Man of Year Asst.  COY US Lax COY
John DeVito Joe Corace Tim Horgan
Class A COY Class B COY Class C COY
Mike Haddeland Dave Marr Tim Horgan
Dave Haddeland Jim Ardizone
All Section All Section HM
Last Name First School Last Name First Name School
Trapp Michael White Plains Christiansen Sam Mamaroneck
Grass Jack Bronxville Hirson Michael Scarsdale
Casperson Bill Bronxville Jacobs Benjamin Scarsdale
Walsh Andrew Bronxville Bauersfeld Brian Scarsdale
Conley Peter Mamaroneck O’Connor Mark Pelham
Danehy Jake Mamaroneck Cirillo Tom Eastchester
Ferguson Connor Mamaroneck Young Bryan Eastchester
Wolfe Connor Scarsdale Grass Henry Bronxville
Landis Matt Pelham Peeples Jack White Plains
McNally Kevin Suffern Broderick Daniel White Plains
Hammershlag Eric Suffern Sharp Peter Suffern
Alleyne Kris Clarkstown South Pincar Ed Suffern
Lindsey Connor Arlington Eastwood Kyle Suffern
Fraylick Conor Pleasantville Lawson Andrew Suffern
Barton Briggs Rye Curran Timothy North Salem
Bonaventura Christian Rye Lines Matt Wappingers
Collins Michael Rye Lyles Robert Peekskill
Bonsall Max Rye Jeannotte Dan Arlington
Larrabee Andrew Byram Hills Sunday Pat Arlington
Pollack Jordan Byram Hills Basso Zack Arlington
Stephens Cameron Fox Lane Grundige Mike Arlington
Grasso Anthony Fox Lane Paul Mark Tappan Zee
Scott Alex Horace Greeley Bell Brendan Tappan Zee
Fahey Tyler Yorktown Castellano Mark Nyack
Gately Conor Yorktown Accardi Anthony Nyack
Fusco Frank Yorktown Leen Skylar Pleasantville
Cooley Eric Yorktown Connell Kevin Pleasantville
Mariano Nick Yorktown DiFabio Chris Pleasantville
Koelsch Trevor Yorktown Maloy Dennis Sleepy Hollow
Bota Jon Mahopac Pickup Brian Rye
Gyscek Tyler Mahopac McReddie Matt Rye
Carey Kevin Mahopac Murphy Charlie Byram Hills
Berardis Anthony Mahopac Murphy Andy Byram Hills
Parrillo Vincent Mahopac Gioseffi Sam Harrison
Verde Frank Mahopac Hinderstein Joe Horace Greeley
Schurr Kevin Somers Dubs Brian Horace Greeley
Cousin Kevin Somers Weissmann Gabe Horace Greeley
Donohue Kieran Somers Grasso Nick Fox Lane
Lombardo Anthony Somers Pearson Luke Hastings
Small A.J. Hendrick Hudson Degnan Kevin Irvington
Fanning Kyle Hendrick Hudson Morley Mike Irvington
Ledwin Matt Hendrick Hudson Billups Andrew New Rochelle
Erickson Harry Brewster Scapperotta John Dobbs Ferry
Walter Forest John Jay Donatelli Danny Yorktown
Lambert Jack John Jay Cohen Andrew Yorktown
Lupinacci Mike John Jay Poritzky Alex Yorktown
Morris Brendan John Jay Evans Charlie Mahopac
Lanza Alex John Jay Hynes Brendan Mahopac
Monteferante Chris Lakeland/Panas Molfetta Kevin Mahopac
Bagarozy Logan Putnam Valley Rios Chris Somers
Cousin Chris Somers
McDermott Kevin Hendrick Hudson
Bertoline Mike Hendrick Hudson
Dingee Paul Brewster
Callahan Colin Brewster
Chen Evan John Jay
Laguerre Tony Lakeland/Panas
Christopher Kevin Putnam Valley
Last Name First School
Weil Jake John Jay
Near Jack Bronxville
McCormick Charlie Bronxville
Caffrey Robert Lakeland/Panas
Prunty Conor Lakeland/Panas
Mabus Justin Yorktown
Schuldt Tyler Yorktown
Foley T.J. Mahopac
Schurr Eddie Somers

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45 Responses to “Here is your All-Section 1 team”

  1. Lax n stuff says:

    Congrats to all those selected.

