Summer officially started on Tuesday.

The summer travel season began a few days before that.

Now, it’s kicking into high gear.

We shared with you the rosters for Team Suffolk and Team Nassau earlier this week.

On Thursday, they played their first game in the Long Island Showcase at Dowling College. Suffolk won both the rising senior and risiing junior games. Nassau won the rising sophomore game.

For more, be sure to check out Chris Vaccaro’s report for by clicking here.

One of the premier recruiting events of the summer, the Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip Camp, is under way, with action starting today.

Several players from the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region impressive in Day 1.

For more, check out Geoff Shannon’s report for by clicking here.

There are plenty of travel tournaments this weekend.

Among them, the sixth annual Maverik Big Time Shootout at Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale and the King of the Hill Tournament/Session II at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.

Be sure to weigh in with any info/thoughts on events you’re attending.

In case you missed MSG Varsity’s hour-long season tristate review special that premiered Tuesday night, you can check it out now online by clicking here. We took a look back at the top stories of the season, broke down the top teams and players, and took a look ahead to 2012.

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2 Responses to “Busy weekend for recruiting events”

  1. NYmike says:

    Blue Chip 225 All-Star links: Hi all, not sure if this will work but got an email about Blue Chip 225 at Bryant all star games tonite online. Go to this link:

    and there will be password: 62811 – there is also a link to donwload the roster:

    Not sure how this will work if you weren’t on the email list so apologies ahead of time. Varsity game is at 830p, elite game is at 915- teams picked from the top 500 attending the camp so the email says. In my opinion this camp and Top 205 were the best, to my experience and my kid’s success at the next level.

  2. NYmike says:

    Elite All Star Roster – Blue Chip 225 at Bryant – sorry, no high schools posted, just names and positions;
    Team 1:
    Michael Bossidy Attack
    Thomas Cirillo Attack
    Josh Heller Attack
    Charlie Hildebrand Attack
    Evan McQuiston Attack
    Henry Nelson Attack

    Paul Bitetti Defense
    Max Carroll Defense
    Reaves Klipstein Defense
    Tyler Monaco Defense
    Harry Nicholas Defense

    Alex Castle Goalie
    Michael D’Alessio Goalie

    Ryan Lawyer LSM
    Brendan Hammond Midfield
    Jack Livecchi Midfield
    Michael Marchetta Midfield
    Reed McLean Midfield
    Michael McQuiston Midfield
    Penn Sednaoui Midfield
    Eli Merritt Midfield FO

    Team 2:

    Ethan Bliss Attack
    Ryan Cholnoky Attack
    Bucky Desadier Attack
    Brendan Phinny Attack
    Sam Rosenburgh Attack
    Nick Wolf Attack

    Dan Aninno Defense
    Cole Bollman Defense
    Benjamin Danieli Defense
    Tim Fair Defense
    Michael Ryan Defense

    Miles McCarthy Goalie
    Blake Neyland Goalie

    Patrick O’Donoghue LSM
    Sean Carroll Midfield
    Billy Gibbs Midfield
    Graham Girty Midfield
    TJ Martinez Midfield
    Clay Rivers Midfield
    Dillon Tiner Midfield
    Alex Hrapkiewicz Midfield FO

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