The state tournament is under way in Connecticut. On Saturday, it starts in New York, although Long Island teams, of course, have a bye into next Tuesday’s state quarterfinals, or Long Island championship games.

Here’s a rundown of the Section 1 vs. Section 2 first-round matchups in a tripleheader on Saturday at Yorktown High School’s Charlie Murphy Field. For a look back at Wednesday’s Section 1 class finals at White Plains High School, click on “Continue reading.”

State tournament opening-round tripleheader at Yorktown
Saturday, June 5

1 p.m., Class B: John Jay (above, 18-1) vs. Niskayuna (15-4)

3:30 p.m., Class C: Put Valley (above, 16-4) vs. Glens Falls (11-6)

6 p.m., Class A: Lakeland/Panas (above, 16-3) vs. Shenendehowa (18-1)

Section 1 championship reviews

By Ed Boulat

Class B

John Jay 9, Somers 6

After the game was tied at 3-3 at the half, John Jay scored six unanswered goals between the third and fourth quarters to come away with its fifth title in the last six years and avenge for last year’s 14-9 loss to Somers in the sectional final. Somers scored twice in the last minute of the contest but by then the game was very much over. Somers simply could not crack John Jay’s mix of man-to-man and zone defenses, and junior Forrest Walter was on target all game for the Indians, finishing with four goals. Classmate Mike Daniello chipped in with one goal and two assists. Evan Chen and Jack Lambert each scored once, with Lambert, a freshman defender, scoring a CJ Costabile-esque score on a fastbreak seconds after a clean faceoff win. Somers, which lost for the third time this season to the Indians and saw its eight-game win streak snapped, was led by sophomore Kevin Cousin who had two goals on the day. Senior Matt Deiana also had six ground balls for the Tuskers. John Jay was without Army-bound starting midfielder Will O’Donnell because of an elbow injury.

“This was the same field and same team as last year,” Walter said. “We knew we had to bring it. As soon as the horn blew my heart just leapt. I’m ecstatic right now. We played forty-eight minutes of good lacrosse and came out with the win.”

Class C

Putnam Valley 10, Rye 9

Putnam Valley held Rye scoreless in the fourth quarter, and scored three goals in the last 3:11 of the game to overcome a 9-7 deficit and win its second straight Class C title for the first time in school history. St. John’s University-bound senior Ryan Fitzgerald scored the winner with a little over one minute left in the game, and finished the game with five goals. Putnam Valley’s Dan O’Gorman added one goal and three assists, and Kevin Christopher scored twice on the afternoon. Rye was paced by junior Jack O’Callaghan with four goals, and Garrett Chapman, Christian Bonaventura, and Briggs Barton, who all had one goal and one assist. Rye was without senior midfielder Cole McCormack who was on the sidelines on crutches because of a torn hamstring. O’Gorman helped the Tigers win 13-of-21 faceoffs.

“We’re taught to never give up, so we just dug down in the end and we knew we could pull it out,” Fitzgerald said. “We were behind last game against them and we came back and won so we knew we could do it again.”

Class A

Lakeland/Panas 8, Yorktown 7, OT

Senior Will Fallo scored the game-winning goal with a little over 90 seconds left in the first overtime period, ending an intense back-and-forth matchup and giving the Rebels a two-game season sweep of their crosstown rivals for the first time in school history. The score was tied at 3-3 at halftime, and neither team took more than a one goal lead in the game. Junior Rob Caffrey ended the game with two goals and two assists for LP.  Junior Ty Schuldt netted three for the Huskers. LP played great defense on Yorktown standout Kevin Interlicchio, in particular 5-foot tall defenseman Andrew Fazio, Fazio held Interlicchio, the all-time leading goal scorer in YHS history, to only one assist in the contest.

Last year, in the sectional final on the same Glenn D. Loucks Memorial Field, LP squandered a four-goal fourth-quarter lead and lost to the Huskers 11-10 in overtime. It was Yorktown’s 28th sectional title since 1980. The only years Yorktown has not won titles during that span are 1997, 2006, and now, 2010.

“It was just a release of four years of emotion and of losing to these guys three years in a row,” Fallo said. “It’s amazing to finally come through and win this year.”

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37 Responses to “Set to state their case after a memorable day/night”

  1. AAs says:

    So now that we are done with sectional playoffs, who does everyone think are the leading candidates for All-American?

  2. SirLaxalot says:

    HV AA’s … Now that the finals are over, I think they are pretty clear except for the ninth and final spot. In order:

    Locks –


    Next tier –


    9th spot – Smyth, Walter or possibly Pffifner

  3. Observer says:

    In terms of degree of difficulty, Petre behind the back goal by far. He scored his 100th goal vs Ridgefield the exact same way. I’ve never seen anyone – HS or college – who can score behind the back on the dead run like that. The only reason it isn’t #1 is that the game was decided at that point. So for impact, Lambert’s is #1. It was a shock that he cleanly won the FO and then took it straight in for the goal. Prior to Costabil’s goal on Memorial Day I hadn’t seen that before. Impressive – even more so for a freshman and he was deservedly interviewed on MSG after the game by Joe.

