWR’s goalie & D. Strong Island has a legit chance to sweep states & I’d love to see it. WI, GC & SWR are excellent downstate representatives & NEED to sweep the boys from Syracuse & Rochester this yr!

  73. Laxn says:

    I think it was more SWR’s overall depth and versatility of their players than anything. The kid Brosco going to ND is lefit.

  74. lihvlaxer says:


  75. Laxtime says:

    GC is one of the best teams I’ve seen in years. They are fun to watch. They execute so well and don’t make mistakes.

  76. Sir Laxalot says:

    Congrats to all of yesterdays winners, some exciting games, some not so much. G.C. Wow they are loaded. Best team I have ever seen. They reminded me of the Town teams in the early 90’s and early 80’s so much talent and execution. Cuse did you ever see Tim Nelson or Roy Colsey play. I know they were both just voted into the Lax Hall of Fame all of fame. Good luck to the remaining teams in tourney have fun this is the best of times, enjoy it.

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