St. John’s University-bound Ryan Fitzgerald, who had five goals including the game-winner in Putnam Valley’s win over Rye in the Section 1 Class C title game, leads the Tigers into today’s first-round state playoff game against Section 2’s Glens Falls at 3:30 p.m. at Yorktown High School. (Photo by Jim Stout/

You can look forward to lots of big games today, gang. Iona Prep plays for its second straight Catholic state championship, state tournament action begins for Section 1 teams and continues for Connecticut teams.

Iona Prep (15-6) will play in the Catholic state championship game for the second straight year against Timon St. Jude (14-5) of the Buffalo area on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Iona Prep.

Section 1’s three class champions — John Jay (Class B), Putnam Valley (Class C) and Lakeland/Panas (Class A) — start state tournament action with a first-round tripleheader at Yorktown High School against the champions from the Albany region.

Here’s the schedule:

Class B: John Jay (18-1) vs. Niskayuna (15-4), 1 p.m.

Class C: Put Valley (16-4) vs. Glens Falls (11-6), 3:30 p.m.

Class A: Lakeland/Panas (16-3) vs. Shenendehowa (18-1), 6 p.m.

For info on the Section 2 teams involved in today’s action, check the links below:

* Class A – Shenendehowa

* Class B – Niskayuna

* Class C – Glens Falls

The winners of today’s games advance to the state quarterfinals on Tuesday, June 8 at Middletown High School. The downstate semifinals are on Thursday, June 10 at Hofstra and the state finals are Saturday, June 12 at Stony Brook University. (See brackets below.)

Connecticut state tournament action continues with quarterfinal games. In Class A, FCIAC champion Greenwich, the No. 12 seed, visits No. 4 Fairfield Prep and top-seeded Staples hosts Simsbury.

Five-time defending Class M champion Darien, the No. 2 seed, hosts Wilton at 4 p.m. No. 3 New Canaan hosts No. 11 Daniel Hand at 4 p.m. Top-seeded New Fairfield faces No. 9 Avon at 4:30 p.m.

Among the Class S games, No. 2 Weston host No. 7 Old Lyme.

For the complete schedule and brackets, see the links below.

As always, be sure to check in with your thoughts/info on the games you attend today.

Connecticut state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class L

* Class M

* Class S

New York state tournament schedule, brackets

* Class A

* Class B

* Class C

MSG Varsity coverage

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* Lombardi on Lacrosse from 6.3.10 “Sports Desk”

* Hudson Valley/Connecticut weekly predictions

* Section 1 Tournament Time

* Connecticut State Tournament Time

* Long Island Playoff Central

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126 Responses to “Busy day of state tournament action”

  1. Just sayin says:

    JJ 8, Nisky 6

    PV 11, Glens Falls 5

    LP 9, Shen 6

  2. Love Lax says:

    Nisky 9 JJ 7

    PV 17 GF 4

    LP 12 Shen 9

  3. mad_lax says:

    found this off local upstate sports blog… “Lakeland is a good but very beatable team. Usually got a few studs on the team that play one vs the world but they are good enough to do that. A solid day by your goalie and defense and a few goals pumped in by the offense and Shen can take this.” and shenny’s goalie is an all-american. rebels need to stay focused tonite. GL!!

  4. slacrosse says:

    J 12-6 over Nisky
    LP 13-6 over Shen
    PV 15-4 over Glen

  5. daddy says:

    no way Vorgang gives up 12 goals.

    Nisky 6 jj 5

  6. pv says:

    whatever happened to dillon chestnut?

  7. mad_lax says:

    2-1 nisky over jj

  8. Ed B. says:

    Nisky 2, John Jay 1 after one quarter. Nisky playing great defense so far, forcing 4 or 5 JJ turnovers. Nisky’s Nick Schuler is guarding JJ’s Mike Daniello.

  9. mad_lax says:

    5-3 nisky up

  10. mad_lax says:


  11. Ed B. says:

    Nisky 5, John Jay 3 at the half. Mike Daniello scored twice to open the second quarter and give JJ a 3-2 lead but Nisky dominated the rest of the period, winning almost every faceoff and holding the ball for the last 5+ minutes. Matt Sexton has 2 goals in the quarter for Nisky.

  12. Sec1 says:

    7-3 Nisky 3:17 left in 3rd

  13. mad_lax says:

    6-3 nisky… the theme music for jaws is starting to set in

  14. mad_lax says:

    make that 7-3

  15. Ed B. says:

    Nisky 7, John Jay 3 after 3 quarters. Nisky playing great defense, frustrating JJ and never allowing good looks at their goal. Sexton scores again for Nisky in the quarter. Nisky looking to kill the clock at this point.

