Now that the varsity season has come and gone, we now officially shift our focus here to the summer recruiting scene. And in the Hudson Valley, we have news on some showcase recruiting events to pass along, including one being run in conjunction with the Empire State Games tryouts.

On Friday at John Jay High School, the Moonlight Lacrosse Section 1 All-Star Shootout will be held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Any player still involved in the tryout process for the Hudson Valley Empire State Games team will be invited to the event.

Some of the area’s top rising seniors are confirmed to compete in the event, including Forrest Walter, Jimmy and Brendan Morris and Jake Weil of John Jay and Justin Mabus and Ty Schuldt of Yorktown.

For more information, click here.

The Raw Talent Athletics Lacrosse Recruiting Camp will be held July 28-29 at Fox Lane High School in Bedford. The event is open to players in grades 9-11 as well as seniors that are completing a post-grad year in 2010-11.

For registration information, send an e-mail to

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33 Responses to “HV recruiting showcases”

  1. slacrosse says:

    More ESG cuts made today. Think next cut to 40 on Monday and then final on Wed.

    Of note on playoff teams. Caffrey fromn LP was there and IMO looked very good. Reminds me of Tyler Perrelle. Did not see Prunty but maybe missed him. Think there were Putnam Valley kids there.

  2. Pete says:

    When’s the Sound Shore League kickoff?

  3. Dates: Wednesday, July 28 and Thursday, July 29

    Time: Registration at 7:50 am

    Site: Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY

    Payment: $250 (includes an athletic bio for college coaches)

    Grades: 9-11 (and those seniors that are completing a post-graduate year in 2010-2011 academic year)

    Coaching Staff: College Coaches and Assistant Coaches as well as current and former collegiate lacrosse players.

    About: The Raw Talent Lacrosse Recruiting Combine allows high school athletes who want the chance to play college lacrosse to showcase themselves in front of college coaches. Our recruiting camp brings together the experience of a true athletic combine where athletes will be tested in their physical measurables as well as individual drills with the opportunity to play games. This is a unique opportunity for lacrosse recruits in the area who wish to give themselves the opportunity to play the game at the next level.

    Check out our website at

    Questions and Concerns can be emailed to:

  4. Registration for the combine can be done online or mailed in…all the information is on our website…

  5. Moses Wants to Know says:

    slacrosse, Thanks for ESG update. Who are the remaining goalies?

  6. Laxer 25 says:

    Will be interesting to see some of those trying out for ESG at this.

  7. esg says:

    Van der Veer Donk from PV was there with others.

    Prunty is going Westrock only.

  8. today says:

    Westrock U18 (orange and blue) practice today at Somers HS starts around 5:30 – 5:45 just in case you’re interested in checking it out.

    Prunty will be there again.

    Blue team should be very solid. Orange team could turn out to be ridiculous.
    We’ll see:)

  9. Casual observer says:

    this is the first week of sound shore.

  10. AND says:

    Good Choice want to be with JLindsay and Lou and Play for “THE ROCK”!!!!!!!

  11. lax says:

    Anyone know where Walter is looking / any predictions where he’ll end up?

  12. lax says:

    Also, does anyone know anything about where Walter might land?

  13. green alum says:

    Good test for ESG team next Wednesday against Town alum team. Given the number of guys who are not trying out I do not expect a relatively strong ESG team. Heard that Schuldt and Mabus from Town did not try out as well as number of JJ kids. Could it be that the kids don’t think they will get a fair shake at tryouts? Why is it that the same guy coaches every year ? I’ve posted this before–we have some very talented coaches in Section 1 who should be given a chance. This will also give the appearance of fairness–something which has been missing for the last few years.

    Side note: congrats top the US lacrosse Academic AAs and Scholar Athletes–yet another achievement for some great kids.

  14. Long time laxer says:

    All Empire lax coaching assignments are done in 5 year stretch’s. This is McNally’s 5th year, so new coach next year. Have gone thru it with one son, and second is trying this year. You may not like his picks, but they are fair and fit the role players he needs to put together his team. As far as unfair, let me guess, you are from Town and think that it isn’t fair that there aren’t 10 Town kids on the team. No arguments that you are the best historical program in Sec 1, you just don’t have 10 of the 20 best players in the section anymore. The rest of us are gonna scream unfair if somebody in green and white coaches next year and the team is 50% Huskers

  15. slacrosse says:

    ESG. Aside from McNally the cut decisions seem to be made by about 10+ or so coaches, meeting after the scrimmage. Among others were Schurr, Greeley coach, Bville coach, Rye, others. System not perfect but definitely not a 1 man show.

