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West Islip  is back in the downstate semifinals after a one-year hiatus. The Lions play a red-hot Niskayuna team that has been more explosively offensively than the defensive-oriented Silver Warrior teams of the last decade.  Niskayuna advanced to the Class A semifinals by beating Section 1 champion Mamaroneck while West Islip pulled away to beat Syosset. After a rundown of the downstate semifinal matchups, you can check out more photos from the WI-Syosset game.

Downstate New York boys semifinals

Wednesday, June 6 at Hofstra University, Hempstead

Class C

Shoreham-Wading River vs. Bronxville, 3:30 p.m.

Class A

West Islip vs. Niskayuna, 5:30 p.m.

Class B

Garden City vs. Yorktown, 8 p.m.

Be sure to weigh in with your predictions on the tripleheader at Hofstra. For a look at the upstate semifinal matchups in New York, and Wednesday’s Connecticut state tournament semifinals matchups, click here.


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81 Responses to “You make the call: Who will win Wednesday’s downstate semifinals?”

  1. Calilaxer says:

    Some mouth guard issues with those Soyosett and WI boys. Mandatory 1 min non-releasable out here on the Weat Coast.

    Back East?

    • Indian J says:

      It’s a change of possession, but we are to busy eating decent pizza to really be concerned.

      • Indian J says:


      • Lax Novice says:

        LOL funny!

        All in all, a better-than-expected year for your John Jay Indians. They came a long way to find some scoring to compliment the defense. If anyone had bet you at the start of the year that JJ would get to OT in the Sectional final in 2012 you’d have taken your chances, I’m certain.

        That said, the expected part of the year for the Yorktown Huskers is complete; most everyone would have picked them to make the downstate final this season. Now is the moment to take the step that so many recent Husker teams have not done, get to and win the State final. If they win Wednesday and Saturday they can put themselves at the top of recent classes. If not, then its another year when Section One’s best isn’t in the discussion in terms of NYS lax. When upsetting Darien (for the second time in eight years) is your one accomplishment, that’s not meeting the expectations of a proud and historic program.

        • Observer says:

          After Darien loses to Wilton in the state semis after falling in the FCIAC semis to Ridgefield (a game you still have yet to comment or make excuses about), how will their season be regarded?

          • Lax Novice says:

            How about you tell us why you think Wilton will improve on the 2 goal loss they suffered at home earlier this year? They won just about every faceoff, dominated possession time, won about every 50-50 ground ball. What do they need to improve on to come out on top this time?

          • Blue White says:

            Play the same way and shoot better, but you’re correct in the sense the margin for error is slim as it always is against Darien.

            Regardless, this year is the full realization of a new Whitten era.

          • laxr says:

            It’s not the FULL realization of a new Whitten era until he finally beats Darien. New Canaan’s come along way since that drubbing, but let’s not forget we’re less than two months removed from the biggest blowout that rivalry has seen in decades.

        • One Who Know says:

          Look who is back!! Stop your nonsense. YTOWN and DARIEN have split the last 4games they have played, I’ll help you on this, 2 wins and 2 loses apiece. Both are good programs with lots of tradition,very good players and coaches. And for the most part respectful fans who appreciate good lax. You on the other hard are an embarassment to lax fans everywhere with your cheap shots. Take the blinders off. If I were a Darien fan I would be ashamed of your behavior, I have met and watched games with them and always thought that they were classy and behaved admirably. Do everyone a favor, go back under your rock ( boulder would be better )

          • Lax Novice says:

            Yorktown – Darien series since 2005:

            Yorktown, 2009, 2012

            Darien, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005…you get the idea.

            Oh, and you want to change the focus to me rather than on the Yorktown team’s chances of advancing on Wednesday? Be my guest.

            Both are good programs with very good players and coaches. One wins State Championships with regularity, one used to. One defeated all their Long Island opponents this year, one didn’t. Both have the opportunity to do put up another State Championship banner this week. I hope both do, actually.

          • laxr says:

            Although Lax Novice is right to point out that the rivalry has been more one-sided recently than “One Who Know” suggests, I find it comical that of all the distinctions in the last paragraph (particularly considering the distinction he made about each team’s performances this year), he left of the fact that one team (yorktown) won the game this year, and the other (darien) lost it.

