There was plenty to talk about this past season. That’s for sure.

And Jared Greenberg did just that on Thursday night on a special edition of MSG Varsity’s “High School Sports Desk” in which we reviewed the top stories, individual performances and team accomplishments from the tri-state area, including the Hudson Valley/Long Island/Connecticut region.

Among the special segments on the special:

* Fairfield Prep’s Brendan Rotanz looks back at his most memorable game.

* A look at how St. John’s has been hitting up the region for recruits.

* West Islip’s Andrew Hodgson and Chaminade’s Michael Ehrhardt share their thoughts on the season.

If you’re an Optimum subscriber, you can watch the special, which premiered Thursday night, by clicking here.

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* Hudson Valley all-stars

* Connecticut all-stars

* Hudson Valley/Connecticut coverage

* Long Island coverage

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8 Responses to “A look back at an eventful season”

  1. Lupicka says:

    Hey Joe,

    For the MSG show, think you should get all these guys on ( Lew, Roy, Mcnally, Daniello) and here there thoughts about the whole process. Be like your version of the sports reporters???

  2. LI Guy says:

    Good idea but you should have the panel with guys from the hotbed of lax, Long Island. Maybe Craig, Joe Cuozzo, Galasso, Jahelka.

  3. Lupicka says:

    LI Guy was just thinking about the club team -ESG debate. However food for thought. Add Scotty C, and Keith W , or Joe Bacc to the mix for LI Club teams.
    CMon Joe. Very Entertaining.

  4. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lupicka – Great thoughts. The lax world today and recruiting certainly extend far beyond the realm of the varsity level as we all know and have explored for a while. A little over a year ago, we did assemble a panel similar to the one you mentioned and I moderated a seminar in Yorktown on recruiting. The panel included HS and summer league coaches as well as head coaches Joe Alberici of Army and Andy Copelan of Fairfield. We explored just about everything, including summer teams, the importance of Empires, recruiting showcases, what colleges look for in recruits, you name it.

  5. Jerry Garcia Lives! says:

    Joe, great idea for people to be able to hear guys like that talk, or pick their brains.

    I have Known Roy Colsey for many years through Yorktown,Superstar and Ridgefield Lax. He introduced me to Lew Janavey this past weekend at Lehigh. I had the pleasure of spending a few moments with these two gentlemen, and hearing them talk lax. More Importantly I was able to learn how passionate they are for the game and the Kids that play it. Those of you at Ridgfield, Somers and Superstar are fortunate for men like this and many others in this area of their caliber. The lax community is a special one. Coach’s. players and especially parents lets continue to “HONOR THE GAME” Good Luck to everyone this summer.

  6. Green White says:

    Joe – I attended that seminar last year it was superb as is all the work you do.

  7. SirLaxalot says:

    Great show, Joe. It’s just amazing all the knowledge you have on the area tristate region. You are so polished and comfortable on TV as well.

  8. NYmike says:

    I know ESPN has their Lax guys but Joe you do add a maturity, credibility, and confidence in your appreciation for the game some of the other guys lack and I think that would serve the sport’s efforts well for further exposure – and your screen presence is much more polished. Great season coverage!

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