gillMike McKnight and the Ridgefield Tigers check in at No. 5 in the latest Top 25 regional rankings. (Photo by Jim Stout/

We’re just a few days away from Showdown Saturday, when there are no less than three marquee matchups featuring several of the leading teams in the Top 25 regional rankings.

Yorktown at Darien (1 p.m.), Garden City at Manhasset (7 p.m.) and Ridgefield at Somers (7:15 p.m.) will tell us plenty.

But let’s take a look now at how things look going into those games.

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1. West Islip: Is the gap between No. 1 and the rest of the Top 25 as wide as many think? The Lions’ play has sure supported that statement. (Last week: No. 1)

2. Chaminade: Flyers looked impressive in a big 11-7 win over Fairfield Prep on Saturday. Chaminade (7-1) has lost only to West Islip. (Last week: No. 6)

3. Manhasset: Indians hope to end Garden City’s recent dominance of the Woodstick Classic on Saturday night in a game that should be a classic. (Last week: No. 3)

4. Yorktown: ‘Huskers are eager to rebound after losing to Ward Melville —  a scenario Yorktown has become unhappily familiar with through the years. In the teams’ latest meeting, Hopkins-bound junior Kevin Interlicchio reached the 100 career goal mark. (Last week: No. 2)

5. Ridgefield: The Tigers, who unsuccessfully attempted to schedule matchups against Yorktown and John Jay, have been preparing extensively for their Saturday statement game against another Section 1 power: Somers. (Last week: No. 5)

6. St. Anthony’s: A 9-8 win over previously unbeaten juggernaut Delbarton Prep was just what the Friars needed to re-established themselves among the region’s elite. The Friars are now looking like the team touted in the preseason. (Last week: No. 8 )

7. Darien: Blue Wave fans are all talking about Saturday showdown against Yorktown. Not so fast. Darien meets traditional rival Wilton before then — on the road at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.  (Last week: No. 3)

8. Garden City: Trojans played well in a tough 7-5 loss to Maryland power St. Paul’s that snapped their eight-game win streak. (Last week: No. 7)

9. Cold Spring Harbor: The Seahawks needed two OTs to beat Huntington 9-8, winning it on a goal by Christian Kennedy. (Last week: No. 10)

10. Ward Melville: Looks who’s back. After falling out of the rankings last week, a huge win  over Yorktown gets the Patriots right back in it — and in a big way. Talk about a quantum leap. (Last week: not ranked)

11. Fairfield Prep: Prep turned in a solid effort in setback to Chaminade. (Last week: No. 9)

12. Rocky Point: Picked up big 8-7 win over Comsewogue  in Suffolk showdown. (Last week: No. 12)

13. Comsewogue: Led 3-0 after first quarter before falling to Rocky Point. (Last week: No. 11)

14. Lynbrook: Only loss came against Garden City 5-4.  (Last week: No. 13)

15. Shoreham-Wading River: Joe Lustgarten had six goals in a 17-10 win at Farmingdale. (Last week: No. 16)

16. Somers: Tuskers racked up 40 goals in three games last week, including back-to-back wins over John Jay and Horace Greeley. Greg Petre (six goals vs. Clarkstown South) and Colin Tullgren (four vs. Greeley) were nice complements to Syracuse-bound attackman Joe Marasco. (Last week: No. 19)

17. Lakeland/Panas: Andy O’Mara suffered a pulled hamstring in an 8-6 win over Mahopac, but returned two days later to star on defense in a 10-9 victory at Iona Prep, holding Nick Trizano, who led the nation in scoring last season, to one goal and two assists. (Last week: No. 18)

18. John Jay: Indians remain minus senior standout midfielder Will Stewart (shoulder injury), but are coming off a 20-goal performance in win over Horace Greeley nevertheless. (Last week: No. 16)

19. Greenwich: Cardinals still eager to show they are in contention for the top spot in the FCIAC. Game tonight at rival Brunswick is crucial toward keeping the Cards in the Top 25. (Last week: No. 15)

20. William Floyd: Steven Murphy scored a school-record seven goals in a 16-7 win over Sachem North. He now has 27 for the season. (Last week: 22)

21. Plainedge: Kevin Kennedy had five goals and an assist in a 10-7 win over Baldwin. (Last week: No. 24)

22. Baldwin: (Last week: No. 23) Dominique Alexander and Kyle Rebman combined for eight goals in a 9-6 win over South Side. (Last week: No. 23)