  16. mad_lax says:

    end of 3… jj needs to have a monster qtr

  17. Iceman says:

    Wow, if this were the state “keep away” tournament, I’d name Nisky champs.

    To bad their kids aren’t allowed to play any other style.

  18. mad_lax says:

    all about the “w”

  19. mad_lax says:

    jj scores 7-4 w/ 7:36 to go in game

  20. tom peters says:

    Keep away sounds like a smart plan.- no?

  21. Sec1 says:

    7-4 6:10 left Nisky with ball

  22. LI Lax says:

    Yep, I’m sure Vorgang’s kids feel horrible that they’re about to be headed to the state quarters…..

  23. Ed B. says:

    JJ coming back. Nisky now up 7-6 with 1:30 left.

  24. Sec1 says:

    7-6 Nisky

  25. Ed B. says:

    Nisky 7, JJ 6 final. JJ had 2 shots I’m the last 10 seconds in a wild ending.

  26. mad_lax says:

    over 7-6 final

  27. Est 1873 says:

    Like it or not, in the tournament, the idea is to win…by any means necessary…uptempo is more fun to watch, but that isn’t what HS coaches are worried about…any updates?

  28. LI Lax says:

    Congrats Nisky…good luck against GC or Comsewogue, you’ll need it

  29. tom peters says:

    calm down LI – Vorgang is an outstanding coach!

  30. Ed B. says:

    Stats for the JJ-Nisky game:
    Nisky- 3 goals for Matt Sexton, 2 goals 1 assist and 3 groundballs for Brian Schlansker.
    John Jay- goals for Mike Daniello (2), Jake Weil (2), Jimmy Morris (1), Forrest Walter (1). Weil added 3 groundballs and Walter 1 assist.

  31. Joe Lombardi says:

    Iona Prep and Bishop Timon are tied 2-2 at the half.

  32. Indian J says:

    Not even close to jj’s best team in years. Just a good team that got on a roll and lost a tough one to Nisky. 08, 07, 06 were all better than this year in terms of talent and how far they went into the state tournament. This was only a slight upset. Great Job Nisky for playing great defense. John Jay great season. Heads up, and just learn from it. You have a great deal coming back next year and this season was a great accomplishment.

  33. LacrosseInsider says:

    Congrats to Nisky on playing a great game, they came to play, wanted it more and it showed.

    Jay – you can’t play only the last quarter and expect to win the game, As a Jay fan I continue to struggle wiht this team’s drive and aggressiveness. Not sure how you teach that or make it happen. I kind of feel that you need the seniors to stand out and motivate the team but I did not see it. Maybe next year….this junior class has been carrying the team let’s hope they step up next year and inject some energy in the team.

    Congrats to Coach Schurr on a great season and congrats to Jay for winning the section, tough game today. Again, hats off to Nisky they deserve it.

  34. mr lax says:

    any score on the putnam valley game

  35. Joe Lombardi says:

    Iona Prep wins 10-9 to take its second straight state title.

    Put Valley leads Glens Falls 6-1 early in the second quarter.

  36. mad_lax says:

    7-1 PV fitz score

  37. mad_lax says:

    7-2 root’s 2nd of game 3mins to half

  38. mr lax says:

    how many goals does fitz have!

    thanks for updates

  39. mad_lax says:

    fitz 1g 1a

  40. mad_lax says:

    8-2 PV at the half o’gorman and kneuer 2g’s each

  41. laxin says:

    tom peters-
    I do not think a single person said that JJ would win a state championship this year, everyone knew they weren’t getting past LI.. relax over there

  42. LacrosseInsider says:

    Sorry Tom but it was worse with Sav….the game against JD was the biggest dissapointment ever, forget about the bus ride excuses they should have won. As someone said earlier, those 06-08 teams were simply outcoached in the big games. We have a great coach now, just need the fire….I don’t think you can teach it and I don’t think the coach can give it to the kids, they need to band together and get pumped….

  43. mad_lax says:

    i believe he meant everyone in jj country. at least i hope so.

  44. Joe Lombardi says:

    Put Valley leads 8-2 at HT. Dan O’Gorman and Evan Kneuer each have two goals.

    You can catch the Nisky-JJ game Friday, June 11 at 8 pm and again ayt 11 pm on MSG Varsity Ch. 14

  45. slacrosse says:

    Yeah, totally agree with Indian J.

