It’s been described as “the sickest goal ever.”

We will let you be the judge of that.

It was one of five goals scored by junior attackman Richie Ford, a Baltimore native, for Stevenson University of Owings Mills, Md., in a 15-14 overtime win last Wednesday against Roanoke in the NCAA Division III quarterfinals.

Also shown on this clip, is the winning goal Ford scored for the Mustangs in overtime, which is pretty impressive in its own right and also ranks high on the degree of difficulty scale.

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19 Responses to ““Sickest goal ever”? Decide for yourself”

  1. Just sayin says:

    That goal is definately sickkk. Shot in between his legs and then it went in between the goalie’s legs too lol.

  2. scooter says:
    Cody Jamieson of Cuse topped that early in the season.

  3. Syracuse says:

    I think the second one is crazier than the first one, considering the situation and just how hard it is to get that kind of velocity and accuracy on what is essentially a backhand. But then again, hockey goalies say it all the time, the backhand is the toughest shot to stop because you can’t anticipate where it’s going.

  4. towntime says:
    this is by far wayyyyy sicker

  5. Doid23 says:

    Well, all great goals, but I don’t consider between the legs that crazy. I think the Crowley goal last week vs. Denver was sicker than these.

  6. Beach Lax says:

    Both his goals are amazing but the first one is better because of the element of surprise and how effectively he pulled it off. Second was sweet too. If you didn’t play the video clip you gotta check em out.

  7. young warrior says:

    Agree with ‘Cuse – thought the second one was better
    Might also nominate the Jo Jo Marasco + Matt White double behind the back that was from one of the all star games last year (an espn top ten)

  8. No touch lacrosse says:

    pretty shot – why he was not looking up at the sky when the Pole slid over is the problem – looked like a play from a pick up hockey game, not college lacrosse.

  9. BigBadBear says:

    Bocklet had a goal like 2 or 3 years ago, where he was running near top speed, parallel to the goal line, and let loose a rug burner behind his back..

  10. NYmike says:

    I don’t know about sickest goal ever, but players at all levels will be practicing that “back turned to the goal, close to the crease, hail-mary between the legs to see what happens” shot over and over – and goalies will now be on the look out for the backs of the attack, close to the crease, . . . . .

  11. woah says:

    even if you look out for the back of the attackmen on the crease, you still will not be able to read the shot well at all….

  12. John FANagan says:

    agree with big bad bear… here is the link.. it was 2 yrs ago in the town vs jj matchup.. check out the goal at 1:56

  13. BigBadBear says:

    very good John FANagan…now that I see it again, not even close, in the rain against Y-town

  14. slacrosse says:


    Thanks for reminding us of that goal–what a beauty!!

  15. Old Rugger says:

    BBB Thanks knew I saw a great goal some place forgot when as JJ didn’t get the win so I try to forget those (LOL) plus the weather that day. Think Bocklets goal better than the ones above but all great Why does the Town’s turf puddle?

  16. laxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Not sure if there’s any footage of it, but Bocklet also had a sick goal against garden city some years ago. Heres a picture though,

  17. laxman says:

    someone should get brian crockets game tying goal against melville from 2001 on here, that is the sickest goal ever

  18. green alum says:

    Laxman–no question about it–the best goal ever was Crockett. There is plenty of film of it. No doubt one of the greatest players ever and one of the finest people too. Sorely missed.

  19. HuskerPride says:

    laxman; greenalum: Totally agree, I saw that goal – unbelievable! Brian was an amazing player – hard to believe it’s been a year since we lost him. Does anyone have footage from that game?

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