        • LoveTownLax says:

          Lax novice we in yorktown are proud of our boys and our program and are tired of your nasty comments. Worry about your own program. Why do you find it necessary to denigrate our sons?

        • m - fan says:

          Lax Novice cannot seem to lose graciously. Ever since Darien lost to RF twice in 2009, he’s made it his mission to try and cut on the RF program. This year Yorktown gets to share in the pleasure that is Lax Novice. Enjoy!

  2. YTown Fan says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with what Lax Novice wrote, actually. Most expected us to, and hoped, we would win the section and get back to that state semis. It’s a one game season at this point. Has been for the last few years. Nothing wrong with that. I also agree that if the Darien win is the biggest win of the season, that is disappointing. It’s a great win over a great program but it’s one win in the regular season (personally, I think the Lakeland win means more to us from a personal/geographic standpoint). Also, both comments are true: 1)Ytown and Darien have split the last 4 2) Darien has won 6 of the last 8. Funny how #’s dont really mean anything….stop talking in circles. Let’s beat LI and have somethign more fun to talk about. Also, I think Bronxville has a chance to do Section 1 proud Wednesday….

    • Lax Novice says:

      This is a great response and exactly what I was getting at. The game’s two days away and no one’s writing about how they are going to beat Garden City, shut down Devin Dwyer, pick apart GC’s defense, etc. I expect the Ytown fans to be a little more into it then I’m sensing right now. Garden City is good but they aren’t unbeatable. You are correct, it IS a one-game season and that’s the case for your opponent as well as for you. Try to make the other guy feel disappointed about his season ending too soon.

      • Relax says:

        I’d love to see Darien get a game with GC. They would surgically take your team apart piece by piece. But for now all my wishes are with the Grandaddy of CT lacrosse. The defending CT State Champs & Fan favorite Wilton Warriors! What a Class Program. I really hope they can end the BlueWave season & we can be done with this

      • LoveTownLax says:

        Lax Novice – why does anyone need to be writing about how they are going to beat Garden City, our boys know we support them, and who is trying to take the focus off the game and put it on you?(rather narcisstic of you to say..) Just let the BOYS (and they are BOYS, not professionals earning millions who then open themselves up to snide criticism such as yours) play the game. Playing in the state semi-final IS something to be PROUD of. (disagree with you too “YTown fan”) We all know you think Darien should have won the game back in April, (although we never got to see your highly-promoted review after watching broadcast) and that our one goal losses to St. Anthony’s and Wilton are something YOU think we should hang our heads over. Sorry, not gonna happen. Every player, superstar or not, goes out there and gives 100% for love of the game, not your or anyone elses approval. I don’t believe anyone from Yorktown blogged negatively about the talented boys from Darien after they lost to Ridgefield recently, nor should they, so why don’t you take a lesson in “class?” So curious as to your ties to Darien. I believe you are an adult? Act like one.

        • Lax Novice says:

          I’m expressing an opinion that other than the YTown Fan there isn’t too much real support for the Huskers here, despite beating Darien this year. Why does anyone need to be writing about how they are going to beat Garden City? Because ITS A BLOG about HS lax, that’s why.

          And while you’re being an anonymous tough guy yourself, why don’t you call out Yorktown alum Syracuse who just dumped on your team because in his educated opinion there hasn’t been a championship goalie at Yorktown in years (although I did notice a former Yorktown goalie take home an NCAA D1 Championship medal last week). Nah, that would take guts.

          • LoveTownLax says:

            What I mean, LaxNovice, is I am curious as to your ties with Darien (parent, fan, alum?) not your identity. Yup, I’m a tough guy.. Your constant bashing of our boys/team is disgraceful. I don’t think that what this blog is for, nor do most bloggers from what I read. As far as writing about how we are going to beat Garden City, we’re going to let the kids play and not bark about it. In fact, I haven’t seen much of that at all this season, so silence doesn’t mean lack of support. (Do you see the numbers of fans that turn out for our games?) I wish you would re-evaluate your focus from criticizing kids to analysis and information. You have a lot to offer in that vein… (are we going to get the analysis of the Town/Darien game??) And I did respond to Cuse.

        • laxr says:

          Great post.

        • YTown Fan says:

          You never disagree with me! LOL. Didn’t say it wasn’t something to be proud of. Just said it’s disappointing if the Darien win is the highlight of the season. Good luck to all of the young men tomorrow.