    J’s ’06-’08 teams were easily better (not taking anything away from this yr’s team). All these Juniors will have another yr/summer of experience under their belt in ’11. Many people had been saying that Jay might have to wait until ’11 to reap the rewards of developing Juniors!!

    Jay is a very good team and I believe certainly good enough to have beaten Nisky. It was an upset. Wasn’t there so don’t know why it happened!!!

  46. JJ says:

    Jay had minimal scouting on Nisky, partly due to the fact that no team (Somers in particular) was willing to provide Jay with game tape of the team.
    And I completely disagree that Jay thought they would easily beat Nisky. They knew they were going to be in a good game with them, but unfortunately, they did not play their best lacrosse today.

  47. Incorrect Peters says:

    The Jay kids are cocky? Thats a pretty big generalization. Do me a favor and don’t talk about what you don’t know. I personally know many of Jay’s players and they were not cocky, and they knew they had to play great to win.

    And I don’t know where your getting your information from Peters but Jay did have a scout on Nisky. Its people like yourself that come on the blogs and state things that arn’t true that make me angry. I don’t know where you get your information from but its clearly not from a credible source.

    Also, Schurr knows more about lacrosse in one finger than you probaly do in your body. Maher should of stayed in the game instead of changing momentum? JJ closed the gap in the second half after being down 5-3. So clearly the momentum went Jays way. But hey, of course, your probaly right, John Jay should change their strategy in the state regional playoff game. A strategy to that point has led them to an 18-1 record with a sectional title.

    Schurr is a better coach than the Savs. Try talking to alumni, the Savs had their kids playing scared. Schurr lets kids play to their potential with positive enforcement. As I talk to some of the defensemen on Jay this year they say how the savs would yell and scream to not let something happen (like getting topside for example) and Schurr shows you how to not let that happen.

    John Jay should have won this game, it was an upset. Upsets happen in sports. That doesn’t mean they were cocky. They are hardworking good kids.

  48. Lax Bus says:

    Congratulations to John Jay. Great game and a wild finish. Niskayuna and John Jay is a great rivalry. We have won the last few years, but every game is exciting. Nothing to hang your heads about. I’m sure we will be battling again next year and many years to come.

  49. Indian J says:

    Not scouting Nisky, if that is the case, would be extremely problematic. I’m sure though that Nisky did what they always do when they play better teams. Pack it in on defense ( everyone tied together by imaginary rope) and keep possession. Jay, all year was too mellow about their play. Certain players who are the “anointed ones” think its ok to drop a pass here and force it there. It sounds to me like they could have won this game, but they didn’t.

    Tom Peters is one of the JJ greats. He used to run around in the late 80’s for Jay, destroying everyone. He was a classic John Jay All-American ( Brown). Sav was a great coach. As much as I was pissed about the the particular families who had him removed, I was more than impressed with coach Schurr and what he and the team accomplished this season.

    I hope that next year the community let’s this team dominate. That means blasting players who are messing it up, but still loving them, and completely dedicating your season to the season itself. Your coach is king. Let’s not let people who don’t really know what’s going on ruin this opportunity.

    If Coach Lew did not give game tape to Jay upon request-and I am not saying that he did not. That would be a lousy maneuver.

    Section One belongs to John Jay

  50. mad_lax says:

    shen/LP 1-1 less than 1 minute into game

  51. mr lax says:

    Final on the pv game

  52. wizard2 says:

    12-3 Pv wins

  53. Sec1 says:

    5-4 LP half

  54. Lax Novice says:

    From Connecticut:
    Class L
    Fairfield Prep 9 – Greenwich 7
    Staples 7 – Simsbury 6
    Glastonbury 12 – Xavier 5
    Newtown @ Cheshire Saturday June 5 6pm
    Class M
    New Fairfield 14 – Avon 3
    Darien 10 – Wilton 9
    Conard 9 – Guilford 5
    New Canaan 10 – Daniel Hand 5
    Class S
    Ledyard 14 – NW Catholic 7
    Weston 11 – Old Lyme 9
    Stonington 7 – Ellington 6
    Somers @ St. Joseph’s, Trumbull Monday June 7 4pm

    Semis Tuesday June 8
    Class L
    Prep v Staples
    Cheshire/Newtown v Glastonbury
    Class M
    New Fairfield v Conard
    Darien v New Canaan
    Class S
    Ledyard v Somers/St. Joseph
    Weston v Stonington

  55. wizard2 says:

    need more updates on L/P

  56. mad_lax says:

    6-6 shen/LP

  57. mad_lax says:

    7-6 shenny

  58. mad_lax says:

    8-7 L/P end of 3rd

  59. laxforfun says:

    Indian J – I explained why there was no game tape – comment #54, people may not like Lew but he has much respect for Tim and if he had a tape he would have given the tape. Also, since JJ knew they were going to win the section and would most likely face Nisky, why didn’t someone hop on down route 35 and video the game first hand for JJ. Some of you should go back to the original comments when Tim was named coach – it was clearly stated by more than one poster that scouting is not his style.

