The nation’s No. 1 hotbed for lacrosse, the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate region, will be well represented when 400 of the nation’s top underclass lacrosse players compete in the Brine National All-American Lacrosse Classic set for June 30 through July 3 in Boyds, Md.

A total of 16 regional teams, including three from New York State, will be participating in the event.

You can find out more about the event by checking out its website.

Below is the roster for the New York-East team that is dominated by players from Long Island, including Manhasset sophomore Benny Borgognone (pictured above), and includes two from Connecticut.

New York-East Roster





Berge Craig


2014 Massapequa NY
Borgognone Benny


2014 Manhasset NY
Bruckner Jack


2013 Belle Terre NY
Byrns James


2014 Massapequa NY
Candon Joey


2013 Long Beach NY
Chin Dakota


2013 Hauppauge NY
Curran Ryan


2014 Oyster Bay NY
Feit Ryan


2013 Woodbury NY
Gagne Evan


2014 West Hampton NY
Hwang David


2013 Hauppauge NY
Kirby Chandler


2013 Jericho NY
Moynihan Michael


2014 West Islip NY
Oberbeck August


2013 Greenwich CT
Parker Jesse


2013 Dix Hills NY
Regnier Tyler


2014 Elmont NY
Remsen Will


2013 Baldwin NY
Ruane Michael


2014 Huntington NY
Shapiro Jake


PG Lido Beach NY
Sims Austin


2014 Fairfield CT
Smith Brendan


2013 Levittown NY
Sullivan James


2015 Garden City NY
Tirelli Andrew


2013 South Setauket NY
Toscano Luke


2013 Kings Point NY
Trasolini Christian


2013 New Hyde Park NY
Walter Jordan


2014 Cold Spring Harbor NY

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11 Responses to “Region will be well-represented in National Lacrosse Underclassmen Classic”

  1. Not So Well Represented says:

    Congratulations to those players who tried out and were selected. That being said, several hundred players from the nations no. 1 hotbed for lacrosse tried out for this team at Hofstra. But who was chosen: 23 kids from Long Island, 2 from Connecticut, and 0 from Section 1. The name of this supposed “NY-East” team should be changed to what it is … the Long Island team — chosen of course by a group of Long Island high school coaches. Sad.

    • slacrosse says:

      Congrats to all those selected and a special one to the 2 CT kids who I’m sure are top players to have made the team.

      Dont know who tried out from Section 1?

      A bit like the UA Underclassmen games. At least there the names are more specific to the areas in New York that UA is really targeting (i.e. there’s a “Long Island” team and an “Upper NY State” team). Sure the “Upper NYS” team is open to all NYS kids (except from LI) who can travel 5+ hrs for a tryout and somehow commit to attending weekly upstate practices.

  2. just laxin says:

    I dont think section 1 kids knew. Should advertise tryouts more.

  3. rlaxfamily says:

    I agree with just laxin. Section I has an issue with not sharing the information (not you, Joe) with others, maybe to weaken the competition? Maybe that is one reason we are still behind the mighty LI. Tryouts like these exposes the boys to their peers and creates a bar for them to achieve even if they are not picked for the team. It gives them insight to thier own needs. All parents should share the information they learn. Blog it! You want your team to win but not at the expense of your own interest?

  4. just laxin says:

    Dont think section 1 coaches knew was my point.

    • Not so Fast says:

      You folks are wrong on any and all of your points above.
      1) if your kid was on a decent travel team he probably received numerous invitations to these tryouts. I know because my son has been receiving them for last 5-6 months.

      2) the ad for this tournament and the tryouts have run relentlessly on and probably this website for months.

      3) there were section 1 kids who tried out because a few of them( Ledwin-Hen Hud and a boy from JJ) were listed as finalists for the callback tryout at Hofstra at the end of January.

      so my sense is if you were a good player here in section 1 you were going to be invited.

  5. justlaxin says:

    Still dont agree. Sorry. I know many kids from Yorktown, LP, etc who did not know about this at all. Not saying that this tournament is great anyway. These ‘all star’ tournaments are nice recruiting chances, that is all. Not a true all star squad. Quite a few LI guys I can think of that would be on that team had they tried out as well.

    • Not so Fast says:

      Justlaxin, again pretty sure your wrong about Ytown and LP kids not knowing as frank fusco made the team last year. so me thinks you know nothing.

    • Triple Option says:

      Agree with Not So Fast. My son has been receiving e-mail invites to try out since September. I would guess that 1)the steep tryout fee and 2)the date conflict with MVP Camp caused anyone committed to a summer travel team to blow it off, as my son did. And most legit Section 1 kids are committed to summer travel.

  6. LI Guy says:

    Congrats to all.

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