Since relaunched on March 2009, we have been devoted to bringing the latest news, updates, insights and instructional info for players, fans and coaches.

It’s a formula that has resulted in the type of response few could have imagined or envisioned.

The secret to our success? Simple.

It’s you.

I’ve read plenty of blogs and produced a good number of them, too. I’ve never seen one where the readers are as knowledgeable and engaged as you are here. In short, you know your stuff and you know how to both share and elicit information. And you do it each and every day – year-round.

Some sports blog authors I’ve had the misfortune of reading have seen fit to update readers on such topics of “interest” as their dinner plans, rounds of golf, and even, on occasion, what they happen to be wearing while blogging. (TMI if ever there was!)

Not here.

We know why you came here and know your time is precious, and we are always respectful of that.

Having said that, please indulge me for just a moment, because we do have some exciting news.

With the launch of LaxLessons 3.0, we are celebrating another important milestone.

In addition to a fresh, vibrant new design that is both easy to navigate and entertaining to view, we have revamped our homepage so that all our sections get equal attention, including our coaches’ section, with its easy-to-understand and execute plays and drills.

But of special note is the new look and the new features on the recruit section.

Our popular player profiles are not only easier to both read and to create, but now have a new element. You can embed your highlight video in your profile, and if you don’t have one, you can create one.

I promised I’d keep this news quick. So now that you folks are up to speed, please take a few moments to check it all out.

And as always, please let us know what you think.

Important dates in history

* September, 2002: is created as a site whose content is exclusively plays and drills for coaches and players.

* March, 2009: is relaunched, highlighted by a new “Fans” section, featuring a blog including news updates and reader comments as well as photos, videos and polls; and a “Players” section, featuring recruit profiles. The “Players” and “Fans” sections join the  existing “Coaches” section, resulting in the new tagline: “Players * Fans * Coaches.”

* October, 2010: LaxLessons 3.0 debuts, featuring a new design and more new features, including video uploads for the profiles in the “Players” section.

Recruiting coverage

* Updated recruiting review and commitment rundown (for classes of 2011 and 2012)

* Class of 2010 commitment rundown

* Recruit profile archive

* To get your profile up, click here.

* For a list of committed players with their profiles up, click here.

Connect with us

* Become a Fan of LaxLessons on Facebook now by clicking here.

* Join the LaxLessons Facebook group by clicking here.

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Lacrosse for Dummies

* Order a copy of the 330-page edition of the book by Joe Lombardi here.

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