    My understanding from previous bloggers was more like kids just felt they’d get better looks from recruiters playing on their summer teams vs the Hudson Valley team.

  16. Scholar Athletes says:

    The list of Academic All-Americans and Scholar Athletes can be found here:

  17. a fan says:

    Green Alum,

    No other coaches in the section want to do it. Every year the same comments are made and every year people are asked to help out they choose not to.
    As for fairness, I think it has been quite fair. You haven’t had the guys from the “big boys” JJ, Town, Somers, etc coaching so you are getting people to choose the team who have no ties to those schools, so in my opinion, they pick who they feel are the best for the team. They watch the player play, not the name on the jersey.
    I think kids don’t tryouts b/c they are told by their high school coach to not play- that is where kids are getting the feeling that they won’t get a fair shake. From their coaches.

    Quite honestly, I assume you are connected to ‘town? In the 4 years I was going to Empire tryouts, I never once saw Coach Marr. Loedwick only once. What does that say? Why aren’t they there to help select the team. I see the same schools represented, Mamaroneck, B’ville, Scarsdale, North Salem, Fox Lane, Somer, Mahopac. Those are the coaches who show up to help evaluate the talent. Again not guys connected to the big boys (minus ‘pac) so they are really looking for the best players to represent the section. The Savs, when they were at JJ were also there.

    And, honestly, you have to admit that the head coach has had some success, 2 medals and a win over LI in the last 4 years? That is nothing to laugh at. And before you get into ,they should have done better, 4 years ago in Rochester lost the silver on goal differential- can’t blame the coach for that, he can’t stop the shots. 2 years ago, they beat Western in the bronze medal game. Which if they hadn’t been screwed by the officials in the LI game, the HV may have ended up playing in the gold medal game. The last time the HV won a medal before 2006 was in 2000. As I said, they have won 2 in four years.

    Sorry for the rant, I just think, again my opinion that certain coaches try to cut the legs out from underneath the Empire coaches and we are the only region in the state that it seems to happen. For all the other regions, playing on the Empire team is the goal then look for travel teams if that doesn’t work. Here in the HV is seems to be get on a top travel team and then try out for the Empire team, if I feel like it.

  18. slacrosse says:

    I come off on the HV side of the debate–kids should try and play. But forget that debate.

    PLEASE: At least SUPPORT THE TEAM despite which side you’re on in this debate.

    Give the kids on the HV team your support. These kids that tried out for the team and those that end up making it busted their butts and are trying to do what they think is best for themselves.

    Please no negative comments on the quality of the team, games, coaches, etc. , as the team proceeds. It wasn’t the HV team and coaches that turned away kids from trying out.


  19. a fan says:

    Well said Slacrosse

  20. Laxit says:

    Anyone have more names of players going to the ESG showcase at JJ?

  21. LAXman says:

    I know schools like Syracuse and Fairfield have been looking at Walter.

  22. Tiger Lax says:

    These are the colleges that attended the Section One Showcase last year…

  23. ESG says:

    A Fan,

    You need a history lesson. The present Somers, and ex JJ coach’s have not only always been there to select . They also were former Asst and Head coach’s of the Hudson Valley team.

  24. green alum says:

    A fan: glad you had a good experience. Yes I am a town fan and alum– (“green alum? hello?) But no I can’t agree with you. The point of ESG is not to have kids from every town or part of the section but to have the best available players. Town has been slighted big time since the current regime took over and refuses to leave.

    As to others, of course I support the team and whoever is on the team. The point is that there is no fairness in the coaching selection process. The same coach every year? Why? There is no good reason for it. None. Give me one? The claim that no one else wants to? Bull-I know of at least ten that would do it in a heart beat. It used to rotate but now one guy rules. Simply not fair no matter how you slice it.

    As to results, you cannot seriously be satisfied with never taking gold?

  25. one two three says:

    Here’s your one reason…Coaches are asked to make a five year commitment.