    • slacrosse says:

      Can see why someone like “one who know” might react negatively.

      It’s not that Lax Novice’s conclusions on a loss or losses are incorrect but I think are rather obvious (with nuances on lakeland) and could have been left unsaid.

      This is a time when you,me and other Town fans are anxiously awaiting the game and trying to be as positive as possible–not thinking about what to think about if a loss occurs.

  3. Relax says:

    Did somebody move a rock? I’m sure there’s another one to crawl back under. No wonder the B-wave isn’t a fan favorite. I hope the defending CT State Champs have some Magic left.

    • laxr says:

      Your generalized dig at Darien based on one poster is just as condescending as those made by Laxnovice. Go to a Darien game and sit in their fan section – you won’t find a more calm, quiet, respectful group. I don’t see what makes Wilton so much more classy or likable, other than the fact that they are the underdog, and it’s more exciting to have someone other than Darien win (even if Wilton are defending champs). Also, Garden City would take Darien apart no more than they would any of the elite teams in the tri-state; the Blue Wave are no slouch and have now beaten St. Anthony’s two years in a row, and last year they hung with one of the best high school teams in the modern era for almost 3 quarters, even after losing Henry West to an injury and not winning a single faceoff.

      • Relax says:

        I sat in their fan section this yr at the ‘town game. I didn’t witness calm, quiet & respectful behavior. The b-wave faithful screamed & complained thru-out the game most of it directed at the refs. I witnessed NO sportsmanship by the Darien faithful, so please stop the pontification. I’m sure you educated types know what I mean LOL

        • laxr says:

          Wasn’t at that game, so can’t comment, but that would definitely not be the norm. I would say that from what I have heard, that game was out of control (not in favor of either team), with illegal hits flying everywhere, so I think it’s likely that may have had something to do with it. Given, your description, I’ve heard just as much from fans of any other team at some point, including Yorktown, and I’ve seen worse from others, but I don’t feel like going into specifics, as there’s no need to go after any fanbases. I don’t see why you need to attack an entire fanbase with seemingly little provocation. Laxnovice is obnoxious, particularly towards Ridgefield and John Jay for some reason, but what has Darien overall done that’s really so bad (I don’t believe that them thinking they were the better team last year qualifies as bad, for the reasons I stated below)?

        • Lax Novice says:

          This is blatantly false. A lie. Period. Embarrass yourself here if you like with the drivel you “contribute” to support baseless opinions, but don’t simply make up things that are demonstratively false. Hatred for a school and its players is one bad enough. My friend laxr is finally realizing what you are all about. Have a nice afternoon.

          • Relax says:

            Don’t call me a liar. I was there & it happened & was Ugly. You’re a ‘town hater. You come on this blog to incite the ‘town faithful, but what you really do is make the ‘town faithful dislike your team. It sounds like Ridgefield fans are in agreement as well. I’m sure New Canaan & Wilton fans feel the same. You bring dislike to your beloved program. HOPEFULLY THE WARRIORS TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS TOMORROW. IF NOT THEM THEN NC ON SATURDAY

  4. YTown Fan says:

    Well, I’m not sure if anyone knows how we’re going to beat them. LOL. But you are correct, they are beatable. Gameplan should be similar to last year. Need to minimize mistakes, win face-offs/groundballs, and goalie needs to play above average (not stand on his head but make more than a half dozen saves). No smoke and mirrors or magic gameplan. Garden City is ranked #1 for a reason. They have multiple scoring threats, a solid/strong defense, excellent goalie and coaching. Best team will win…that’s for sure.

    • slacrosse says:

      Was sitting right next to the GC coaches who were scouting Town and Jay. Yeah they rightly believe in their team’s elite quality but from what I heard they are very mindful of Town’s top players on O and D and are taking the game very, very seriously.