  4. Bigeasy says:

    honovich and prunty are locks I would say.

  5. laxerhv says:

    HV AAs

    All the above are Locks
    Piffner/Petre One of them Rest up for grabs

  6. Laximus says:

    Section One AAs –


    Not sure about last two spots Pickel for one? Maybe Prunty for the other, but he’s a junior???

  7. Just laxin says:

    Pickel and Daniello
    Prunty and Honovich
    Now that is 8. I say all will get it. Prunty has been awesome all season, junior or not. Daniello and Pickel are the sections best teams best players.
    Fitzgerald locked it up Wed night. Brando and Petre had great years for good teams.

    The last spot is up in the air. If Town would have won, Burke may have received consideration. With the loss there, the last spot I think is between the following:
    Cole McCormack – would have been lock if was healthy this year. One of nations best Faceoff guys.
    Forrest Walter – lock for next year as Daniello, Prunty, Schuldt, will be some of best returners next year.
    Pfiffner – best athlete of them all but with loss probably not. Same as Burke.
    Fazio – may have won it for him on Wed night with great game.

    Should be interesting. But honestly what does it all mean? Answer, nothing. Its all about titles.

  8. somlaxfan says:

    AA picks:


  9. Pac Lax says:

    Hv All americans and why
    KI Tough schedule drew best all year Set scoring record
    Brandofino Best Goal scorer at 59 always doubled 160 HS goals
    Daniello Best feeder on best team
    Honovich Playmaker on transition
    Pickel GB wiz
    Piffner or Petre Pick one
    Fitz Big scorer but weak schedule?

  10. Laxit says:

    Here are my AA’s and why…

    Fab 5:

    1 – Daniello – best player in section and plays on best team in section

    2 – Interlicchio – not a great year individually or team wise but his body of work thru 4 years on varsitymakes him a lock

    3 – Petre – Best and most accurate shooter around yet still led team in assists. Unselfish. Moved to midfield from attack this year so he’s very well rounded and versatile.

    4 – Honovich – Best athlete in the section on Class A champs

    5 – Fitzgerald – Best player on Class C champs and a D-1 recruit like all the guys so far

    Also in the mix:

    Fazio – Shut down KI in biggest game of his career holding him to 1 assist. Did a great job all year

    Pickel – Ground ball machine but is that enough? He is going to Hop.

    Brandofino – Team faded down stretch. Will this hurt his chances? He’s also not a D-1 recruit. Nice player – should be atleast mentioned.

    Walter – Will be one of the top 2-3 players in section next year. Very good now.

    Prunty – Very impressive goal scoring numbers. Good athlete.

    Fraylick – Arguably the best goalie in the section on #1 seed in Class C. Should atleast get nominated.

  11. ?????? says:

    Could someone please explain the criteria used for picking All-Americans,

  12. long time laxer says:

    I don’t have an opinion one way or the other about KI, except that everyone says it was a tough year for him, But career body of work was never considered for anyone else in the past and should not be considered for him.

  13. Lax 101 says:

    Agreed long time.Look at Doherty last year. Brando and Daniello clearly with better numbers and most likely covered by the same D men in the section.

  14. wizard2 says:

    Do you have any info on the teams sect. 1 is playing on Sat.?

  15. RedRageisback says:

    I think Bello’s name should be thrown in the AA talk.
    He is a team leader, shut down defender, and is by far the hardest hitter in the section. A lot is said about how strong JJ’s defense was Wednesday(all very true), but like it has been all season #28’s play gets overlooked. If i recall he didnt get beat once by Daniello or anyone from Section 1’s best team in the finals or should I say all playoffs.
    This kid has the size, speed, strength and skills to be labled as one of elite players in the Hudson Valley.

    on a side note…I like PV’s chances at the state title over anyone else from Sec 1!!
    Good Luck to all

  16. Joe Lombardi says:

    Wizard2 –

    These links will give you all the info you need on the three Albany teams playing at Yorktown tomorrow:

    * Class A – Shenendehowa

    * Class B – Niskayuna

    * Class C – Glens Falls

  17. AA-Selector says:


    The criteria for picking all-americans is to put the voters in a room and see who shouts the loudest I think.

    Only kidding, they pick AA’s by reading the posts by the pickleheads on this blog.

    No, kidding again. They look at players from around the entire section and then give the awards to the John Jay and Yorktown guys.

