Nothing can give a team a lift like a big save.

Gabriel Weissmann made plenty of them last season for Horace Greeley, keeping the Quakers in plenty of games.

After one more season with Greeley, Weissmann will take his talents to the next level.

Weissmann is heading off to Division III power Middlebury.

Here’s a Q&A with Gabriel on his commitment:

What were the main factors in your decision to attend Middlebury?
Academics were at the top of my list throughout this process. Middlebury has been at the top of my list since the start of my college search for both its high academic standards and its incredible
lacrosse program. When I finally visited the campus and heard what Coach (Dave) Campbell had to say about the program, I knew that Middlebury was the right choice for me.

What other schools were you considering and what schools did you visit?
Mostly NESCAC schools such as Amherst, and Williams and Swarthmore College. I visited the first two, as well as a long list of other schools solely for academics.

What adjustments do you think you will need to make to play at the next level?
Seeing as I am a smaller goalie, I definitely need to build up my strength and speed to compensate. I also would like to work on my reaction time as the shots in the next level will definitely be coming very fast.

What are your strengths as a player and how would you describe your style of play?
I am very good at seeing the field and communicating with my defense. I can then relay messages to my defenders to help them play solid team defense.

What players have you looked up to as you have moved up through the varsity ranks?
Hunter Bastian, a longtime friend and teammate who is now playing at Wittenberg, helped me understand team defense. Last year’s captains, Nate Becker, and Kyle Shaub were both standout players with great shots that helped me improve my game.

When did you first realize you had the potential to play at the college level?
After last season, recruiting camps, tournaments with the Connecticut Chargers, and after talking with some college coaches, I realized that there was a shot that I would be able to play at the next level.

For more info on Gabriel, check out his recruit profile by clicking here.

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