Now that the regular season is winding to a close, we’ve had enough games to see what teams may be flying under the radar a bit.

One, defending FCIAC champion Ridgefield, has been largely overlooked since dropping an overtime decision to Staples to start the season. But the Tigers have a big test tomorrow at Yorktown. More on that to come.

But there’s another team right next door to Ridgefield (just a bit south and to the east, in fact), that’s also been getting little acclaim.

We’re talking about Weston.

Yes folks, Weston. (See what we mean about flying under the radar?)

The Trojans have jumped out to an unbeaten start behind the scoring of Marist College-bound senior attackman Morgan Faller (who leads the squad in goals and assists), senior midfielder Robbie Cordisco (who’s headed to Providence) and a strong defense keyed  by Kip McMahon and Will Miller and junior goaltender Alex Peyreigne.

Today, Weston faces its biggest test of the season so far when it hosts that same Staples team that beat Ridgefield in a 4:45 p.m. game at WHS’s turf field.

Also today in Connecticut,  Greenwich hosts Stamford at 4:30 p.m.

It’s a light day in Suffolk, with Sachem North (8-2) hosting Patchogue-Medord (6-4).

In Nassau, Cold Spring Harbor, which ends the week with a big one at rival Manhasset, hosts Seaford at 7 p.m. Glen Cover visits Plainedge at 5 p.m.

Today in the Lower Hudson Valley, Mamaroneck plays at Scarsdale in a 5 p.m. game. At 5:15 p.m., rivals Wappingers and Arlington square off. White Plains hosts New Rochelle, Nanuet is at Westlake, Hastings visits Sleepy Hollow, North Salem hosts Hen Hud, Albertus Magnus is at Peekskill, Eastchester hosts Saunders, Ardsley is at Edgemont and Bronxville visits Irvington at 4:30 p.m.

Be sure to post your thoughts and predictions on these matchups, and while you’re at your game or games today, be sure to check in here with info on the scores and game details.

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36 Responses to “Scoreboard Central: Monday/5.03.10”

  1. Lax4Fun says:

    I am done with predictions, It seems the only constant this season is inconsistancy. With that said I hope TOWN can rebound and corect their mistakes, As I stated before, I don’t know why they look great one day and miserable the next. In any case I am just going to enjoy the rest of the season and wish all of the Sectrion 1 teams luck and success as the tournament starts soon. Good luck to all.. Let’s go TOWNNNN.

  2. Trojan Horse says:

    Joe, thanks for the kind words about our Weston team. Today is going to be quite a battle.

  3. SWLAX says:

    B’Ville v. Irvington game rescheduled. Now tomorrow at 4:30, still @ Irvington.

  4. Lax is Life says:

    some might say its a little early, but it is May and the season is winding down. Who are the AA picks for Hudson Valley/Connecticut? I’m a Hudson valley guy, so obviously those picks are of more interest to me, but i would love to hear who the potential AA’s from the island are also

  5. Lax is Life says:

    its may now, it was bound to happen…AA potentials?

  6. Lax123 says:

    Lax is Life
    Brando All three Locks
    Phiffner Almost Locks
    Next Three up for grabs

  7. Syracuse says:

    I ask anyone who was at Yorktown-L/P to give an honest assessment of what the Rebels did to win this game. My time to see games has been severely limited this season. From what I’ve read, the one glaring thing seems to be Interlicchio scoring all of his goal on EMO.

  8. hvlaxer says:

    HV AAs
    Daniello JJ
    KI Town’
    Brando Pac
    Honovich L/P
    Pickel JJ
    Pfiffner Somers
    McCormick Rye
    Two picks up for grabs

  9. Syracuse says:

    It’s on as well.

  10. Joe Lombardi says:

    A tragic story. There are also, of course, so many students, as well as student-athletes, from the Hudson Valley, Long Island and Connecticut who attend or attended UVa.

    You can follow the latest developments at Here’s their first report:

  11. mad_lax says:

    being told here at work that both men and womens lax teams to pull out of tournaments

  12. lax fan says:



  13. Lax4Fun says:

    Any score on todays action. ?

  14. Lax4Fun says:

    Does anyone have any scores of todays games?

  15. young warrior says:

    Sports Illustrated- esque curse hits Weston – down 5-0 to Staples after 1

  16. Lax4Fun says:

    Any score on the Town gane?

  17. Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax4Fun –

    You’ll have to wait till tomorrow night for that when Yorktown hosts Ridgefield at 7. Any prediction on the game?