23. Glenn: Lone loss was to Comsewogue. (Last week: Not ranked)

24. Hewlett: A 9-8 overtime setback to Baldwin is its only loss. (Last week: No. 13)

25. Hicksville: Lone loss was vs. Cold Spring Harbor. (Last week: Not ranked)

Dropped out: Rye, Iona Prep, Sachem North, Port Washington


1. Yorktown, 2.
Somers, 3. Lakeland/Panas, 4. John Jay, 5. Rye

1. Chaminade, 2. Manhasset, 3
. Garden City, 4. Cold Spring Harbor, 5. Lynbrook

1. West Islip, 2. St. Anthony’s,
3. Ward Melville, 4. Rocky Point, 5. Comsewogue.

1. Ridgefield, 2. Darien, 3. Fairfield Prep, 4. Greenwich, 5. Wilton

Be sure to weigh in with your comments.

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39 Responses to “ Top 25 regional rankings”

  1. IslandLaxpert says:

    Its good that Glenn, Hewlett and Hicksville are getting some props.

  2. Dante's Inferno says:

    Way to rise up again St A’s!!!

    Yeh boyz!!!

  3. lo jombardi says:

    Shoreham-Wading River is ranked very low at 15. They’re undefeated with impressive wins over Mt. Sinai, Mountain Lakes, and Farmingdale. It might be time to reevaluate that team. CSH needed to OT’s to beat a Huntington squad that SWR crushed

  4. Cards Laxer says:

    Let’s relax with Ridgefield. Their schedule is a joke. Any of the top LI teams or even Yorktown would annihilate them.

  5. RyeGuy says:

    Rye will show Saturday they still belong in the Top 25 by pounding Put Valley.

  6. syracuse says:

    Cards Laxer,

    You’re crazy if you believe any of what you just wrote. I’ll agree their schedule leaves a lot to be desired but it’s hardly Ridgefield’s fault. With the coaching change a lot was lost in the transition, including serious work on the schedule. That said, Ridgefield has maybe the best attackman in the entire LaxLessons area, plus explosive middies and a deadly transition game. Their defense is the question mark, one that won’t be answered against this schedule, but if they beat Darien three times it really won’t matter. You are what your record says you are and all you can do is beat the teams in front of you.

    Ridgefield is poised to put on a show against Somers on Saturday night.

  7. franklyscarlett says:

    Syracuse I think your last sentence should be attributed to you and not sourced like it came from a Ridgefield player or coach. Obviously Ridgefield will show up and put forth their best effort but with the exception of undisciplined underclassmen they stay off forums and let their play do the talking. As to the schedule 12 of their 16 games are mandated by FCIAC. Does anyone for a minute think the first stringers want to play games where they will be sitting by the end of the second quarter? Coach Colsey tried to schedule both Yorktown and JJ but neither had an opening on their schedule this season. Ridgefield did play Yorktown, Ridgewood, Duxbury, Northport, Mt. Sinai and Ward Melville preseason so lets not make like they’re ducking anyone.

  8. James says:

    And easy with the schedule talk, too. They’ve pounded Wilton and Massapequa – great programs in down years, yes, but hardly pushovers – and still have Somers, Lawrenceville, Darien, Greenwich and NC left on the regular season slate.

    Given how the Tigers fared in the preseason, this team has earned its place in the national Top 25.

  9. Lax Novice says:

    Joe is right when he points out that before the Blue Wave get to host Yorktown Saturday they will be up Route 7 at Wilton on Wednesday night. It’s not incumbent for them to match or exceed Ridgefield’s big margin against the Warriors earlier this year, but crisp, low-mistake play leading to a solid win would give the team and supporters alike a big boost of confidence going into the Yorktown game. Let’s call it 13-3 Darien. Any other thoughts?

  10. James says:

    I think Wilton makes it close; I have not been impressed with this Blue Wave squad thus far. Darien 12-9.

  11. re:lax says:

    Darien lost alot, especially on d and then their top scorer through injury. Weakest team they have fielded in probably 6-7 years. They probably win but it will be close against Wilton, with a loss to Yorktown on Saturday.

    Ridgefield annihilates Somers on Saturday. Get there for the first half as it will probably be over by then…they will be top ranked in the region by season’s end.

  12. slacrosse says:


    Agree that “Field” is must be considered one of the very top teams with their personnel and great Coach–despite maybe not the strongest sched.

    Maybe I’ve misinterpreted your comment (would not be the first time!) about “you are what your record says you are” in terms of “comping” the quality of one team vs another. I think toughness of schedule, particularly vs elite teams (like Town/jay’s) means alot when judging the quality of a team and its w/l record.

