The world of lacrosse is incredibly competitive. When you want to play for a travel league lacrosse team, be prepared to face stiff competition. You will be up against players who have dreams about playing in college and the major leagues. You will have to be seriously dedicated to your preparation for the travel league try-outs if you truly want to make the cut.

Here are the top training tips that you can follow to become the best lacrosse player that you can be:

1. Practice your shooting

Focusing on your shooting is a must. The majority of lacrosse is all about being able to shoot during the game. If you have a great shot, then you will have a very good chance of making the team. If you need to work on your shot, then try researching some drills that you can use during your practice sessions to improve the precision of your stroke.

2. Practice with each hand

As you practice shooting, you should dedicate equal amounts of time to each hand. You should try to ensure that your hands have equal strength for making shots. Many lacrosse players are only able to shoot with their dominant hand (usually the right). You want to be the player who is able to excel in shooting and stick-handling with both hands in the event that a defender is on one side of your body.

3. Watch professional lacrosse

In the weeks leading up to your try-outs for the community league lacrosse team, you should make sure that you stay motivated by watching a few professional games. Try to find a few recordings of past major league championship games. These games are often very intense and will provide you with some motivation to keep up with your conditioning and training for try-outs.

4. Dedicate time to your conditioning

You must make sure that you have endurance and are ready to run for your try-outs. The coaches will likely make you run at least a few miles every day. They will do this to see which players are able to withstand the competition and rise above it. The coaches will want to choose those players with the most stamina for their teams.

5. Buy the right equipment

Sure the gear does not make the player, but being prepared with the right equipment can really help. Whether you are heading to a department store on an online lacrosse store, you should buy gear that fits your style of play. Using a stick or improper length or heavy shoulder pads when playing in the midfield could affect your performance physically and be easy excuses mentally.

Becoming professional-caliber in any sport is tough. If you stick with these training tips, you can be sure that you will make the cut for your lacrosse team.

About the Author: Jenna Smith is a student by day and an online blogger by night. Jenna has been familiar with the sport of lacrosse for years. She used to play lacrosse and had been a fan of the sport almost her whole life. Jenna normally writes on topics of finance, business, and education, but her passion for sport got her to write the above post. Jenna’s favorite lacrosse store is Lax Monkey, so if you want to get into the sport be sure to start your equipment search there!

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