  60. mad_lax says:

    shenny ties it 8-8

  61. blame it on Lew says:

    Well, Indian J, it appears at this point that today section one belongs to Putnam Valley with L/P on deck.

    Yes, let’s blame Somers. LMAO.

  62. Indian J says:

    Not blaming any of Jay’s losses on Lew. Sounds like there was no tape available. Three wins over Somers is all we could ask. We got it, so no problems with Lew or Somers. If you beat us head to head, then you can point it out.

  63. reLax says:

    Nisky plays the best defense in the nation. Period.

  64. KatLew Lax says:

    Congrats John Jay on all you accomplished this season!

  65. laxforfun says:

    Actually we did beat you last year head to head and that is when we pointed it out. Your talent was already there, Daniello, Walter, Weill, and all knew they were going to be a team that would win a lot of games this year. The facts are the facts and I can point them out win or loose. Talent was already there before this year, it was young but it was there. Scouting, watching tape and “anointed ones” will now be a part of JJ lacrosse. Wins over Somers is all some cared about. I wish John Jay the best next year.

  66. Laxit says:

    Lakeland/Panas wins 10-9 in OT on a goal by Chris Monteferante!

  67. Joe Lombardi says:

    More on the LP win over Shenendehowa…

    Goalie Rob Belger,v who has been playing with a broken thumb since the Mahopac game, finishes with 14 saves for the Rebels.

    You can catch the game on Tuesday, June 15 at 8 and 11 pm on MSG Varsity Channel 14 (Optimum).

  68. Rebel Yell says:

    Great gritty game by LP. This team plays with more heart than any team out there!

  69. Observer says:

    Prep goalie #12 played awesome, a ton of great saves. They were prepared and back door cut for a bunch of goals. D was ball watching. They left Feeney open to force him to clear, his weakness. He did very well with the ball for the entire game minus one that cost a goal to make it 9-7. Prep played better today. A few questionable calls but ultimately Greenwich didn’t finish. Prep did a good job sliding early. Greenwich hit at least 3 pipes in the final 3-4 minutes and then hit the goalie right in the chest with their last ditch effort. They didn’t move the ball fast enough. Every time Greenwich tied it up they gave up an easy goal soon after. Feeney played great down the stretch when it counted. He played well today also.

    Also heard thar JJ kids aren’t playing Empires? Any truth top that??? I hope not. Sad state of affairs in section I if it’s true.

  70. Lax Observer says:

    Nisky-JJ and LP-Shen were two of the better more intense games of the season. Have a feeling I’m going to be watching them a few times over and over again.

  71. Lax Bus says:

    I guess I have to ask. Why would JJ think they were going to walk right through Nisky? Nisky has beaten JJ the last three times we have played them.

  72. Beach Lax says:

    John Jay does have a tradition of these big playoff losses – Jamesville DeWitt, Rocky Point, now Nisky…

  73. Lax Bus says:

    Having said that, I still think that instead of pointing fingers, we should just congratulate all the boys on a great game. Both JJ and Nisky played excellent and it went down to the wire

    This is a great rivalry that will continue for years to come.

  74. hudson valley lax says:

    congrats to the L/P boys and girls teams today!

  75. Rebel Yell says:

    It’s been an amazing spring for Lakeland and LP sports.

  76. hudson valley lax says:


  77. hudson valley lax says:

    the pitcher from lakeland winning mr baseball for ny. big honor there. congrats!