    No, that’s not right either. They look at players from around the entire section and then give the awards to the John Jay and Yorktown guys…and mix in a few from other schools, so people can say, “Well, not every one was from John Jay or Yorktown.”

    No, that sounds like a conspiracy theory and they hardly ever work out. Just ask the Kennedy’s. No, that wasn’t good either.

    Okay, here it is…The way the All-Americans are really selected is for the voters to select players that will make the most people happy. Some may see it as a popularity contest, while others will see an old boy network. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

    No, that’s not it, there is a network…But I don’t know how old it is. Who cares? The weather is turning nice and the girls are all wearing shorts, so what do we have to complain about? Life is good.

  18. Doid23 says:

    What he (AA-Selector) said…

  19. truth says:


    Bello is a great defender and should be on the bubble at least. I don’t think he is going to get AA but is definitely the next tier down. He did get beat by Daniello a couple times in the section finals, one for a goal which was a real nice rap around.

  20. RedRageisback says:

    you might want to check the tape on that i think it was some one else bc Somers was in a zone when he scored and it was on reverse side where he was playing.
    But thanks for respect.

  21. Broohah says:

    That was E Schurr Daniello beat. Not Bello. It is True Bello maybe the Best all around defender in the Section.

  22. LPfan says:

    Why do LI teams get a bye?

  23. no_style_points says:

    Please drop the “next tier down” nonsense.

    Being selected as an AA is as much about who you have lobbying for you as it does with on-field exploits.

    Selection is loaded with style points.

  24. no_style_points says:

    Oh, and by the way, nobody is allowed to say that a long pole shut down Daniello.

    If I can’t do it, neither can you.

  25. Has Been Lax says:


    Please grow up

  26. slacrosse says:



    Fitzgerald (He’s an AA in any Class on any team)


  27. Laxtime says:

    AA’s … These are the nine best based on ability and performance. If these aren’t the nine AA’s then no-style-points’ theory about politics/coaches’ favorites could well be proven true. Everyone should be aware that in order to be an AA you must first be nominated by your own coach. As we all know within certain teams, there is bias/favoritism by coaches. Let’s hope this doesn’t have any impact on this year’s selections.


  28. LaxItUp2010 says:

    …… on the ongoing discussion of “AA selections” , we have three of our top Section 1 teams playing tomorrow at Yorktown, with many of the athletes that are in the mix to be named to these nine coverted slots.

    Why not come out and see some of these guys play for yourself.

  29. slacrosse says:


    McCormack–DESPITE injuries, played in enough games and still was a major impact player this season:
    –played in 16 of 20 games
    –70+ % of FO’s won
    –ground ball machine
    –scored goals scored

    Petre or Pfifner, Prunty, Bello or Schurr

    Longer shot:

  30. slacrosse says:


    ****DISREGARD # 26****—-Sorry-Inserted by mistake before finished

  31. no_style_points says:

    Has Been Lax, you don’t understand me at all. lol.

    One thing’s for sure…If the players mentioned throughout this thread were put onto the same college team, I’d like their chances.

    It’s an in-exact science at best and the selection guys have a tough job. You guys know I like to promote middle tier programs and their players, but AA’s should come from the highest level programs. Many people will not be happy with who is left out, but when was the last time a guy from the Pittsburgh Pirates won MVP in baseball, you know?

    Good luck Section One! Keep going!

  32. Pac Man says:


  33. GreenWhite says:

    9th spot – TBD

  34. Has Been Lax says:


    Sure I do. As for your basic premise, of course there is a difference between “Bull S**t (propaganda) and truth (reasonably substantiated facts). “No style points” is an amusing and creative way of describing it. I have no problem with that and commend you for it. As for the “brand of humor,” that you used to “cover” past egotistical/divisive “bloviating” (contrary to your “style point” premise), that I have a problem with. It is too soon to try to cover it with your current “poor” attempts at “humor,” particularly after apologizing for such. It makes it seem that you really didn’t mean to apologize… that you just wanted to “get away with it” and only needed to “pay lip service” to it. How does that fit in with your “no style point” concept? “Caught with your pants down,” there are “no style points” for “lip service!” Other than that, you are basically a good guy and can be an “interesting” read!

  35. Proud Friend says:

    Chris Monteferante, since only a soph may not be in the AA selections blog but look at what he has done this year almost a 30-30 year in points, 70% in faces, key winning plays in big games. Needs to be considered at least for all section.

  36. slacrosse says:

    Proud Friend,

    Yeah, a top rising junior.

  37. Syracuse says:

    After Lakeland/Panas wins Tuesday, Lindsey needs to stick Fazio on Galasso on Thursday. If he does what he did against Interlicchio, the Rebels have a shot. I still expect West Islip to win by at least 5, but you never know what can happen if their best player is rendered null and void.

    Either way, good luck L/P. Pull off the miracle.

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