  5. Relax says:

    Let’s breakdown the Wilton/Darien game. A “junkyard dog” D needs to get all over a team that has the potential to play “soft”. The Warriors need to play like Warriors. They need to Hit & Grind the b-wave. Over & over. They must “tear the heart” out of the b-wave starting w/ Teddy O from the opening face-off. Wilton must play like a team possesed! They must take out their anger on a team that believes they would not have lost last yr if they had their Star Player. Doesn’t it get under your skin that Darien acts like they were the best team in CT last yr? Get after them & NEVER LET UP. Walk off that field knowing you did everthing you could to end the season of the “chosen ones”

    • laxr says:

      Great analysis, hitting all of the things that Wilton needs to do (I would also add ZONE – it worked for Ridgefield this year, and it worked even better for Wilton last year – they did have some guy named Somers in goal last year though). Again though, a bit harsh in the Darien criticism. While Wilton certainly should get as much motivation out of it as they can, can you blame the Darien players for standing by their (unarguably) impressive accomplishments over the course of the season? They won the first two matchups, they won FCIACs, which is the tougher trophy to win, they beat everyone in state and they beat them convincingly (the only game that was ever in doubt was the FCIAC game against Wilton, and even that was a 5 goal game midway through the 4th. Add wins over Yorktown, St. Anthony’s and Niskayuna, and you have an undoubtedly stronger overall resume. I know it’s not how you start but how you finish, but given that the teams met less than two weeks earlier (in a playoff tournament no less), and the only thing that really changed was losing Matheis and Gregory (over 100 goals combined) along with the clearly still injured West, I think it’s fair for Darien to believe that they were the better team.

      • Relax says:

        Your last sentence is why I don’t like the bluewave & their fans. Trust me, there are many players, parents, fans, etc who dislike darien’s elitism. Let’s Be Very Clear. Darien did not win the CT state championship last yr. Wilton did. And Darien did not win the fciac this yr. NC did. So it’s time for the “self-chosen ones” to prove the facts wrong. They are not a fan favorite except w/in the confines of Darien. Go Warriors & Go NC. It’s time to send the b-wave, lax novice & the elitists PACKING

        • laxr says:

          Unfair to the highest degree, blatantly ignoring what I said to spin it into perceived elitism. I didn’t say that Darien was definitely the better team last year (although I do believe that they were); I gave the merits of one opinion, and didn’t force it on anyone else. I said that it’s not unfair for the team to hold that belief considering that they WON FCIACs, neutralizing the loss in states (it’s the tougher tournament to win too), and trumped Wilton by a good margin in every other category: overall head to head, record, non-conference performance, in-state performance, quality wins, etc…If one team wins states and one wins FCIACS, I think it’s reasonable to call it a draw and go by everything else, which I stated above (and I didn’t even bring in the fact that Wilton failed to beat Darien at full strength). If Darien and New Canaan split the trophies this year, again, I say Darien was the better team because they had the better regular season by a good margin, and won the head-to-head (it would be 2-0 this time, with the first game being 13-3). If you can’t accept that all of these points are valid and consistent regardless of if they benefit Darien or not, and choose to call me names for it, then that is your issue. Last year, if Wilton had smoked everyone in CT, beaten St. Anthony’s, Niskayuna, and Yorktown, won FCIACs (all with a top middie like Serpa out the whole time), and lost to Darien in states only after losing Francia and RGD on top of this (I’d say Francia, RGD, and Serpa are equivalent to Matheis, Gregory, and West), I would absolutely say that Wilton was the best team.

  6. sec1 says:

    Lax Novice brings up History which is important when talking about programs, and of the teams discussed here they are only two who fill that bill which are Yorktown and Wilton and Wilton does not play in NY. We can talk about History to justify which program is better, we can go back to the Town vs Wilton at Wilton in may of 74 with Wilton undefeated and averaging 16 goals a game, Final Town 8 Wilton 1. We can talk about Wilton beating Town the last 4 times, it all means nothing except when the boys put on their jerseys and see Yorktown on them. The favorite here is Garden City and rightfully so, with that said Yorktown has the talent and the history of doing it 12 times before in this game, it will take 4 solid by Town if they are to win this game.

    • Terps ax says:

      your not serious about yorktown being the only team with a HISTORY are you? Garden City has a pretty good history. I have no rooting interest but I would be surprised if town stays as close as 5 goals.

      I can’t seem to get that SW vs Town game out of my head. I just can’t see them staying with GC

      • slacrosse says:

        Yes GC is and should be a comfortable favorite. But does Town AT LEAST have a chance of making it close? Of course. Just like last season.