  78. ram says:

    this was the weakest schedule jj has played in the last 5 years. no power league this year and no st anthonys or GC

    Bob KEar went 20-1 in 1998

  79. from the stands says:

    Some of the posts on this blog regarding JJ sound as erratic and as error-filled as their game was today. It was an upset. And upsetting. The guys did NOT bring cockiness onto the field, it’s not their way. They just couldn’t get their best stuff together against a talented and FAST Nisky team. Bottom line? The JJ kids KNOW they missed an opportunity today – especially the seniors. Look at how they scrapped in the 4th quarter and almost erased a 4-point deficit. That didn’t show they had fire or motivation? Does anyone remember the beginning of this season when the big criticism was that JJ couldn’t even sustain decent play for 4 quarters? And for those who think that JJ should have abandoned their goalie plan – Nisky only scored 2 of their 7 goals in the second half. AND the JJ goalie made a feed in the last minute that COULD have tied the game if his teammate’s shot had gone in. As the person near me in the stands likes to ask the refs, what game were you watching, “Correct Peters” and “Tom Peters”? Not the same one Lew Janavey was, because his words to #11 were that he played one heck of a game today.
    Sorry — this blog should not be a forum for sniping, blame or criticism — especially of the players. Thank you to all the cool heads who try to keep it positive. John Jay had a season that exceeded expectations. Leave it at that. Congratulations to the JJ players and to Coach Schurr. Best of luck next year!

  80. mr lax says:

    Whats the line up for this week at Middle Town?





    TAKE IT HOME!!!!!!!

  81. mad_lax says:

    ram, stop your rambling! jj lost move on. and no one cares about 1998

  82. Indian J says:

    18 wins is up there, but Jay has won more than that before. We, like most of our other opponents in section one, have really always had class and dignity. Sometimes our back and forth can get spirited, but make no mistake, We respect our opponents. After a tough loss, some comments come out, but I’m ready to see it for what it is.

    Let’s go Lakeland/Panas and Putnam Valley!

  83. ram says:

    jj finished rye coming up to class B and town coming down.

  84. laxidaisicle says:

    hats off to PV and L/P! keep the momentum going

  85. Love Lax says:

    Congrats to LP & PV

    BTW Who did JJ beat

    Ytown 1st game
    Weak Syosset, Corning E,
    Got killed by Set

    Whats the surprise!

  86. LaxItUp2010 says:

    from the stands…

    I agree 100 percent with your post! Nisky came to play today, they had a great game plan and played aggressive hard hitting defense. JJ’s offense was flat and just could not get it going until the last few minutes of the game.

    You comment “The JJ kids KNOW they missed an opportunity today – especially the seniors’ … could not be more true, …..if one actually WATCHED the conclusion of the game when the JJ goalie # 11 dropped to his knees in tears and their big defenseman #27 came over to console him … the end these guys put up a valiant effort to try pull this out. It was heartfealt.

    These are young men aged 15-18 who try game in and game out to put there best game forward an provide great sport viewing for old fools like us. Whoever entitled us as “Anonymous Bloggers” … to lob disparaging criticism at these young men. Questioning their intensity, desire, ability and committment a bit out of line.

    In any given game this year:
    – when JJ gives up only 7 goals they …They WIN.
    – when JJ only allows 2 goals in the second half …. They WIN
    – when JJ mounts a 4th qtr comeback run … They WIN.

    ………….. but NOT TODAY …. “the lacrosse gods’ were shining on Nisky not JJ . So let us all as Section One fans congratulate them and wish them luck as they continue on toward a campionship run and move on.

    And let us all give our Congratulations to the all JJ players and to Coach Tim Schurr ….an 18-2 record is nothing to hang your head in shame about. . Best of luck next year ro all the returning players and congratulations to all the JJ seniors; Good Luck as you move on to your promising college lacrosse careers.

  87. Town Laxer says:


    Well said,

  88. slacrosse says:


    You asked above about hearing that Jay kids wont try out for the Hudson Valley team.

    According to past blogs it was said that the Jay kids were not going to try out for the Hudson Valley team preferring to play together on their summer team. Something about thinking it would be better for them from a recruiting and team improvement stand-point. The heck with Section 1 and the HV.

    I know today’s loss is very tough and to think about ESG is probably the last things on Jay’s mind but unfortunately ESG tryouts are tomorrow!!

    I greatly respect the team, kids, this year’s accomplishments, coach and great fans but sorry, I don’t think this snub (if it occurs) goes in the “+” category for the team.

    Will the Nisky kids be trying out with pride for their ESG team? You betcha!!

    9AM tomorrow at Greeley.

  89. LacrosseInsider says:

    Sla – I hate to say it but your last post at #92 shows that you truly are clueless. Last year or the year before you annoited yourself as a lax novice and now with your hundreds of posts you are a so called lax expert…. Dude, let it go, you don’t need to comment on every post especially when you don’t have a clue! Summer tounaments are when these kids truly get noticed….think about it and maybe post a new comment….