  2. rlaxfamily says:

    Congrtulations to all the players and coaches listed above. A special shout out to our Yorktown players and to Coach Marr. What a great group of kids! Special group of young men.

  3. BigBadBear says:

    Congrats to all these players..and congrats to Coach John Paul, who was officiually named head of Michigan’s D1 Program. I am definitely surprized by this, let’s see whaT he can do

    • Doid23 says:

      Glad to hear that, I was disappointed that they didn’t name him immediately after announcing the move to DI. Given how he built that club program into a powerhouse, he deserved the chance to run the DI program.

      Does he have ties to Section 1?

      • BigBadBear says:

        Apparently, there is a 7 day waiting period as per NCAA rules before they could name a coach which is why it took so long…U Mich gets tons of kids from Section 1 in general, and, while I don’t think any on the current roster from Section 1, Michael Bartiolomi (sp?) from P’ville, and B’Cliff’s own Matt Levy were on the team. Can’t quite remember the name, I do believe there was kid from Y’town on the team recently…

        • slacrosse says:

          Hear the delay occurred as you used your Hopkins connections to influence Petro not to take the position just so you wouldn’t have to buy me dinner in Rye.

          • BigBadBear says:

            hah…I think you own most of Rye anyway, wouldn’t have cost you a nickel…and the reality is that UM will likley be bad for the next few years, a big time coach would not have made much of a difference…will be interesting to see who the schedule

      • slacrosse says:

        Yes. Have seen kids on their Club team from Section 1. Was a kid from Jay on team.

    • slacrosse says:

      Wasn’t surprised by outcome given all he’s done but was quite surprised at delay in naming him.

  4. slacrosse says:

    Congrats to all selected!! Good luck going forward.

  5. P&G says:

    Only comment on all-section list is that talented kids from relatively weak teams (Curran, Cirillo & Dingee) only received honorable mention. I guess its the nature of the beast.

    • Flip Side says:

      P& G, The flip side to that comment is that there are kids not being named to the all section team because there seems to be some requirement to have someone named from just about any team that exists. And there seems to be some imaginary limit on the number of kids that can be named from any one team/school. Which is equally if not more unfair to those kids who deserve to be picked. These teams are so political there borderline worthless.

      • P&G says:

        Flip Side –

        I was not aware of that, and if that is the case that is even worse than the point I tried to make.

      • mr.Reality says:

        There are no requirements or maximum limitations for all section. The meeting was about 2 hours for all section. Any coach can put his kid up for all section and all section honarable mention. If a player did not get at least honarable mention his coach did not put him up. It will never be 100% accurate but if you were not in the voting process and don’t know how it works, making inaccurate comments does not benefit anyone.

    • Weak Teams? says:

      At least those boys made a team. There are equal if not better boys being left off because of some sort requisite to have kids from just about every team and limits on the number of kids from extremely strong teams. Its an imperfect system.

      • Realy says:

        Lets give them all trophies and we can all look at the rainbows and butterflies,,,,,,,Teams that play stronger teams get awards. If you don’t like it have your coach schedule tougher out of league games so they are not scoring 10 goals in a game vs. the school for the blind…..

    • GreenBear says:

      Couldnt agree more, as someone else said below, this is an imperfect system.

  6. laxxxxxx says:

    Henry Grass, the 8th Grader, with All-Section HM. Not bad. Not bad at all. CONGRATS.

    • Bronco Bob says:

      Now that Joe mentioned Henry Grass the other night on MSG Varsity after the fine feature on Charlie McCormick the word is definitely out! He and Jack will be fun to watching not only for the duration of this year’s playoffs but moving forward to the next couple of seasons as well.