    As an example last yr even if Rye had beaten Town I STILL would have ranked Town (and most likely Jay for that matter) above Rye because of Rye’s much weaker sched relative to those 2 teams. Also Town and Jay both had larger winning margins vs teams that Rye played.

  13. Syracuse says:

    Frankly Scarlett,

    Dude, I think you misinterpreted me. Read a little. I’m backing Ridgefield and their schedule. Sourced like it was coming from Ridgefield? What the hell are you talking about? I speak for one person, me.

  14. slacrosse says:


    One game at a time. Lets get past Brewster first on Th. Saw them vs PV and they played well.

  15. slacrosse says:

    Sorry, wish I felt differently but at this point I dont see Jay or LP in the top 25, being ranked ahead of Hewlett and Baldwin

  16. Tigers Paw says:

    A VERY, VERY Reliable source has Ridgefield practicing this past week, on Somers Offense, with the help of Tim Schurr. Guess his buddy relationship with Donnie Ice is pretty Thick!

  17. Lax Novice says:

    I have a reliable source who reports that Somers also practiced this week.

    It would be news in Darien to the two three-year starters on D who are headed to Ohio State and Hofstra, Gorski and Caputo respectively, that the defense has lost “a lot.” Although the senior on D from last year and the outstanding goalie are now part of Pressler’s ambitious program at Bryant College, and those players cannot be replaced that the levels they were at last year. The guys they have now are very good, recruits in their own right, so we’ll see how it goes tonight in Wilton.

  18. Not Joe Lombardi says:

    Lax Novice,

    I think Mr Paw was referring to the fact that allthough Somers may indeed practice from time to time, they have not focused on just Ridgefield. Whereas more then one peoples has said that Ridgefield has been to three or four Somers games, and as early as Saturday Morning strictly worried about the Somers game plan, with the help of there X coach.

  19. Syracuse says:

    Oh this is getting interesting …

    I know both teams are game-planning huge for Saturday. To me, this game will be decided by Somers’ defense. Do the Tuskers have enough to slow down possibly three or four of the very best offensive talents the entire state of Connecticut has?

    I expect this to be very high scoring and am on record as saying Ridgefield by 7, but it wouldn’t shock me if Somers hangs or even is neck and neck late. Somers is more battled-tested than Ridgefield. The Tigers are living large on reputation right now.

    But that’s not to say they don’t have an abundance of skill. It will be interesting to see just how far Somers pushes them.

  20. re:lax says:


    They also graduated a very good lsm and ssdm…that’s four first line defenders. To me that equals “alot” and results to date would also bear that out.

  21. Somers # 36 says:

    Somers had South, on Sat, and Brewster on Tuesday ( Rain Out ), both class b teams for seeding ( More important then Ridgefield ) we were not allowed to practice on Wed, So where is the Ridgefield game planning???

  22. Lax Novice says:

    I’ll concede that DHS lost more than just those two guys and may not be the same team defensively as last year, although when I think of someone who lost a lot on defense I’m thinking Greenwich. Nonetheless, tonight in Wilton will be the first real “common opponent” test that may shed some light on the margin between the Wave and the Tigers this season. Good luck to both.

  23. Cards Lax says:

    Being a Town guy it does seem like you are out there supporting Roy and his boys. Every FCIAC team gets hosed on their schedule, they automatically get a Darien/GHS/Ridgefield/Wilton/NC but have to take teams like Bridgeport Central which is the equivalent to Roosevelt in Yonkers which Ridgefield had their starters in for.

    Ridgefield is an excellent team, any better or more loaded than GHS last year? Look what happened there…

    Did someone mention that Tim Schurr was practicing with Roy against Somers and his son who plays D for Somers and not with his own team in Briarcliff??? Sounds pretty silly to me.

  24. Syracuse says:

    Cards Lax & everyone else for that matter:

    Two things. First, I do not support teams based on who their coaches are or where they are from. I could care less. Does it help that I may know some of them and they can give me information that the average fan who can’t get to every game can’t get? Of course.

    When it comes to Ridgefield, it’s hard to argue against the fact that they are very good, crappy schedule or no crappy schedule. If it seems like I’m touting them just because I happen to know two of their coaches, well, it just seems that way. And if they beat the Dariens, Greenwichs and Wiltons of the world, what will be my excuse for touting them then?

    Maybe I knew the refs in those games. That could be it.