  90. good job guys says:

    That’s a nice season for the John Jay kids and they should remember this season fondly. Hey, they’re section champs! Nice job. I reject these comments by fans/parents who think they didn’t have the desire to win or what have you.

    It’s alright, people are just upset.

    Once they have a chance to calm down, (which takes John Jay fans a little longer than most, lol), they’ll remember this group as solid team, full of great guys who love to play the game – and if they don’t, who cares? As long as you did your best and had fun then you did well.

    …quoting as best as I can remember…
    “If you try your best, you will know in your heart that you’ve tried your best and then there is no failure”
    — Coach Wooden

    It would be great to see some JJ guys show up at Empire tryouts tomorrow. There are going to be a lot of guys who are going from different towns just to go and have a good time. They don’t expect to make the team and even if they do a lot are going to Hotbeds instead, but hey, it’s a day of lax and they’re just going to check it out.

    How can HV have a representative team without JJ guys? But if you go, do it because it’ll be a great time with lots of great players, not out of a sense of obligation that these old school dudes would have you believe. They don’t matter…they can’t stop gaining weight and they’re losing their hair, so they get grumpy about stuff.

    Today is today, but tomorrow is a brand new today. Deep.

    Congrats to today’s real lax teams, PV and L/P. Ha! You guys…

  91. NYmike says:

    My favorite quote from the lacrosse season thus far from Jim Berkman, Salisbury Univeristy, after losing the finals to Tufts.

    “I told them that I am really proud of them,” Berkman said of his post-game comments to the team. “I was really proud of the seniors, they put us in a position to win a championship. They really led our guys. We want to learn from today, but we also want to celebrate. There were two teams left, our team won 21 games this year and we came in second. If that’s the worst thing that ever happens in your life, then you’re going to have a great life.”

    J may not have gone as far as they hoped along with many teams in many sports. It is a game.

  92. Dee-up says:

    Slacrosse how dare you say anything against JJ …now u know nothing . lol

  93. Correction says:

    JJ went 19-4 in 1998 but still a good record (losses to Suffern, Wilton, Town and Comsewogue in state semis)

    Congrats to the 2010 team. 18 wins is a great accomplishment. There was a time when winning the sectional championship was the number one goal, before all the other talk. You won the section so great job! Build on this for next year.

  94. lacrossegeek says:

    How about congratulating John Jay for a great season, for that matter L/P and Put Valley and congratulating Nisky on a great win.

  95. jeffreyp says:

    i’d bet the john jay summer team (primetime) with near and mccormick from bronxville would handle the HV team, hopefully they set up a game

  96. Town Laxer says:

    Who is coaching the EG team this year?

  97. Sgt Hulka says:

    In post #89:

    Love Lax Says:
    June 5th, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    BTW Who did JJ beat

    Ytown 1st game
    Weak Syosset, Corning E,
    Got killed by Set

    Whats the surprise!

    Add to that…..

    Rye twice
    Somers 3 times
    St. Anthony *
    Darien *
    Massapequa *


  98. Indian J says:


    Jay won 18 games in 2008 and won 21 games in 2007.

    In that storied year that Yorktown beat West Genesee (1984) for the State Championship, the score of Town vs. Jay was 10-7.

    Jay has been very good for a very long time and began sending AA’s to Division one schools in the 80’s. In 1987, they reached the State Semis and lost to Manhasset 12-7.

    Unfortunately when you switch coaches, The younger parents and current players are cut off from the history of the program and the connection can get fuzzy.

    If you win a State Championship at Jay, then you have done something for the first time, other than that, its been done.

  99. Laxit says:

    Someone have a report on today’s ESG tryouts?

  100. Jericho says:

    LI Lax – What are your picks and why for Tuesday’s games at Hofstra?

  101. Correction says:

    Indian J you are absolutely right. Thought they had it in 2007, what a great year. The state semi manhasset game you speak of was in ’88 though, Marty Kelly’s senior year (Roger Williams head coach/director of JJ alumni game)

    Marty went on to become an AA at Nazareth and scored the GWG to win the national championship in ’92

  102. slacrosse says:


    Must have been close to 125-150 kids out there. Think they split into 4 teams and played against each other a number of times.

    A number of coaches were there assisting like Schurr, the Greeley coach, taking notes, and directing the kids.

    Believe next try-out is tomorrow at Greeley.

  103. truth says:


    What are the time and dates that these games will be on MSG Varsity?


