There may be no name as synonymous with a college lacrosse program right now than the name Froccaro and Princeton lacrosse.

For good reason.

Jeff Frocarro wrapped up his college career this past spring as an All-Ivy League standout and four-year starter.

Jake Frocarro ended his freshman year by earning Ivy League rookie of the year.

Wait there’s more.

As in another Froccaro on the way.

He’s Joey Froccaro, who, like his brothers, plays midfield.

The latest Froccaro who will become a Tiger wrapped up his sophomore season at Port Washington in the Nassau County Class A title game.

Joey Froccaro, who excels in the faceoff X, is a versatile two-way midfielder. If that sounds familiar, it should. That also describes the playing styles of his brothers.

Now, here’s a Q&A with Joey on his commitment.

recruiting_updateNow, here’s a Q&A with Joey on his commitment.

What were the main factors in your decision?
Princeton offers a great combination of athletics and academics. It’s a beautiful campus, close to home, and I’ll have the chance to play with my brother. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What other schools were you considering and what schools did you visit?
I visited Hofstra, Duke, Penn State and Princeton.

How much of a role in your decision is the fact that both your brothers now play at Princeton?
It was a major factor in my decision. My brother Jeff had a great career at Princeton and Jake is off to a great start. They both cherished the year they played together more than any other.

We are a very closeknit family and it makes the transition to college that much easier when your brother is there.

I played with my brother in high school and can’t wait to play with him at Princeton. I’ve become very familiar with the campus and look forward to being a part of the Princeton family.

What are your strengths as a player and how would you describe your style of play?
I would say that my best asset as a player is my versatility. I’m a midfielder who plays both offense and defense while also taking faceoffs. My style is definitely up tempo and I try to push the ball in transition, especially off the faceoffs.

What are your final thoughts on this past varsity season in which Port Washington made the Nassau County finals, and what are your early thoughts on the 2014 season for Port lax?
For the last two seasons I was lucky enough to play with my brother Jake and John Crawley both of whom helped bring the best out of me. (Port Washington Head) Coach (Tom) Rooney does a great job of preparing the team and hopefully next year we can challenge for a county title.

What travel team did you play on last summer and what showcase events did you participate in?
I have played for the Long Island Express since third grade. Last year, our team won the U-15 national championship down in Florida and it was a great experience.

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