    Second, this whole Tim Schurr thing is nonsense. I’ve been told none of it is true. Timmy is a classy guy through and through. Let’s just leave it at that.

    Cards Lax — Back in the day I was tight with Kevin Zyck when he coached Greenwich. I knew Mike Ornato, Carolyn Pagnano, etc. I have no reason to appear to be against Greenwich. I just think Ridgefield is on a different level this year. That’s all.

  25. re:lax says:


    Glad to see that you admit that Ridgefield is an excellent team. But I also do not think that you can compare them to last year’s Greenwich squad’s performance.

    For one thing they are a flat out better team.

    For another the remainder of the state is definitely down from where they were last year. Cards, Wave and Prep are nowhere near where they were last year. Result is that Ridgefield should pretty much roll uncontested through the year.

    Who is going to give them a challenge? Only OOS opponents left Somers and Larryville are not up to the task this year either as you will see on Saturday. Undefeated is where this ends with the only debate being whether they would have trashed WI as well.

  26. Lax Novice says:

    Can the hype for Ridgefield get any higher? Undefeated season? Would trash West Islip? Wow. Guess we should cancel the season now. It’s one thing to be scary good early on, which they certainly have been and deserve their current accolades. (How many AAs are people touting for this group? 6? Why stop there?) But can we at least win one FCIAC Tournament before retiring everyone’s number? Sheesh.

  27. sec1 says:

    Re:lax I have been to some RFields games also the Hand Tourney this yr they are a very good team, But in NY they might make it in to the top 10.. Also I am not sure they would beat Brunswick? And Trash WI come on, let me help you if Town was from CT they would have 25 State and league Championships at least…

  28. James says:

    Sec1 – Agree with you on some points, disagree on others.

    1. The idea that R’field would “trash” West Islip is patently absurd. The Tigers (might) run with them for the majority of the game, but it’s tough to see them eking out a victory. I’d give WI 80/20 odds.

    2. Ridgefield would definitely be in the New York Top Ten. No question. They’d be in that second tier behind WI and WG (w/ Yorktown, ‘Set, Lafayette, Corning East, Chaminade and Shoreham), but they’re definitely there.

    3. It’s doubtful that Yorktown would have anywhere near 25 “state and league” championships if they played in CT. Darien has manhandled the Huskers of late (though I suspect that’ll change this year), and those old New Canaan and Wilton teams would have slugged it out with them. Yorktown would be one of Connecticut’s storied programs, no doubt, with a bunch of state and FCIAC titles to their name…but I suspect they’d be an integral part of the “Big Four,” not some unstoppable force.

  29. Indian J says:


    The only problem with your number 3. : Yorktown, historically, was even stronger than they are this year relactive to high schools everywhere. They used to play Wilton and Darien every year and more often than not they (Town) would win those games. Also, placing teams in a league together adds a different dynamic. You see each other more often, you are more familiar with each other and you have to plan for each other more rigorously. So we can’t know what would happen if Yorktown’s program was transplanted into Fairfield county. The best team through from the 70’s-90’s in CT was Wilton. Yorktown has a comfortable lead in that overall series. In modern times, perhaps Darien or this year’s Ridgefield would be able to beat Yorktown but Town would still hold the lion’s share of titles for that region from the 70’s until now if you base it on the head to head competition that exists in the records.

  30. GangGreen says:

    Regarding scheduling in the FCIAC, all teams are given a 12 game schedule from the FCIAC, which includes 12 FCIAC teams. The coaches are then free to add 4 additional games to that schedule for a 16 game schedule. Ridgefield’s 12 game schedule did not include Wilton, so that was one. John Jay and Yorktown were unavailable to play this year, as were Chaminade, Manhassett, Delbarton and Mountain Lakes. Darien, New Canaan and Greenwich all have the same issue…they can only add four games, the rest of their schedule is given to them, and most of it is non-competitive. Many of the added games are home-and-home agreements, meaning the coaches add a team for two years, a home game and an away game. At that point, they may decide to drop that team for another opponent. Scheduling is a huge issue in the FCIAC… both Section 1 in NY and teams from LI have huge advantages in this area. More good teams to play, and less blowouts. Just some insight for those of you who seem to blame teams for their schedules…

  31. GangGreen says:

    Oddly enough, in the two seasons prior to this year, Ridgefield did not leave the confines of CT to play any games against out of state competition…adding a team from LI, NJ and Section 1 seems to be a logical choice for upping the ante.