  104. Joe Lombardi says:

    Truth –

    The broadcasts of the Section 1 Class B and C have already had their premier airings. The Class A final, between Lakeland/Panas and Yorktown, premiers on Monday, June 7 at 8 p.m. and again at 11 p.m. on Channel 14 (Optimum).

    Here’s the rundown of the premier airings of the state first-round games:

    * Class A: Shenendehowa vs. Lakeland/Panas, June 15, 8 p.m., 11 p.m.
    * Class B: Niskayuna vs. John Jay, June 11, 8 p.m., 11 p.m.
    * Class C: Glens Falls vs. Put Valley, June 14, 8 p.m., 11 p.m.

    Mark your calendars, gang. Those who were lucky enough to be on hand will undoubtedly want to catch, in particular, the Shenendehowa vs. LP and Nisky vs. John Jay games again. For those who weren’t on hand, this is must-see TV for sure. Two of the best games I’ve witnessed this season.

  105. Lax Bus says:

    How do us “Upstaters” get a copy of the Nisky JJ game since we don’t have Optimum?

  106. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax Bus –

    Just send an e-mail saying you would like info about how to purchase a DVD to

    Also, please be sure to check in with your thoughts/info on the game Tuesday vs. Saugerties and possible game Thursday vs. Garden City/Comsewogue winner.

  107. slacrosse says:


    Yeah, sounds like you must have really struggled before you decided to make your post. I know you “hated” to do it. Hey thanks for the unsolicited opinion on my blogging development and the suggestion that maybe I do another blog after absorbing your “wisdom” . That’s was real big and thoughtful of you and for sure weighed heavily on re-thinking my blog.

    I just hope that at least some of the 150 kids (inc. from Jay and Town) and many parents that showed up at the tryouts today have seen your “cluey” blog in time to cancel going tomorrow!!

    Yeah thanx also for pointing out that there are big recruiting tournaments out there. That’s also new valuable information from you.

    The ESG and lead up scrimmages /games will still be a big recruiting event. The kids that play will still be able to play in other recruiting tournaments with their summer teams. They’ll also have a great time, experience and pride in representing Section 1 just like kids playing for all the other regional teams.

  108. Old Rugger says:

    Congrats to Nisky on great execution. Congrats to LP and PV keep it going. Congrats JJ on a good season. 3rd Qtr killed them, No possesion gave up 2 goals to a great defensive team, at times the foot work of the six defensive nisky layers in the box looked like a coregraphed dance moves all shuffling their feet to the same beat. Very impressive. JJ was favored but not by alot as Nisky defense is always good. JJ lost the Posession war in FOs and GBs and unless you get very aggressive on D as Shur did with 8 minutes to go by doubling the ball you won’t get many turn overs from Nisky just very patient.

  109. LacrosseInsider says:

    slacrosse –

    It was a toss up between frustration of Jay’s loss and the thought that you may have been bagging the Jay kids for not doing HV, which I don’t think you were doing. How about a hug and a shoulder to lean on!! 🙂

  110. Lax Bus says:

    Thanks Joe. I’ll bring my laptop and i I can get connected i’ll post updates during the Saugerties game and (if we win) the Semifinal game against the Long Island Champs

    Thanks again. I really enjoy what you have built here. We need you to expand your coverage to Upstate!

    Jon McKinney

  111. slacrosse says:

    LacrosseInsider ,

    Frustrated with Jay’s loss?? Understandable. A very tough and unexpected loss. But they still had a great season that all should be proud of. A really good team, well coached, deep, and you could tell they played with terrific lax fundamentals. Loaded with top rising seniors (as well as very good underclassmen). 2011 could be the banner yr.

    How bout this for frustration. You play one of the most important games of the yr vs Putnam Valley w/o your key FO/possession weapon player (PV scores 2 goals on FO wins rushing the goal). You go into the 4th Q leading 9-7. You then get 1 shot in the entire 4th quarter! and with 3+ minutes left, give up 3 goals (1 a man up goal) for a 10-9 loss.

    I just wish the circumstances were different so that the HV team could have the benefit of choosing between All of the best players in Section 1. I’m part of Section 1 and want to see the Section get all the kudos it can for its lacrosse strength, particularly when it puts a team out in a well known, very visible tournament. Part of my frustration is that I feel like the other “regions” will get a full turn-out for try-outs and if so, it frustrates me that we can’t, for whatever reasons.

    Whether I agree or not I certainly realize that some kids and teams feel strongly that they will be better off from a recruiting stand-point not playing in the ESG, concentrating on other summer tournaments. Also recognize the frustration with the HV selection process which has turned off some kids.