  7. Proud Parent says:

    All-League Awards Format-approved November 2010:
    Leagues of 6 teams or less-2x the number of starters
    Leagues of 7-(2x the number of starters x 1.75) divided by 1.5
    Leagues of 8-(2x the number of starters x 2) divided by 1.5
    Leagues of 9-(2x the number of starters x2.25) divided by 1.5
    leagues of 10- (2x the number of starters x 2.5) divided by 1.5

    Maybe some players on strong teams are aided by their strong teammates. It’s easier to score when you’re on a high-scoring line, fewer opportunities to look good if your team doesn’t have the ball. We have to trust that the coaches know how to evaluate players’ skills independently of their teammates, though.
    Congratulations to

  8. Quick Question says:

    Where’s Zav from ossining? He had a great season and dominated on both ends of the field. He should be ATLEAST all sec HM. I mean come on he’s a big name in section 1 now, especially after last years game against John Jay. And by the way he had about a half dozen goals and just as many assists on top of about 100 gb’s.

    • HV Fan says:

      I have watched Zav from Oss play this year, and I am sorry, but he had a down year…in particular saw him play vs Sleepy Hollow, and their middie Jorge Berenguer tore him up on the turf, check the stats

      • in his defense says:

        zav was playing that game on a rolled ankle with a cold. i think he’s allowed an off game… and by off game i mean a goal, an assist, and 3 forced turnovers

      • jealous jealous kids says:

        Down year? lol. Not really and nobody tore him up especially not on sleepy and especially not Berenguer. lol. I love the way people just throw stuff out here like they know what they’re talking about, “Check the stats”! lol. By the way, since when do they keep track of defensive goals allowed? Where exactly would I find that stat?

        Sleepy spent two games running their offense away from Mike because Berengeur was having trouble getting around him. The sleepy attack scored the goals, not the middies and when O shifted Mike low to cover Maloy, sleepy’s middies, including Berengeur, scored goals. See how it works?

        Jorge had a couple of goals and assists in two games, Maloy…goose egg vs. Mike. Forget the stats, ask Coach DiVico, he’ll tell you about Zav because he’s the only guy on O that sleepy game-planned for.

        Mike was on a weak team in a weak league and that matters, so no all-section for him.

  9. WestLax says:

    I reviewed the list several times and all names are deserving and fitting. I would like to mention one player who in my eyes deserves recognition at some level; Jack O’Callahan from Rye High School heading to Colgate this fall. Jack burst on the scene in his Sophomore year in the section finals where he almost brought Rye to victory scoring 4 2nd half goals. His junior year was a transition year as he moved to attack, his footwork around the cage was great to watch. Jack had a slow start his senior year as did Rye as a team but when Rye went on their 11 game winning streak Jack was the key scoring 4,4,3 and 4 goals in the first 4 of the streak. IMO “OC” deserves a shout out. When you get to Colgate Jack show them what you got!!!

    • slacrosse says:

      For sure. IMO, near, or maybe the best multi-sport natural athlete on the team. Have always felt more of a natural middie given his speed and athleticism but moved to attack given team’s surplus of Middies.Believe he had a couple of 4-5 goal games this season.

      My guess is probably going back to middie at Colgate and with his athletic ability + lax skills feel he’ll make his mark!

      • World of Lax says:

        Agreed great athlete and outstanding lacrosse player. Section 1 coaches missed this one. Good luck Jack.

  10. agreed says:

    I agree the kid is amazing

  11. Old Rugger says:

    Gate is getting 2 good ones from Sect 1 then. O’Callahan and Walter.
    Congrats to all the sect 1 award winners very deserving.

  12. Rye Lacrosse 2004 says:

    OC great player had the opportunity to coach and play with him. Dynamic athlete should be on someones list. Best of luck Jack at Colgate.

  13. RYE LAX says:


  14. laxman says:

    Joe, when are rosters/selections of the senior all star game made?

    • Joe Lombardi says:

      If past experience is an indicator, laxman, probably not till within 24 hours of the game – with late additions/subtractions always being the case.

      • D-Pac says:

        Hey Joe. I know the game is this Thursday at 6PM, but any other details? Who are the coaches and how do they divide up the teams?

  15. laxforfun says:

    Would like to say I think Matt Dalton, Senior LSM for Somers definitely deserved some recognition. He is fantastic and always left out of the spotlight.

  16. sgt hulka says:

    Have Academic All Americans been named?

  17. lax4life says:

    Congrats to senior Jeff White of Hen Hud for being named an Academic All American. Jeff is not only a die hard laxer; he is also Hen Hud’s valedictorian. Way to go Whitey and good luck at Boston College!!

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