  32. re:lax says:

    OK let’s try this again…

    Undefeated season for RHS is not hype, it is looking more and more like a very probable outcome. Who is going to beat them? Based on performances to date, nobody on their schedule is even close to them. Let me reiterate, Darien, Prep and Greenwich are all down this year. Look at the records and score differentials. Somers will get owned on Saturday (Ytown beat them 11-6, RHS beats them by at least 8) and Larryville is not what they have been in past seasons.

    With Somers as a common opponent you will get a Ytown comparison (RHS is the better team here) and we already have a common opponent to WI with pequa who RHS and WI beat by similiar margins. WI has a much better chance of losing one before the season is over, hence RHS will be number one when all is said and done.

    Sorry to intrude on your historical memories with present reality but it is what it is.

  33. Old Rugger says:

    Should Conn. set up a power league like Sect 1?

  34. Lax Novice says:

    Any idea what the all-time record is between Yorktown and Darien? I’d imagine the NY boys have a significant edge overall, although Yorktown hasn’t won this game since 2004.

    Btw, reality is that the Blue Wave have won (according to their web site) 9 of the last 12 FCIAC championships. Wishin’ and hopin’ is what Ridgefield has to show until they get their next chance to win their first in June.

  35. Wasabi says:


    Take a deep breath buddy, better yet…relax. I think Ridgefield is great this year too, but it’s way early to start giving them an automatic win over Darien, or even Greenwich for that matter. To say they are better than Yorktown at this point of the season is very hasty. Yorktown has already put down a powerful St. Anthony’s team. That’s far more impressive than anything R-field has done this season. You say that base you’re basing your opinions on “performances to date”. Really? They beat a 4-5 Massapequa team and an overmatched Wilton team. The rest of the wins, no offense to the teams, are not even worth mentioning in a Top 25 discussion. On May 14th, if your Tigers can beat a Darien squad that should be peaking, and already have wins against Somers and Greenwich, I’ll be very impressed. Until then, I’d still call Darien the favorite in Fairfield. You’ll also have a hard time convincing me that Ridgefield is better than West Islip no matter how well they finish out the season.

    Bottom line, Ridgefield is a potentially great team this year and they seem poised for an amazing season. They are loaded with offensive talent and their D seems to be playing very well early this season, but it’s waaay to early to start giving them the top team label. They haven’t done anything yet.

  36. PLEASE says:

    I didn’t know Ridgefield had a lax team until 9 or 10 years ago and now they are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Town played them in 02 and 03 and demolished them

  37. sec1 says:

    James and Indian J you make some good point and are fair.. James, RField would have trouble with St Anthonys GC Nisky WM and others but they would be in all games and win some. About Town being in CT I still say they would have won most of the time, Town always played hard againts Wilton NC and Darien with Wilton being the main and longest Rival and yes Darien has had our # as of late hats off to them, but they were not Sec games and I think the outcome would have been different. Also I have been to almost everyone of those games over the last 40yrs. If you look at the players that have gone on to the next level and the impact over the last 35 to 40 yrs I would say Town would have made more impact then the other three combined. Also we dont have along history with RField they did beat us in and upset also there coach at the time of course a YTown guy lol…

  38. re:lax says:


    Don’t know about all time but Darien has the edge for the last 10 years winning eight times. Ytown won in 2001 and 2004. I expect that Town puts up a W on Saturday.

  39. Syracuse says:


    You all make some really good points. But I agree with re:lax. Because Ridgefield’s schedule this year is not filled with potential hazards and because of what they seem to have on the field, it is possible they could go undefeated. Possible.

    Somers will be a very interesting matchup and Lawrenceville is traditionally very good. Darien appears to be down by their lofty standards. New Canaan may not be as down as some have suggested (myself included in the FCIAC preview I wrote). I want to be fair and say all the big FCIAC teams can give each other a serious go every time they take the field. I just think Ridge has a lot more than the others. I will see firsthand on Saturday vs. Somers.

    As for the notion of Connecticut getting a “power” league like Section 1 has, the state already has one and it’s called the FCIAC. If there was a way to get FPrep, Brunswick and in certain years Glastonbury, Simsbury and a couple of others, sure, it would be a true power league that would be just as good as Section 1’s power league. But since that isn’t going to happen, we’ll just have to make due with what we have.

    Back in the day there was just the “Big 3”. Now there are five teams that can potentially win a title year in and year out. This year, to me at least, there are just two teams that realistically have a shot of winning the FCIAC — Ridgefield and Darien. And it would be hard to argue, considering common opponents, players returning and general hype, that Ridge isn’t the frontrunner right now.

    But, yes, it could all change.

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