    Up to LP and Putnam Valley now. Good luck to them.

  112. Sec1 says:

    Lax Bus

    If you win lol lol lol. How did your son enjoy his first yr at GTown?

  113. Iceman says:


    Just an FYI in regards to your post #92. Word on the street is that Nisky will not be participating in the ESG. Instead they will spend the summer “in House” with the Albany Power program.

  114. j peterman says:

    A very well respected coach(and player 3x d1 AA) said that these team tourn. in the summer are not being seen by many college coaches.Hot beds if you don’t make the final four or the allstar teams not may big coaches are there early in the week to see you. He runs a summer travel team and he trys to get players into the invite camps (ie top 205, mavrik showtime) and tells them to tryout for empires. Thats their best chance of being seen.

  115. NYmike says:

    My two cents, knowing what I now – echo j peterman – much $$ spent on summer travel teams and tournaments touted to bring in the college coaches but don’t – and if your team isn’t playing in the toughest division in that tournament forget about it. Knowing what I know now – in this order: invest in a good position coach and get to recruiting tournaments first, then do a travel or local summer team to have some fun and keep your skills sharp. Unless you are top dog on a top team like clams going to top divisions in the top tournaments then summer travel does not get the looks. The irony is, if you are good enough for clams, top travel teams, and top divisions at top tournaments then the colleges will find you anyway. But self promotion doesnt hurt if you come from a smaller program. Don’t oversell your self or go in too early.

  116. green alum says:

    Heard a Dad whose boy is now several years into college say that there is nothing you can know about recruiting today that will be useful tomorrow. Ask some of the kids who did not go as quick as a KI, Jojo or Ranagan but were still D-I or top D-III recruits about the process and how in a short year every rule and things you thought you thought changed. Get as much quality exposure as you can. You never know who will see you and even if that coach does not want you he may know someone who does.

    Obviously Empires can be sweet but for HV we still need to establish a credible selection process for players and rotating coaches. Having the same coach every year does not make sense especially with the quality and depth of coaching available in the section. With a rotation of coaches and a specific procedure for picking players with designated evaluators the entire experience will be better and fairer. Any number of Section One coaches in our high schools could easily be coaching at a college level and certainly are more than qualified to coach the Empire team in addition to the current, longstanding coach. Lindsey, Dooley, Kuzcma, Marr, Schurr to name a few that would be excellent choices.

  117. Blue and Gold says:

    Just wanted to add another point. College coach’s go to empires primarily to see players that are already on radar. Playing on travel teams, and going to Mid-Summer, Princeton, Hotbeds or Champ camp is very very valuable. YES coaches go to see the elite teams in those brackets ,Syracuse, Virginia, will see top players. HOWEVER the other coaches Ivy league, Denver, Stony Brook, St Johns plus D-2-3 schools are all over the fields at UMASS, and Delaware. They are looking for the players who are just below blue chip status. Anyone that says there are no college coaches constantly on the fields at champ camp and hotbeds are completely false. the fields are run and directed by at least two college guys per field.
    Not to mention I went to hotbeds and it was one of the best times Ive had in my life. Decent food, great Lax, and Great fun!

  118. NYmike says:

    Blue and Gold – the best point, your last comment – time of your life – it gets lost in the process, my kid loved that comment. Cheers!

  119. always around says:

    who are some of the youngs that will b on the radar next year.

  120. always around says:

    I guess i should read my thoughts before i hit submit.Let me try again
    Who are some of the young guns that will b on the radar next year.

  121. Killer Bees says:

    Blue and Gold has summed things up perfectly. Play in the summer tournaments, and definitely go to HOTBEDS. Its awesome.

  122. NYmike says:

    One young gun to look for? Christian Magnan at Fox Lane – cut at Empires first round but had some killer ground balls, can move the ball across midfield, knows when to pass and who to, and is a strong long pole for a Freshman.

  123. Smith says:

    I Hope Everyone doesent Underevaluate the true Importance of what you have posted here…Please guys dont skim read this take time and read into thouroughly….Thumps up to the Writer…Great work!

  124. P&G says:

    One thing that is missing about the Hotbeds vs. Empires discussion that I have just kept one eye on is this….

    You need to be successful….Go to Empires and not medal – good, not great. Odds are you are not doing well in round robin play. Go to Hotbeds and go 2-10, you aren’t getting good looks. I think the John Jay kids went there were successful and got quality visibility.

  125. NY Mike Speaks wisely says:

    Inthat case Have Christian Magnan call Janavey?

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