  7. GetRealLacrosse says:

    Lets get rational here, its all about the game plan right now. who cares what games are flukes look at every final score this season for Yorktown against top teams aside from a few strays, they play those games every year to make sure they’re ready for games like these deep into the season, they’ve been waiting for this. For both teams they have top notch talent across the board nobody can disagree, very tradition rich programs, and great coaching staffs. Now going back to what slacrosse explains, both teams know how serious this game is and they’ll be ready. Hopefully all of you that stick to politics, stats, and scores go to the game because i know Yorktown did not lose 10-8 by pure luck and won’t lay down for GC. Fire will be fought with fire

  8. ytown lax fan says:

    Will the games be televised?

  9. Syracuse says:

    The tough part for the Yorktown supporter is the fact that he or she has a tough time accepting the fact that due to the game’s explosion over the last decade the Huskers haven’t been able to make that sustainable leap that lesser programs have made. The old “we got nowhere to go but up” mantra that so many middle-of-the-road or fledgling programs have gone by.

    It’s difficult for Yorktown in this respect because there’s a ceiling on what they can become. The talent is always there, as is the coaching, but each season they seem to lack that one discernible trait that ultimately provides the difference between very good and state championship quality.


    That’s not a slight on the numerous talented keepers Yorktown has trotted out there over the last decade, but truth be told the last time the Huskers won a state title they had Ethan Vedder, who, some could argue, was perhaps the best player in all of Section 1. His pure ability as a shot stopper was outstanding and he was basically a human clear. The kid could play any position in all likelihood, efficiently.

    Since 2003 Yorktown has lacked that signature last line of defense. Now, you could say the goalies they have had were good enough to start and be successful for most any other team in Section 1, but as we’ve grown to learn what’s exceptional for the rest of the section is still Yorktown’s left field in many respects.

    And when you get to the state tournament, where the game is played at a much more expert level and shooters are largely marksmen from just about any spot inside the 18, you just have to have that star in the cage, that goalie who can steal moments when called upon.

    When Yorktown grows another goalie like this, to go along with their usually tremendous supporting cast, you’ll see the Huskers be serious once again for state championships. Until then, it’s just hard to look at them as anything more than an exceptional regional power.

    I hope that day comes again.

    • LoveTownLax says:

      I hope the day comes when YOU learn the meaning of the word “slight.” Because “truth be told,” you’re clearly ignorant if you think it wasn’t a slight. Ethan was certainly an outstanding goalie. But we all fully undestand how, although it is a team sport, you have just laid the blame for semi-final losses in the laps of 4 young men. Swell.

      • Syracuse says:

        Ridiculous. Ask anyone who knows the game and they’ll tell you the same thing. The bottom line is goaltending has been a large reason why Yorktown has not gotten back to where it once was. It’s a fair criticism. I realize this is high school and kids are sensitive, but they also play a sport that is treated in this area as much more than simply a fun activity that you get an ice cream for playing well. These kids know what they are part of. They now what they sign up for. They know the rewards that come with excellence. They understand the disappointment and criticism, albeit on a lesser scale, that comes with being part of something historically significant and not getting to the pinnacle. You have to give them more credit than this. That, or you have to dial down the sensitivity a notch or two.

  10. LoveTownLax says:

    No, YOU dial it down, Syracuse. I know the game. Been watching town lax for 30 years. YOU are ridiculous. According to you, they shouldn’t dare start playing goalie unless they know they know at age 8 or 9 that they can be state champs. I know YOU think it’s fair. But it’s NOT. I give all of them CREDIT for stepping into that goal and getting shots fired at their heads. Your ice cream comment is way out of line. They take it very seriously and practice and play the best they can every day and try to uphold the standards of those that came before them. They are well aware of the history and Mr. Muph. Since they fail to meet your lofty standards, maybe you should go out and recruit a couple of good goalies to move to Yorktown since the ones we had/have don’t meet your standards.

    • Syracuse says:

      Stop being a Yorktown fan or parent for a minute and look at the game from a purely Xs and Os angle. Actually, the ice cream comment was directed at you, not the kids, but you wouldn’t know that because you’re too busy defending like your life depends on it and not analyzing, when in reality I’m stating something that is extremely fair and common knowledge among people who have played the game. Most people are afraid to offer any true criticism of mighty Yorktown. Well, I’m not.

      I don’t care how long you have watched the game. The mere fact that you are unwilling to address the fact that that position of development needs work if the idea is to win state titles shows me that you really don’t know the game. You just watch it. I’m giving these kids all the credit for knowing what they are getting themselves into. You aren’t. And if you don’t like my tone that’s your problem, not mine. You’ve gotten combative, not I.