  18. Lax4Fun says:


    I forgot it was tomorrow,

    Thanks. Unfortunally as I mentioned until Yorktown gets it together . They will be in for a long game Against Ridgefield

    Ridgefield 13
    Town 6

    Darien 10
    Town 5

    Town 12
    Brewster 7

    St Anthonys 14
    Town 9

    Town 10
    Wilton 8

  19. Score says:


    Thanks for alerting us lax fans of this tragic news. I think we all get caught up in all our little lax worlds….and forget how precious life is.

  20. slacrosse says:


    Wasn’t at Town/LP game.

    If Fazio was a legitimate “factor” for LP at D he should be seriously considered for AA!

  21. Bear says:

    Mamaroneck beat Scarsdale 5-4 in an intense rivalry scrimmage

  22. Bear says:

    game not scrimmage*

  23. Syracuse says:

    Final: Arlington 14, Wappingers 3 (dogs called off early)

  24. ArlingtonLax says:

    Arlington 14- Wappingers 3

  25. TigerLax says:

    Let’s keep in mind Mamo-Scarsdale is a big rivalry. I know most expected Mamo to win by more but don’t forget that fact. Tigers were down 3-1 at the half – flat as can be and then took care of business in the second half.

  26. Laximus says:

    Joe –
    I really think White Plains could be another team under the radar. They made some noise last year by beating Mahopac, Put Valley and Suffern. This year their only losses have been vs Mahopac, a strong Kinnelon team from NJ and Bronxville. Today, WP beat New Ro 18-5.

  27. slacrosse says:


    I was/am a really big fan of a large school like WP building its program. Lots of kids to choose from and with a junior program, the future looks bright.

    As I’ve said I felt that after last season when WP had some good wins over top teams, that WP got screwed this season with the new schedule, not being able to play nearly the same tough sched!!

  28. Hv lax says:

    sky’s the limit for this mamo team

  29. John FANagan says:


    Faceoffs and goalie play were the difference to me. Monteferante, was a monster in the faceoff circle. He enabled LP to gain posession, despite Town’s shot advantage. Yorktown didn’t play its typical patient office, it seemed as if the pressure got to them and they didn’t stick to their gameplan that led them to victories over Chaminade and Somers.

    Yorktown wasn’t able to finish a number of times on doorstep opportunities. Physicality and groundballs were in favor of LP and they were able to impose their gameplan to perfection: win faceoffs, groundballs, and maintain posession.

    On to tomorrow…

    Yorktown 10 Ridgefield 9

    In a tight one, Yorktown looks to rebound and comes out strong. Ridgefield keeps it tight, with Colsey’s return to Yorktown. Not much to say, I’m still a little distraught after the loss to LP… You’ve heard how good Town can be, and how bad they can be. I’m thinking they fall somewhere in the middle tomorrow… KI looks to continue his quest to pass Colsey and Carcaterra on the Town goals list- look for the countdown sign on Friday night vs Darien

  30. P&G says:

    HV Lax,

    Whats the limit for Mamo? Beat Eastchester? OK. Beat WP? OK.
    Sectionals —- don’t care about seed. Final 4? Beating Somers? Beating John Jay? Beating Garden City?

  31. lion says:

    i think that mamo can compete with any of the top teams. they are a for real team when they are motivated. they have a attackmen getting looked at by syracuse

  32. Old Rugger says:

    Mamo has a good youth program, one problem there is that they lose some to Iona & Fordham. Somers or JJ by about 8-10 goals this year. Too bad they don’t play HG or FL as that would be a good gage as to where they stand. The Bronxville team they lost to is a solid C team and should be included in any favorites list for C. Strenght of Schedule not too tough other than Brewster and Hen Hud not much there.

  33. Bear says:

    Old Rugger, first they beat a very good Fairfield Ludlowe team. Also they beat Fox Lane in a pre-season scrimmage. And the score of the Bronxville game was obviously an aberration if you look at other scores. Ex: Scarsdale lost to Bronxville by two, and Mamk beat Scarsdale. Mamk just didnt remotely show up that game, but thats not indicative of how they are as a team

  34. kr says:

    anyone have an update on the Wogue-SWR game?

  35. Old Rugger says:

    Bear I’ll give you that as Fairfield Lud is a good team (7-5) but be carefull as I hear No style points lurking, he hates words like “aberration” and “look at other scores” if you know what I mean. Scrimmages not so much a true measure especially with FL early in season.

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