  26. green alum says:

    Ok-change it to three? Seriously we can’t just accept some unreasonable obstacle which prevents guys or the right guys from seeking the position.

  27. Laxtime says:

    Some good events

  28. Laxinit says:

    Hi all,

    Just got back from ESG tryouts and have to say was impressed and disillusioned. Couple of standouts, Mamaronack LSM is nasty good as is the kid from Fox Lane, couple of good lefty D polls, crease guy from Rye looked good and afew decent looking attackmen (Big kid from Rye and the Panas kid) and mids (Kid from Put Valley looked nice, as did Donahue). Couple of kids that looked out of place.

    Goalies looked decent, 3 were there, recognized 2 helmets, Scarsdale and John Jay, there was chatter that they were sophs, confirm? Third goalie was from across the river, i think Warwick, looked OK, weird floppy style but decent, heard he graduated already, confirm? Scarsdale and Jay the best looking, technically solid, good outlets, nice talk. All three had a few stops but Jay had a clutch save off of a deflection, bit of a game changer. Heard that the goalie from Fox Lane is in the mix but didnt show up, whats good with him. Would be surprised if either Jay or Scarsdale got cut, both look like they can carry the load despite their ages. If it were me coaching I would take Scarsdale and Jay on the team because they play the most competitive scheduals, then probably the Fox Lane goalie as alt because Warwick plays no one good.


  29. slacrosse says:

    green alum,

    Agree. What purpose is served by a 5 yr commitment? It’s not like there is something to “develop” that needs time.

    Maybe just 2 yrs should be the limit?

  30. HV says:


    I guess you were watching a different game last night. The nasty good kid from Mamaroneck got cut. I guess there is no figuring it.

  31. green alum says:

    Go away for a few days and people getting crazy. Bottom line is that there is a lack of credibility in hudson valley ESG. Cant be denied. The other posts about JJ and Town kids really should be trying out and they never were snubbed is simply wrong. Kids are going to do what they need to do to get quality looks. IF ESG is no longer AAA quality then why play? Town and JJ kids were not taken for lesser players as has happened with kids from other towns. The difference is that it started to seem personal and intentional to the point where KI an AA is made an alternate. Do you remember why they claimed they could not take him? and Dougherty? Too many lefties on Offense? for real–I know coaches who would cut off their right arm for an all lefty offense –esepcially at the HS level. KI not making it cant be explained.

    Slacrosse is right–make it two years–do something to bring credibility back to the process and the team will be more representative of the quality talent we have in section one.

  32. Mike says:

    A note to players who attend recruiting camps, or any other type of tournament for that matter. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that kid, that great player, that athletic kid, that already-committed kid at camp who doesn’t respect the process, the game, or the people who put on these tournaments and showcases. Don’t be that guy that doesn’t have respect for the other players there. Lacrosse is a small community, a tight knit community – that competition you see on the fields, on big campuses and small, on ESPN? Those coaches all know each other, they mostly all like each other – and most I am sure are as chill as most Lacrosse players are. So when you are accepted to play with an exclusive travel team through your hard work, when you are accepted to play in an invite-only recruiting camp based on you HS coache’s recommendation, respect the process and the efforts of all those involved. From the tournament organizers, to your coaches, to your parents – you didn’t get to this level of Lacrosse on your own. And these college coaches all talk to each other, and they are looking for intangibles, and they ask around.

    So when you are picked for an All Star team at a showcase, don’t be that guy. Don’t be that player who already has a college in his pocket, committed, that decides to go back to the room rather than come to the All Star game. Don’t be that player that the tournament director and coach of the All Star team has to send security after, to get you to the game, wondering if you were injured or whatever. Don’t be that great, stellar athlete who denies other great athletes the opportunity to play against you, to show 30 other coaches on the sidelines what he might have as an athlete against a player as good as you.

    Character, grace, talent, leadership, humility, team – be that guy, with those attributes inside and outside of the rectangle. Be that kid who picks up a team mate that may have had a bad game in the cage in front of 30 plus college coaches. Be that kid who helps the opponent up after a solid, clean check in front of 30 plus college coaches. Be that guy, become that athlete, become that man.

  33. Go Lax says:

    Good stuff. Thanks

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