      Take the blinders off and address the issue, if you can. Convince me the goaltending isn’t a key reason for Yorktown coming up short season after season in the state tournament and then we can have real debate as to the merits of my original comment.

      • lax is fun says:

        Give it a break, their kids. We don’t care about your opinions. It’s a team sport win or lose, not two goalies against eachother

      • LoveTownLax says:

        Bluster, Syracuse. Yes, we are all aware of the expectations and legacy, even ME… I do understand the x’s and o’s of it, you just aren’t comprehending what I said. As in my first comment, you did slight those particular young men, and that is where our disagreement first occurred. If you think your criticism is constructive, you are wrong. Each goalie did give their best, unlike the St. Anthony’s, Cham, College and MLL we don’t recruit, remember? SOLUTIONS??? Your personal insults toward me (oh, the ice cream thing directed at me… I get it now)just prove my point further. I will not apologize for defending all the young men on this and every team since 2003 for their 110% effort and dedication, yes even the goalies you so disparage.. Guess that makes me a bad person in your eyes, so be it. How much have you done for Yorktown Lax lately? Do we wish ‘Town had a goalie coach on staff? Sure!!! You’re an alumni, right? How bout you step up and provide the funds? That would be GREAT!

        • Syracuse says:

          LOL. I never said you were a bad person. But I am saying you are not addressing the issue of my original comment. Remember, you attacked me, not the other way around. You are on a crusade fueled by sensitivity and feeling this need to defend any Yorktown and these kids, as if anyone is actually putting them down. So, in other words, you are what they call a homer and that’s fine as long as results don’t matter.

          We’re operating in different worlds. You are shamelessly defending anything Yorktown and I’m looking for ways Yorktown can win TITLES. We were bound to collide sooner or later. Give me a break with this “blaming” these innocent kids stuff. I’m sure they are crying in their beer in college right now with worry and fret.

          • LoveTownLax says:

            I see it differently – I just corrected that you did slight the goalies since 2003 (by dictionary definition of the word) then you jumped all over and criticized me FIRST with a long paragraph… see above.. (& you did call out 4 kids) so I elaborated my point.. For the 10th time I DO understand that goalies are critical to winning state championships. And I addressed it. How do you propose we “grow them?” And it is still a team sport, but of course all pieces have to be great to win the big game…. And I would defend any kid from any town, and have many times on this and other blogs. But I guess you can keep on criticizing me, calling me a “homer” and “shameless” etc cause as LaxNovice said, I’m a tough guy. I can tell you just need to have the last word because you think I just don’t “understand” you so I will let you… in other words I’m “giving you a break” Syracuse.

  11. Relax says:

    LoveTownLax has a point. On the eve of the biggest game of the yr against the Nation’s #1 Team, We all need to get behind A-Wall. This kid was thrust into action against SW, a team firing on all cylinders at the time. He has learned under fire. Playing like a champion & displaying a short memory he stood taller then his height against Case & the Mighty BlueWave especially after the SW loss which I thought would have been demoralizing. I believe in A-Wall & his Defense. I look for him to play at his best against GC. The D & middies need to help out on clears & he’ll be fine. GO HUSKERS! TIME TO SHOCK THE LACROSSE WORLD & QUIET THE DOUBTERS

    • LoveTownLax says:

      He started all games but Jay (first) and Smithtown West (fifth) this year. Won 3 of the 4 in between them. One tough quarter, for sure, regrouped for 2nd half, putting it behind him, as all goalies must do (demoralized? wow….)

  12. Lax n stuff says:

    Syracuse is free to his opinions and he didn’t single anyone out. But really, c’mon. Let’s talk about THIS game. Not to be a jerk, but honestly Syracuse, can you even name more than two players on either Town or GC? If so, please do, and talk about tomorrow’s game.

    That’s what we all should be doing.

    • Laxtime says:

      Lol. Syracuse is an expert all right. An expert at saying alot without really saying a thing. A thing of relevance that is.

