Players from throughout the region have been selected to participate in the National Senior Showcase on June 20 at Bryant University in Rhode Island.

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Players from the region selected to participate are: Yorktown’s John Ranagan (Johns Hopkins) and Michael Bonitatibus (Loyola), Somers’ Joe Marasco (Syracuse), Rye resident Kieran McDonald of the Westminster School (North Carolina), J.P. Garry of Rye Country Day (Dartmouth), South Side’s Nick O’Reilly (Virginia), West Islip’s Ian Braddish (North Carolina), Port Washington’s Jeff Frocarro (Princeton), Floyd’s Steven Murphy (Notre Dame), Chaminade’s Jimmy O’Neill (Duke) and West Islip’s Michael McCormack (Yale).

Action starts at 9 a.m. as the North team faces the West team and the East team faces the South team. The championship game is at 3:15 p.m., preceded by the 1 p.m. consolation game.

You can check out the complete roster here.

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11 Responses to “National Senior Showcase rosters set”

  1. […] • National senior showcase rosters set […]

  2. TuskerTown says:

    Congrats JoJo. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing the news Joe.

  3. Pequa says:

    Nice Long Island crew that was invited. I didn’t know about this game. Good job getting the news out as always Joe.

  4. […] • National senior showcase rosters set […]

  5. lax watch says:

    jp garry going to Dartmouth

  6. […] • National senior showcase rosters set […]

  7. SeniorClass09 says:

    How prestigious is the National Senior Showcase?

    The two players picked to represent Connecticut are pretty much unknown. One of the players picked is actually the Coaches son from Glastonbury (the 17th ranked team in CT). Doubtful whether he’s even in the top 30 – 40 players in Connecticut. He’s not even listed on Maxpreps, so there’s no info on him.

  8. Rigged in CT says:

    In Connecticut it’s obviously rigged.

    The saddest part is that they actually collect money from the kids (“a processing fee”) and make them fill out detailed applications with references, bio’s, contacts, etc. Only to “select” a well-connected coaches, unknown son, from a middle tier team at best, for the honor.

  9. taz says:

    This event has become sort of the “B” event after Under Armour All American games. Just look at where some of these players are headed off to schools vs UA. Also, many of the “best” players might not have even applied for this team, especially if they thought they might make UA..

    There are key differences:

    1. UA 44 kids only for 2 teams – you must be nominated and then selected
    2. NSS about 100 kids for 4 teams – any one can apply
    3. UA is totally comped while NSS has an application and participation fee

  10. CT Player says:

    I’m a senior for one of the top teams in CT with some of the top players, I can tell you that we all sent in applications. We also know pretty much all the good players in the state from playing on Select teams, Elite teams, All-Star games, Summer camps and we don’t know the kid picked. We already told all the younger guys on our team to save their money and to not even apply next year. Don’t know what we can do but if these are the same guys picking AA’s and this Coach’s son also makes that team we’ll probably quit.

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