    • Syracuse says:

      Nice veiled shot, bro. I’ve been watching these two programs since 1985 and know Jake White pretty well. If Town doesn’t rule the dot and be ferocious on the GBs they lose by 6-7 goals. Don’t know Rainolo’s status, but Manning is going to be hard-pressed to control the tempo tomorrow. Yorktown has enough weapons on offense to play with GC, but I don’t think Town has enough to control Kennedy, Berkery and Dwyer, among others. Town’s goalie has to have the game of his life and none of Fusco, Mariano, Gately and Verycrusse can be shut down.

      The SWR game scenario from 2003 always remains a possibility, but this is a much better team Yorktown is facing and the Huskers do not have a Vedder in net, which they need.

  13. sec2012 says:

    Go Ytown and Bronxvile.Best of luck boys.

  14. slacrosse says:

    Go get em Town and Bville!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it happen boys!!!!!!!!!

  15. lax is fun says:

    From another section 1 fan, good luck Yorktown and Bronxville. Play hard and be proud.

  16. sec1 says:

    Terps ax,
    I’m well aware of GC history, my post I was commenting on Lax novice which had more to do with the CT teams. If we want to talk about Lax History from when the NYS tourney started it would be Town with the 3rd most win and the 2nd most appearances.

    You make some valid points about Goal being very important and Towns not being what it was yr after yr lately.
    I will say Mike B was a very good Goalie along with Ethan, AG will have to be excellent in goal and Manning and Polmadesso will have to win more than they lose. If Town can posse the ball it will be a game, if not and gb and clears go GC way it won’t. One think I know you can never count them out.

    • Syracuse says:

      I’m with you on that. Can’t count ’em out. This is why you play the crazy schedule year after year. They just can’t have an off game in any way offensively. Make GC win 14-13 or whatever. I thought Mike B was a good goalie too, by the way.

    • slacrosse says:

      Right on comments as usual

  17. sec1 says:

    Also the comment on SWR being upset by Somers and GC being better today than SWR was then may be true but GC is not playing Somers they are playing Town. I’m sure you get what I mean.

    • Syracuse says:

      No bro, I was referring to the 2003 Yorktown-SWR game. I think SWR’s winning streak was 47 games and Town went to Hofstra and beat ’em in OT on their way to the state title. That’s what I meant by that kind of game always remains a possibility with a program of this quality.

      • sec12012 says:

        Correct Syracuse-The key to that game against SWR was Ethan Vedder,I believe he made a few big saves in the final minute.Keys for Town tomorrow-no turnovers,no bad penalties, and get out to lead early.The slow starts have me a little worried.

  18. sec1 says:

    Cuse, 2003
    You are correct Town 8-7 in OT, Somers beat Manhassett 11-10 in OT in C

  19. wiilax says:

    garden city 12 towneyes7

  20. PAC Lax says:

    Seeing what GC did to Wantagh a team like own I like GC 14-7

  21. Cuse ,

    Great pointa as always.

    I don’t think Town gets the credit it deserves this year. Played a monster schedule. Some tough losses. against L.I. Powers however had some strong wins and as always still in tourney. With that said they will need to play error free and control face off X Graham will have to have a great game in goal and Town needs to limit ground ball errors.

    My heart says Town 11 GC 10 in O.t.

    But more likely G.C. 12 Town 8
    I also like W.I. 14 Nisky 10
    And in a small upset Bronxville 9 SWR 8

  22. Getreal says:

    WI Nisky game should be a great one Nisky one of the best offenses Ive seen ill take nisky 16 14 over WI

    GC over Town 12 10 and
    SWR over Bronwville 11 8

  23. lax 4 fun says:


    I did not think G.C. would dominate like they did tonight. the abundance of man up situations did not hurt either. Hey the better team won tonight. I am just glad no one was hurt. Cuse what do you think happened. Town never seemed to get on track. They never settled down even after scoring the first goal. Congrats to all the Teams, Players, and Coaches for such an exciting season, And before anyone decides to start with the bashing of Town please remember this game is played by kids. Not adults. I remember playing a few of theese games myself, And although winning was great it is the experience, and dedication to teamwork that sticks with you, and hopefully carries you through College and the rest of your life. So while I am disappointed Town did not come away with the (W)tonight. the fact they have Won 6 state titles second only to West Genny, have played in 27 regional championships and have 35 sectionals titles is enough to keep me interested. I am already looking forward to next year.

  24. mslaxin says:

    Hey lax4fun great comments!!! TRUDAT!!!

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